My first day at work (cusp of the 6th house)


Somewhere in the middle of my teaching career in the school of astrology (which, at the moment when I am writing this, is still one of my jobs), I started to explain to my students the importance of the cusp of every astrological house. I immediately took the cusp of the 6th house as an example, explained its meaning and asked the students to explain their FIRST DAY AT WORK by interpreting the cusp of their 6th house.

It gave me a great pleasure to listen to them and I congratulated myself for the nth time on my (wise) decision to choose my students only among those gifted for astrology.


Nikola Stojanović

Astrology Professor


Tanja Kljajin

(1. Dec. 1981. 18:31 PM CET-1 19E36 44N58 )



The 6th house represents job in every birth chart. In my chart it begins at the 10th degree of Sagittarius. In my sixth house there is Neptune which rules my tenth house (director was born under the sign of Pisces) square Mars (to build, workmen) in the fourth house in Virgo (workmen). When I started my job, the works were still under way and therefore, the workmen were also present (Mars in Virgo).


My 6th house is ruled by Jupiter in Scorpio which is ruled by Mars in Virgo.


I didn't (square) understand (Neptune) workmen (Mars) anything because they spoke in a foreign (Neptune in Sagittarius- something foreign, non-understandable–Sagittarius-Hungarians) Hungarian language.

My company is located in an old (10th degree has all the symbolic of Sagittarius - old) building. Offices were being refurbished (Jupiter, the ruler of the 6th house in the sign of Scorpio – refurbishments).

The first office I entered was grey (10th degree – degree of Capricorn which means something dark, grey ). Everything was dirty (10 the degree- degree of Capricorn – something dirty) and there was a lot of garbage all around (the ruler of the sixth house, Jupiter, in Scorpio – garbage, Jupiter - plenty).


I could not stand (square) the smell (Mars) of paint and chemicals (Neptune), and when they  started to lay down the parquet floor (Neptune) it became even worse. The parquet had to be laid down because Neptune is placed at the 24th degree which symbolises Pisces – parquet.

On my first day at work, the scandal (Neptune in the sixth house) broke out (square) and the director (Neptune rules my 10th house – director) had an argument ( Mars, square) with the former employee (Mars in Virgo – employee at the 22nd degree – degree of Capricorn –old, past, former).

When I started to work I did not know exactly what my job description was (Neptune in the sixth house at the 24th degree – degree of Pisces).

There was a dog constantly sleeping in the office ( 6th house represents pets, Neptune - sleep, in the 6th house - office).


Nada Simić

(8.Aug. 1979. 5:25 AM CET-1 20E30 44N50 )


The cusp of my 6th house beings at the 25th degree of Capricorn. In this house, there is the Moon in Aquarius. The ruler of the 6th house, Saturn, went to the 1st house, which means that the job (6th house) „found“ me (Ascendant, 1st house) through an old family friend. Namely, the co-ruler of the 6th house, Uranus (a friend), went to the 4th house (home) and is placed in sextile with Saturn (old, someone older).


The cusp of my 6th house is at the 25th degree (degree of Aries), which speaks that I worked on the production (degree of Aries – production) of dioptric glasses (Sun opposition Moon – both planets rule eye-sight, glass). Opposition (adverse aspect) of two LIGHTS –  the Moon and the Sun speaks that the production takes place due to a problem (6th and 12th house are the houses of health) with eyesight.


It was my first job and on my first day at work I was in a genuine Saturnian environment.


Too serious for my age, dressed in black, not accepted from the start and indifferent about it (Saturn in the 1st house), I found myself in a big dirt..... And only after I had stained my clothes all over (Saturn), I was given the white coat to wear as uniform (Saturn in the 1st house in Virgo – working coat, uniform)...

Oh yes, in addition I broke out in a rash (Saturn in Virgo)!


This planet really ruled the day! At the time when I was supposed to go home I was informed that I had to stay MORE (Capricorn, Saturn – prolongation) without any break or paid overtime. Saturn is placed near the cusp of my 2nd house – no money, in the sign of Virgo – for ADDITIONAL (Saturn) work. And do you know what day it was when I started working? Well, Saturday (Satur(n)DAY)!


