site of the month in United Kingdom


Some time after its launching, the website  started to be translated into English. In less than a year of English version of this website, we got many letters of praise from our fellow astrologers and astrology lovers from all over the world.
Recently, we got another commendation from the United Kingdom. Astrological Magazine
PREDICTION, in its January issue, declared the website  the Website of the Month.



I would like to add that this praiseworthy quality of astrologyinserbia website is largely due to the supreme astrological and journalistic contributions of my esteemed colleagues:
Aleksandra Blatešić, Dušan Manojlov, Svetlana Panjković, Predrag Petkovića, Mr. Srbin, Larisa Marjanović, Nenad Pavlovski, Suzana Pantelić, Valentina Ignjatović, Sonja Lalić, Marina Bukarica.....


Author of the website
Nikola Stojanovic



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