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Probably many readers and astrology fans have wondered if the astrologers, who deal with other people's destinies, have the life of their own and are they capable of interpreting their own horoscope. Here is the truth - it is the very first thing to deal with, interpret dozens of times, modify and go through until the whole picture is there.


For an accurate natal chart analyses the most important is the exact time of birth. It is not only the hour that matters, sometimes minutes, even seconds can be crucial. My first horoscope wasn't correct because of the wrong time of birth, which I first realized when I started attending the astrology course, taught by professor Nikola Stojanovic.


The lord of my I house – house of personality, is Uranus in the IX house, so I learn about myself mostly through astrology analyses ( i.e. Uranus) , which eventually became my own occupation. I discovered that while I was still a student ( Uranus in the IX house-a house of faculty). Of course, I studied Italian language and literature, which corresponds to what 3° degree and sign of Gemini symbolize – speech, language and Italy. According to this important detail, the IX house had to be at the 3° degree. This shift in the horoscope indicated that the time of birth was 10:53 p.m., not 11:05 p.m., as my birth certificate specified 30.05.1976. Novi Sad. The proofs that rectification was properly carried out immediately appeared. Ascendant was placed at the 3° degree of Aquarius, which intensifies the features of Gemini, and the ruler Uranus was placed in the IX house, a house of faculty, travel, foreign languages, countries and astrology. All of that corresponded to what I was primarily interested in and to what really happened later on in my life. Since Uranus is the ruler at the 3° degree, which chronologically corresponds to the period of elementary school, I started developing my interest in astrology since that time ( at the age of thirteen).


Presence of Uranus in the IX house can easily bring about tendency to quit studies, however, in my horoscope it is in a very strong position ( it is exalted in Scorpio and also the ruler of Native – the subject of a Celestial Figure) so it didn't happen. Revolt of Uranus was expressed through students' strikes which interrupted my studies. Perhaps it is unnecessary to answer the question how many strikes were there – all in all – three, because of the 3° degree!


Tricky and forcible square between Uranus (the bomb) and Mars (the war) affected the very end of my studies, when the bombing raids on Yugoslavia began. During that unfortunate period, the accuracy of newly determined time of birth was once again confirmed. According to basic astrology rule, the position of Uranus determines the place where one could be hurt by a bomb. On the day when transit Moon was passing over my Ascendant at the 3° degree of Aquarius, forming a direct square with Uranus, I was in the middle of Danube in a small boat. Bombs and missiles began exploding all around me. Uranus in the IX house represents a danger of bombs on the way, Scorpio symbolizes river, whereas 3° degree represents media, radio and television – the target of attack was the National Television Station in Novi Sad! Transit Moon in Aquarius indicates the town with the same sign, which is Novi Sad.


Since at that time I wasn't able to contact professor Stojanovic, I was aware that I must immediately make use of the fact that Uranus became active. As soon as I arrived home, I dialed the phone number and again, the Uranus answered ( astrologer). This wondrous planet, besides astrology and bombs, denotes computers and modern electronics. Combined with 3° degree ( letter, mail ) Uranus pointed to the e-mail account which I opened abroad ( Uranus in the house of a foreign country), persuaded to do so by a person born under the sign of Aquarius, who is also ruled by Uranus. The e-mail address she recommended was hotmail ( 'hot mail' ), whose name completely corresponds to the passionate Scorpio where Uranus is placed.
Of course, a person born under the sign of Scorpio worked very hard to help me open that e-mail address, and her Sun was at 3° degree, therefore, exactly on my Uranus. In order to make an exactly accurate natal chart,
I had to find out the very second when I was born ( the exact time is 10:53:50 p.m.)


