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ISAR Conference

Report of Gordana Varga on ISAR Conference in Bloomingdale


ISAR is an international society of astrologers. The Society gathers the astrologers from 41 countries. This year, the world conference on astrology took place on August 17-21 and it was attended by some 700 astrologers from all over the world. The Conference was held in Bloomingdale, Indian Lakes resort in the state of Illinois.

There were 71 speakers at the Conference.



Four astrologers from Belgrade attended the Conference.  Branka Stamenkovic gave a lecture on Horary Astrology.

This is the second time that ISAR provides the possibility for 12 astrologers to attend the Conference free of charge as well as to have their travel and accommodation costs covered.

To my great disappointment, only 4 out of 12 invited astrologers attended the Conference – for several reasons. One of the main reasons was that Branka Stamenkovic, our Serbian representative in ISAR, did not inform her fellow astrologers about this very important astrological conference. Even those astrologers who had known and applied for this program were not listed by Branka to travel to the USA.


Gordana Varga, Christine and Norman Arens
– the oldest Conference participant (93)!


I take this opportunity to inform all my colleagues that the same opportunity will be provided at the next gathering of this international Society of astrologers. Fellow astrologers interested in attending the next conference need to be informed in advance.

To be present at such a unique gathering of the astrologers from all over the world and to hear the lectures of world-renowned astrologers is, by all means, beneficial.


Susan Miller, Komilla Sutton,
William Dumber Buchan, Sara Eng


American astrologers took great interest in an astrologer who was not present at the Conference - Nikola Stojanovic. A well-known American astro-numerologist William Dunbar Buchan was desperate to get Nikola’s book The Secrets of Exact Astrology.  I was particularly glad to happen to have the book on me and I immediately gave it to Mr. William–Bill. He went to buy a Serbian-English dictionary straight away and started to translate the book!  Naturally, to William’s pleasure, we contacted Nikola on the phone. Bill expressed his admiration and support for this book. Among other things, in his conversation he said the following: “Mr. Nikola, I’ve been pursuing astrology for more than 30 years and I have to tell you that your system of horoscope interpretation is the best I have ever seen! “ Mr. Bill promised to look for the publishers in America in order to launch this book on the American continent as soon as possible.


Serbia certainly has many other very good books on astrology and I will join this project and commit myself to ensuring that our best books on astrology be published and sold on this vast astrological market.

Gordana Varga astrologer from Belgrade. Lives and works in Chicago.


Interview with Roy Gillett from London



Gordana: How long have you worked as a professional astrologer?

For more than 30 years.


Gordana: Tell me something about the situation in London in terms of astrology?

Gatherings of top astrologers are frequent. The association of astrologers in London is one of the oldest in the world. It was founded more than 90 years ago. Many astrologers live and work in London.


Gordana: Is astrology open for media?

Astrologers cooperate with media and are certainly open for information in any way.


Gordana Varga and Roy Gillett


Gordana: Do you think it is possible for astrology to be officially recognized as a profession?

There are certainly many problems in that respect. Astrology is not a legitimate academic institution and an ordinary person can get information on astrology only in newspapers from daily and weekly horoscopes.

Academics are mocking astrology at the same time trying to explain to people that astrology is not a serious science and should not be taken seriously. At some colleges, astrology has only just started to be the subject of studies. There is a lot of hostility toward astrology and astrologers and this is certainly a big problem to face and struggle against. Enemies of astrology are wealthy enough to fight it.

I personally feel that astrology is very important and that media are not educated enough. First information on astrology broadcasted by media was in 1979. It was not before that media started to educate themselves about astrology. Media have a cemented opinion and I think that it cannot be changed much. In media, they discuss astrology instead of educating people about it. There are excellent schools of astrology in London and, if people want to, they can learn a lot about it.


Gordana: How is the discovery of Sedna interpreted in London?

I am not quite sure. Sedna is slow-moving and it will take a lot of time to learn something more about Sedna. It will take several generations to find out anything about Sedna. Anyhow, it takes 600 years for it to go around the Sun.