However, as I was the only optician (Sun opposition Moon) and had skills, I found it easy to get around to work and I was allocated to all workplaces until I finally got the right job, in accordance with my sign - quality (Leo) control (Leo) of dioptric glasses (Sun opposition Moon).

Milica Dilparić

(2.Oct. 1984. 4:44 AM CET-1 20E30 44N50)


This is how I got my job and how I spent my first day at work.


The cusp of my sixth house (house describing our workplace) begins at the second degree of Pisces – I work in a bank (second degree has all the symbolic of the second sign of Taurus which, among other things, symbolises banks).


I e-mailed my CV ( the ruler of my sixth house, Neptune, is in conjunction with Mars which rules my 3rd house –e-mail)

To my surprise, I got the job on a religious holiday – St. Petka (my sixth house is in Pisces – miracle, religious holiday).

Should I mention that it was Friday ?! Venus ruling FRIDAY is exalted in Pisces.


I did not know (Neptune rules the 6th house ) that they invited me to a job interview. It was only in the evening (Neptune - night) when I learned about this and called my sister (Neptune, the ruler of the 6th house – job conjunction Mars ruling my 3rd house– SISTER, at the 27th degree – degree of Gemini - sister), who answered the phone (Mars at the 27th degree - Gemini) and was the only one at home (Mars, Neptune in the 4th house – home) when they called from the bank.

All the time I was afraid that I would be late and I literally got up before dawn and started to prepare myself and, naturally, got to the interview much earlier (Neptune – fear, night, before dawn).


Naturally, I did not know which job I was supposed to do the interview for, because my sister had forgotten (Neptune-mistake, forget – conjunction Mars, the ruler of the third house at the 27th degree - sister ) to tell me and thus, it was no wonder that I did not know that.


When the interview started, the director was in a very good mood and seemed as a person who was very good at selling bank services.

Director ( Sun in Libra ) made the impression of a very cheerful and charming person . The Sun is in conjunction with Mercury at the second degree of Libra and thus, my director presented himself as a top – second degree – salesperson – Mercury. He also made me wish to show him my positive experience that in sales. In my horoscope, Mercury and Sun are placed in the first house which shows how we present ourselves to other people .


I presented myself (Ascendant, the first house) as communicative (Mercury), hard-working (Ascendant Virgo), ambitious (Mercury coming from the 10th house, the Sun in the 1st house), team player (Libra), successful salesperson (Mercury conjunction Sun)...


In addition, the ruler of my tenth house – to be a director, a career - is Mercury going to my first house – and thus, I found it easy to imitate my director and present myself as a highly skilled person ( 2nd degree) which should get that job.


The crucial question which made him decide to give me this job was if I could communicate well with the country people!? And here, Mercury at the second degree ( degree of Taurus – country) showed its influence. In a word (Mercury), I succeeded in convincing him that I find it easy to communicate with country people of a lower educational background (2nd degree).

This certainly had to be one of the first and most important questions because Mercury is placed in the first house conjunction the Sun (a very important thing).


They told me to come to work on Monday. Neptune, the ruler of the 6th house is at the 28th degree of Cancer, and this degree has the symbolic of Cancer ( Moon, day - Monday).

I started to work in the Call Centre and the bank I work for was founded in Vienna.


And guess which floor is the Call Centre on? In the loft, near the church of St. Mark. Naturally, the loft and church are symbolised by Pisces and their lord Neptune. Until recently, the street where my job is was named after the Russian general - General Ždan St. This is explained by Mars in Sagittarius conjunction Neptune – the ruler of my sixth house. Mars in Sagittarius is a general, in conjunction with Neptune (Russia) it produces a Russian general and the street had to have such name because Mars is placed at the 27th degree (degree of Gemini) which, among other things, symbolises both streets and names …


I really thought that on my first day at work I would stay an hour or two instead of immediately start working. I made a mistake and did not even bring some food for that day.

I was wrong because Pisces (ruled by Neptune) signify a mistake. I forgot ( Neptune – to forget) to bring some food and I did not eat the whole day, which again can be seen from the cusp of the 6th house at the second degree which has the symbolic of Taurus -  food.


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