Born under an (un)lucky star

Aleksandra Blatesic, Professor


In all reports, TV news, articles and footages there is always one of those ever-present and seemingly unavoidable topics such as traffic accidents, natural disasters, floods, hurricanes and the like. They almost make you wish not to travel ever again! However, there are always those who love far-off countries and exotic scents of the unknown, those whose adventurous spirit is simply unbreakable. On the other hand, in the modern world, it is difficult to go around the town and travel to work without using some of the means of public or private transport. This is another way of travelling – compulsory and not quite as pleasant and appealing.


Most of you will already be familiar with the fact that when Mercury is retrograde, any kind of travelling should be avoided.  However, even more disturbing is the fact that the influence of retrograde Mercury starts as soon as it begins gearing up for reverse motion, which prolongs its retrograde effect. Thus, a couple of days before Mercury officially starts travelling in reverse, one can feel its negative effects. The astrological term for this is stationary motion. Even the shortest possible trip can turn into a tragic one.


A big traffic accident occurred on 29 July 1998 (14:51h, 019E51, 45N15 -2 EET) on the road between the town of Novi Sad and Temerin. On that day, Mercury was in stationary motion which, by itself, is one of the conditions for its negative effects. In addition, Mercury touched the famous fixed star Regulus. This star usually brings glory, but also inglorious or, to be more precise, tragic fate of a person or event, depending on the point of view. When Mercury touched Regulus, a traffic accident occurred which hit the headlines of all daily newspapers. The news (Mercury) went all around the country and reached the glory of Regulus!


Time of accident


This is all very clear in the horoscope of the time of accident. The Ascendant is at the 22nd degree of Scorpio, which supports the fact that violent death and injuries will occur. This is additionally confirmed by Pluto in the 1st house - the ruler of both the horoscope and the 12th house. The third house showing the street is at the 0 degree of Aquarius - the exact place where Neptune is found in the vicinity of Uranus - both in opposition to the Sun in Leo placed at the 9th house. On the crossroads, a truck hit a bus cutting it in half. Such things tend to happen when there is a collision of planets (opposition) enforced by the signs they are in. The Sun is in rulership, in Leo, meaning that it is powerful. Uranus is also in its rulership, however in the sign opposite to unpredictable Aquarius. Neptune, as the major culprit for misjudgements and errors is exalted in Aquarius opposition Mercury, the planet of traffic. This Mercury, which was preparing to start travelling in reverse, is in Leo, in a very adverse falling position – on that day, place and time it really did hit the ground very hard.  In accordance with such planetary position, everything happened suddenly and unexpectedly. Aquarius in the 3rd house tells us that the accident took place in the vicinity of Novi Sad, because this town is born under Aquarius. The bus was taking people back home from work. This can be seen from two retrograde planets in the third house.  What happened to the people?


There were a lot of casualties and fatalities. In astrology, we can learn about people mostly from the position of the Moon. In this chart, it is in square with the Moon in decline, that is, Cancer. Therefore Mars, coming from the 8th house, the house of deaths and tragedies, is adversely aspecting the Moon (people, nation). This position tells us about many injuries, fractures, wounds and lot of blood. The house of health is the 6th house where Saturn is placed, announcing nothing but poor health. Saturn at the 3rd degree (degree of Gemini) tells us about health problems possibly caused by traffic. Since Saturn rules wrists and bones, the most common injuries were fractures of arms or legs, because it was at the degree of Gemini. The ruler of the 6th house is Venus in Cancer, which enabled attending to the casualties and providing them with the adequate medical care. Now, there is only one more question left. Who could survive this accident and remain completely unhurt? Below is the horoscope of a girl who pulled this off.





