Aleksandra Blatesic, Professor


We all have been at least once fascinated and stunned by the ghost stories, aliens, paranormal events and all the things that remain beyond the power of human understanding.

Many films have been made and many books written about this subject, and we are left alone with one more question:

Is it really such a great difference between human imagination and reality or are those experiences just reminiscences of details from a former life in some other dimension, unknown to us? Groups of scientists work on this question every day, trying to solve the mysteries around us. One event, however, forced me to face this subject too. And that happened one strange night of 24 January 2002.


After a tough day, to go to bed and to have some good sleep is a real pleasure. But, it does not necessary have to be, if you are surprised by unexpected and uninvited guests in form of ghosts. Exactly on that night something woke me up and as soon as I opened my eyes, I saw a male person standing beside my bed. My first reaction was, of course, great fear, but just afterwards the man greeted me moving his arm gently. I thought I was still dreaming, but in a second I realized that it was all real, when I saw, next to him, a head of a female person which was slowly losing its shape and disappearing in darkness, in direction of the shelves with my memories and presents. In dim light of the street lamp coming through the window I could clearly see my room, but also these two inexplicable appearances. I suddenly shut my eyes, but so hard, that tears rolled down my cheeks. I remained in the state of complete stiffness and fear all till the morning, without having a single moment of sleep.


Exact sciences remain mute before this and the like experience, and here is what astrology says about it, the one which can describe and explain everything that happens in our lives.


The field of death and the dead is the 8th field, and the complete underworld is connected with Pluto. In my horoscope (30 May 1976, Novi Sad, 19E50, 45 N15, 22:53:50, CET-1), in the 8th house is exactly this dark planet, the symbol of ghosts. The 8th house is the one of the occult houses, and represents our instinctive fears, therefore I felt scared seeing the ghosts (Pluto). The governor of the 8th house is Mercury (writing), therefore I have to write about this experience, and since it is in the 3rd house (magazines, papers…) the text shall be published.


In the last issue I wrote a lot about the retrogradation of my Mercury, and that I am most active in the “Mercurian” way just in the period of its retrogradation. Therefore it became active in its “moving back” and brought me a new writing subject. The twenty-fifth degree of the 8th house and the 25th degree of Mercury tell that this experience happened to me in the age of 25, and the retrograde position suggests that it should certainly happen again. The fixed star Algol, with its position on my Mercury, was represented in the mythology with the head of Medusa. Exactly that is the reason why this star was so frequently interpreted in a negative context, for it predicted cutting of the head or at least a defect on that part of the body. Since Mercury governs with Algol my 8th house – the field of dead souls, it is logical that in a moment I have seen just the head of a ghost.


It might be unusual that my “visitors” have left the impression of very cultivated, educated persons, in those few moments, but not from these regions, but of foreign origin. The answer lies in Pluto, which with its position in the 8th house points at the ghosts, but describes them as well. Thus, my Pluto (ghost) is in the sign of Libra

(culture, elegance), but on the 9th degree, which is the degree of Sagittarius, and its basic characteristics are foreign countries and high education! And there is what happened in the transit, which initiated this event. Mercury as the ruler of the 8th house was in transit in its retrograde direction, in the period when my birth Mercury comes to the complete fulfilment. This planet found itself in my 1st house, and that is as if the event looked for me (1st house), made me think (Mercury) and write about it (Mercury is also writing). Mercury was moving through the sign of Aquarius, so the explanation was found in astrology, which is defined by Aquarius. The aspects of realization among the transit and birth planets explain some more details. I mentioned at the beginning that my visitors woke me up from a dream, which was also very unusual. In that dream I had a conversation with a person, an astrologist, and in one moment he was astonished and dropped his speech. Before that, I do not know for which reasons, and in dreams is naturally everything unclear, he began to examine and study my hands, probably trying to unravel something and to find a sign. The closest aspect formed by the transit Mercury was the sextile with Neptun (dream). Mercury represents the conversation, and being in Aquarius, that was the conversation with an astrologer. Mercury is also represented by hands; therefore the conversation was partly made by means of hands, which became a meaningful element of the dream. The dream was, however, interrupted very soon, for the other aspect of Mercury became active which also suggests it – the opposition with the birth Mars. The large trine had to come on stage, which was formed among the transiting Mercury, the messenger of gods in Greek mythology, the birth Pluto (ghosts) and the birth Sun (the horoscope owner), so this configuration brought about the unusual meeting. Moon in transit always tells us what is current in a specific moment. That night, or more precisely that morning (around 2 – 3 am) Moon “stepped over the threshold” of my home (the 4th house on the 29th degree of Taurus) and entered my sign – Gemini. So the souls (Moon), two of them because of the double sign of Gemini, found themselves in the home (the 4th house) of a Gemini!


Taking into account that after this experience and the fear I went through I did not dare to sleep in the same room, I can only conclude that humans, though wanting to have insight into the world of mysteries, still are not prepared and courageous enough to come to grips with the unreachable. And just when the humankind becomes ready for knowledge, the whirlwind of life will appear in other dimensions.


Author: Aleksandra Blatesic


© 2002-2005  Nikola Stojanovic