Famous European Football Clubs

Dusan Manojlov



There are hardly any people who have never heard of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Milan, Inter, Bayern, Ajax. These are the best known European football teams which, in their history, won almost every trophy there is and, among their players, had the finest masters of this game.
My interest as an astrologer was focused on the horoscopes of these clubs, which I analysed to see if their birth charts have something in common. Luckily, the official websites of these clubs contain the dates of their foundation, which made my work half done. The other part of my work included identification of the exact date of birth of all these clubs. To say that I was surprised having glanced through all these birth charts would be an understatement, despite that fact that everything I saw was logical and to be expected. Namely, all the horoscopes of these clubs contain the same constellation – the Sun conjunction Mars. This is not surprising having in mind that these are famous (the Sun-glory, success) football (Mars – sport, football) clubs in which the internationally celebrated, top (Sun) sportsmen (Mars) played.


Before giving the analysis of these clubs’ birth charts, I feel obliged to tell you something about the logic I applied in the identification of (nearly) the exact time of their foundation.


Namely, it is realistic to assume that these clubs were founded during the day, at noon or early in the noon, because it is logical that someone makes the decision (Sun) to establish (Sun-to establish, to give life) a successful club in the period of the day when Sun is high up in the sky. All the mentioned clubs are highly successful, which is the result of the Sun placed in the 9th and 10th house.


Naturally, ever present Sun conjunction Mars will have to be in the vicinity of the zenith (success) of these horoscopes since these are the most celebrated clubs in Europe.


Many will agree that the greatest club in the world is Real from Madrid, "born" on 6/3/1902. at 14:24:44 hours, with Sun and Mars in Pisces and ASC Leo. This Ascendant makes it natural that many see (ASC) this club as the greatest, elite and regal (Leo).

This is also supported by MC (reputation, fame) in Aries (leading sports club) at the degree of Leo (top, regal quality). Rulers of ASC and MC, Sun and Mars in the 9th house (far off lands, foreign countries) show why the image ( ASC) and results (MC) of this club are well-known and recognized all over the world (the 9th house). Real maintains the record in trophies won at the international championships (9-time European champion), which is again shown by the position of the Sun (success) in the 9th house (records, trophies, international) conjunction Mars(competition)


Placidus Houses


FC Real Madrid



Mars in the horoscope of a club speaks about sportsmen i.e. football players of this club. As for the Real, we see that they have always had the best players (Sun), who were also the most creative and imaginative ( Mars in Pisces). They mostly come from foreign countries (9th house) and were the ones who contributed to the greatest successes. As early as 1950s of the last century, when Real achieved its greatest successes winning European Cup five times in a row, it had great foreign players (which, at the time, was not very common in the world of football) such as Argentinean Alfredo Di Stefano and Hungarian Ferenz Pushkash. Favourable aspect (sextile) of Mars and Saturn tells us that players joining Real take their participation in this club as their big responsibility and obligation ( Saturn) and almost always express their wish to remain there as long as they can (Saturn) i.e. they want to finish their career in this club. Mars square Uranus ruling the 7th house (rivals) indicates that Real often fights ( square – fight, conflict) with rival clubs for talented ( Uranus) foreign ( Uranus in Sagittarius at the 21st degree – degree of Sagittarius) players (Mars) usually winning in these duels ( Mars conjunction Sun) - just

Placidus Houses


 remember the Portuguese Louis Figo whom Real took over from its toughest rival Barcelona.