Her natal chart (26/06/1978, 00:30h, 20E53, 42N53 -1 CET) is a genuine example of a lucky person who will get out of any massive accident, particularly if it occurs in traffic.  In her 3rd hose (traffic) there is Gemini, which often makes her go, move and travel somewhere. Her Sun in this house gives her love for motion and a considerable resourcefulness in traffic. There is also Mercury, the planet of traffic, in conjunction with exalted Jupiter in Cancer – all of them being the symbols of luck in transportation and on the road – particularly at shorter distances. Such Jupiter is a part of a big water trine with extra intuitive Moon in Pisces found in the 12th house and exalted and thus powerful Uranus in Scorpio.  Such trine can be found in the charts of really sensitive and intuitive persons whose premonitions are never wrong. This is why before getting on the bus, this girl had a very strange feeling that something dangerous was about to happen. Another good thing about this planetary arrangement is that it considerably protects the life itself. The only aspect harming this nice trine is Pluto square Jupiter, which places the person with such horoscope among many people who will die. Whenever there is a negative aspect with Pluto, crowds should be avoided for, in this exact environment, very bad things might happen. This girl had already experienced that for, on many occasions, she could have been harmed. However, she always managed to pull through without any consequences.


Comparing the horoscope of the time of accident to the birth chart of this girl, we get a typical example of the planetary position which puts a person in danger. Saturn in its transit motion always indicates the troublesome area. It was travelling exactly through her Ascendant (personality). This put her in a very critical situation which could possibly inflict physical wounds to her body. Mercury, ruling her house of traffic, was gearing up for reverse motion and achieved conjunction with her natal Saturn, again warning her about the possible traffic problems on the way back from a journey.  In addition to the retrograde Mercury, this return is denoted by Saturn, the planet of past and history, which always pulls us a couple of steps backwards. At a big protector, Jupiter, there was a red attacker Mars questioning her luck and irritating her protector, challenging him to a duel. In this conjunction, Jupiter was stronger being exalted while Mars, placed in Cancer, was weakened and in decline. The Moon is responsible for all daily events in quick succession, particularly if they concern people or masses. Transiting Moon (masses) found itself in her natal Pluto (death) in the 6th house (daily life) making her witness massive deaths and wounds of people doing something that she did every day – riding on a public bus


Therefore, transiting planetary motion attacked the lucky big trine and since transit describes a moment instead of the whole life, like natal, this girl was a part of an incredible accident and came out of it without a scratch.


Tsunami survivor


The second interesting example concerns the event which stunned the whole world. It is about the biggest catastrophe of the century, tsunami, which took the toll of 200 thousand lives. Some still managed to survive, according to many, the biggest cataclysm of all times. Before we start analyzing this tragic event, I will firstly introduce the horoscope of a girl who survived (24/09/1971, 10:00h, 20E05, 45N56 -1 CET).


It is striking how powerful her 1st and 10th house are.  They tell us about a very strong personality who knows who she is and what her needs and life goals are. In addition to being successful at work, she lives her life to the full, travels around the world, speaks several foreign languages, goes in for different sports and occasionally experiences real adventures. Her 1st house is in Scorpio, making her always curious and inquisitive. Neptune and Jupiter in Sagittarius help her preserve optimistic and cheerful spirit and be much more outgoing and sociable than persons with Ascendant in Sagittarius normally are.  The ruler of her two houses – 1st (personality) and 12th (premonitions, dreams) is Pluto at the 29th degree of Virgo, which is the degree of premonitions so strong that they border clairvoyance. This gives her strongly pronounced intuition. And what can she be intuitive about? Naturally, mass catastrophes symbolized by Pluto!


