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The twelfth and eighth house are the main stages where our sufferings take place. If in a horoscope one or both of these houses are pronounced, traditional astrology will certainly foresee an unfavorable outcome. However, these houses also have their bright side – the side that offers the way out. Within its symbolic, the same planet brings about injuries at one moment whereas, at the next, it is likely to heal them.


This is a horoscope of a man born on 27/2/1969 at 7.32 AM, (16E06, 45N20), CET, -01:00. He was born under Pisces with the Sun in the 12th house of Aries and ruler Mars in the 8th house. Neptune, the ruler of the Sun (life), is also placed in the 8th house conjunction Mars - the ruler of ascendant. The very first impression is that this person had to be faced with mortal danger.


This person is a disabled war veteran. He was wounded in 1995 and subsequently spent 2 continuous years in hospital having had 10 serious operations and directly facing the danger of dying.

I will show you how this can be seen in his horoscope.

Let us go step by step.


His Sun (life) in Pisces (isolation) is in the 12th house (also isolation), - natural house of Pisces -which clearly shows that this person is bound to be in a long isolation at least once in his life. The Sun is placed at the 8th degree which, according to the theory of Nikola Stojanović, has the entire symbolic of Scorpio (operations, mortal danger) - showing that, due to operation, he will be in isolation for a long time and, while in seclusion, his life will be in danger.


However, this is hardly enough to make a prediction. Let us go further. His 8th house (mortal danger) begins in its natural sign of Scorpio (death) at the 16th degree (somewhere close to home, at home). Here lies the ruler of his ascendant, Mars (army, war, battle), indicating that this person (ascendant – first action, reaction, how we present ourselves) had activated and “entered” his 8th house the very moment he put on a military uniform. Mars (bullet) is at the zero degree of Sagittarius (a hip, thigh-bone) conjunction Neptune (ambush) coming from the 12th house (secret enemy, ambush).


A bullet wounded him and he sustained a bullet wound in both hips (Mars at the zero degree of Sagittarius – hips, thighs) and lower abdomen (Scorpio and the 8th house – genitals, bladder). He was immediately taken to local hospital – the ruler of the 8th house, Pluto (operation), in the 6th house

(treatment, clinic, first aid) – where he had the first urgent operation that saved his life. Pluto (surgeon) SEXTILE Mars (operation) and Neptune (doctor) from the 8th house (operations) tell us that his operation was successful.


Subsequently, he was transferred to a big hospital and isolated for a long time – the cusp of the 6th house (treatment, acute illnesses, clinics) begins in Leo - while the ruler is the Sun at the 8th degree. This tells us that he will remain there for a longer period and that he will have an operation ...


And he has been operated on 10 times...


Sextile aspect between Mars and Pluto, the co-rulers of the 8th house (operations), implies that operations were successful. Pluto (surgeon) in Virgo (healing) is retrograde making a broader conjunction with also retrograde Uranus and Jupiter. Retrograde motion of these planets indicates that these situations (operations) will repeat. Conjunction Pluto/Uranus indicate plastic surgeries (implantation of artificial parts) of urinary ducts and, finally, Uranus (artificial)/Jupiter (hip) result in the implantation of the artificial hip. As luck would have it, all three planets are in sextile with Mars (operation) and Neptune (doctor) from the 8th house (operation again) and thus, he managed to successfully recover from all these operations.

The 6th and 12th house begin at the ominous 18th degree (according to the theory of Nikola Stojanovic this is the degree of evil -denoting very bad events), which is why in the course of his treatment he suffered various complications, infections and crises in which his life was often in danger.


And when did this happen?


In this case, it will be enough to look at the transits.

If we take a look at the transits for 1995, we will see that transiting Pluto slowly covered his 8th house and planets in it while Saturn, slowly moving from the 8th house, was gradually approaching ascendant and the 1st house indicating long suffering, depression and subsequently fateful events. Such horoscope did not stand a chance with the transiting Pluto which brought cruel changes to the life of this man.

And, in the end, how did this man survive?


His ascendant in Aries tells us that he is not the one to give up without a fight – which he personally confirmed. The ruler of ascendant, Mars, trines ascendant and Fortuna ( Part of Fortune). All of this, put together, makes the Big Trine. Mars trine ascendant indicates that this person has stamina. The Sun in the 12th house in almost all cases brings a life saving opportunity when going to doctors’ or hospital.


This horoscope shows how the same symbolic produces different effects in different situations. When the war broke out, this man had a chance to go to a very far off foreign country (the 12th house). However, he gave up the idea at the last moment. He stayed…and put on a uniform…What was it that made him bring such a decision?


This is because his ascendant (first reaction, action, what we do first, our first choice) is in Aries (war), which is why his first choice was to go to war. In addition, his Mars is placed in a very powerful place (in the sign of Sagittarius in the 8th house) that did not let him flee – even though it would have been best for him to decide to go into the symbolic of the 12th house (far abroad, far off foreign countries) and thus replace the energy he was given at his birth. Instead, he "forcefully" ended up in the same symbolic - but in a much more painful way.


This is where we can find the answer to the ever-lasting question – can we influence our fate at all...



Author: Pantelic Suzana


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