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Ana Micovic


I received a postcard from Greece from the place called OURANOUPOLI where one of my former students Ana Mićović spent her summer holiday. It will be interesting to peep at the correspondence between astrology lovers. In the text, I highlighted the words connected with the symbolic of her 5th house (place where we have our holiday) in Aquarius...


Nikola Stojanović



" Dear Uranus,

Greetings from Uranopolis ( Urano-sky, polis-city) - Ana Mićović.

This is where a girl with her 5th house in Aquarius spends her holiday. Uranopolis is slightly more modern than neighboring Greek towns. Many buildings are painted white with blue windows and blue roofs.


For the time being, it doesn't have anything to do with astrology...It is preceded by a mountainous area (Capricorn) and succeeded by the sea and the Holy Mountain (Pisces). My 5th house largely covers Pisces as well.

The Company I have here is great. Unfortunately, due to the ruler of the 5th house (holiday) Uranus in the 2nd house, I spent all my money very soon (on food, 5 pairs of trousers, 2 jackets and 6 blouses imagine that!). I bought clothes in a foreign country, at the seaside, because my 6th house is in Pisces and Neptune is in Sagittarius.


Mars in Gemini in the 9th house at the 24th degree (degree of Pisces-sea) is working round the clock! At least 5-6 times a day men (Mars) approach me in the street (Gemini) offering me their telephone number (Gemini).

They tell me that they will come to Belgrade, they will take me to America as a translator (Gemini on the cusp of my 9th house), that they will take me on vacation (the 24th degree!). In a bus, I got into a row with two Check ladies (Mars in Gemini conflict, two) for they wouldn't keep silent while the tourist guide was talking.


In the yearly horoscope, my Jupiter (foreigner) is in Libra (marriage) at the 9th degree together with 3 planets in the 7th house..... a Greek guy has already asked me to marry him and come to live in Greece.


Let's see what happens. For the time being, I refused all marriage proposals! In my Solar Return Chart, my ascendant is Capricorn (to say NO!)


Ana "


2002-2005  Nikola Stojanovic