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Text taken from the new book by Predrag Petković
The Art of Horoscope Interpretation

This love was true and passionate, like the one you hear about in romantic novels, a song or a love drama - and not just any drama, but one of those which spontaneously make your eyes wet with tears when you slowly raise your head and widen your eyes trying to keep the tear from escaping the eye. But even such a small tear usually prevails and soon finds itself rolling down your cheek. This is not the sign of our weakness but deep feelings, the feelings that many never experience.


Happy are those who have experienced a true love Ė even if it did not have a happy ending. Those who never truly loved never truly lived. It is an unwritten law turning love into sadness: as much as love elevates us to the paradise bliss it pushes us into the abyss and such despair that we do not want to go on living any more. This is the story which describes these feelings. In this story the love and passion were true as much as the subsequent suffering.


Is there anyone who can be as romantic and sensitive, gentle and sweet, deep and intuitive as a Cancer? All of that was instilled in her, whose name I will not mention for she still keeps cherishing her secret love in her heart. And is there anyone more familiar with the art of seduction, generous and kind, demanding but even more generous, the one who would lift his princess to the pedestal such as Leo? And there, two lights were brought together: a Sun and a Moon. And this was exactly where a true feminine principle (Moon) and masculine principle (Sun) joined, two being were merged as if they had always been made for each other.



It all started seemingly innocent, with walks and talks. Maybe occasionally there was a closer glance at each other, but that was it. Still, the destiny made a stage for them and gave them the roles they had to play to the best of their abilities. The script seemed to have been already written.
When we talk about romantic relationships we should look at the options a horoscope provides. Subconsciously or consciously, a person enters relationships offered by his/her horoscope and the outcome depends on the planetary aspects. If, regarding romance, a horoscope is exposed to adverse influences, a person is bound to encounter big obstacles in his/her love life. Venus adversely affected, especially by Uranus, often produces relationships which are sort of unconventional, unusual, eccentric, passionate and full of conflicts and separations. Break-ups usually happen abruptly and without any alarms or warnings. On that occasion, if a person is emotional - this particularly goes for water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) - he/she experiences a great sorrow and despair often affecting their health. Fire and Air signs cope much better. They also suffer, but much less than other signs.
In this case we have a girl born under Cancer, Ascendant Virgo. This combination is extremely sensitive because it speaks about very deep feelings. But that is not the end of it. At the very Ascendant, which represents her personality, there is Pluto Ė the planet producing extreme magnetism and erotic quality and thus, she has got an overwhelming beauty and energy. Persons having Pluto thus positioned usually experience many life transformations. In the majority of cases these transformations are difficult to deal with and persons usually get out of them wounded but also regenerated. Since the bird phoenix represents Pluto, so positioned it symbolises persons who virtually become reborn in the same body. However, until such regeneration occurs, a person is often bound to go through different crisis.


Their encounter made a fascinating impression on both of them. As if they had recognized each other from another time in which they were forcefully separated. Whenever they met they would feel a deep and inexplicable connection. In time, their meetings became more frequent. Soon, it became their daily routine. As soon as they parted they would start missing each other so much that they had to call each other immediately. Even though they had spent a whole day together they would chat on the phone deep into the night, sometimes for hours on end. It was clear that something was awakened in them. This feeling lasted for months without any physical contacts, not even a kiss. Days were hours for them, not to mention the nights. Often they would spend nights clinging to each other. Time was passing and the situation was becoming more and more serious. They were aware of it but it was as if they did not dare to admit it for, before that, they had been friends for a long time. Their relationship was the deepest secret. No one knew that they had been seeing each other.


One September night, something happened that they had been longing for. They kissed, which meant mutual recognition of their great love. That was the key moment for, until then, they were able to somehow control the situation. Now, this was no longer possible. Their glances were thoughtful but happy. They felt they were made for each other but did not want to give it a second thought. At the time, they only wanted to cherish this moment. They enjoyed each other to the fullest. It just invoked more passion in them for it seemed that every such moment was stolen from a cruel destiny. Their passion and love increased in time as if they had known that the sand in the glass irrevocably slipped through. This feeling was so bitter-sweet. They both enjoyed in romantic exhibitionism and adventure and this is exactly what they got.


