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Many authors have already written about transiting Saturn and the fact that we are unable to fight against it. And sometimes it really does take from us every ounce of energy we have left. However, similarly, Saturn may also bring good opportunities and possibilities. I will use the example  of its influence on the houses and planets in my birth chart.


I was born on 1 December 1981 in Sremska Mitrovica

( 19E36, 44N58) at 18:31 CET-1


It is well known that Saturn transiting through XII house can provoke our fears. It happened to me, as well. However, the question is, what kind of fears? At the cusp of my XII house, there are Gemini (representing studying) and their ruler Mercury (studying) is in Sagittarius (faculty) conjunction Uranus which rules my IX house (faculty). Thus, my long-time fear was whether I would be able to graduate from university. When I started my studies, the transiting Saturn (difficulties) was in the exact opposition to Uranus (interruption), the ruler of my house of studies (IX house). To my surprise (Uranus), the combination of  Uranus and Saturn actually made me repeat (Saturn) my first year of studies (exact opposition). I was surprised because I prepared my exam (XII house) thoroughly (Saturn), however, the professor asked me the question which was not among the examination questions (at the cusp of my XII house- place where something is missing, something that is not there is symbolized by Gemini - texts, papers, books).


After that, I was persistent (Saturn) and I studied only at night (transiting Saturn in the XII house in Gemini).  Its subsequent influence was reflected in the fact that I postponed almost every exam only to pass it afterwards.


At the time when the transiting Saturn was passing through my house, even though I could not stand (Saturn) myself (I house), all other people (VII house in Capricorn)  would come to me (Saturn from VII- all other people in I house- me) to entertain them. Why did this happen? The answer lies in the fact that the transiting Saturn was in sextile with Mars (action) which rules my  XI house (house of friends). One more confirmation of why we all were together at my house is that the ruler of my XI house (friends), Mars in IV house (house, home, place where we live), is at the 22nd degree (degree of Capricorn – long, time), which is why these friendships were long.

When Saturn was passing through my II house (money), despite the fact that one might think it created financial (II house) problems (Saturn) for me, I started making money. Transiting Saturn was in trine (success) with the ruler of my II house i.e. the Sun. At that time, I used to buy (II house) many (ruler of my II house is in Sagittarius - many) books (because the ruler of  II house-  to buy – is, at the same time, the ruler of my III house- books. One more reason why I kept buying books is that the ruler of II house – to buy - is in conjunction with Mercury (books) conjunction Uranus- which is why these were the books on astrology).


It is a common knowledge that  Saturn transiting through the third house (communication, moving) brings obstacles and restrictions in this field. However, it influenced me completely different than expected. I started travelling a lot ( Saturn in III house was in sextile with Jupiter which tends to expand everything). Simultaneously, it was in square (action) with my natal Uranus (astrology), which was the time when I started the astrology course. The natal Uranus (astrology) is in my  V house (course). My first article on astrology was published on this website under the influence of the same aspect. The natal Uranus is in conjunction with Mercury (texts, website) conjunction Sun (website of the Professor). The Professor (Sun) extended (square Saturn) the course (Sun and Uranus in V house- course) on astrology (Uranus).


Saturn in III house showed its bad side in the fact that every bus (Jupiter), that I took on my way back home (Saturn), was late (Saturn).


Story uncovered by the system of derived houses


It has been shown more than once that when interpreting someone’s birth chart, the derived house system helps us to find out a lot about other persons and their lives.


This is what can be seen in the birth chart of  a girl born on 08.08.1980. at 20h, Montbeliard , France, Asc at 27th degree of Capricorn.


In every birth chart, the grandparents are represented by I and VII house, which is also the case here. A grandfather, N. J. (VII house), had a brother (III house – brother, counting from VII it is IX house), who was killed in the war (the cusp of  IX house  at the zero degree of Scorpio (deaths), and both rulers of this house: Pluto and  Mars  (deaths) are in square with the Moon at the 22nd degree (to be killed) of Cancer  (which indicates mass killings, the war). He had two twin daughters, which are in his birth chart represented by I house (V house- children counting from IX is I house of  N. J.’s horoscope). After the death of their father they had a very hard life (Capricorn- hard) and were in constant conflict with their mother (in this birth chart, their mother is represented by the III house, because it is VII house– spouse counting from IX- their father, the ruler of  III house- Venus is in square (conflict) with Saturn (daughters).


To relieve themselves from such difficult circumstances, the twins escaped to a monastery. Saturn, which represents them in this birth chart, is at the 24th degree – the degree carrying the full symbolic of Pisces, that is: escape, monastery. One more indicator of their escape to the monastery is that V  house (house representing children) counting from III house (representing their mother) is  VII house of this horoscope. The ruler of VII house is in VI house, which is XII (thus, again we have the symbolic of Pisces – escape, monastery) counting from VII house.


Further derived houses show how these sisters came to the idea to escape to the monastery.


When we go back to IX house which, in the horoscope of  N. J. represents the father of twins who went to the monastery, we can further define that their neighbour is represented by III house counting from IX and thus, it is XI house. You are certainly wondering why we are interested in the neighbour. The answer is simple. The neighbour had sisters who were nuns and who occasionally visited him. On one of their visits, the twins were at the neighbour’s house and the nuns suggested them to go their way.


The neighbour is symbolised by XI house of this birth chart, and his sisters, the nuns, are symbolised by III house counting from XI,i.e. I house of this horoscope. By the system of derived houses we come to the conclusion that I house represents more than one person. The ruler of  I house is Saturn at the 24th degree, which repeats the fact that they went to the monastery.


Author: Tanja Kljajin


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