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Photograph evidencing the correctness of rectification

Pantelic Suzana




It is always with utmost pleasure and curiosity that I read each new text of Nikola Stojanovic. In addition to his interesting style of writing, I am particularly fascinated by gradual introduction of his ideas that, when given a thought, make us identify a variety of examples that we, astrologers, encounter on a daily basis.


What prompted me to write this article is his text that coaxed a smile out of me.  While I was reading it, I constantly had in mind the rectification of my own horoscope. Namely, it is about the text entitled Dan Brown - Rectification.


In this very interesting and practical text, the author clearly explains how to do a birth chart rectification i.e. make adjustments until you reach the correct time of birth. The part that particularly intrigued me is the one describing the effects of Ascendant and the first house of a horoscope and how this is mirrored by the photographs we pick to present ourselves somewhere (or to someone).


Rectification can be done in a lot of different ways, however the meaning of the FIRST house and the part of Ascendant are definitively crucial for putting together all the pieces of the PICTURE of a particular person.

If you are an astrologer, it is not easy to rectify your own horoscope for it requires additional effort to get a realistic glimpse of yourself.


My Official Chart


For a long time I had been analyzing my horoscope with a completely wrong time of birth. Most details of my life fitted in. However, many of them could be described as "possible, but not necessarily ". The difference in the time of birth was more than 50 minutes. When I asked my mother if that was possible she said: "Well... it’s possible!"


The difference in my horoscope is so great that unlike the first option, where the Sun and Jupiter with 3 more planets were in the 12th house, I got completely different horoscope with the Sun and Jupiter in the first house. In these new arrangements, the ruler Venus went to the cusp of the 12th house thus verifying my strong 12th house in a different way than in the first horoscope. A strong influence of this house had interfered with the rectification of my horoscope for years, making me believe that my Sun was there - in the 12 th house. However, there were many details that did not precisely fit into this picture...


Therefore, the official details of my birth are 2 October 1969, 6:20:00 AM (020E30; 44N50, -01:00).



According to this time of birth, the Ascendant is at the 16th degree of Libra and the Sun and Jupiter together with Pluto, Mercury and Uranus are in the 12th house, while the ruler of the Sun and Ascendant, Venus, is in the 11th house in Virgo.


This rectification led me to a conclusion that my EXACT time of birth was 5:32:00 AM!


MY correct birth chart


Now Ascendant is at the 7th degree of Libra with the Sun at the 8th degree and Jupiter at the 14th degree of Libra in the FIRST house. Dispositor of the Sun and Ascendant, Venus, is in Virgo at the cusp of the 12th house.


With these two horoscopes, the catch is that both of them show inclination to the entire symbolic of the 12th house – solitude, exploration, love for astrology, mysticism, bad luck,  night type of person, to act “behind the scenes” - which is why I initially thought I could have been wrong.

The definite proof was this new first house and the way in which it was describing me.


I am an extremely tall person, which was not exactly shown in the first horoscope. In the new one, this is as clear as day. The Sun (me) conjunction Jupiter (high) in the 1st house (my body). At the same time, this is my main physical characteristic when people describe me. It is many times that I have heard „That tall one...". My 1st house is the 4th house of my mother (10th house) and now, Jupiter and the Sun indicate that she (and I) originates from someone of high birth, which is also true!




And further...


I am a passionate cat lover. Cats are Leos, which is now visible in my horoscope, where the Sun ruling Leo is in my 1st house. In addition, now it can be clearly seen that I have a pet which was a present from a friend of mine.


My friend (11th house in Leo) gave me (the ruler of the 11th house in the 1st house) a tom cat (the Sun), of Persian breed and black colour (8th degree – degree of Scorpio – Persia, Moslems, black...). The Sun is in conjunction with Jupiter at the 14th degree (degree of Taurus) - resulting in the fact that the cat is big and fat – and placed in Libra which is why cat is beautiful. He is crazy about me and I often say that he gives me headache - the Sun (cat) in the 1st house (my head). The Sun conjunction Jupiter explains that after that, my friend went to America...


