Johannes Kepler –

Genius of celestial mechanics

Written by: Srbin



What prompted me to cast the correct horoscope of Johannes Kepler is the fact that he saved astrology from modern scientists. Namely, when Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) discovered heliocentric system of planetary motion which replaced the old geocentric system, many scientists rejoiced at the prospect of astrology - the old teacher of astronomy- »being dead«. Both astronomy and astrology, however, were lucky enough that the genius of celestial mechanics, Johannes Kepler, was born.

His three laws advanced Copernicus' discovery. Kepler discovered that planets do not revolve around the Sun in circles, as assumed by Copernicus, but instead the orbits of the planets are ellipses with the Sun at one focus of the ellipse. Kepler came to this discovery owing to the notes of Tycho Brahe, whom he called the "Fenix astronomer". The notes were on the motion of Mars. The major Kepler's contribution to astrology, in addition to many horoscopes he cast (some 800 – also for emperor Ferdinand II and chief commander of the imperial army Wallenstein), is in his finding that heliocentric motion of planets does not exclude their geocentric effect.


Quite the opposite, he concluded: »All the natural qualities of the five planets (at the time, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were unknown) as well as of some of the more prominent fixed stars can be grasped by the human understanding, although not perfectly, and can be integrated into a kind of science or body of knowledge, which can be used for prognostication of future events as well and as completely as can be done in medicine with the various and sundry herbs.«


And he also brilliantly shielded astrology in his thesis No.40 for 1602: Now this faculty which gives power to the aspects (between planets and stars) does not reside in the stars themselves. For these aspects of which we speak occur on the Earth and are a mere apparition which does not really proceed from the activity of the stars, but from an accidental position of two stars with respect to the Earth. Inasmuch then, as the vital force moving the bodies is not in the object, but is where a species of the object is represented (inherent to a whole species or idea, of objects), so this power which gives rise to lunar bodies is in the huge terrestrial globe itself. This silenced many scientists of that time and undoubtedly scientists of today, who argue that discovery of heliocentric system invalidates astrology.


Kepler was lucky to study theology, which is shown in many of his works. Thus, his conclusion: »A human being's nature, at the beginning of life, receives not only an instantaneous image of the sky (positions of planets and stars), but also its motion, as it appears down here on earth, for several successive days; and derives from this motion the way in which it will discharge this or that humour (inclination); and the time at which this nature will, very accurately, time these developments, as determined by the directions based on the first few days of life” - derived from the Book of Ezekiel Chapter 4.6 " …each day for a year, have I appointed it to you " says Lord to Ezekiel. From this sentence prophesying was drawn based on primary and secondary directions of planets.


The worldwide fame of Johannes Kepler is best illustrated by the fact that over fifty biographers and many scientists and astrologers all over the world chose him as the subject of their work. However, his accurate birth chart has not been made to date, including the one cast by Johannes Kepler himself. It is needless to speak about his relevance for science, for any educated person in the world will be well aware of his contribution. This is why it is high time Johan Kepler got a correct birth certificate(my name for a birth chart).

Firstly, we need to start from the place of birth. There are two different details about his place of birth. One is that he was born in Weil der Stadt (008E52; 48N45), and the other that it was Weil am Rhien (007E38; 47N37) in Germany.

Since Kepler himself takes Weil der Stadt as his place of birth, it will be assumed that this detail is correct, for his mother was still alive when he pursued astrology and astronomy. In addition, Kepler also personally stated 27 December 1571 as his birth date, which is also correct. However, some biographers such as Bruce Scholfield, Lois Rodden and others give 6 January 1572 as his time of birth, and this mistake has been multiplied by many astrologers even in our country. Thus, even the famous website: provides the date of birth observing the new (Gregorian) style and old (Julian) style, which confuses some astrologers. In addition, software program JANUS provides the birth chart for the same incorrect date, however for a different and also incorrect time of birth. Being misled by these authorities, some professional astrologers in our country have made the same mistakes.


