Aleksandra Blatesic, Professor


You'll say : " It's all plain and simple…Aries is ruled by planet Mars, which symbolizes weapons, war and warfare …" However, pay attention to how Alexandra resolved the above mentioned question.


Arians are above all, ruled by Mars – the planet of fight, war and action. Mars in Aries
is in Dignity, so it's powers are completely used by this sign – both it's positive and negative aspects. That's why warriors can fight on the right side, or be those who harm others.

Since Sun is exalted in Aries, the warrior must have a very strong ego – desire to prove himself through fighting and constant pointing out his qualities. The I house in horoscope belongs to Arian warriors; people with Sun in that position tend to be noticed regardless of the cost, they are quite vital, persistent, strong and full of energy. The II house is in Taurus – for them the greatest values are material, particularly the land they conquer, which brings them money (again material things). Throughout history, warriors were given some piece of land as a reward for their deeds. The II house also denotes a voice – all soldiers are noisy and loud, famous for the fight songs they sing while going to war. The III house is in the sign of Gemini – they move a lot, travel, using all means of transport. An important role is played by the messengers – those who convey messages, information and letters. People born under the sign of Aries always have someone in the neighbourhood, at least in the tent near by. Life in the army is reduced to a kind of brotherhood where everyone knows and socializes with everyone.


Their IV house is in the sign of Cancer, therefore all warriors are great patriots, fighting for their country (IV house), but they are attached to the family household, always coming back home to wife and children ( Cancer). Since Cancer is a good cook, a substantial, warm meal and pleasant atmosphere always welcome their return home. Their V house is in Leo, which makes them great lovers, heartbreakers, generous persons who like glamour and regalement - the Leo style. They act a bit theatrical and tend to blow things out of proportion – they like to brag about battles and to be looked at as being on a stage. They are great adventurers, gamblers, gamesters and risk-takers. Fire signs are in the I, V and IX house, which gives them competitive spirit .


The VI house is in Virgo, which indicates that these persons are very disciplined, obedient and follow the commands without questioning ( Virgo). They have a Spartan lifestyle, get up early every day, wash themselves –hygiene is very important in the war conditions – they work out to keep fit, and take care of health. Their usual meals are regular, oftentimes too light, since Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which minimizes everything. It is no wonder that they usually eat grains, most of all beans. Virgo is also the sign characterized by tendency to provide different kinds of services, so in the army there is always a cook for the whole camp. The VI house also determines the way of dressing – they all wear uniforms as a working outfit and clean weapons every day.


The VII house is in Libra – warriors often have allies, so partnerships and unions frequently occur. A warrior can't do anything by himself, he always needs someone else (Libra). The VII house is also a house of hostility, so they are directly confronted with their enemies ( axis 1-7 is in opposition, which signalizes a direct conflict on the battlefield). Sun in Libra is descending, so Arian warriors perceive all others as inferior to them, whereas they, as stronger ones, are able to confront everyone else. Still, the presence of Libra in the VII house indicates relations with the court of law. Some warriors get punished for committed (mis)deeds, so fair play is very important for Arian warrior. Libra in this house also signalizes that they usually get married to beautiful women.


The VIII house is in Scorpio, so they are stronger than death, being constantly in it – Mars is a co-ruler of Scorpio, which makes them exposed to situations where their life is in danger, they get wounded and consequently die. Scorpio in the VIII house causes the presence of great passions, so sex plays an extremely important role in their lives, revives them and brings back their strength. Because of the connection between the V house in Leo and VIII house in Scorpio, warriors are frequently led by the strong desires into brothels. Since Leo is the best lover in Zodiac, and Scorpio the most passionate sign, Arians are very concupiscent and can't easily control their sexual desires.


The IX house is in Sagittarius, so they like to visit foreign countries, they believe in God and have the habit of praying, especially when hit by someone's arrow. Religion is very important, as well as their attitude towards the church. The connection between Aries and Sagittarius, the I and the IX house – fight and religion, explains the history of Crusades. Wars are frequent topics of movies (Sagittarius) and many war records are revealed and published later on (IX house – publications). There is also an outfit fashion style of a warrior – trousers, Vietnam jacket and sailor's style.


Finally, there is the X house where a warrior's career is placed – gaining titles and making hierarchy of values- however, the Saturn and Capricorn slow down the process. Nothing can be obtained instantaneously and without some order, but slowly, patiently, through discipline and readiness to make many sacrifices. Presence of Mars in Capricorn indicates that these people are capable of making such efforts and that their ambitions are very high. However, since the X house as a symbol of boss is in Capricorn, strict superiors are indicated, as well as the only sign which Aries cannot beat – Capricorn. The latter ones win by patience and calmness, features which Aries lack. Therefore, warriors are not rulers, and the presence of a strong VI house in Virgo verifies that fact – Arians have the need to serve someone.


The XI house is in Aquarius – they are sociable and have a lot of friends, during wars they offer help to warriors, without constraints (Aquarius), provide food and shelter, but for a while( lord is Uranus – quick, with sudden changes and short lasting influence) .The warrior must believe in humanity of his actions, even in the " truth " that he is fighting a war in the name of humankind well-being and justice.
Since the XII house is positioned in Pisces, many things from warrior's life are placed in museums( arms, war equipment…) and libraries ( historical information). However, many genuine information are hidden, often deliberately replaced by the fake ones ( ruler of Pisces is Neptune). The presence of Pisces in the XII house indicates that it is always uncertain where Arians will sleep – near the river, in a mud ( Neptune) or simply hidden from the enemy ( a good warrior always must know where to hide and escape).

Author: Aleksandra Blatesic

© 2002-2005  Nikola Stojanovic