redrag Petkovic

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Karmic Astrology – Endless Journey of the Soul



It was a chilly night. The sky scattered the stars across its infinite vault concealing the mystery of life and death within. Tiny clouds, timidly going past, occasionally veiled the full moon.  You could feel a mystery in the air while sweet smells of blossoming flowers were luring with their fragrance filling the air like an aphrodisiac. In such atmosphere, I sensed a prelude to something out of the ordinary that night.


I was sitting in my room gazing at the moon, music softly playing in the background. I was expecting a girl who wanted me to interpret her birth chart. Even though I had not had her details yet I had a feeling that this horoscope would be very unusual and exciting. My intuition did not fail me for, this person looked as if she had come from a completely different time, as if she had stepped into a time warp and emerged here, in the future.



Although I was looking through the window all the time I didn’t notice her go past. I only heard a soft knocking at the door and, surprised for having not seen anyone go by, I stood up to see who it was. I thought that I probably had wondered off in my thoughts, which was why I missed to see the visitor. Approaching my front door I was overwhelmed by an inexplicably strange feeling. I opened it and saw a girl with a long black hair, pail complexion and intensely red lipstick.  


She was extremely attractive and powerful at the same time. She radiated a strange energy. This power forced me to look away from her eyes. In a soft and gentle voice she said: "Good evening". This gentle voice was pregnant with enormous power, maybe because even though it was low it was uttered strangely, with a threatening serenity. I thought: “Mercury will be in Scorpio” and, since Jupiter in my horoscope takes the same position, I was certain that we would get on well.



Horoscope of the witch
31.10.1978. Be
lgrade 07:09:30AM CET-1


Dressed in black, wearing a lot of jewellery, she looked as if she was getting ready to perform a magic rite. A beautiful shiny pentagram was hanging down her neck (Venus at ASC) and I had no doubts that I was sitting with a person deeply into occultism. My rough estimates were that she probably belonged to a cult of an ancient witch religion called "VIKA". All of this kept swirling in my mind while I was typing in her details.


When her birth chart on the screen stunned me for I hadn’t seen such a horoscope for a long time. In addition to the Sun, Ascendant and the Moon in Scorpio, there were four more planets (Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Mars) and Fortune. The entire horoscope was placed in a single sign and two astrological houses. This was not very rewording for interpretation but nevertheless I was interested.


I immediately started checking on some details to verify the horoscope. The cusp of the 4th house was at the 29th degree of Aquarius while Uranus as a ruler was in Scorpio at the very Ascendant. Since the 4th house symbolises home, I asked her if she lived somewhere above the ground floor (Aquarius), top floor in fact (cusp of the 4th house at the 29th degree of Aquarius). Uranus in Scorpio indicated that she had to live somewhere near the river. That was true because she lived in Novi Beograd area, near the Sava river, on the top floor. Moon (home) in Scorpio (river) additionally confirmed this. I asked her if she had a boat and she confirmed it. This could be seen in the same aspect – Moon in Scorpio (boat on the river). I asked her if her brother was a doctor because the ruler of the 3rd house, Saturn, was placed in Virgo (doctors). She told me that he was a dentist, which could also be seen in this aspect. Saturn symbolises teeth while Virgo speaks about delicate and precise works. He was an orthodontist.


I tried to make out what she was studying having seen that Jupiter was in the 9th house. I was thinking law or diplomacy or maybe even theology. However, my intuition prevented me from saying anything because I felt that this couldn’t be it. I saw that she was a double Scorpio and thought that she was not cut out for those jobs. She was bound to be studying something mystic, if one can find such a thing at our schools.  I saw that the ruler of the 9th house, the Moon, was in the 12th house in Scorpio. This was more like her. I pondered what it could be. The symbolic clearly pointed to archaeology. The ruler of the 9th house (studies) was in the 12th house (something secretive, concealed) in Scorpio (mystical, underground- meaning that one has to dig it up). I finally said it eager to see if I was right. This was the first time she smiled, which confirmed that now she was sure that I know what I was talking about. I had to win her trust somehow.


Natives of Scorpio tend to be quite difficult during the interpretation of their horoscope. They often stay silent and you are never certain whether you are on the right track.


I immediately asked her if she was involved in occult sciences in any way because an overpronounced sign of Scorpio and a strong 12th house clearly showed it. She nodded and said that since childhood her life had been heading toward that direction. She confirmed that she had always been concerned with mysticism and felt that in this life, she only continued what she had started in the past life. She thought that in her past life she had been a high priestess killed in some kind of conspiracy. She wouldn’t tell me anything else but let me talk instead. I realized that she wanted to see whether I was able to see in her horoscope the facts she knew about her past life. She wanted me to see how much her past life was important for her present life.


If we want to check the connection between past and present life we first need to look at the planets in the 12th house and the ruler of this house. If the 12th house contains a stellium, we can be certain that the past life experience bears considerable significance for this life and, taking into account all other aspects in the horoscope, we will be able to look into this matter more deeply.


The 12th house contains Moon, Sun, Fortune and Uranus. The stellium increases the symbolical meaning of the house in which it is placed. In addition, this house is connected with the important past incarnation, which makes her question the right one. The ruler of the 12th house is Venus in Scorpio in the 1st house, which means that her past life is closely connected to this life i.e. she needs to continue the life path she had started in her past incarnation.


When the ruler of the 12th house is in the fist house, this means that what happened in the past is transferred onto this life, as well. Therefore, impressions are extremely intense and one is often able to see the images from past life in his/her dreams (12th house).