Aleksandra Blatesic


I was inclined to do so because of the influence of the VI house – it is a house of work, which always interested me, although the position of Saturn in this house wasn't very promising. At first, it reflected through my fear of accepting any job that required responsibility, so I refused many ( Saturn denotes refusal). The first job I took was abroad, so I shifted the 8° degree of my VI house to the 9° degree – degree of foreign countries. Because of the influence of Saturn, it was under-the-counter job ( Saturn symbolizes black colour, something illegal), where I stayed for more than six months. At the beginning of the seventh month ( number of Saturn is seven), I decided to resign (Saturn being in square with Uranus). The job in question was at the school for foreign learners of Italian language, which shows the influence of 9° degree of the VI house. Although I worked in the area with a warm Mediterranean climate, I was constantly cold at work (Saturn symbolizes something cold) because the air-conditioner was always on. Because of the 9° degree of this house, I was in contact with foreigners from all around the world, so I had to communicate using three foreign languages. Under the influence of the square formed between Saturn and Uranus, at first I refused that job offer, but finally after a few months, I accepted it (Saturn always lingers on). In the conflict, Uranus was stronger than Saturn, which took me abroad, in Calabria. This part of Italy is under the sign of Scorpio, and the person who persuaded me to accept that job was a double Aquarius (Uranus at the 3° degree, degree of Gemini, points to this ambivalence).


The Gemini degree of Uranus influenced my ambition to get two university degrees : one from the Belgrade University and the other from University in Siena. I wouldn't write this much about my Uranus, if it weren't for that 3° degree, nor would I write about myself if my Ascendant ( house of personality) wasn't at 3° degree. Furthermore, none of this would have happened, if the transit retrograde Mercury hadn't moved my natal, also retrograde Mercury.



Since there is much more to be told on this subject, I have to bring up one interesting event. One evening I was translating a text for faculty seminar paper, which required an active engagement of my Uranus in the IX house, house of faculty. The text was about Alessandro Volta's horoscope: 18.02.1745. Como 09E05 45N47 12.00L MT (Uranus also symbolizes invention, inventors).

It was written in Italian (3° degree), extracted from a book given to me by the Italian astrologer's society ( Uranus at 3° degree are Italian astrologers). I had been working on that text while I was in Banja Luka, the town which is regarded to be in a foreign country, compared to the country of my birth town ( IX house). While I was translating, I was watching a thriller on TV (the Gemini degree of Uranus indicates the simultaneousness of two actions, whereas Scorpio indicates the film genre – thriller!). The particular paragraph I was translating was about Volta's invention of a gun that worked on the principle of flammable air. My Uranus in Scorpio (flammable air ) in the square with Mars (a gun) activated as soon as I reached the word ' explosion'. It was the matter of seconds. The moment I saw the word, there was a heavy explosion on TV, which surprised me so much that I had to stop working. At the same time, terrible lightning and thundering started outside ( Uranus) and continued throughout the whole night.


The reason why this square became active at that time, can be seen from the horoscope made for that very moment ( June 19th, 1999, 10:46:58 p.m. 17E11, 44N46), which almost exactly matches with my natal chart. Ascendant is at the 3° degree of Aquarius, whereas all other houses, except the II and the VIII house, are at the same degree and in the same sign as in my natal horoscope. However, Neptune ( a movie ) was also on the Ascendant, at the 3° degree, which caused a contact with the TV screen. The whole event left me totally confused ( Neptune is also the planet of confusion, and it was at the top of my I house). Aspects made by Neptune provide further explanation of the event. Neptune ( something very flammable, gas, smoke) was in the exact square with my natal Mars ( armed forces in action).


The reason why I chose to translate the text about Alessandro Volta's horoscope is also very clear. He was the inventor of batteries, born under the sign of Aquarius ( influence of Uranus). His Ascendant was in Gemini, since Uranus is at the Gemini degree. The 3° degree points to translation, so the text starts with the story of Volta's childhood and continues with pointing out the fact that he spoke and wrote three languages. Given the fact that his Uranus was retrograde and coming from the 4°degree, this inventor was considered to be mentally retarded, because he couldn't speak. At the age of four (which matches with the 4° degree) all of a sudden, he said his first word : " No!"( Uranus symbolizes bursts of temper and rebellion).


The symbolic indications of planets, signs and degrees made a very clear picture of Alessandro Volta's life story, so that simply had to be the topic of my seminar paper.
The only conclusion left : nothing ever happens without a reason.


