My Fourth House

Dragana Kosutarac


For years I have been studying astrology as well as „my own horoscope” as an amateur. Since I have not had the adequate astrological knowledge as I do now, when I am writing this text, I often wondered: “Does my horoscope work?”


This question has been haunting me for a long time. Somewhere deep inside I knew that it worked, but I did not know how to interpret it properly. Owing to Professor Nikola Stojanović and his lectures, I realised the simplicity of connections and synthesis of all astrological elements, i.e., how to understand the way a horoscope works.

I shall start from my Ascendant which, according to my official time of birth (12.Oct. 1970. Belgrade, 22:00 PM, -1 CET) is at the 18th degree of Cancer. OK, this Ascendant works and I do have a lot of Cancerian characteristics: I am emotional, devoted to my family and everything else that Cancer symbolises. However, I was not clear about the 18th degree. The degree of evil at my Ascendant is not possible for I do not have a single evil bone in my body, nor do people perceive me as such. I do not even attract evil people. Through the rectification of my horoscope we came to the exact time of my birth: 12. Oct.1970. at 21:55, in Belgrade, i.e. the 17th degree (degree of Leo). This is something that works.


And indeed, when people meet me for the first time, they perceive me as a genuine Leo. Not only that I physically resemble to Leo (a very thick hair difficult to handle resembling a lion’s mane and a broad nose characteristic for Leos), but they also see me as a Leo in all other aspects. This was just brief information about my Ascendant.


My fourth house


I find my fourth house very interesting for it houses as many as 5 planets which have largely predestined my family life as well some other aspects.


Rectification shifted my Mars from the 3rd house into the 4th. I have to admit that Mars in the 3rd house has been driving me crazy for years. Mars in the 3rd house (brother, sister, neighbourhood and the like), as the planet of aggression, just did not work in my case. This would even mean that I was surrounded by people symbolised by Mars which, again, was not true. I am not aggressive in communication at all. With Leo at the cusp of the 3rd house I am a bit cheeky and almost always convinced that I am right in discussions, nevertheless I am not quarrelsome.


And thus, my Mars went to the 4th house and I came to some very important conclusions –suddenly my horoscope started to “talk”. At the cusp of the 4th house there is Mars conjunction Pluto, which certainly is not a promising aspect. In addition, there is Mercury conjunction Uranus and Sun – a genuine party of planets in my 4th house.


But first thing’s first. The only aspect with my Sun (life) is in conjunction with Uranus which rules my 8th house (mortal dangers), meaning that my life can be in danger from the symbolic of Uranus (electricity, fall from heights, lightning, a bomb and the like).


On many occasions I was in mortal danger, even from my early childhood (Mercury (childhood) conjunction Uranus – the ruler of the 8th house – (mortal dangers)), but was saved by the very Divine intervention. The first incident happened when I was 2 (according to primary directions, Mercury at the 8th degree and Uranus at the 9th degree  mean less than 2 years of age), when I had an electric shock, was hospitalized for a long time and hardly survived.


The second time the degree of the cusp of the 8th house was activated (6th degree) when I was 6 and fell from the first floor, but managed to stay unharmed. Uranus, although indirectly, exposed me to danger for the third time due to the interference of Mars, which is also in the 4th house. In my birth chart, Mars (burns, injuries) is at the 25th degree (degree of Aries, burns again) of Virgo opposition Moon (the ruler of my Ascendant – my body) at the 21st degree (degree of Sagittarius – a thigh) of Pisces.


I was 9 (Uranus at the 9th degree) when I made tea (Virgo) on the cooker (Mars) in a little pot (Virgo) and burned (Mars) my leg (Moon in Pisces). But why didn’t I burn my foot (Pisces), too? Naturally, because my Moon is at the 21st degree (degree of Sagittarius - thigh) of Pisces (leg) and thus, I only burnt my thigh.


But this was not the end of it. Since Mars is at the 25th degree (degree of Aries) which makes an “empowered Mars “ placed at the degree of Aries, the burn was so severe that I had to have an operation (Mars) i.e. skin transplantation! Guess who was the skin donor - naturally, Mars in the 4th house, my father.


But it did not end at that.

Horoscope indicates that other persons live through our birth chart as well as we do through theirs. I will show this through the story of my father who died relatively young under tragic circumstances. Mars conjunction Pluto at the cusp of the 4th house, as I have said, could not bring any good. This occurred at the time when I started high school, because Pluto rules my 5th house – high school.


Mars in the 4th house describes the police job of my father, which is pronounced by the position of Mars at the 25th degree (degree of Aries). He worked as a crime inspector and was constantly in contact with extremely dangerous people (Mars conjunction Pluto – murderers, criminals, killers, maniacs). Pluto at the 28th degree of Virgo had to bring danger from criminals and murderers who lived in his neighbourhood (28th degree – degree of Cancer –our neighbourhood). This is exactly what happened. He was murdered by a multiple killer whom he had sent to prison 20 years before. This proves that Pluto, when activated, can become extremely dangerous. He was ambushed and killed by the blow in the head at night, while he was going through a park.