This mistake occurred when, to 27 December 1571 (according to the Julian Calendar), 10 days were added (16 century) to obtain the equivalent date according to the Gregorian Calendar -6 January 1572. However, in this case it was a grave error. The mistake was in the fact that this could be applied only to persons born after 5 October 1582, which was not the case with Johannes Kepler who was born before this date. Despite the fact that Kepler was born in 16 century, converting rule for dates before 5 October 1582 cannot be applied because all astrological software programs in the world were developed according to the Julian Calendar for all dates up to the mentioned one and, starting from 5 October 1582, they were made by the Gregorian Calendar.


This means that no software in the world is developed to calculate ephemeredes according to the Gregorian Calendar before 5 October 1582. This is why the Julian dates up to 5 October 1582 must not be converted in Gregorian dates. Errors made in use of one or the other calendar are very common, not only with astrologers but also reporters, writers, historians and even some clergymen.


Therefore, all horoscopes cast for Johannes Kepler using the date 6 January 1572, irrespective of the time, must be disregarded as completely wrong.




The first horoscope Kepler cast for himself was: 27 December 1571 at 02:37 PM LMT 48N45 008E52 where Asc. was at the 24th degree and 25th minutes of Gemini, and MC at the 24th degree and 25th minutes of Pisces, observing equal house system (data taken from his book Harmonics, Book IV). According to this horoscope, which you will be able to cast as well, the stellium of Mercury, Uranus, Sun and Venus is in the 7th house - which is not in accordance with his biography for he had no achievements in politics, marriage or other partner relations save for science. This means that stellium of the mentioned planets needs to find itself in the 9th house of science, religion, high intellect, philosophy, high education, long journeys, clergy, dealings with foreigners, etc.


In addition, in his book Harmony of the WORLD published in 1619, he wrote:"…I was born when the Moon was short of an opposition to the Sun by forty degrees …". To be able to support this, rectification will need show the time of birth as 5h 37min 20sec a.m. and the stellium of the mentioned planets will, in that case, find itself in the 6th house, Asc. at the 1st degree of Leo, the Moon at 5˚ 35'29" of Gemini, and the Sun at 15˚ 35' 29" of Capricorn - which is also not compatible with his biography. This is not surprising for, in Kepler’s time, precise lunar motions were not known. Highly accurate lunar tables were produced by a German astronomer Tobias Mayer (1723-1762) on the calculations of a great mathematician Leonhard Euler (1707-1783) - more than hundred years after Kepler. It will be interesting to add that a famous physicist Isaac Newton said that when exploring the complicated motion of the Moon, that had been the only problem that gave him headache!


It is worth noting that to this day, the precise lunar motion has not been established for, the latest research has shown that the Moon is not just the satellite of the Earth but, to a certain extant, the Earth acts like a satellite of the Moon.


Late in his life, Kepler rectified his horoscope to 01:00:00 PM LMT, which is the closest to the correct time of birth however not completely true for, according to that horoscope, Mercury and Uranus are in the 8th house and the Sun and Venus in the 9th. For that day and age, this was quite accurate if you have in mind that clocks were not telling precise time, telescopes did not exist and lunar ephemeris were not entirely correct.



Let us be reminded that it was not until 1781 that Herschel discovered a telescope - the same year when he discovered a "new" planet Uranus. Kepler did not know about the existence of Uranus since he lived some 150 years before the discovery of a telescope and Uranus - although he was the first to make calculations for a telescope. He also did not know about Neptune (discovered in 1846) and Pluto (discovered in 1930). Naturally, both tables and ephemeris were, in Kepler’s time, recorded by astrolabe and thus not as correct as they are today. Therefore, it is only understandable why Kepler could not have been more precise in calculating the planetary positions in his horoscope.


Therefore, Kepler’s assertion that he was "born when the Moon was short of an opposition to the Sun by forty degrees " is not correct. This can be seen in his biography – his father was very hard on his mother and him (he left them when Johannes was two), and little Johan lived with his grandparents from 1574 to 1576. It is more likely that the angle between the Sun and Moon was 137 degrees, which is closer to the aspect (square and a half 90+45=135 degrees) of harshness between parents than that of bi-quintile (144 degrees), which is the aspect of harmony.


