Arundhati Roy – rectification

Nenad Pavlovski



It was more than a decade ago when the first and, unfortunately ( for the readers) the only novel of Indian author Arundhati Roy, The God of Small Things was published. The  story made a great impact on the literary circle and the novel was launched to the very top of best selling books, winning the prestigious Booker Prize in 1997. Namely, the novel is permeated with the political and religious themes and full of play of words and the finest threads of human (un)consciousness.


Suzanna Arundhati Roy was born on 24.11.1961. in Shillong, India. However, the time of her birth is unknown.


When searching for her accurate time of birth, the most rewarding thing to do is to start from the position of Ascendant which speaks about our personality, looks, first choice (that is, response) and, at the same time, about how we pose when being photographed. In the case of Arhundati Roy, it is important to note the position of Mercury and Venus i.e. the sign of Gemini and Libra, on the one hand, and the 3rd and 7th house, on the other. Namely, in addition to being a writer (Mercury, Gemini), Ms. Roy is also active in politics (Venus, Libra).


The most published photograph in the media and the one which can be seen on the book cover is black and white, from which we can conclude that Roy Ascendant (photograph) is in Scorpio (black and white constellation). On 24 November 1961, the planetary stellium was in Scorpio, which included Mercury (to write) and Venus (politics).


A New York magazine named Roy one of the most beautiful women in the world, which is indicated by the placement of Venus (beauty) at the Ascendant (looks). Despite the fact that Venus is placed in Scorpio (in the sign of its fall), it makes conjunction with Neptune, thus emphasizing its influence even more so. Namely, Neptune  enormously empowers the influence of Venus (beauty)! Venus symbolises the circle as well as any other curved line and thus, it can produce curly hair (Venus). Roy also has pouting lips which look as if they were drawn by pencil, which again indicates to the position of Venus (lips) at the Ascendant (looks) on the 15th degree (degree of Gemini – pencil) of Scorpio. Venus (lips) conjunction Mercury (pencil) at the Ascendant (looks) certainly confirms the aforesaid.


The said position will even help us describe the way in which Roy posed for a particular photograph. Namely, she is holding her book (Mercury) in her hands (Mercury), to be more accurate, she is embracing (Venus) her book (degree of Gemini).


After defining the sign in which Ascendant is placed, the degree of Ascendant itself needs to be determined. Ascendant is at the 16th degree (degree of Cancer) of Scorpio. Why? Roy was initially focused on architecture, which is shown by the position of Ascendant (our first choice) at the degree of Cancer (architecture). Every planet found in the 1st house speaks of our further choice, but if there is more than one planet in the 1st house, the planetary order is important. The first planet  in Roy’s 1st house is Mercury, which subsequently directed her (1st house) to writing (Mercury). Mercury is at the 19th degree (degree of Libra) of Scorpio and therefore, Roy writes (Mercury) political (degree of Libra) essays (Mercury).


If we take some time to look at her photographs, we can notice that Roy has a beauty spot on the right side of her face, which  also speaks of the position of Ascendant (looks) at the 16th degree (degree of Cancer) of Scorpio (moles). Namely, the Moon, lord of the Cancer, represents the right side of the body in a women’s horoscope while the Sun represents the left side. In a man’s horoscope, it is the other way round...


Thus, Suzanna Arundhati Roy was born on 24.11.1961 at 04:40

(91E53, 25N34) INT -05:30.


Roy studied architecture, which is confirmed by the position of her 9th house (studies) at the 16th degree (degree of Cancer) of Cancer (architecture). In addition, as mentioned, the position of Ascendant at the 16th degree (degree of Cancer) of Scorpio also directed her (Ascendant) to architecture (degree of Cancer).


Her parents are divorced, which is shown by the position of the 4th house (family, parents in general) in Aquarius (divorce). According to the traditional astrology, the 4th house should represent the mother, while the 10th house represents the father. However, since the age of Aquarius is characterised by elimination of division between sexes, the  4th house should be considered as the parent who is more attached to home and plays the role of a less dominant parent, while the 10th house is a parent who is the head of household. Since after the divorce she lived with her mother, her mother is represented by the 10th house as the more dominant and influential parent.


