Author: Svetlana Panjkovic, professor



Whenever a distressing event occurs, astrologers will look for the answer in the planetary arrangement to see what was the warning that the horoscope of that event was sending. Naturally, such horoscope is cast only after the event had taken place. It stands to reason for, if we were to intentionally cast it in advance, this would mean that we kind of «stage the reality» rather than spontaneously wait and see what the developments will be. In addition, majority of astrologers who carry on this science rather superficially, pay attention only to the arrangement of transits and their aspects with natal planets. The purpose of this article is to point out to the necessity of taking everything into account, particularly the Arabic Parts which influence our lives in their own, «invisible way» - for they are not marked in the birth charts, save for some of them among which Fortuna, better known as Part of Fortune, is certainly the most important one.


On 7/2/2005 at 12:53 in Belgrade, something very unpleasant happened to me. Something which could have only been guessed by previous monitoring of planets transiting my birth chart where, for the story I am about to tell you, the strongest influence was exerted by transiting Pluto, Saturn and Moon. Having heard what I am going to thoroughly describe in this text, all my friends and clients said the same thing – that I had been very LUCKY. This is true. None of them is into astrology but they all reached the same conclusion, which indicates the very thing that had decided the favourable outcome of this event.



Svetlana Panjkovic

Placidus Houses



Namely, in February this year, transiting Pluto was expected to make the exact conjunction with my natal Saturn which, again, over 2005 and 2006, will become active since Pluto is turning retrograde and returning to the previous position. I was a bit anxious about it because my natal Saturn rules my 12th house (serious diseases) and this imminent proximity worried me, primarily due to the possible negative influence of this aspect on my health and also my work for the meeting of these two malefactors was happening in my 10th house affecting my future career. However, none of these two meanings will be the subject of the article you are reading. Something different happened which fits into the fundamental meanings of the houses I mentioned. It did not immediately occur to me because natal Saturn is situated at the 24th degree = degree of Pisces i.e. Neptune leading to misjudgement i.e. clouded judgement and ruling the 12th house = the unknown, only confirming the already adopted symbolic of this degree and house.


On that February day, I was in my flat when three men broke into it with the clear intent to commit robbery. They didn't know I was there. They were convinced the flat had been empty because I did not open the door when they rang the bell. In a split second, they broke the door to my flat and went in. Although I was hidden, watching them through my bedroom window, I didn't see them coming in for, while they were ringing I went to the bathroom thinking they would leave. Previously, I had noticed that all three of them were Roma wearing phosphorescent vests usually worn by street sweepers. Going out of the bathroom, I heard an unidentified sound and went to see what it was. As I opened the door which separated my living room from the corridor, I saw my apartment door wide open and heard the banging sound of the entrance door to my building. It was clear that I surprised the burglars who, at that moment, rushed from the apartment not having time to either harm me or damage my flat. Seeing the damage done to my entrance door, I called the police and they did the usual procedure applied in such cases.


Having come back from the police station where I had to give and sign my statement, I took time to cast the horoscope of this event.
On the computer screen, the chart filled with transits frozen at that moment was smiling at me. The Ascendant of this event, believe it or not, was exactly at my natal Fortuna. It was only then that I realized how lucky I was! My natal Fortuna thus activated managed to protect me from potential troubles.


However, the other Fortuna belonging to the horoscope of event had a message for me – it was closely connected to the cusp of my natal 4th house (home, flat), finding itself in the 12th house of the horoscope of this event and thus, its presence had a strong influence on both these charts and managed to save my apartment (the 4th house) from being robbed (the12th house). Two Fortunas were stronger than all frozen transits. Now, I would like to see all those claiming that they have no influence as they are not planets!