Still, the most convincing example of the correctness of this rectification is the photograph I chose to represent myself on Nikola’s website.


While I was designing my website, one of the main dilemmas was whether to post my photograph or not. My final decision was NO (the ruler of the Ascendant and the Sun - Venus at the cusp of the 12th house – inclination to seclusion). However, later on, I made a compromise and my photograph appeared on Nikola’s website – I did not show myself on my own site but nevertheless did so on his. This is how my contradictory character and vacillation were expressed being the major features of my Ascendant and planets in the first house.


Why did this happen?


My photograph (Ascendant, the 1st house) appeared on the Professor’s (the Sun) website (Jupiter, the ruler of my 3rd house – natural house of Gemini - website). I have a friendly relationship with my Professor Nikola (the Sun-Professor – the ruler of the 11th house) and in every conversation with me he finishes with short sentences: ARE YOU WRITING…? DO WRITE! (the Sun – Professor conjunction Jupiter – the ruler of the 3rd house – writing, speech...). Sometimes I experience this as PRESSURE – planets in the 1st house describe what and who is pressuring us, making us do something. In addition, this conjunction indicates that I picked top (the Sun-Jupiter) Professor for what I wanted to learn.


This same Sun in the 1st house is "responsible" for me going to the extreme of exposing myself by writing the text in which I i.e. my Ascendant is the main topic (Jupiter, the ruler of the 3rd house conjunction Sun in the 1st house at the Ascendant!).


And finally, the photograph...


The photograph I picked for Nikola’s website is the one taken at a celebration – Ascendant (the photograph) in Libra (celebration) at the 7th degree (degree of Libra - wedding) – which is why this celebration was the wedding i.e. wedding reception.


Whose wedding was it? The Sun, the first planet counting from the Ascendant, at the 8th degree (degree of Scorpio – somebody else’s) – somebody else’s wedding – rules my 11th house. This is why it was the wedding of my close friend. And further, the Sun at the 8th degree (Scorpio degree- to be pregnant) also tells us that she was pregnant.


In addition to providing the description of circumstances in which the photo was taken, Ascendant and the 1st house describe how I look in the photograph.


The Sun at the 8th degree conjunction Jupiter at the 14th degree of Libra describes colours. The prevailing colour is black (the Sun at the 8th degree) allowing glimpses of green - the Sun (light) conjunction Jupiter at the 14th degree (degree of Taurus - green).

Therefore, this is the main description of this photograph I chose for Nikola’s website. However, these colours are not visible in the photograph published with my text.


What happened?

I adjusted dimensions by cutting the photograph so that in this new photograph, one can see nothing but my "passport" portrait. The Sun and Jupiter in the 1st house SQUARE Mars at the 6th degree of Capricorn. The 6th degree is the degree of Virgo (to diminish, to lessen), which is why I CUT the photograph (square Mars) to DIMINISH it – the 6th degree.Also, Venus, the ruler of my Ascendent  is in the sign of Virgo (to diminish, to lessen)!

This way, my photograph became a very precise astrological "snapshot" of my 1st house and planets in it. And furthermore, at the time when this was happening, I was still searching for my exact time of birth and the complete aforementioned symbolic was unfolding completely subconsciously.


And in the end, to sum up. Reading Nikola’s text on rectification I checked in practice the “matching” of Ascendant with the photograph that represents us. I checked people’s photographs obtained from the Internet and achieved a fascinating precision. Every FIRST photograph that I got was a precise description of the Ascendant, the ruler of Ascendant and the 1st house of that person. Since these are private photographs it would be neither wise nor decent to publish them as examples without prior permission and so, for the reasons of convenience, I reserved the right to give myself permission for my own photograph!



Author: Pantelic Suzana


© 2002-2005  Nikola Stojanovic