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My Mars and me…

Larisa Marjanovic


My natal Mars is ruled by Venus (it also rules ascendant) from the 3rd house (symbolic of Gemini – to write). This is why I (Venus) write (3rd house) about him…


Mars is a planet of action, fighting spirit, strength, humor, courage, energy – a typical male planet. In a woman’s horoscope, it always describes a physically ideal man. More importantly, by the position of Mars in a woman’s horoscope you can see where to seek courtship, comments paid to you i.e. men. And if a woman is fortunate enough to have favorable aspects – she may call herself lucky …





My Mars brought me the following story:


My Mars is in the 7th house at the 0 degree of Taurus. It is additionally retrograde and rules my 7th house (marriage, first husband, appearance of the first husband).


My first husband (we were not married but we lived together – in astrology this is the same) is a typical example of Mars... Strong, muscle-bound, sporting type, hard working, always in action, incredibly funny, big (Taurus) but rather belligerent and even quarrelsome. He was obsessed with money (Taurus). When I moved in with him (7th house) he started to work out (Mars, the cusp of the 7th house in Aries). He constantly made me laugh (Mars, Aries, humor). However, unfortunately, we were often falling out (Mars again), and always in the kitchen (Taurus). 


Mars is retrograde, which is why we met each other twice (retrograde). First time was when he made a comment (Mars) while I was walking my dog (Mars rules my 6th house - pets) And the second time we were officially introduced (Mars also rules the 7th house) in culture (7th house bears all the symbolic of Libra – culture, art) and singing (Mars in Taurus –throat, singing) club by my boyfriend at the time (again Mars – boyfriend). Naturally, he (my Mars) also was a singer, and a great one too (Venus rules Taurus – singing, music). 


We split after 3 years (cusp of the 7th house – first marriage- opposition Uranus- divorce, break-up – 3rd degree orbis =3 years) when I finally (Uranus in the 1st house conjunction ascendant - I) could not take it any more…


That was when  problems started...

Men mostly made their move on me while I was still married (men - Mars in the 7th house-marriage). Just fine. Ever since I have been single married men have been paying attentions to me (again Mars – men in the 7th house - marriage). That is even a better one. I preferred the first option.


These were mostly my colleagues at work or this happened to me at work (Mars rules my 6th house). They were much older than me  (Mars sextile Saturn – older) and  incredibly persistent (again sextile with Saturn), often exaggerated (Mars square Jupiter), their moral values (Jupiter) were not their strong point (square Mars), and I was irritated by it and it often hurt my feelings (Mars opposition Uranus and the Sun from my first house - me, my first reaction).  

The ruler of Mars is Venus at the 20th degree of Sagittarius. It is placed in the third house, which is why they kept sending me sexy (20th degree has the symbolic of Scorpio – sex) SMS messages (3rd house has all the symbolic of Gemini – writing, communication, telephones, SMS) mentioning my lips (Mars- men – is in Taurus – lips, which is still better than the prospects of being attracted by my money – also Taurus). Or they kept sending me kisses (again Taurus -kisses) in all foreign languages (ruler of Mars is Venus in Sagittarius – foreign country, foreign, in the 3rd house - languages).

This year, this has reached its culmination because, by my Solar Horoscope, Mars (a man, men) is in the 6th house (job) at the 20th degree (degree of Scorpio, sex) of Libra   (married), which is at the very natal ascendant (21st degree of Libra). I've had it up to my head (Ascendant). 



Did something in particular happen?


Ruler of my ascendant (Libra) is Venus while the ruler of the solar ascendant (Taurus) is also Venus. In this solar year, Venus (I) is placed at the 6th house (job) in Virgo (job again) – which was the only thing I was interested in the whole year.



The cusp of my solar 5th house (relationships) begins at the 12th degree (degree of Pisces – not to have, what we lack, miss) of Leo (love). There are no planets in it (again NOT TO HAVE) while the ruler, Sun, is in conjunction with the South Node (to loose, not to have) opposition Moon (discordant emotions) square Saturn (problems, troubles) square Neptune (deception, delusion, lie, deceit).


To cut the story short, the only thing I enjoyed was the process of revealing astrology. Astrology (Uranus) has, in fact, been my only (the only one good aspect) love this year (ruler of solar 5th house - love- Sun trine Uranus). In addition, Uranus is placed at the most powerful 2nd degree in the 11th house of the solar horoscope (house naturally ruled by Uranus), which is why I like to say that astrology saved me from love troubles. Or, better to say, this year Uranus (astrology) has beaten Mars (a man).


As every Venus is searching for her Mars, I am looking forward to the new solar year since Uranus has in store for me a completely different story.

As for me, I believe in it, of course!


Written by:
Larisa Marjanovic


© 2002-2005  Nikola Stojanovic