Alessandro Volta


Some interesting details will be discussed in the following paragraphs, such as the place of birth. Usually, it is not something of great importance, since the data is already known. However, it is also a good way to check the accuracy of the time of birth, in case some of the axes of horoscope houses should be shifted. The place of birth is presented in the IV house, which is located at the 29° degree of Taurus in my natal chart. Geographically, Taurus rules the fertile land, agricultural goods and plains, which symbolizes the wheat fields of our Vojvodina. The 29° degree matches the degree of Leo, which symbolizes capital cities – the reason why I had to be born in Novi Sad ( even that could be seen from analyzing someone's natal chart). More interesting is the fact that because of the influence of the 29°degree my birth house ( IV house) had number 29!


The axis of the IV and the X house is also an axis that represents parents. Usually, the IV house represents mother, whereas the X house represents father. In my case, planets in these houses determined my parents' horoscope signs. Therefore, the presence of Neptune ( the ruler of Pisces) in the X house, determined my father's horoscope sign – Pisces. Neptune is at the 12° degree, which is the double indication of Pisces, so Sun is in Pisces in my father's horoscope, and also at the Pisces degree (24° degree).
Neptune in Sagittarius points to the fact that my father is treated as a foreign citizen, whereas Scorpio at the top of the X house provides further explanation – the foreign country is Bosnia.


Sun at the 9° degree of Gemini is also in the IV house (house of mother ). Her zodiac sign is the representative of Sun – Leo, whereas her Ascendant is indicated through the IV house- house of Cancer. In addition, the 9° degree of Sun also points to her foreign origin, while the sign of Gemini indicates the mixture of two or more different nations, her being Hungarian, German and French. This Sun ( Leo ) is in opposition ( distance) with Neptune (Pisces ), so my parents live separated, in two different countries. The 9° degree of foreign countries is opposed to Neptune in Sagittarius, the sign of foreign countries! The more interesting is the fact that the Sun – Neptune opposition, which goes through the IV and the X house – house of parents, is present in my father and sister's horoscopes. Therefore, it is a matter of a heritage aspect.


Besides the IV and the X house, certain planets in horoscope also point to parents: Moon ( mother) and Sun ( father), sometimes Venus and Mars (the period of mother and father's youth). Moon, symbol of mother is in Cancer ( gentleness, nursing ), so she worked as a nurse.


After she gave birth to a child, i.e. the V house with Moon positioned in it became active, my mother completely fell under the influence of the V house and started working in the children's day care centre. Sun as the planet symbol of father, is located in the IV house ( field of home), therefore my father is currently engaged in the real estate business. In his youth (Mars), he practiced law, since Mars is in the VII house, house of law. Presence of Mars in Leo indicates that he was on some higher, superior position (manager, director). Family members analysis can be done very thoroughly, since one's natal chart also provides information on the lives and destinies of people involved in the life of Native ( subject of a Celestial Figure).


Furthermore, Venus which is present in the IV house, comes from the III house ( siblings) and denotes my sister who is born under the sign where Venus is positioned - Gemini. The 4° degree of Venus ( Cancer degree), as well as the position of Venus in the house of Cancer, together contributed to making Cancer her Ascendant. Interesting is the fact that in my horoscope, she is presented by Venus, the planet on her Ascendant, which in return, directed her to the field of arts, typical for Venus. The 25° degree of Mercury (language) in the III house, house of speech, positioned near the top of the IV house (mother), determined that I was at the age of 25 when I first started learning my mother tongue-Hungarian. The delay is indicated not only by the degree of Mercury, but also by his retrograde position. Considering the fact that Mercury comes from the V house ( house of love ), the person who deserves the most credits for persuading me to learn Hungarian, was my boyfriend, whose mother tongue is also Hungarian!
The retrograde Mercury, especially when it is in transit, is something that, quite reasonably, many astrologers dread to think of. However, for persons who have retrograde Mercury in their natal charts, the situation is completely different. The retrograde Mercury actually has positive influence on these people – it inclines them to work, write, travel and study in order to pass their examinations. For instance, they always get the exam question from the first part of a book. Retrogradation in the matter of exam questions simply influences the student to return to the part he has already learned, which is most likely at the beginning of a book. Luckily, I had many opportunities to check this out during my studies, and the retrograde Mercury has never let me down.


