Crime against animals

Aleksandra Blatesic, Professor


In astrology, 10 planets of the solar system have crucial influence not only on humans as the most superior inhabitants of the Earth, but also on all other creatures living on this planet of ours. Different planets represent diverse elements of nature. Thus, Saturn represents rocks and mountains, the Moon and Neptune denote water surfaces and life therein, Pluto influences caves, while Venus represents fertile soil, flowers and fruits.


If we were to observe animal world, Mars would be the best planet to describe it. I feel that, in nature, this planet symbolises a considerable part of animal world for, in the horoscope of humans, it signifies physical energy which - when expressed by a person at the lower level of consciousness - can be extremely negative and destructive revealing the animal in man. Therefore, Mars can represent animals and - considering the vastness of the animal world - those best fitting into the symbolic of this planet - the sinewy animals which are always on the move; the ones reacting to blood and flesh; vertebrates (Mars is exalted in Capricorn – the sign symbolising bones, entire skeleton, and thus spine). As Mars is seated (sharp) in Aries (head), these animals use the sharpest tool they have in their heads to fight or defend themselves – their teeth. In addition, Mars also means a highly sharpened sense of smell - the characteristic that, in humans, has gradually lost in intensity as they developed into more spiritual beings. The range of animals under the influence of Mars becomes even more reduced when we link it to the sign it currently occupies.


The sign of Taurus (household) - in which Mars was housed in August this year and where it will remain for the next 6 month - will not represent wildlife. Instead, it will symbolise the animals that can be found in the immediate environment of humans, the animals living in a yard, private property or a farm. Since Mars is in Taurus - which is the

sign representing the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina - domestic animals will become a problem especially pronounced on that territory.


Mars square Neptune is an adverse aspect often resulting in poisoning. This aspect was activated by Mars entering Taurus. The square aspect between these two fixed signs will produce long-term consequences.

Thus, Mars (animals) in Taurus (food) square Neptune (poisoning) in Aquarius (quick effect) will lead to minor food poisoning of domestic animals.


In addition, this August, Saturn entered Leo making a square with Mars, which, according to many astrologers, is one of the most destructive aspects triggering negative energy in some people. In the period of Leo, the Sun passing through this sign found itself in opposition to Neptune in Aquarius - additionally «well» supporting successful poisonings. That month, police was swamped with criminal reports against unknown poisoners, while many experienced a tragic, abrupt and unnatural loss of their faithful friends - mainly dogs.


One day, early in the morning, my phone rang. The call was about asking me to try and find the perpetrator of these multiple crimes against animals which had spread fear throughout the neighbourhood.

The case that initiated this whole action was poisoning of two dogs on an early Sunday morning. These were the pets of a person born on 29.5. 1975. at 7:05 AM CET-1, Novi Sad ( 19E50, 45N15).



In this person’s horoscope the 6th house – the house symbolising pets – is in Sagittarius and thus, she was well known for her love for animals, dogs in particular. The ruler of the 6th house is Jupiter in Aries, which is why she always had cheerful, lively and nice animals. The position of Jupiter in the 10th house tells us that they meant a world to her. However, exact square with Saturn implies that they all died in strange circumstances i.e. they were down on luck (Saturn in the 12th house – bad luck and losses), which made her miserable for Saturn is very close to her Ascendant (1st house - personality). It had seemed that she would have more luck with the pet she had at the time. It was a bitch that even managed to have a litter of four. This person kept one puppy and gave away the other ones to different people, having made sure that they all loved dogs. Giving away puppies is also shown in Jupiter square Saturn. Namely, Jupiter means abundance, a large number of animals. However, due to the square aspect with a completely opposite planet Saturn (small quantity, meagreness) – she kept just one puppy for herself.


In the horoscope of this dog owner, her 6th house is observed as the 1st house of her pet, while her 7th house is pet's second, and so down the line. Transiting Pluto had been in her 6th house for some time making opposition to Mercury - which represents constant, hidden and great danger for pets. Pluto in the 1st house representing dogs - in an adverse aspect - indicates the possibility of a brutal killing. In addition, this planet was retrograde at the 21.59th degree, however coming from the 22nd degree – degree of killings! It is important to note that planets going reverse are always influenced by the degree they are coming from – in this particular case it was the ominous 22nd degree.


Nevertheless, since this aspect is very slow, it cannot be activated alone. It always requires something to initiate and activate it. Uranus in the 9th house of the owner i.e. 6th house of the pet was in square aspect with the Sun (6th house of dogs) and Neptune (12th house). That was a very tricky aspect for poisoning. Neptune is the planet denoting poisoning and, when in the 12th house, it brings about unexpected attacks and sudden poisoning effects where medical treatment does not help. These dogs, in fact, died in the clinic. As the vet could not help them by infusion, injections and medications, the owner decided to put down her beloved dogs to relive them of their pain and misery. This is where we again come to Neptune in the 12th house – death by poisoning and subsequently chemicals in sleep (symbolic of the 12th house). Still, this was also an aspect of slow moving planets, which, in this case, described the way of dying. The main cause was presented by transiting Mars, which found itself in the 6th house of the dogs – the house of daily health habits and diet. The very motion of Mars through this house tells us that their health will deteriorate resulting in possible fevers and injuries because Mars is the planet of injuries and bleeding. In addition, Mars was not only in Taurus (food) but also at a very strong 5th degree causing the dogs to crave for a stronger food – meat. Transiting Neptune (poison) square Mars was going through the 6th house of the dogs. This house symbolises a home and thus, the poison was placed literary in front of the building. Saturn from the 8th house of the dogs (death) square Mars (attack) in Taurus (meat, food) caused the dogs to find the poison that had been put into meat and soon die of poisoning.