When taken into account that Johannes Kepler is a genius of celestial mechanics and divine science of astrology, and when the fundamental principles of astrology are observed, after detailed rectification his birth chart will be as follows (due to the abundance of evidence the rectification will not be presented in full):


Johannes Kepler, born in Weil der Stadt (008E52:00, 48N45:00), Germany, on 27 December 1571 at 12:38:18 PM LMT. Koch house system




It is important to note that for any time of birth that took place on 27 December 1571, stellium of Mercury, Uranus, Sun and Venus is always in Capricorn. However, depending on the time of birth, these planets will be in different houses. As stellium is a very important configuration for we have very important planets together in a very important cardinal sign of Capricorn, it is certain that this will considerably intensify importance and influence of the house where they will be found. Kepler’s biography shows that he focused on science (9th house) rather than marriage, politics, and partner relations (7th house). He was strong-minded and did not give in to compromise in science. As the stellium of four planets is in Capricorn and 9th house, his science is celestial. However, he applied this celestial science (Mercury conjunction Uranus in the 9th house) to the planet Earth – meaning that he was firmly anchored to the Earth. Some biographers wrote that he was "one foot in medieval mysticism and one foot in the scientific method". Nevertheless, he was lucky to escape inquisition as a devoted servant and astrologer of a catholic emperor (Saturn and Mars in the 6th house) – despite being born a protestant and died a protestant ("Give, therefore, to the emperor the things that are the emperor’s, and to God the things that are God’s " said Jesus Christ (MT.22.21, MK12.17, LK20.23).


Therefore, stellium of planets has to be in the 9th house - the house of science and spirituality. This is where Uranus (higher mind) is placed with Mercury (human mind), the Sun (professorship) and Venus (the ruler of his ascendant – love for science, religion, philosophy), and above all these planets, there is a fixed star Vega endowing this brilliant inventor with divine support. Kepler’s birth chart shows the importance of pinpointing the exact time of birth, since the cusps of houses move quickly (due to rotation of the Earth around its axes, one degree of the Zodiac rises above the horizon almost every four minutes). These cusps define personal traits of a native, particularly according to the Theory on Zodiac Degrees of a Serbian astrologer Nikola Stojanovic. Many astrologers, working on the birth chart of Kepler, used rectification to adjust his Ascendant to fit Gemini instead of Taurus (which is less intelligent than Gemini). However, it slipped their mind that a person with Mercury conjunction the 9th house and Uranus and thus Vega can be not only intelligent but brilliant. In addition, the Sun conjunction Uranus bestows on him the possibility to conduct scientific researches bordering human knowledge, particularly when placed in the 9th house of science. Therefore, the methods he used were based on a higher law and understanding of the Universal (Uranus) law. This endowed him with brilliance in natural sciences. In addition, Jupiter conjunction Pluto in the 11th house (astronomy, astrology) provides him with spiritual (Jupiter) regeneration (Pluto) channelling constructive forces toward his brilliant discoveries. This aspect in the 11th house in Pisces "creates kings " of science and spirituality for, the 11th house is in the natural zodiac of the house of Aquarius which denotes science, while Pisces represent deep forms of subconscious, mystical experiences and intuitive creativeness.


Therefore, we need to conclude the following: person born with Ascendant in Gemini is not necessarily more intelligent than a person with Ascendant in Taurus, unless all other aspects of the horoscope support this. General astrological rule does not always have to be applicable - as it was not applicable to Nikola Tesla whose Ascendant is also in Taurus. Astrologers always make such mistakes when analysing a horoscope superficially.


It is important to note that, strictly speaking, Mercury (05˚27' of Capricorn) is in the 8th house. However, as it is in strong conjunction with the cusp of the 9th house (05˚ 47'of Capricorn) and Uranus (08˚ 40' of Capricorn), Mercury has stronger influence on the 9th house than if it had been in the middle of the 9th house - although it can be treated as placed in the 8th house. Thus, with Mercury in the 8th house, Kepler inherits secret information and important documents of Tycho Brahe on how to calculate ephemeris of Mars, which helped him - along with

