Biljana Jovanovic


In a natal chart, vacations are represented by the 5th house. The ruler of the 5th house, its aspects, dispositor ( the planet ruling the sign where another planet is placed or the cusp of the house) and planet(s) in that house describe the place of our vacation, events we experience and people we meet.


I was born on 5 September 1977 in Belgrade at 00:08 :40 AM CET -1


Uranus placed in the 5th house (vacations) at the 8° of Scorpio has always exerted stronger influence (due to its exaltation) than Venus which is the ruler of this house ( 5th house begins in Libra). All aspects of Uranus ( trine with Ascendant, Jupiter and Mars, Sextile with the Sun and Mercury and square with Venus) showed their influence on every vacation I took.


Every year I go on a vacation ( 5th house) with my friends (Uranus), meet new (Uranus) friends (Uranus), unusual people ( Uranus), electrical engineers ( Uranus), computer developers ( Uranus),  pilots (Uranus), parachutists ( Uranus), air hosts (Uranus), homosexuals ( Uranus) and astrologers ( Uranus).


The ruler of the 5th house, Venus, aspecting Uranus placed in the same house, shows that on my vacations, I can meet the people carrying the symbolic of Uranus.


The ruler of the11th house, Mars ( friends) trine Uranus in the 5th house (vacations) indicates that on my vacation, I can also meet friends. These friends also carry the symbolic of Uranus.


More than once, Uranus ( interruptions) in the 5th house (vacations) and the ruler of the 5th house (vacations) square Uranus ( interruptions) have made me to suddenly interrupt my vacations. Therefore, to alleviate the influence of this aspect, I made a decision not to, when on vacation, stay  in one place for more than 2 to 3 days.


Uranus is the planet symbolizing changes, novelties, striving for new experiences and adventures. It does not tolerate routine, steadiness and attachment to one place ( "Uranus cannot be attached "). If  I wasn’t the one to introduce changes, Uranus would do it for me.


This year I decided to fulfill the astrological symbolic from my natal chart. I spent my vacation   (5th house) with a friend ( Uranus) in the country inhabited by Moslems ( Scorpio). I chose Tunisia, the second most liberal ( Uranus) Moslem country ( Scorpio) after Turkey.

Uranus is placed after the 9th house ( foreign country) in the 5th house ( vacations), which is why I went abroad with my friend ( cusp of the 9th house in Aquarius), on a vacation ( Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius in the 5th house) by plane ( Aquarius).


On my vacation ( 5th house), I met Marko at the airport ( Uranus). Marko is an Aquarian ( ruler Uranus) with Ascendant in Scorpio ( my Uranus is at the 8th degree of Scorpio). Marko is a computer developer ( Uranus) and has been actively pursuing parachuting  for 10 years (Uranus).  He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Uranus trine Mars produces electrical engineers).


Uranus is in trine with Jupiter (foreigner, foreign country), and thus he is half Italian half Serbian ( his father was Italian and mother was Serbian). Jupiter is in Cancer ( home, domestic origin) which is why he was born in Serbia, and the 2nd degree (degree of Taurus) tells us that he was born in the Province of Vojvodina since this Province carries the symbolic of Taurus. Uranus symbolizes changes and Jupiter faith and religion and thus, Marko converted into orthodox religion from Catholicism.


My biggest surprise was when I found out that Marko and his wife lived in my neighborhood. I immediately remembered that my Uranus is in sextile with the Sun ruling my third house ( neighborhood) and Mercury (neighborhood) the ruler of the 4th house ( neighborhood in which we live). Both planets are in conjunction and placed in my 3rd house (neighborhood).


Uranus square Venus ( more partners at the same time, parallel relationships, immoral relationships) showed its influence by the fact that Marko kept telling everyone that ’’he lived with three women’’ ( his wife, my friend and me). The four of us were inseparable and everyone envied him really believing that he had three wives. Naturally, it was just a joke!


After this event, I thought that I entirely fulfilled the symbolic of Uranus and that I would not experience any more surprises from it. However, it managed to surprise me again, making me encounter two homosexuals ( Uranus symbolizes homosexuals) in a restaurant (5th house). I could not believe that I would meet homosexuals in a Moslem country. They invited my friends and me to come to the club where they were performing as transvestites. However, we decided not to go and see their show.


After a couple of days, our guide invited us to visit a restaurant where "Eurosong" was televised for foreigners. The same transvestites appeared as the surprise of the evening (Uranus). They performed their show. All of a sudden, one of them lifted up his dress, jumped on a young man who was standing at a bar, and started to simulate sex with him. When there is Uranus (homosexuals, transvestites) in Scorpio (sex) in your horoscope, you simply have to witness such an event. Uranus square Venus ( typical aspect for homosexuals and various perversions) only confirms it. I thought to myself that it was good that I was not a man with such inclinations for I would have probably found myself in such an awkward situation. After a couple of minutes, we all sang and danced to Abba hits performed by those transvestites. I have to admit that their show was great!