I immediately asked her whether she sometimes dreams about her drowning in the river. She was fascinated, for this was why she had come to see me in the first place. How was I able to see that? Well, it is logical because there are many planets in the 12th house (dreams) in Scorpio (river). Venus, the ruler of the past life 8th house (danger, death), went to Scorpio which symbolises river – and the dangers of a river are well known to everyone.  In addition, Venus is retrograde, which means that the experienced death will be repeated in this life through memories and dreams. Since the same Venus is placed in the 1st house, it is only natural that the impressions are strong and that the images from the past will haunt her.


To prove this, Moon is separated from Pluto, which means that her soul (the Moon) had a very painful experience in previous incarnation and possibly resulted in suffering (Pluto). The same aspect proves that she was a high priestess in a witch religion. This is symbolized in the Moon in Scorpio (a witch) conjunction the Sun (power, status, reputation) in the 12th house – past life. Since the Moon was placed at the past life Ascendant it is logical to suppose that she was into a lunar cult worshiping the Great Mother Goddess. Moon conjunction Sun in Scorpio indicates the title of the high priestess. She was appreciated and respected for her knowledge and skills. Still, there was an adverse aspect influencing her relations with the church (Moon and Sun square Jupiter), which resulted in her being falsely accused, tortured, tied (Mercury) by the neck (Venus) and drowned in a river (Scorpio).
The moment of death was extremely painful. They say that what we wish for at our dying breath will certainly come true. Thus, thirsty for revenge and committed to her religion, she was reborn to continue where she had left off and revenge her premature death.


This is the example of our subconscious working independently of our will. We just can’t understand how come that we are attracted to some things while others are giving us goose bumps. And while I was contemplating this, she slowly started to open up and began her account of the story she kept bottled up all her life.



"I was never attracted to church. On the contrary, priests with their black robes, were more like devils than servants of God, they scared me.
Whenever I passed by a priest I shivered and then I would feel anger and inexplicable desire for a revenge that I could never understand. Now I know why I feel this way. In my dreams I often see people torturing me in dark underground corridors while sound of bells jars on my ears. My religion was natural and pure free from any evil and yet I was accused of sleeping with the devil, which was a lie. They just wanted to root out the old religion that stood in their way of getting the full power. This is why they spoke of witches as evil creatures calling us "the servants of the devil". I refused to renounce my religion. I couldn’t accept the religion which, for many people, meant torture and burning at the stake. This is how I met my horrible death in the river, rope tied around my neck ".


This is how a past life can always be seen in dreams. And this is not surprising if you know that the 12th house symbolises both dreams and karma. These symbols confirmed what she had already known since, as she said, dreams had never failed her.

In her present life she picked up where she left off. Planets clearly show this. Since the ruler of the 12th house is placed in the 1st house the events are bound to continue. This is the most obvious example of the influence past has over present. Her appearance in this incarnation is also similar to her looks in the past life because the ruler of the 12th house (in the past life this was the 1st house which tells us about someone’s looks) is placed in the 1st house of the present life. In present life she continued practicing ancient religion of nature because, as she says, this is something that comes natural for every creature. She studies the elements of nature, ancient magic manuscripts, meditates, worships Moon and other divinities. She also studies herbs and uses them as remedy saying: "The nature has given us everything we need, we just need to relate to her, listen to the messages she is sending and apply them in our everyday lives. As long as we neglect her by violating her laws we will be condemned to suffering because, destroying the nature we keep destroying ourselves. "


Having agreed with what she had said and being of similar convictions I suggested to lead her to the process of regression just to verify what had been said, particularly about her death. She immediately agreed and slowly we sailed into astral areas of her psyche where every detail of our life is recorded. She was skilful in mysticism, which helped her smoothly enter into her past life. This is what she said.


" I see myself at the bottom of a dried out well, lying without any food or water. I’m so exhausted and tired that I can hardly move. I am surrounded by mud. I feel the stagnant air and I can see only occasional strips of light coming from a surface when the Sun reaches a particular angle. I feel I’m going to die soon. Suddenly, I hear something drop, something like a rope and a voice is telling me to tie it around me. They are pulling me up, on the surface, I see some people. They are taking me to the nearby plane where there is a river. It was some kind of inquisition. They wanted me to renounce my devilish religion. Otherwise, I would end up at the bottom of the river. I realize that they will kill me anyway and decide not to recognize their violent religion for I know I’m eternal and evil will not prevail over good even if I have to die for it. But they wanted to kill me because I was a high priestess of old religion. They felt that this would help them destroy the practices of all others whom they couldn’t catch. Tortured and smeared with dirt, I was still beautiful. Jealous women kept shouting “Drown the witch!”

” They asked me if I wanted to redeem myself. I could only say that I was pure and I wouldn’t admit to what I hadn’t done even if it cost me my life. A furious priest puts the rope around my neck and has me dragged down to the river. Seeing that I was going to be thrown into the river I composed my thoughts and started praying. I prayed to come back when the old religion awakens. The last thing I see is my body at the bottom of the lake where it has finally found its peace."

Looking at her horoscope I suddenly realized why the 12th house was crowded with planets in Scorpio. Scorpio represents it all – death, river, witch, saint, passion and revenge. And how can we see the well in which she suffered? Of course, the Moon in the 12th house in Scorpio clearly indicates a dark and cold well.


She said that she wouldn’t seek revenge because it was against her religious principles but was sure that in this life she would meet the one who condemned her to death. When their eyes meet they will know that they must have met somewhere before but she will be the only one knowing the true story that happened a long time ago. What fate lies in store for her past life torturer remains a mystery. One thing is certain. In this life he will fall in love with her because, in the past life, the ruler of the 8th house, Venus, (responsibility for someone’s death in the past life) is now retrograde (which means that this person comes back) and rules the 7th house creating a likelihood that this person will become her husband. If you want to know whether the destiny will bring them together again, you will have to wait for an answer. But one thing you can be sure of. Everything is for the purpose and nothing happens by coincidence.




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