Marina Bukarica

Pluto ruling the 8th house and the sign of Scorpio notably speaks of death and souls, that is, spirits. Many religions and even astrology propagate that spirits, after having „lived“ at particular levels and interspaces for some time, become incarnated. It is not a coincidence that I decided to bring this subject closer to the readers. I myself live with a ghost (Pluto in the 1st house (I), at the 2nd degree of Libra (partnership)). Some of my clients, frightened by their encounters with ghosts, often call me asking for the astrological explanation of this phenomenon. This prompted me to study the influence of Pluto in this area.




In the first story I will explain the influence of Pluto on my horoscope and the horoscope of my son.

I was born on 01/08/1973 at 08:31:47 AM in Sarajevo, Bosnia (18E25'00'', 43N52'00''), CET –01.00 under the sign of Leo and Virgo ascendant.




My story began in my childhood. I have always felt the presence of ghosts. In the beginning, I was only able to hear ''my ghost'', and later on, I managed to see it, too. As I grew older, this gift of mine started to develop so that I was able to see other ghosts, as well. I communicate with ''my ghost'' by talking to him, usually when he is upset about something. However, he never talks to me. He only helps me in various life situations.


The first time I learned about my ghost’s actions was when I was going out with my first husband. One time, after we had a serious row that could have led to a total break-up, ‘‘my ghost'' appeared in his house materialized as me. It was so real that my boyfriend, and later husband, thought that it was really me (Pluto in my 1st house -me). The ghost just kept silent and appeared angry. My husband tried to touch it and say something to him. However, the ghost just went off. After this situation, we made up.


It is not surprising that the ghost showed itself to my boyfriend at the time (Pluto in the 1st house trine Jupiter in the 5th house –relationships, boyfriend), who subsequently became my husband (Pluto in Libra – marriage, partnership). He did the same thing when I went out with my second husband. He appeared before him also materialized as me. Namely, my second husband was also divorced. When we started our relationship, his ex-wife tried to make up with him. At the moment when they were discussing this possibility, ''my ghost'' showed itself between them. My second husband was equally shocked as the first one had been, and he took it as a sign that he needed to continue the relationship with me. It is interesting to note that the ghost appears to most men I had a relationship with who, in a way, had hurt me. They keep calling me every day complaining that ''I won’t leave them alone''. They tell me about situations when they saw me, dreamed of me, claim that I have some kind of power over them, that they cannot forget me (Pluto at the 2nd degree –the most powerful degree, supreme power).


In addition to all these men, my sister often heard it and every time she thought it to be me. Sometimes she would even see it thinking it was me. My sister is also represented by the 5th house, which is why the said aspect is activated again (Pluto in the 1st house trine Jupiter in the 5th house). I would like you to note that all of them were fully awake when the ghost appeared.


His presence is crucial when I analyse birth charts. At that moment, I can feel it close to me and it is fascinating how he leads me through the life of a person. Therefore, he became my ''business partner'' as well, helping me to earn some money (Pluto in Libra -partner, the 2nd degree of Taurus -money). Pluto square Saturn is in my 10th house (house of career and biggest achievements) at the 29th degree (degree of clairvoyance) of Gemini triggering (square-action) my clairvoyance – notably when I work.


I have already mentioned that later on, I started to see other ghosts, as well. This started after my first son was born. His birth brought a ghost into our house.

My son was born on 27/10/1995 at 11:40:30 PM in Novi Sad (19E50'00'', 45N15'00''), CET –01:00 under Scorpio with Leo ascendant.




His Pluto is placed in the 4th house (house, home, and house denoting mother) in Scorpio at the 29th degree. This degree speaks about clairvoyance of my son. He usually predicts (the 29th degree – degree of clairvoyance) the death (Scorpio) of someone in the neighbourhood, which is not surprising since the 3rd house (neighbourhood) partly covers the house of Scorpio.


The first day my son was brought in the house his ghost was activated. My sister and I kept hearing him roaming about the house. As my son grew up, I kept noticing that he was able to see it. When he was a baby, namely in his early years, he was afraid of what he kept seeing and hearing. He was hysterically crying, staring at one spot like paralyzed, his eyes wide open. I was the only person able to calm him down. We never talked about it until recently, when he asked me if his horoscope had anything to do with the fact that he kept seeing a ghost in the house.


Namely, this story began much earlier, when I was a child. My family and I moved from Sarajevo when I was five. When digging foundation for our house, my family found a motorcycle, a two-seater, possibly from the World War 2. It was bluish green. I was very small but I remember that I thought that someone must have been killed there in an accident.