The same evening I thought about Uranus at the 8th degree of Scorpio and its symbolic. I tried to recall all the events and people who carried that same symbolic. I remembered that a couple of years before, on my vacation in Egypt ( 5th house) I met a young man, an astrologer (Uranus) who came out to me as a homosexual ( Uranus) while we were visiting tombs (Scorpio) of Ramses, Tutankhamen and other Pharaohs. He was very miserable and depressed because he had just broken up with his boyfriend. He took this break up( Uranus square Venus)  so hard that he often thought about killing himself (Uranus). I was personally shocked when he told me that he was suffering from syphilis (Scorpio-sexually-transmitted diseases).


Last year, on my vacation (5th house) in Petrovac, I met an electrical engineer ( Uranus) who worked in the Tax Administration ( Scorpio - taxes).


After a couple of days, I met another electrical engineer (Uranus) near the river  (Scorpio) Bojana. This man spent several years in the battlefields of Croatia and Bosnia where, on several occasions, he was in mortal danger (8th degree of Scorpio) from the bombs which exploded ( Uranus) in his vicinity. Because of that, he was operated on several times  (Scorpio-operations).


The most powerful and memorable impression for me was my vacation in Montenegro, way back in 1998. My friend Mirjana (Uranus) called me suddenly and unexpectedly (Uranus) to go on vacation with her (5th house) in August 1998! Uranus in the 5th house and the ruler of the 5th house aspecting Uranus brought me a sudden and unexpected vacation. I packed my suitcases within two hours and we set off to her summer house.


Mirjana pleasantly surprised me when she told me that our old friends, whom we had not seen for a long time, were waiting for us there.  My friends ( Uranus) lived in Kosovo (Scorpio). At that time the conflicts with Albanians had already begun and since they were in danger (8°of Scorpio) they had to move in with their cousins,  to a place at the foot of Kopaonik mountain. They introduced me to a young man (their friend) who, after a couple of month, became my good friend (Uranus).


In the beginning, there was nothing indicating to the fact that my new friend (Uranus), whom I met through my friends (Uranus), on a vacation ( 5th house) would become a killer ( Scorpio and 8°) and commit suicide (Uranus symbolizes suicides).


As the days passed, his behavior grew stranger ( Uranus). I sensed a deeply-rooted inner restlessness inside of him ( Uranus). He was becoming a rebel (Uranus) without a cause. Even though I did not have any knowledge of astrology at that time and could not see where the danger was hiding, my intuition told me that something horrible was about to happen.


My friend (Uranus) killed (Scorpio, 8th degree) his girlfriend ( Venus at the 8th degree in the exact square with Uranus) because just before the wedding, he found that she was his distant cousin. After that, he killed himself ( Uranus- suicide). The killing and suicide was committed by fire arm ( Uranus aspecting Mars which symbolizes fire arms). He was a foreigner ( Uranus aspecting Jupiter and the dispositor of Uranus, Mars, in exact conjunction with Jupiter) i.e. his mother was Albanian and father Italian.


I found out about this event from the Večernje novosti daily. How does it show in my birth chart?

Mercury, symbolizing news, information and newspapers is, in my natal chart, placed in its natural 3rd house ( means of communication) at the 12th degree (this degree carries the symbolic of Pisces which means night, evening) of Virgo (Virgo rules everyday events – newspapers are published daily) sextile Uranus (a friend, suicide) at the 8th degree of Scorpio (killing, death). Mercury ( news, text) in Virgo ( tiny, small), produced a relatively small, almost insignificant text.


When I started writing this text I got an e-mail from my cousin (second cousin) and her husband who is the genuine representative of Uranus at the 8th degree of Scorpio. Spouses of our brothers, sisters and cousins are represented by our 9th house. My 9th house is ruled by the above mentioned Uranus. My cousin’s husband Mohamed is an electrical engineer (Uranus), and extremely tall man (Uranus), Palestinian, Moslem (Scorpio) and lives in a dangerous country - Israel.


On several occasions they invited me to come and spend my vacation with them and their family in Bethlehem. As a Christian I would like to visit Bethlehem, the birth place of Jesus Christ, as well as Jerusalem. However, the trip to Israel would present a highly risky and dangerous adventure for me.

Uranus at the 8th degree of Scorpio is also the ruler of the 8th house ( death) and could mean the encounter with a suicide bomber who brings death. Uranus rules bombs and people committing suicides while Scorpio represents death and Moslems. Israeli army often bombs Palestinians, which presents even stronger danger since I would be visiting a Palestinian family.


The risk, danger, uncertainty, unpredictability and the surprise factor would be my loyal companions on such travel. Uranus at the 8th degree of Scorpio likes exposing people to the most dangerous risks and adventures and is prepared to jeopardize someone’s life to the extreme for, what Uranus likes the most is to look the death in the eye.


I hope that this careful Virgo in me will be brave enough to embark on such an adventure one day.



Author: Biljana Jovanovic



© 2002-2005  Nikola Stojanovic