On the other hand, the persons who have this planet as a ruler want to get to the bottom of everything that catches their interest. With Neptune in the 1st house in Sagittarius – the sign symbolizing sport – this girl adores diving. Therefore, in this case, it is about the bottom of the sea. This preference is reflected in Neptune (sea, ocean) conjunction Jupiter (sport, leisure). Such aspect often brings her to the wide open surfaces of water, which is where she often travels. The ruler of the 9th house (travelling) is the Moon which is placed in her Ascendant. Thus, she cannot resist temptations to constantly explore all the countries around the globe. She even managed to turn her passion into her job and had been working for a long time in tourism. The Moon at the 22nd degree (death, murders) of Scorpio (the sign of death, danger, water) at one point had to be activated to take her where people (the Moon) would be exposed to massive catastrophe and death. Due to the Moon at the cusp of her 1st house, she had to be there. In this famous 2004, she decided to visit Thailand – a genuine paradise for divers. She went there with her boyfriend, who is also a sporty type and adores swimming and diving. One seemingly peaceful and sunny Sunday on 24 December, at the suggestion of this incredibly intuitive girl, this love couple decided to spend the rest of the day in the room playing cards. She simply wanted to relax a bit. The scenario which will mark their lives forever was as follows: In the middle of the card game, the girl noticed an incredibly huge wave approaching their hotel on the beach (she-Ascendant, saw a huge wave – Neptune in Sagittarius – huge, conjunction Jupiter-really huge wave!). Seeing the imminent danger from the wave, both of them jumped and started running (to run away-Neptune) as fast as they could. They ran uphill, along the path behind the hotel. They managed to survive while the horrible wave destroyed and swept away everything. When the situation subsided, the local people helped them pack and go to Bangkok. They took the first plane home.


As in the previous example, firstly we will focus on the transiting planetary motions of that day and aspects with her natal chart. Saturn, in its retrograde motion through Cancer (where it is in decline), was leaving the 9th house (foreign country) and entering the 8th house (death, drowning). Mars (attack, challenge) had just entered Sagittarius thus placing itself at the Neptune conjunction Jupiter in her 1st house, putting her aspect of luck on a trial. At the same time, Uranus (tremor) from Pisces (sea, ocean) made a square toward this lucky conjunction in her 1st house and toward Saturn in the 7th house forming a powerful T – square which indicates a dangerous moment. Concurrently, transiting Pluto (mass killings) was at the unfortunate 22nd degree of Sagittarius (travel, foreign country) square natal Mercury which rules her house of death (8). Transiting Neptune (water, wave) was at her natal Mars in the 3rd house ruling the 5th (boyfriend, summer holidays), which is why the first response to the coming wave was fast running. The 3rd house indicates the way we walk and move, while Mars in the exact trine with Uranus produces excellent sprinters or, at least, fast runners. Transiting Jupiter was exactly on her Uranus in the 9th house, which contributed to the speed of decision making and a happy end. To cut the long story short, all difficult planets activated many aspects of this horoscope. When we observe the influence of external planets, we have to bear in mind that they cause events over which we do not have much influence. In such moments, only well-arranged and lucky planetary positions in our birth chart can save us - those „operating” throughout natal life.


Jupiter presents the biggest possible luck and persons having it in the 1st house have more than its share. When Jupiter is placed in this house, it physically protects the body,  and in  sextile with the Sun – main source of life – produces an extremely powerful planetary capacity reflected in the survival instinct and struggle for life, despite the unfavourable circumstances. Favourable aspects between the Sun (life) and Jupiter (luck) are an unavoidable link in the chains of life struggle. In this case, natus is always well-protected and if something bad is about to happen to it, it will manage to pull through and recuperate very quickly. In this horoscope, the fortune and deliverance from God worked together, which is shown in Jupiter conjunction Neptune. It is a common knowledge that Neptune is the god of the sea and thus, this luck was mostly used on protecting from powerful big waves. In this case, Neptune symbolises another important factor of salvation – cards. Game of cards made them stay in the room instead of going to another diving from which this girl and her boyfriend would have never returned. Further, Neptune helped Jupiter to do the rest and bring this story to the happy end. In addition, Jupiter is very strongly positioned in this horoscope being in its seat – Sagittarius where it is the most powerful and at home. At the same time, this explains why some people have more luck than others and why we say – born under a lucky star!!!


Aleksandra Blatešić, Professor

© 2002-2005  Nikola Stojanovic