Uranus and Vega in the 9th house (and God’s will) - to discover that Mars and other planets travel in ellipses instead of circles, as claimed by Copernicus. Many professors and teachers have mercury in the 9th house. A person with Mercury in the 9th house will travel far to acquire necessary knowledge or religious education. From the analysis of Kepler’s birth chart, it can be claimed that Uranus rules natural sciences for, even though he studied theology at the protestant University of Tübingen, his subject of interest and brilliant discoveries were in the area of natural sciences: astronomy and astrology. He was a man of faith – he attributed all his discoveries to God’s will. Astrology indeed is a natural science for it is based on natural celestial bodies and their influence on men. Unfortunately, people are unknowledgeable, which is why astrology is considered an occult (secret) science (even mathematics is a secret science to those ignorant about it). If Kepler had had Mercury conjunction Neptune in the ninth house, he would have achieved success in the area of religion or spirituality.


Since in Kepler’s horoscope, the stellium of the mentioned planets is in the 9th house in Capricorn, he was notably preoccupied with science of skies (Uranus) and their influence on the Earth (Capricorn). A great Serbian poet, astrologer, cosmologist and theologian Njegos calls the skies a "sub-Uranium vault". This is why Kepler produced three laws in the area of celestial mechanics and provided detailed description of heliocentric and geocentric system. The Sun conjunction Mercury (through Uranus) bestows him with a powerful mind, impulsiveness, ambition and creativity in the field of science. Mars square Sun makes him forceful, enthusiastic and pugnacious making him seem too domineering, which is why Tycho Brahe did not give him ephemeris for Mars until his death on 24 December 1601. In addition, Mars square Mercury, endows him with brilliance, analytical mind and eccentricity – an ever attentive mind.


Being a "rebel with a cause " he was ever so eager to challenge authorities and reluctant to take advice. Would he have been able to discover three laws in astronomy and three aspects in astrology: sesqui-square (135 degrees), quintile (72 degrees) and bi-quintile (144 degrees) if it had not been for his challenging aspects? The Sun sextile Jupiter promised to him fortune, intellectual mind, ability of proper judgement and broad views, while the Sun sextile Saturn meant success in life by his own efforts and owing to his ability to focus. In life he was responsible and right-minded. Regardless of heavy aspect of Mars toward Mercury, Sun and Uranus, Saturn promises a long life and generally good health, particularly since Saturn does not have any adverse aspect but, instead, there are two sextiles and trine with Jupiter while Mars is weakened by its position in Libra ruled by Venus. Position of Saturn in the 6th house in Scorpio is particularly important for it endows him with precision, meticulousness, effectiveness and reliability, serious perception of his work and, due to the stellium of planets in the 9th house in Capricorn, success in public service, writing, and areas in connection with mathematics and science in general. In 1594, he became a professor of mathematics in a protestant seminary in Graz, where he was appointed a district mathematician and calendar maker and, on death of Tycho Brahe in 1601, he became a court mathematician – the most prestigious position in Europe in the field of mathematics.


The Sun and Venus are in conjunction with MC, which determined Kepler’s career of a university Professor of the science he had a liking for. Venus conjunction MC, particularly in Capricorn, produces a person with social ambitions who will improve his status by marriage and sometimes even enter a marriage with that intention. Money is gained by social prominence or with the help from someone in power. As it can be seen in his birth chart, his 2nd house begins at the 15th degree of Gemini (double, twofold), meaning that he draws profit from two areas: professorship and astrology. However, he does not benefit much from this profit for, due to Neptune being placed in the second house, people deceived him and took advantage of him – as they did to Nikola Tesla. In my opinion, God himself (Neptune denoting God) did not let him to get rich for, due to the Sun sextile Jupiter he would have become pray to self-indulgence and hedonism. All other planets, their positions and aspects in this birth chart will also prove that Johannes Kepler was born on 27 December 1571 in Weil der Stadt, Germany at 12h 38min 18sec.


A clearer proof of the exact time of birth can be obtained by applying the Theory on the Zodiac Degrees of a Serbian astrologer, Nikola Stojanović. At the same time, this will also prove its validity. We will take only a few examples, even though it can be applied to all planetary positions and cusps.