Transiting Saturn certainly triggered the abovementioned, for it found itself exactly on my natal Moon (residence, home) and, since it rules my natal 12th house (theft – one of the many meanings of this house), it activated the possibility of theft (ruling the 12th house) in the flat (conjunction Moon). Moon from the horoscope of the event was in the 8th house of this horoscope, which indicates that the motive for entering this apartment (opposition transiting Saturn i.e. my natal Moon) was a sole intent to find money (the 8th house – symbolic of Scorpio). In addition, the cusp of this house is in a strong conjunction (orbis is just one degree) with the cusp of my natal 12th house, which additionally supports the aforementioned. Further, as the transiting Pluto (Gipsies, Roma) conjunction my natal Saturn (thieves) was placed at the 14th degree of Sagittarius, it is clear that it was Gipsies (or Plutonians, as my fellow-astrologer Nikola likes to joke about them) who broke into my flat, and there were more than one of them (the 24th degree = Pisces = treble sign), all of them men (Sagittarius, male sign). This degree tells me that there was no way for me to see them because this degree is the one of Neptune which conveys the symbolic of everything invisible. This explains why I had to be in the bathroom at the moment the thieves broke in – the symbolic of the 14th degree matches the 12th house which, in our natal horoscopes, represents bathroom! Nevertheless, this same degree enabled them to escape, for this degree contains one more meaning Neptune conveys – breaking away. Luckily, if necessary, the author of this text would have managed to escape anyway due to Sun trine Neptune in her birth chart!


Joking aside, the horoscope of this event shows that the burglars were armed with some kind of cold steel, most probably a metal bar. How can this be seen? This is shown by transiting Pluto (Roma) conjunction transiting Mars (weapons) in Sagittarius (cold) at the zero degree (overpronounced, extremely strong indicator). Dispositor of Mars is Saturn at the 21st degree, which shows that this metal object (Mars) was of a considerable size (21st degree is the degree of Sagittarius i.e. Jupiter). As in my birth chart there is Venus in the 12th house (thieves) at the 3rd degree (matching the number of burglars –three) of Aquarius strong opposition (adverse aspect) Uranus (ruler of my Ascendant) finding itself at the dangerous 8th degree of Leo, it is clear that I would have been in trouble if they had found me, for this would activate the influence of this degree bearing the symbolic of Scorpio – rape, beating and, finally, I was likely to end up in a basement– again the symbolic of Scorpio! None of this happened owing to the Parts of Fortune i.e. two Fortunas. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!


And finally, since transiting Pluto helped natal Saturn to activate (repetition), it is likely that something like this may happen again. What can we do to protect ourselves? Having done the usual (special door, safety metal locks and the like), my husband and I concluded that since our door is not of a standard height the best solution would be to install a transversal metal lattice with a safety lock. Believe it or not, this exact solution Saturn provides in my birth chart – the same Saturn which was responsible for my apartment being broken into. So, Saturn is both «the accused» and «accomplice» in combating the crime. I similarly described Saturn's influence in my book entitled Astro-Microscope Discovers... writing about the case of a baby who was thought dead when the same planet had blocked but also unblocked the lungs of the child. In couple of cases, I also described the role this planet plays in breech delivery. Therefore, in astro-symbolic Saturn is connected with a wall, obstacle, transversal barrier and a tree. This is exactly why this metal obstacle locksmiths call «lattice» as if it was made of wood instead of metal. It has to be transversal because this is the only solution fitting into the energy of my natal Saturn. Finally, it must not be visible from the outside because my natal planet placed in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter in Scorpio square Venus, the ruler of the 3rd natal house (entrance door) which is placed in my natal 12th house. All of this, translated from the language of astrological symbols, means that a transversal metal obstacle (Saturn) has to be invisible (it is at the 24th degree = Neptune), which is also pronounced by Jupiter as Saturn's dispositor square Venus (entrance door) for, if we install safety and luxurious door (Venus-door square Jupiter-luxury) this will attract the attention of thieves from the outside (Venus in the 12th house – thieves at the 3rd degree-street).


So, if it hadn't been for my knowledge of astrology and influence of Fortuna...



Author: Svetlana Panjkovic, Professor


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