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Aleksandra Blatesic, Professor


Generally, if you want to find out if somebody is lucky, you should look for Jupiter, the symbol of good luck besides Venus, which also stands for luck, yet not to such extent. Everything about these planets is very important, from the house they are in to the sign and the aspects they form, all the way to the current transits. It is basically, however, to find good potentials for easy wins in one’s birth chart. Only when the birth cart confirms the existence of such possibilities, the transits can be looked at, in order to find out when one has the best chances to win.


Among the houses, the V one is the most important, the house of games of chance, lottery, even gambling. However, Jupiter in the V house can bring about a prize such like a travel, summer or winter holidays, but it is often first prize one wins. Jupiter in the II house brings solid money or money for buying groceries but can also improve aptitudes and talents of the person to earn money through independent activities. Jupiter in the III house gives excellent predispositions for a person to win a car or at least some piece of technology devices – a radio, TV, video-recorder, computer etc., especially if in conjunction with Mars (technology). If Jupiter is situated in the IV house, it is possible for one to win a flat, if in the VI house this planet brings clothes, anything practical, as well as pets. If Jupiter occurs in the VII house you just should find a spouse and will be able to secure your wins through him or her. With Jupiter in the VIII house you can count on some inheritance, a scholarship or a job in a bank. Jupiter in the IX house brings you exclusive journeys abroad, in the X house changes in your life and in the XI house Jupiter certainly brings awards and prizes in different competitions etc. If Jupiter happens to be in the XII house, it is difficult to reach the prizes, they are usually far away from us, in a distant country, or in institutions like hotels, museums, libraries, archives, in which you can work and discover something very valuable and meaningful.
Concerning the signs in which Jupiter appears, some of them are more favourable than the others.


Jupiter in the fiery signs brings success in the sport prognosis, even more if it is in its central position – Sagittarius. In Cancer, Jupiter is exalted, so that it can secure a good financial situation, as well as Jupiter in Taurus. If you are not that lucky, you should concentrate on activities of the sign in which this planet appears, in order to attract good chances. Jupiter in an intellectual signs, like Gemini, or even Virgo, makes possible for one to win due to one’s knowledge and above all to one’s own work, particularly on more small jobs, but the winnings appearing from nowhere is not really to expect. Jupiter in Capricorn also demands more work and effort for a longer period, and winnings can be achieved only if one has to do with old things, antiquities, and wood or furniture production.


In our country, which somehow never succeeds in achieving a decent life standard, people ever more turn to games of chance. In that way many different quizzes became popular which one can watch on TV and which offer winnings for correct answers, and for that kind of success it is desirable to have Jupiter in the III house (TV, media).
This makes possible for one to win owing to one’s knowledge (III house).


It is of some interest to look at the horoscope of a person (born on 5 September 1972, Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro, 8:20), who won a large sum of money in the most popular quiz The Millionaire. This guy had in his III house Jupiter in Sagittarius, meaning in its central position and the best position possible for good winnings

(Sagittarius always stands for a great amount). This Jupiter occured in a nearly exact trine with Mercury and Leo, which is an extremely good aspect for winnings through knowledge, because Jupiter in the III house inspires desire for knowledge and permanent learning already in childhood, and in the aspect with Mercury, it secures profit and winnings through the acquired knowledge. Besides, Mercury is on the 29th degree of Leo, where the famous star Regulus can be found, which makes one successful, especially on TV, in public shows, therefore, in order to activate this position, one should take part in a quiz of knowledge, not any one, but the most popular one which brings the largest sum of money. One should also bear on mind the abundance represented by Jupiter and Mercury in Leo with Regulus, which will contribute that all the acquired knowledge (Mercury) shines (Regulus) exactly on TV (Leo). There is one another important factor of the public shows for people who usually do not spend every day of their life in front of cameras, and that is the possibility of anxiousness, fear, emotional disturbance, which can be negatively activated and therefore diminish the strength of other aspects. That means that the right candidate for a millionaire in quizzes should be possessed, besides knowledge and luck, of psychological stability.


Placidus Houses


Placidus Houses


The most succesful competitor


This guy had in his horoscope Moon and Leo in the X house, so he had no difficulties in showing up before the audience, even the more, it made him feel good, and cameras did not disturb his concentration. Besides, Moon can be of great importance in quizzes of The Millionaire type, where the audience (Moon), has the possibility to help the candidate. It can be concluded, that such a horoscope has quite solid predispositions for winning some large sum of money. Now there are some aspects left which were formed by the transit of planets.