Kepler’s Ascendant is at the 17th degree of Taurus. According to Nikola Stojanovic’s theory, the 17th degree is analogous to the 5th degree (17=12+5=5), and the 5th degree corresponds to the 5th sign of zodiac – Leo – resulting in the fact that he (Ascendant) was the son of a peasant (Taurus). His grandfather (Ascendant) was in power (17th degree of Leo) as a Mayor.


His father (MC) was an "immoral, rough and quarrelsome " grouch, and also poor (at the 22nd degree of Capricorn). Kepler described his mother in similar unflattering terms (IC also at the 22nd degree of Cancer). Therefore, Kepler suffered a lot (Capricorn) and had great difficulties with his parents – it was as if he did not have them at all. However, "every cloud has a silver lining " and thus, as luck would have it, Protestant church saw to his education (Mercury-education, learning at the 5th degree – high education conjunction the 9th house –with the help of a clergyman). After completing his primary education, in 1584 he entered a Protestant seminary in Adelberg, and in 1589 he began his university education at the Protestant university of Tübingen where he won a master’s degree in 1594. The same year he accepted the appointment as a professor of mathematics at the Protestant seminary in Graz, Austria. Therefore, the 5th degree of Mercury conjunction the 9th house in Capricorn brought him high education in his country and elite position in a foreign country - Austria.


Kepler married twice (the Moon in Gemini in the 1st house). Both times this was in a foreign country (Venus in the 9th house) - Graz and Linz. He had three children from his first marriage, while his second marriage was crowned with six children, the four of whom died very early. The cusp of his 5th house (children) begins at the 24th degree of Leo (children). The 24th degree, according to the theory of Nikola Stojanović, is analogous to Pisces (a loss) – Kepler lost his children. In the zodiac, the 11th house opposition to the 5th house is also at the 24th degree, however of Aquarius, and following the same symbolic of the 24th degree it also results in a loss – Kepler lost his friend Tycho Brahe, an astronomer and astrologer - the cusp of the 11th house (friends) is in Aquarius (astrologer, astronomer, inventor). In 1600, Tycho Brahe invited Kepler to come from Graz to Prague to become his assistant. The next year (1601), Tycho Brahe died. And further, Neptune (losses, deceits) is in the 2nd house (revenues) at the 23rd degree, analogous to Aquarius (astronomy, astrology) in Gemini (double), which is why his both sources of income sustained losses.


The cusp of the 3rd house is at the 5th degree of Cancer- he wrote (the 3rd house – to write) many (in Cancer) books, articles, horoscopes, ephemeris, tables, (the 3rd house) of top quality (at the 5th degree of Leo, something of a supreme characteristic). The cusp of the 6th house is at the 7th degree of Libra telling us that his job (6th house) involved the public appearance – he was a university professor and a royal mathematician, which was a fine job. Here we have a real curiosity. Namely, the 7th degree of Libra denotes a lawyer at court proceedings. Johannes Kepler was a lawyer of his mother in 1620 when she was charged with sorcery. As a refined, well-mannered gentlemen, he managed to use his diplomatic skills in his legal defence that lasted several month and saved her from being sentenced as guilty. The cusp of the 7th house (marriage) is at the 17th degree of Scorpio. The ruler of Scorpio, Mars, is at the 8th degree of Libra in the 6th house, telling us that his first wife (Mars) Barbara worked as a highly skilled (5th degree) nurse (in the 6th house) where her life was threatened (the 8th degree- Scorpio). Thus, she died (Mars at the 8th degree) due to infection at her workplace (the 6th house). Following the same suit, for every planetary position and the cusps of houses we can prove the accuracy of the time of birth as well as the correctness of the Theory on Degrees of Nikola Stojanović.


The most accurate analysis of Kepler’s birth chart and the clearest proof of the accuracy of the time of birth can be obtained by the verification of primary, secondary and tertiary directions at the natal position of planets and cusps of houses.


Let us see just a few examples for they are so abundant that the whole book can be dedicated to this subject. In Kepler’s biographies it is written that he married his first wife Barbara in 1597 in Graz. However, these biographies do not state the date when this marriage took place. However, directions help us to pinpoint the time as 2/12/15 [secondary direction Moon trine Sun 19/11/1597, secondary direction Moon at the ascendant for Graz 01/12/1597, transiting directions provide us with the precise date, transiting Moon trine Sun 02/12/1597 and transiting Venus sextile Saturn 02/12/1579]. According to biographers, his first wife Barbara died in Linz in 1612.