Her Venus in Cancer shows us the search for deep feelings, romance and commitment. However, the devil claimed his due for, Uranus attacked Venus with the exact square destroying Venus' dream. What a contradiction and what an irony of fate! To have such strong and true emotional needs (Venus in Cancer) a person having such aspect can possibly experience and to find it impossible to hold on to! To make it worse, her ruler Moon is in T-square between Uranus and Venus at the 9th degree of Aries, which means that it makes an exact square with Venus and opposition with Uranus. The Moon representing her and being a dispositor of Venus, makes her emotional problems more than obvious.


Time was passing and things were going so smoothly that they started to fear that something bad would happen. They travelled together, loved each other and lived in full harmony. It was almost unbelievable! Until then she hadnít met anyone so much like her. This was the first person to truly feel her and understand her. They stopped hiding their relationship for it became impossible. They years' long relationship turned into a big love. In the beginning, some people disapproved but, in time, things settled. Their love became generally accepted and supported.


There was no end to their bliss and, obviously, where could this lead if not to marriage? They had known each other for so long and now something was happening they could not have imagined in their wildest dreams. Since Saturn slowly came closer to Venus it was only natural that our heroine felt the urge to slowly turn her relationship into marriage. However, in this case, Saturn turned out crueler than you can imagine. The meaning of her Venus in Cancer is even more beyond your imagination Ė certainly, in its adverse aspects. This story is extremely interesting and I believe that few could guess the epilogue by solely looking at her horoscope. To tell you the truth, I myself could not see what was coming. It occurred to me that this relationship would have to break somehow because Saturn had activated an extremely adverse square between Venus, Uranus and the Moon. One does not have to be a rocket scientist in astrology to see that. However, why this particular thing happened few would have been able to fathom.
After they openly admitted to their relationship the introduction to parents was in order. Everything seemed perfect: lunch together, fun, laughter and everything usually following such atmosphere. Suddenly, one topic put a stop to these cheerful feelings. What happened?




When they touched the subject of family origin and roots, it turned out that their two families were distant relatives. In other words, their ancestors were related. At first, they could not believe their ears and they went on with this discussion deep into the night hoping that some proper conclusion would be reached. Unfortunately, that turned out to be true. He and she were distant relatives. Whatever the kinship was, marriage was out of the question. A hush fell. For this girl and her boyfriend this was a heavy shock. Both families demanded that this relationship ends. The two of them didnít know what to say. They wondered how distant their kinship was, but the answer didn't matter. What mattered was that however distant, they were still cousins. This ended their love. What a twist of fate! Everything turned into dust in just one moment. Their life became deprived of any sense. Both fell into despair and depression. Their whole world fell apart.


When I talked with this girl about her sad story she told me that this kinship was almost insignificant. Apparently, however, it was not possible. From then on, they met each other in secret but I will end my story at this point.

Answer to this enigma can be found in her Venus in Cancer. I havenít seen anything like it in my astrological practice: love (Venus) with someone from the family (Cancer). Who would have thought of that?


The Moon (family) as a dispositor of Venus is in the exact square with the same Venus (love). Attacking this combination, Uranus made quite an unexpected turn. However, this is not a coincidence. As I said, at the time Saturn was going through her Venus and took her karmic toll. We will not discuss here what kind of karmic debt she owed. Let us leave it at that, for the time being. But all of you with Venus in Cancer, be ware when starting a relationship! It may happen that this person is your distant relative! (Naturally, this is just a joke.)


Such cases are extremely rare. However, they are the proof that the astrological symbolic is truly limitless and keeps surprising us even after many years of astrological work.



Author: Predrag Petković


© 2002-2003  Nikola Stojanovic