The biggest Real rival and the club that in Spain comes second by the number of trophies won is Barcelona born on 29/11/1899 at 11:58.47 h with Sun in Sagittarius and ASC in Aquarius. Highly pronounced sign of Sagittarius ( conjunction of Sun, Mars and Uranus and conjunction of Venus, Mercury and Saturn) shows why Barcelona is internationally famous and recognized ( Sagittarius ) and why a large number of foreign players (Mars) as well as coaches ( Sun) played for this club and managed it. It is only natural that ASC is in Aquarius for Barcelona has always been perceived ( ASC) as an autonomous (Aquarius) province of Spain - always independent ( Aquarius) Catalonia. On the other hand, the biggest rival (7th house) of Barca comes from the capital ( Leo ) of Spain. This is already mentioned regal ( Leo ) club Real. With the cusp of the 10th house in Sagittarius and ruler of this house, Jupiter in the 9th house, we see that Barca is inclined toward success in the international championships. However, in the most important one, Europe Cup, they won only one time in1992. The reason for this is Jupiter which, as the ruler of 10th house ( glory, success) in Sagittarius is placed in a rather unfavourable Scorpio, not aspected with other planets. Therefore, Barca wins Europe only once in 1992 and in 1993 the Cup ceases to exist and Champions League is created. How can this be seen in the horoscope of Barcelona? In the 10th house we see the conjunction of Sun, Uranus and Mars. Uranus is placed at the 1st degree behind the Sun and thus, a year ( 1 degree-1 year) after Barca’s international (Sagittarius) success (10th house, Sun), there is a change (Uranus) in the system (Sun) of competition ( Mars).
Among other things, Barcelona is also famous for its beautiful stadium Camp Nou. The house telling us about a stadium of a club is the 4th house which, in the horoscope of Barca, begins in Gemini. The ruler Mercury placed in Sagittarius is at the 21st degree (Sagittarius – large, huge) conjunction Venus (beauty). In addition, the cusp of the 4th house begins at the degree of Sagittarius which again explains why Barca has such a big stadium ( 120.000 seats) becoming a tourist (Sagittarius) attraction from the very opening.


As for the German clubs, the biggest and the most successful one is Munich Bayern, founded in 27/2/1900 at 11:50:17 h. Sun and Mars transited Pisces and ASC descended to the 29th degree of Gemini. With Sun, Mars and ruler of ASC, Mercury, at the 10th house (success, glory), and the cusp of ASC at the degree of Leo (29-Leo- power, dominance), it is clear why this is the most successful and most dominant German club. The ruler of the 10th house, Uranus, is in Sagittarius conjunction Jupiter showing the inclination to international success. Due to the position of Mercury in the 10th house, Bayern has always been famous for its smart and rational trading ( Mercury) on the football market. Namely, they created champion teams for, so to speak, petty cash ( Mercury ). Another interesting thing about Bayern is that they had the best domestic players in their team. This is shown by the position of Mars ( players ) at the degree of Cancer (28-Cancer- of domestic origin) conjunction Sun ( the best, top quality) in the 10th house.


FC Bayern


To remind, the top players such as Beckenbauer, Gerd Muller, Mateus, Klinsmann, Rummenigge and many others played in Bayern. In addition, Mars conjunction Sun in the 10th house tells us that many players ( Mars ) of Bayern, after their football career, will take the leading positions ( Sun, the 10th house) in the club. Hence, Beckenbauer, Henes and Rummenigge manage Bayern today. The cusp of the 10th house in Aquarius ( gambling, hazard) and the ruler Uranus conjunction Jupiter (luck, winning ) tell us that they will reach success by being lucky in gambling i.e. in penalty kicks. This is how they won their last title of Europe Champion.



The most successful Dutch club, Ajax, was born on 18/3/1900 at 12:50:00 in Amsterdam. Like Real, Ajax was born with Sun and Mars in Pisces in the 9th house and ASC in Leo and thus, it is no wonder that they are a giant of European football. The club was founded by the brothers Han and Johan Dade, which makes it clear why the Sun ( founder) is placed at the degree of Gemini (27-Gemini- brothers ).The rulers of ASC and MC, Mars and Sun, here show the tendency to international success ( 4-time Europe champions) and international popularity. What singles out Ajax from the rest of these football giants is their school of football for youth - one of the highly acclaimed and best youth schools in Europe that produced football’s greats such as Cruyff, Rijkaard,Van Basten etc. Mercury (school, youth) is placed in the 10th house (appreciation, recognition) in Aries ( sport, football ). Mercury trine Jupiter speaks about great knowledge ( Jupiter) and skills they have in work with young football players and the fact that they are highly acclaimed in the world ( Jupiter ). The position of the Sun additionally proves this (quality, skill) at the degree of Gemini (youth school).