The transit aspects on the day of the TV show may be described as extremely good. Mercury was just on the top of the III house, so it activated that house for this person (TV, knowledge, communication like answer to question). Jupiter was in transit above the Sun in the XI house (prizes). In the birth chart Sun is in conjunction with Mars, which governs the II house (money), so this man would attract money and find himself in circumstances which will secure it for him. Thus, Jupiter landed good-humouredly on Sun (personality) and Mars (the house of money) and naturally brought a larger sum of money. Since the Jupiter in transit was in Virgo (work), he was supposed to make some effort to earn the money. On that day, Moon in Capricorn supported the earth signs, especially his Sun in Virgo. Moon as the planet moving fastest, always points at the event of a day, and when moving in transit through a certain house in our horoscope, it simply activates it. That exactly happened in this case. Moon found itself in the III house and brought the hero of our story on TV. In the III house happened another beautiful aspect, and that is the transit Venus in conjunction with the birth Jupiter – what a lucky coincidence! Venus was also meaningful for it governs his horoscope and the VIII house (money). All sounds great so far, but a negative aspect cast a cloud over the III house, the one of such great importance. That was Mercury in the opposition to Saturn, which causes limitations and quite clearly makes an obstacle not to overcome. In the birth chart, this Saturn was in Gemini, so the problem was perceived in the house of Gemini – literature, linguistics, speech, alphabets, letters etc. Besides, the main problem was the fact that the governor of the Saturn (the transit Mercury) found itself in the opposition to it and therefore made the problem insoluble. The question was about the number of letters in the Gruzian alphabet. Saturn (number) in Gemini (letters) is in the IX house, i.e. in the house of the foreign countries, so the question was about a foreign alphabet. Though this candidate was provided with a lot of information and good support particularly in the field of literature, written word etc, it turned out that nobody knew the answer to the question for 1,500 000, which meant the end of the game. It is interesting that this opposition affected the game in a certain way all the time. Mercury stands for words and Saturn for reduction, so the answers were as short as possible, and words turned to expression in numbers! Yet, despite all the obstacles, this candidate did take a place amongst the best in that kind of quiz in our country because of his knowledge and his winnings.



Let’s have a look at another interesting case, but now winnings in games of chance. It is about a girl who won a Peugeot 206 in a game Fonto. Those familiar with astrology might scent Jupiter (prize) in the III house (car). In this horoscope (27 March 1973, Travnik, Bosnia and Montenegro, 20:30) Jupiter is in Aquarius, which affects sudden winnings, and besides occurs in conjunction with Mars (machine, technology), so this person used to win such prizes in childhood, usually electronic devices: a hi-fi and the like.


 PEUGEOT 206 winner


Jupiter is here extremely good positioned and owing to the aspects it forms with other planets – sextile with Neptun in the II house (winning in an unusual way), trine with Pluton, which is a typical aspect of great prizes, sextiles with Sun and Venus from the V house, guarantees success in games of chance. This Jupiter governs the II house (money) and indirectly the V house (lottery, winnings), so that it represents with its position a certain potential for luck in games. However, Jupiter is in the III house, the house of communications: TV, phone, so the prize was won in the phone game and it was later showed on TV. Of course, we all have some potential, a variety of possibilities, but many things pass by us without our even noticing them. It is not an empty phrase, when is said that we should be in the right moment in the right place, so it was in this case that a detail was needed to activate the potential offered by the birth chart. That happened in February 2003, when the transit Jupiter touched the uppermost top of her horoscope, MC and therefore came in a very favourable position. Jupiter brought about the prize - a French car, because Leo is the sign in which Jupiter was positioned and the sign of France. And alike my astrology teacher Nikola Stojanovic who likes to play guessing the colour of somebody’s car, I shall do it this time too. The colour of the car won is in this case very “astrological”, completely in symbolism of the transit Jupiter in Leo, which in translation means – metallic gold! Even more interesting, the emblem of Peugeut is the sign of a lion put on the mask of the car fridge of this brand!



Author: Aleksandra Blatesic


© 2002-2005  Nikola Stojanovic