Interview with Robert Hand


Robert Hand started to pursue astrology when he was 17. He became a professional astrologer in 1972. He has published 5 books. He is a lecturer at Kepler University, writes papers and studies medieval astrology at Catholic University where he works on his doctoral thesis.


Gordana: What was happening with astrology in the 21st century?

It was becoming increasingly professional. Couple of universities, especially in Great Britain, had serious syllabuses. It was less of a hobby and more of a profession.


Gordana: People perceive astrology as something able to help them?

Yes. Especially as a tool for self-recognition. It can also help people find the answers about their life.


Gordana: Is astrology today present more than ever?

This is difficult to say… Some aspects of astrology are disappearing while the others are developing more. Interest in astrology is certainly increasing. It is getting increasingly present in newspapers, on television and the Internet.


Gordana: Are media adequately informed about astrology or they withhold information about it?

Astrologers have limited access to media. They need to show grater responsibility and persistence in educating media about astrology.


Gordana Varga and Robert Hand


Gordana: What happens with the newly discovered planet?

I honestly don’t know. It is too far from the Sun to be studied. It does not have the same material structure as the other planets. They call it HiperBelt and it has a very eccentric orbit. Sedna is much smaller and maybe this is why it does not influence the Universe much. In future, astrologers will certainly deal with it.


Gordana: Does Uranus in Pisces bring about greater natural disasters?

Certainly. Uranus is transiting Pisces every 84 years. If we look back to the past, we will see that this transit resulted in big troubles. Uranus in Pisces also indicates more radical attitude of various religious groups.


Gordana: Do you think that the Earth shifted in Universe after the terrible tsunami at the end of last year?

This phenomenon called Delta T appears as a result of heavy earthquakes and similar natural disasters. This certainly influences the Earth to move.


Gordana: And what happens with Lunar Eclipses? Do they influence meteorological changes?

I am not sure. Maybe. There is a general talk about global warming. However, scientists cannot decide if this is the natural course of events or a result of human “action”. We certainly need to show responsibility to the Mother Earth.


William Dunbar Buchan – Impressions of the Conference



You'll probably agree that if "perception is reality", then at least part of my favorable perception of Chicago land's 2005 ISAR conference could be attributed to my frame of reference. My Tropical Placidus birth-chart shows Sagittarius rising with Venus in Sagittarius also.

I found astrologers and participants from all over the world, with considerable good will and much attention to scholarship and "higher education", with twelve tracks of astrological study represented; both promoting many astrological organizations staffed by enthusiastic, expansive volunteers; and probably the finest collection of astrological books for sale I've ever seen- what's not to like?!


Gordana Varga and William Dunbar Buchan 


Also the clearly well-organized conference appealed to my Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Capricorn. Everyone had a name tag, with entry passes to special activities and easily visible red- or blue- ribbons to identify the wearer's function. ISAR provided a convenient roomy carry bag and understandable schedules and transportation between buildings and operated on-time and had an efficient support staff who answered every question and made thing work well. I congratulate ISAR for a big and fun undertaking that was well-planned and well-executed.

... a real success.





On 15 July 2005 in St. Sava Culture Club in Chicago, I organized an evening of astrology – a get-together of astrologers from Belgrade and their colleagues from Chicago. Many astrology lovers were present together with those interested in learning something more about astrology. The lecture topics were: what is really astrology, how long has it existed, how to interpret a birth chart … We showed our guests the birth chart of President Lincoln and were answering numerous questions of our guests for more than 2 hours.


The questions were interesting. Guests were really keen on learning something more about astrology from the professional astrologers from Chicago. I think this is the best way to educate people and media, which is why I organized this evening accompanied by a carefully selected classical music. A couple of our Serbian songs were also performed as well as opera arias sung by Olga Bojovic and accompanied by Kristijan Chivljak on the piano. To spice it all, we provided good home-cooked food. With the sounds of blues guitar and Lizz Medvelle Greson, we ended this wonderful evening dedicated to astrology.


Gordana Varga was the organizer of entire program. 


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