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Larisa Marjanovic


I was born on 28 10 1973 in Moscow at 06:10 AM under the sign of Scorpio, Ascendant Libra. Ruler of my Ascendant, Venus, is in my 3rd house and thus, it is not surprising why, in the course of my astrological studies, I got particularly interested in the symbolic of the 3rd house.

The 3rd house, with all the symbolic of Gemini tells us, among other things, about our name i.e. nickname.


My third house begins in Sagittarius the ruler of which, Jupiter, is placed at the 3rd degree of Aquarius in the 4th house. My name is international (Sagittarius, Jupiter) and not common (Aquarius) in this region. It is a name (3rd degree) of a town (4th degree conveys the symbolic of Cancer, place where people live – Cancer – town). Venus is in the 3rd house and thus, everyone says that I have a pretty (Venus) name. My name is Larisa, just like the town in Greece.


My brother is represented in my third house, his name can be found in the third house counting from the third house i.e. my 5th house. The fifth house begins in Pisces and the ruler Neptune is placed at the 5th degree of Sagittarius. The name is Russian (Pisces, Neptune-Russia), and international at the same time (Neptune is in Sagittarius). The fifth degree conveys the symbolic of Leo – power, ruler, to rule. My brother’s name is Vladimir, Vlada (government).


My first (astrological) husband is represented by my seventh house while his name is conveyed in my ninth house (third counting from the seventh house). The ruler of my 9th house is Mercury conjunction Moon (indicates a national name). In the 9th house there is Saturn conjunction South Node in Cancer. Saturn and South Node indicate something old, even ancient. Placed in Cancer, they again indicate a national, domestic name. Saturn is placed in the 4th house of Cancer as retrograde (retrograde planets have characteristics of the degree they come from i.e. the 5th degree), and hence it makes its influence from the 5th degree (degree of Leo- ruler, king). Therefore, it is a name of the old (Saturn, South Node) Serbian (Saturn in Cancer) king (Saturn’s influence from the 5th degree of Leo- king, ruler). Since the 9th house starts at the 19th degree (degree of Libra, something dear, nice and cuddly), his name is Milutin (the dear one).

Placidus Houses


Larisa Marjanovic


The 10th house counting from the 7th one i.e. my 4th house represents the father of my first husband. My 6th house speaks about his name (as the 3rd house counting from the 4th). The 6th house starts at the 1st degree of Aries and thus, it is a double symbolic of Aries – to wage war, a warrior, a war. The ruler of the 6th house, Mars, is placed in the 7th house (conveying the full symbolic of Libra - peace) in its descent in Taurus. His name is Ratomir (war and peace).


The 6th house in every birth chart speaks, among other things, about pets. It represents the first pet and every subsequent pet needs to be looked for in the 8th house, 10th house, 12th house, etc. house. My second dog (my 8th house) was named (my 10th house) after the front man of Irish band U2, Bono Vox. How does it show? My 10th house begins at the 29th degree (degree of Leo, leader) in Cancer (ruled by Moon- group of people), while the ruler of this house, Moon, is placed in my 2nd house (symbolic of Taurus – throat, voice, singing). Moon conjunction Neptune is in Sagittarius and thus, it is a country (the 5th degree – Leo, country) on a foreign (Sagittarius) island (Neptune).


My fourth dog (my 12th house) was given to me as a present (12th house in Libra, ruler Venus - present). Pluto at the 5th degree speaks about this dog being very beautiful and, at the same time, the 5th degree (again the degree of Leo – golden, gold) discovers that this is a golden retriever. My second house indicates dog’s name. In my 2nd house, there are Mercury (coffee), Moon (milk) and Neptune (again liquid, drink). Neptune is in Sagittarius and thus, this is a foreign, international (Sagittarius) drink (Neptune). The dog’s name is Macchiatto. For those not informed, this is a brand of coffee with milk!


I am particularly interested in my second husband’s name since I still don’t know who he is, I’m only guessing. In astrological terms, he is represented by my 9th house while his name i.e. nickname is shown in my 11th house. This house is empty and thus I look for the ruler of the 11th house which starts in the sign of Virgo. Ruler of this house, Mercury, is placed in my 2nd house conjunction Moon. This may mean that his name is common and usual (conjunction with Moon - massive).


My second assumption is as follows: since the Moon at the 27th degree (degree of Gemini again indicates the name i.e. two names – Gemini-dual), his name could be comprised of two (27th degree, twin-like) women’s (Moon) names.


Then I looked, again using the method of derived houses, at the name of his mother. She is represented by my 12th house (fourth counting from ninth), while her name is represented in my 2nd house (third counting from the twelfth). In my 2nd house, there are Mercury, Moon and Neptune. If I connect the meanings of these planets – Mercury (name) with Moon (mother), I get the name of my mother. However, Neptune is placed at the 5th degree of Sagittarius – Neptune – faith in God, God; Sagittarius – religion; the 5th degree-degree of Leo, birthday, festivity – all together produce CHRISTIANING.


This means CHRISTIAN NAME of my mother. And really, my mother’s Christian name is international (Neptune in Sagittarius) and, to make it more interesting, it indicates “light”(Neptune is at the 5th degree – degree of Leo, Sun-light).


What prevents me from writing the name I’m talking about is the fact that I really do know a man whose name is comprised of two women’s names! His mother has the same Christian name as my mother. And I still cannot believe that he is my husband to be!


Author: Larisa Marjanovic


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