How can this be seen in my horoscope? Mars and Pluto are the main actors in opposition with the Moon.


Mars (a blow) at the 25th degree (degree of Aries - head). The injury (opposition) to his body (Moon) smashed his left half of the face (Mars). As we know, in case of men, the Moon rules the left half of their body.  Mars conjunction Pluto symbolises mutilation of the body and thus, the blow was so hard that it poked his left eye out. Naturally, it happened at night because the Moon is in Pisces.


Let us not forget that my 4th house represents the father which is my 11th house i.e. my father’s 8th house where Saturn is at the 21st degree of Taurus. This is why it happened in the park (Taurus).


I would like to note that Saturn is RETROGRADE. Since Saturn also represents a grandfather in my horoscope (rules the 7th house – grandfather) at the 21st degree – retrograde, and retrograde planets influence the degree they come from i.e. the 22nd degree (kill or be killed), it is easy to conclude that my grandfather was killed, as well.


Both my father and grandfather were killed under mysterious circumstances because Saturn is in the opposition to Neptune -   mysterious circumstances.


With Virgo at the cusp of the 4th house and Mercury placed in the same house I had to live near the places that were important for me – grocery stores, markets, health centres, post office etc. I was born in such neighbourhood and later, when I moved house, (Uranus at the 4th house brings frequent moving) with my family, it was the same.

You simply cannot escape the symbolic of the 4th house which describes your neighbourhood.


The planets in the 4th house also did their homework. Virgo made me live in relatively small flats which required space saving.


I will follow the sequence of planets in my 4th house.

Mars brought on me the fact that in every flat that I lived in, there was a football pitch, karate club or a shooting range in the neighbourhood.


Pluto’s influence was that a cemetery is always present in the neighbourhood, whether I wanted it or not.


Mercury produced my obsession with books. I never have enough room in my flat for all the books I want to have. Naturally, the most important thing is that my flat always needs to have a balcony. Since Mercury is at the 8th degree of Libra, I have always had a beautiful (Libra) view from my balcony (Mercury) of the river (8th degree, the degree of Scorpio -river). Mercury also influenced a very curious thing which, for some people, may not be that unusual but for me it certainly is. Namely, the building where I was born and in which I lived for 30 years is a skyscraper (it had to be with the Uranus in the 4th house) and again, it is natural that it has a lift. Some 20 years ago, lift house was rebuilt and in the process, some digging needed to be done in particular rooms in the cellar (Pluto – subterranean rooms, cellars).


What do you think happened on that occasion? Do not forget that Pluto is in my 4th house. Naturally, a dead body was found. But the question remains, what kind of a dead body? The answer to this is given by Mercury at the 8th degree of Libra. It was the corpse (8th degree of Scorpio –death, corpse) of a child (Mercury) of female sex (Libra). I do not know what happened with this corpse subsequently but I think that it remained where it was.


Uranus influenced the fact that I live at heights. Somehow, I have always lived on the top floors. Since Uranus is at the 9th degree (the degree of Sagittarius –something augmented, big) conjunction Mercury (balcony) it explains why I have always had huge balconies. I have already described how Uranus influenced my life. Now, I am consuming its influence on my frequent moving house - not because I like it (no person in the right mind would), but because I want to use up Uranian energy and finally reach the last planet in the row - the Sun at the 19th degree of Libra - my “kingdom” (the Sun) which will finally get me settled in terms of dwelling. I will certainly get to my flat through marriage because the Sun is in “double“Libra – both in terms of the degree and sign.



It can be easily assumed what my flat will look like and where it will be located. It has to be in the main street (the Sun) of the part of town I live in, full of colours and flowers, paintings and beautiful things (“double” Libra). So far, every flat that I let (Virgo) was appointed exactly in this way – naturally according to my means for the Sun in Libra in the 4th house is inclined to some kind of luxury. I cannot afford luxury but I have always tried to buy the best-quality (the Sun) and the most beautiful (Libra) furniture that I could afford at the time.


With so many planets in the 4th house you can assume that my flat has always been full of guests and friends, fulfilling the planetary symbolic. Among the closest friends of my father there was the most famous football player at the time (naturally, he is symbolized by Mars at the 25th degree of Aries -sport) and a brilliant writer (Mercury).


I did not state their names for the purpose of this text for I feel that I need to ask their permission first. However, at this moment, I have neither time nor possibilities for that. I was in company of many other influential people, politicians and actors (the symbolic of the Sun), which only proves that planets really do fulfil the symbolic of the house in which they are placed.


As for the people who visited my home (at least those who are still living), I have not experienced the symbolic of Pluto. However, I hope that Uranus will be “activated “in terms of introducing me to a company of astrologers and making them my friends.  So far, I have not had any astrologers for friends (at least those genuine ones).


On this occasion, I only touched on Pluto in the 4th house in terms of people who visited me at my home. On some other occasion I will explain what I had in mind when I said “at least those who are still living”, for there are many more interesting events that marked my youth and, in a way, are still present in my life...


Dragana Kosutarac


© 2002-2003  Nikola Stojanovic