Let us go back now to the story of my son. I answered him that his horoscope was connected with that phenomenon and asked him to describe me what he was seeing. His first memory dated back to 1999, when Serbia was bombed by the NATO forces. He would appear to him constantly, looking like a soldier with a helmet on. The ghost was wearing a helmet and an olive-green uniform. Throughout the bombing he kept appearing in that shape. My son claimed that he was certain it was a foreigner, probably a German (Pluto in Scorpio (ghost) conjunction Mars (soldier), German in the 4th house in Sagittarius). Ever since the bombing has stopped, he has been appearing only as a flash or breeze. He keeps hearing it moving. My son also senses his moods. When he is down or upset, the flash is black However, when the ghost is in a good mood, the flash is bright (Pluto in Scorpio (black) at the 29th degree of Leo (shining)). When my son is asleep and I read or watch TV, the ghost makes sure to distract me. He keeps passing by me, sometimes so closely that my hair gets carried aside as if blown off by the breeze. A number of times I managed to calm him down by simply telling him to cut it out. Even while I am writing this, the ghosts remain active. I keep hearing them going in and out of the house. A couple of days ago, the ghost of my son knocked a mobile phone off the table (none of us was anywhere near the table or the telephone). My Pluto is in sextile with my son’s Pluto and thus, we are capable of seeing each other’s ghosts.


Again we can conclude that the same aspect was activated for both my son and me (Pluto in the 1st house trine Jupiter in the 5th house), because my son is represented by my 5th house.


My godmother also has Pluto in the 1st house in Libra, however at the 3rd degree of Gemini. Thus, the two of us (Pluto in Libra – partnership, doing something together) kept seeing ghosts from the car, by the main highway (the 3rd degree of Gemini –cars, main roads). On one occasion, there were three more friends with us in the car, but none of them saw what we were able to see. When we described to each other the form the ghost took, descriptions matched and we realized that this was it.

At that time, we did not know how that was possible but as both of us became astrologers, we realized how we had acquired this skill. It is interesting to note that both of us have Uranus in the 2nd house, so we called each other Uranian for we spent money at speed only Uranus can bring. And now, we are astrologers (Uranus). On one occasion, my second husband and I (Pluto in Libra (spouses)) went out to Kosutnjak woods for dinner in a restaurant (the 2nd degree –food). As we sat in the car ready to leave, we saw a ghost in the woods (Pluto-ghost, the 2nd degree of Taurus - woods). At the very beginning we were not sure whether this was a man or a ghost. However, it was so big and alleviated above ground that we knew that it could not possibly have been a human. He was wearing a military coat, had a pilot cap and glasses on (it lead to conclusion that he was a pilot, Pluto (a ghost) in Libra trine Jupiter in Aquarius (a pilot), at the 6th degree (his job)). He was floating above ground for a long time and then drifted behind a tree, lingering there for a very long time.




Recently I had a call from a client of mine who was born on 01/10/1981 at 11:20:00 AM in Niš (21E54'00'', 43N19'00''), CET –01.00, as the native of Libra with Sagittarius ascendant.




He turned to an astrologer because for years he had been dreaming about ghosts of dead people he knew. His 12th house – the house of dreams – is in Scorpio (the 8th house, house of death and ghosts, stems from the symbolic of Scorpio), which is why this is not surprising. He asked an astrologer for help because Pluto is at the 23rd degree of Aquarius (astrologer) in Libra (explaining why he came together with his partner).


Information he gets from ghosts mostly pertain to what personal actions he needs to take in his life (his Pluto (ghost) is at the 23rd degree of Libra conjunction the ruler of his 1st house (he) Jupiter at the 17th degree of Libra and conjunction Mercury at the very beginning of Scorpio – they tell him). He also provides him with guidance on how to advance in his career (Pluto, Mercury and Jupiter are placed in his 10th house – house of career and the biggest success).


He said that he often saw his dead grandmother (Pluto) who kept trying to talk him into breaking up (the 23rd degree of Aquarius (break-ups, divorces) with his girlfriend (Libra-partnership).
Very often this makes him depressed (Neptune-psyche, at the 22nd degree of Capricorn (depression) in the 1st house (him) sextile Pluto (ghosts)) and he keeps saying that this will kill him (Neptune at the 22nd degree (to kill, to be killed).


It is interesting to note that at one time he dreamed that his dead grandmother was introducing him to ghosts who, in the world beyond, are called GIGANTS. How can this be seen in his horoscope? Namely, Pluto is in conjunction with Jupiter which, as we know, expands and enlarges – thus he dreamed about giant ghosts.


All his dreams are about ghosts and he gets a lot of information from them about real world surrounding him as well as about the world beyond, which we can only have presentments of.




A friend of mine was born on 11/08/1984 at 04:43:00 AM in Valjevo (19E53'00'', 44N16'00'') EET –02:00 under the sign of Leo with Leo ascendant.



Her encounters with ghosts are rare. However, she claims that as she grows older, she keeps seeing them more often. Naturally, her ghost is situated in her home (Pluto in the 4th house, the 29th degree in Libra). In her case, it is interesting to note that this ghost announces someone’s death by taking her earring off (Pluto (ghost) in Libra (Venus – jewellery)). At the moment when the earring comes off her ear, the buckle of the earring is completely closed, meaning it had never been opened to be taken off in the first place.


When I asked her if she saw her ghost and what it looked like, to my surprise she answered that it appeared in the form of a cat (Pluto at the 29th degree of Leo –a cat).


Anyway, there is much more to be said about this topic. I chose just a couple of stories. I sincerely hope that people who experience these phenomena will be relieved after reading this text for, as we know, these topics are mostly not talked about.


Marina Bukarica


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