In Italy, the club that won most trophies is Juventus from Torino, founded on 1/11/1897 at 11:49:20.The Sun, Mars and Mercury found themselves in the constellation of Scorpio while ASC descended to the sign of Capricorn. In this case, the sun sign even influenced the club colours, having in mind a well-known Scorpio characteristic to see things black and white. On the other hand, ASC in Capricorn at the degree of Cancer (4-Cancer) is certainly responsible for this old ( Capricorn ) lady from Torino ( Cancer-elderly woman, lady). Crowded 10th house speaks about popularity and success while style of their game is based on a strong and disciplined defence (Capricorn). The Sun, Mars and Mercury in the 10th house, similarly to Bayern, show great skill (Sun) in trade (Mercury) on the football (Mars) market (Mercury). Namely, it is not commonly heard that they gave vast amounts of money for new footballers and yet, they are always competing for trophies. The name of Juventus is connected to a tragic (Scorpio) event which is clearly shown in their horoscope. In 1985, during the final game of the Champion Cup plaid between Juventus and Liverpool, violence broke out among fans and 39 Juventus supporters lost their lives. The house telling us about fans is the 5th house which, in this case, begins on the fixed star Algol ( massive death) while Pluto is in the 7th house ( death ).


Another giant of Italian football is Milan, founded on 16/12/1899 at 13:14:10 in Milan.
Stellium of planets in Sagittarius, ruler of ASC and MC in Sagittarius in the 9th house speak about a big fame and reputation the club enjoys in the world as well as great international successes ( 6 times Europe champions). Mars exalted in Capricorn, Saturn conjunction Sun and 10th house in Capricorn show that they reach success ( Sun ) by a strong, granite defence (Saturn ) made of experienced (Saturn) players. It also shows that these players are kept in the club for a long time (Saturn). Let me remind you that a living legend, defensive player Paolo Maldini played for Milan his entire career. Similar situation was with Costacurta and, before both of them, with Barezi or Desai. The cusp of the 10th house in Capricorn and Sun conjunction Saturn tell us that they have presidents who have managed this club for a long time. The cusp of the 10th house at the degree of Libra (7 degree-Libra- politics) tell us that some of them will go into politics. Silvio Berlusconi, who was the President of Milan for many years, is also Italian Prime Minister.


Placidus Houses


FC Milan



Another great club comes from Milan. This is Inter, founded on 9/3/1908 at 12:47:00. It is interesting to note that Inter and Milan were one club in the beginning. However, on the above date, part of club leadership decided to found their own club. In the horoscopes of both these clubs we see the Moon in Gemini affliction Sun, which means that there will be division ( Gemini – to divide) among people ( Moon) among the leadership (Sun) of the club. Thus, two (Gemini) clubs are created from one. Inter is the only one from the above clubs not having in its horoscope Sun conjunction Mars but only the sextile. The Sun in the 9th house, very close to MC, tells us that in its existence it will achieve significant (Sun) results at international (9 house) competitions. This success came in the 1960s when they became Europe champions two times in a row. They reached this success by using a new defence system called catanacio. This is the result of the constellation Sun sextile Uranus in Capricorn and thus, they reach success ( Sun) by inventing (Uranus) new type of defence (Capricorn). However, despite allocating large sums of money (Jupiter in the 2nd house) for reinforcement of their team, Inter has not won any significant trophies lately. This is what brought them the reputation of a cursed, jinxed club. This is due to the influence of Saturn (bad luck, curse) in the 10th house (reputation). The cusp of this house starts at the 22nd degree (degree of Capricorn). The reason for Inter’s inferiority to Milan and Juventus lies in the position of Mars in their horoscopes. Unlike Juventus, with Mars in its seat (Scorpio) and Milan with Mars exalted (Capricorn), Inter’s Mars is in decline in Taurus and thus, players who come to Inter underachieve, despite the fact that they are well paid (Taurus).


To my great disappointment, the data on the foundation of great British clubs were impossible to find. It would be interesting to look at these birth charts and see what they contain. It is likely that they will have the unavoidable Sun (success) conjunction Mars (sport).



Author: Dusan Manojlov

© 2002-2005  Nikola Stojanovic