Subsequent analyses showed that it was a very strong poison which caused bleeding of all internal organs. Here, Mars showed its main and extremely negative meaning, causing convulsions of muscles and the whole body (square Saturn) and, subsequently, convulsions of the very heart (Saturn in Leo) resulting in death (Saturn in the 8th house). Since the dog owner usually let the dogs out early in the morning for a very short time, it was easy to pinpoint the exact time when they came across the poison and swallowed it.



This happened on an ominous August morning (7.8.2005. at 7.00 a.m, Novi Sad 19E50, 45N15). The horoscope of that event fully depicts the perpetrator. The first house of this horoscope is in Virgo, a feminine sign with two feminine planets – the Moon and Venus – also placed in Virgo.

These are all strong indicators that this was a woman known as a diligent person (due to pronounced Virgo). Virgo at the Ascendant symbolizes a person concerned for her health and, in case of adverse aspects, it may imply serious illnesses. Ruler of this horoscope is Mercury at the 12th degree of Leo in the 12th house.

The 12th degree represents all secrets and hidden actions. Mercury opposition Neptune indicates a person having problems with a leg – she is lame. Mercury is the planet of motion and walk and thus, the limbs. Negative aspect with Neptune tells us that this has to be some kind of defect and difficulty to move. Mercury and Neptune are placed in the houses of illness (VI and XII) and thus, this person, in addition to the fact that she had already found it difficult to walk, broke her leg and had to stay home for a long time, did not go out much and lived in seclusion. All of this is expressed by a strong 12th house where, in addition to the ruler of the horoscope, there are two more planets. Saturn at the cusp of the 12th house also tells us that this person suffered a lot because of her illness and loneliness. Square with Mars produced in her very negative emotions and desire to do harm. At the time, Saturn was in Leo, however at the 2nd degree which is again the degree of Taurus i.e. food. Neptune, the planet most responsible for poisoning, was in the horoscope of that event in the 6th house - therefore the poison was meant for pets. Since Neptune is in Aquarius, the poison produces quick and devastating effects. Neptune is also the ruler of the 8th house – house of death – the main objective of this person.



All of the above was enough to make one of the neighbours a suspect. Although I had nothing more but her date of birth – which was hardly enough to make a birth chart – it took me just one glance at the planetary position on her date of birth to see what had happened.

Namely, there was Neptune (poison) at the 13th degree of Libra opposition Jupiter of the dogs' mistress (16th degree of Aries) – the planet representing her dogs. On the day of the crime, Neptune of the poisoner was in conjunction with transiting South Node (losses) opposition Jupiter (happiness and joy that owner had with her dogs).


Someone had found that happiness (Jupiter) so disturbing that she could not take it any more and she just had to put a stop to it. Apparently, this sick mind saw the solution in poisoning. The poisoner's Mercury (mind) is at the malevolent 22nd degree making her conceive a scheme to kill and, since Mercury is in Libra (smooth tongue, good manners), few people would suspect her.

Transiting Jupiter (success, fortune)in Libra helped her to accomplish her plan (Mercury). On the day of the poisoning, it was in trine with Neptune – planet of poisons. She simply had excellent aspects to successfully execute her plan! This very aspect made it possible for her to poison the dogs that morning without being spotted by anyone.

When analysing the horoscope of that event I had my doubts about Mercury ruling Ascendant. Namely, it was retrograde, which brings about the repetition of the same situation. Another problem was that there were no more dogs left to be poisoned.


After the multiple poisonings there were not many animals left alive in the immediate neighbourhood. Even the birds did not sing like they used to, for they also kept finding scattered poison remains and were slowly dying. However, one of the pets that this miserable dog owner gave away was given back to her the very next day. She embraced it as her biggest consolation. No one could ever imagine that this innocent puppy would become one more victim of the same brutal crime. Scenario was identical: Sunday morning, dog yelping with the terrible pain in its eyes asking for help. Convulsions, growing fever and temperature exceeding the scale on the thermometer, limbs starting to get stiff… Veterinarian was helpless again and - one more time and with the tears in her eyes the owner was forced to make a decision to put down the dog. Another death.


However, in the course of this poisoning, the poisoner was seen and the astrological analysis was confirmed. The rest of us should seriously consider the fact that the poisoning of animals and other types of crimes against them should be officially declared a crime which, unfortunately, is not the case in our country – and by all means it should be.




Aleksandra Blatesic


© 2002-2005  Nikola Stojanovic