The secondary direction produces MC square Moon 08/10/1612 (death or illness of the mother or wife, if this is also indicated by tertiary aspects). Tertiary directions: the Sun square Sun, the Moon in the 12th house, the Moon square Mercury 08/10/1612, the Moon in parallel with Mars 09/10/1612 decides the time of death while tertiary Moon square Uranus 09/10/1612 threatens with changes in family circle along with the Moon square the Sun 09/10/1612, while the Moon square Venus 10/10/1612 indicates mourning for the death of the wife (the Moon square MC)
This, and many other examples from other horoscopes, show that tertiary Moon is a time "trigger" of events, when this is enabled by primary and/or secondary directions producing effects of the same nature. He became a Professor of mathematics in Graz in 1594 – primary and secondary progression of the Sun trine Mars bringing power, high position and authority (04/07/1594), tertiary Moon conjunction Mercury results in acceptance of this job position, the Moon conjunction the 9th house means that he will travel abroad, Venus conjunction IC-moving into a new apartment and leaving the student accommodation. In Graz he stayed until 1600 when he emigrated to Prague at the invitation of Tycho Brahe to become his assistant at university. In those six years, in addition to professorship, Kepler studied astronomy and astrology. He fled to Prague from Graz because of Catholic prosecution of Protestants during the so-called COUNTERREFORMATION which started in 16 century after the Roman INQUISITION had been established in 1542. This is very clear in Kepler’s horoscope and indicated by the natal aspect of Neptune square Pluto (denoting generations living in the period of societal changes and disintegration of social structure thus being the victims of corrupted social, political and religious institutions). According to the planetary directions, the event happened during primary and secondary direction when the Sun was in square with Saturn on 29/12/1599, denoting difficult events for a long time to come as well as dangerous enemies and persecutions because both planets are in fixed signs. This is why Kepler decided to emigrate (primary direction of Neptune conjunction IC 28/06/1600 for coordinates of Graz, tertiary direction of the North Node sextile Pluto denoting fortunate reversing event, the Moon conjunction the 9th house means travelling to a foreign country together with the Moon conjunction Mercury and the Moon parallel to Mercury -also a longer journey).


It is interesting to note that Kepler’s horoscope shows that he lived in the times of great societal turbulences for, in his natal horoscope he had Neptune square Pluto, which are both generational planets pertaining to the period from 1618 to 1648 when in Germany, Austria and Bohemia a 30-year war was raging between Catholics and Protestants. The war was so devastating that when it ended, the population of Bohemia was reduced to one third while it halved the population of Germany and Austria.

Luckily, Kepler used this aspect to his benefit, that is, in the way that it brought him inventiveness, exploration and inclination to discoveries. Since the accuracy of the time of birth of Johannes Kepler was derived by a classical analysis of his birth chart and drawing on the Theory on Zodiac Degrees of Nikola Stojanović through primary, secondary and tertiary directions to natal planets and angles, I feel that this is a sufficient proof of the exact time of birth of this genius of celestial mechanics. The verification has been done on many more events, however to cite them all will be time-consuming.


For example, the stellium of planets in his 9th house explains why an astrological university in America was named after Kepler: the 9th house symbolises high education/university, Uranus-astrology, Mercury-name, and Venus, as the ruler of ascendant- Kepler himself.

He was born at the source of the Danube (the cusp of the 4th house, IC at the 22nd degree of Cancer), and ended his life on 15 November 1630 in Regensburg on the Danube. He was born into a poor family (IC at the 22nd degree) and died a poor man (at the inventory of his property after his death it turned out that his effects were: 22 thalers, one suit, two shirts, 57 ephemeris and 16 Rudolph’s i.e. his own astrological tables).

His glory is eternal unlike that of many emperors and Popes who "raised a golden calf " (stuffed their purses with gold).


Written by: Srbin


© 2002-2003  Nikola Stojanovic