Roy’s 10th house is in Leo while the Sun, the ruler of the 10th house (mother), is at the 1st degree (degree of Aries) of Sagittarius. The combination of fire signs describes Roy’s mother as very brave (Leo),  a fighter (degree of Aries) and a moral (Sagittarius) woman. The Sun is in conjunction with Mars at the 7th degree (degree of Libra) of Sagittarius, and both planets assume the square from Pluto. Namely, Mary Roy  ( the Sun)  is a well-known activist (Mars) for women’s rights (degree of Libra). She (the Sun) fought (Mars) against the Christian law (Sagittarius) on inheritance (Pluto) of women (degree of Libra). Having in mind that Mars symbolises the victory, Roy’s mother won the case!


Leo is also one of the signs connected with education and thus, Roy’s mother (the Sun) founded (degree of Aries) the independent school (the Sun). In addition, she taught her daughter informally, which is supported by the position of the Sun (to be a teacher, to teach), the ruler of the 10th house (mother), in the 1st house (Roy herself).


Roy’s father is symbolised by her 4th house in Aquarius. Uranus, the lord of her 4th house (father) is at the zero degree (overemphasized symbolic) of Virgo, which represents her father as the planter of herbal teas (Virgo).


Top of the sky


The 10th house speaks of the career in the natal chart of every person. The position of the Sun, the ruler of Roy’s 10th house (career) in her 1st house indicates that she (the 1st house) can have the career ( the 10th house) “for the asking”. The Sun, symbolising acting, is in the sign of Sagittarius (film) and thus, Roy (the 1st house) was offered a role (the Sun) in the movie (Sagittarius). In the beginning she had reservations only to subsequently accept the offer, which perfectly reflects the planetary stellium in her 1st house. Since the first planet in her 1st house is Mercury, Roy (1st house) initially had reservations (Mercury). However, Mercury is followed by the Sun and she eventually accepted the role in the movie (the Sun in Sagittarius).


Pluto, the ruler of  Roy’s Ascendant (Roy herself) in the 10th house, indicates that she herself is focused (Ascendant) on career (10th house). In addition, in her 10th house (career) on the very MC, there is a North Node (gains, success), which brings her successful career. Jupiter, dispositor of her Sun and ruler of the 10th house (career) is at the 2nd degree (degree of power) of Aquarius in the 3rd house, confirming that the writing (3rd house) will be the area of her success (2nd degree)!


Writing style


Roy has a very unusual and special style of writing, which is also depicted by the position of Jupiter in Aquarius (unusual, special, different) in the 3rd house (writing style). Namely, the story line of God of Small Things is placed in the moment which can be perceived as present while, almost in every chapter, the writer returns from present to the past. The aforementioned fully corresponds to the position of the 3rd house (book, writing style, narration) at the 16th degree (degree of Cancer – present) of Capricorn (past, returning). In addition, every past action in the novel is followed by one more past action – further retrospect. Thus, a “double” past occurs, which perfectly describes the position of Saturn (past) in Capricorn (past) in the 3rd house (narration)! The mentioned position indicates that Roy likes to repeat (Saturn) particular phrases (3rd house) and words (3rd house) because, as she says herself, it gives her the sense of safety (Capricorn).


In the beginning of the novel (cusp of the 3rd house), there is an inscription dedicated to her mother (degree of Cancer) while the plot (3rd house) is placed in her hometown (degree of Cancer). The novel (3rd house) deals with the life in a patriarchal (Capricorn) community (degree of Cancer) and speaks about the human nature (degree of Cancer), the biggest mystery of our Universe...




The writing style and theme of the novel is also described by Mercury, as the natural ruler of the 3rd house (writing, narration, novel). Mercury is placed at the 19th degree (degree of Libra) of Scorpio and the novel (Mercury) is permeated with subtle (degree of Libra) irony (Scorpio) which shows tendency to turn into sarcasm (Scorpio). Scorpio symbolises sexual drive, which is why sexuality (Scorpio) is considerably explored in the novel.

Mercury conjunction Neptune speaks of two segments comprising human nature which are explored as one of the burning issues in the novel (Mercury) – humaneness and goodness (Neptune), on the one hand, and hatred and brutality (Scorpio), on the other. Mercury is also in conjunction with Venus, which is why one of the main characters in the novel (Mercury) is a woman (Venus) called Ammu.


Pluto, dispositor of Venus, is in conjunction with Uranus, describing Ammu (Venus) as a women free of any prejudices (Uranus), aware of herself (Uranus) and her needs, fighting for her piece of Universe in a patriarchal society and ready to violate  The Law of Love, even though she knows that it will cost her life (Scorpio)...


Life writes books. We read them.  



Author : Nenad Pavlovski


© 2002-2003  Nikola Stojanovic