However, the most notorious fixed star Algol, the guilty part for many death perils, is also positioned on my Mercury. According to the position of Mercury in the III house ( childhood), it could be concluded that some of the "accidents" occurred in the earliest part of my life. Since Algol is ruled by Venus, which is also the ruler of the III house ( sister), me and my sister nearly drowned in sea once. Venus, the ruler of Algol, is positioned in Gemini, which implicates fun and games, whereas the 4° degree of Venus, degree of Cancer, implicates playing in water. Venus also symbolizes a ball, any round shape, so my sister and I were playing with round inflated swimming bladders. Strong waves suddenly carried them away and we started drowning, grasping at each other. Venus in Gemini, which represents shoulders and arms, came to the rescue embodied in our parent's arms (Venus in the IV house – parents) , so it all ended well.
Furthermore, Mercury is also the ruler of the V house ( fun, holiday, summer vacation), as well as the VIII house ( death peril), so that had to happen during our summer vacation at the seaside, when all conditions for Algol's activity were fulfilled.


One other event provoked by the powers of Algol happened after we moved to the town Banja Luka. The reason for change of dwelling is represented by Venus, the ruler of the IV and III house (sister). Because of Gemini, where Venus is positioned, my sister's breathing apparatus, lungs and bronchi, were very sensitive, so she couldn't stand living in Novi Sad any longer because of the city smoke. Therefore Venus determined the place of my dwelling ( IV house) in some other town, where I finished elementary school ( III house ruled by Venus). Mercury itself, being near the top of the IV house, denotes the change of the dwelling place, whereas Algol again got the opportunity to become active. We lived on the first floor of the house in Banja Luka and rented the ground floor (Taurus). It was often the target of many thieves and criminals ( Algol ) who raided and robbed the firms to which we rented that floor. One night the worst incarnation of Algol appeared. There was a bomb attack in front of our house, all the windows on the ground floor got smashed, and all we heard afterwards were sounds of a getaway car and few shots fired in the air. Since none of the family members has got Algol positioned at the top of the IV house except me, the bomb fell right under my window, and the explosion literally threw me out of the bed which was placed next to the window with a view on the street. Even the street we lived in had an Algolian defect : it was a dead-end street ( Algol symbolizes blindness – situation with no way out )! However, because of the influence of Mercury (speech, written works), the street bore the name of a famous writer. Mercury on IC ( change of one's dwelling place), positioned in Taurus, which symbolizes youth and beauty, explains why the town where we moved had to be Banja Luka, full of greenery and flowers, widely known as " the town of youth ". Of course, Mercury had to be fully realized in the 3th house (means of communication), so news about the explosion was soon heard on the radio programme, broadcasted from the nearby radio station in the same street!


Algol on IC was active several times in different ways, but always as an omnious symbol of bad luck. It happened once that a car (Mercury) appeared all of a sudden in front of our house, burning in flames and almost exploded. Some other time, a house across the street was completely burned down (Algol again), and children were those who set fire, since Taurus represents youth. The repetition of similar situations caused by the position of Mercury with Algol is much due to the retrogradation of Mercury.
Algol showed its less dangerous features during high school period, which is V house, where Mercury comes from. A Muslim girl friend of mine was in Germany, in a refugee camp ( Algol symbolizes believers of Islam, whereas camp surrounding is also part of its domain). She sent me a huge package full of chocolate (Taurus implies food, sweets) by mail (Mercury in III house). Her reply to my gratefulness was another package of the same content, which fulfilled the retrogradation of my Mercury.

Since I mentioned food, Algol just can't leave me alone even in that matter. Once I was in the middle of eating a delicious pizza, when I felt something strange in my mouth – it was a nail, quite large one, which nearly ended up in my stomach. Therefore, I warmly recommend everyone with emphasized Algol to study it carefully and thoroughly, and to be prepared at any time to cope with unpleasant surprises it may bring.
Luckily, our natal chart doesn't consist only of one planet and a bad-tempered fixed star, so apart from nails, one can come across some other, more valuable objects, for instance – gold. Personal belongings, money and other values are the subject of II house, which in my case is in Pisces. The ruler is Neptune in X house (success, the highest position), so I almost have a habit of finding valuable things that others lost. It happened to me while I was at the seaside ( Neptune) in a foreign country ( Neptune in Sagittarius) – I found something lost, since Neptune is at the 12° degree (lost, hidden). When I was on my summer vacation at the seaside, I found a golden wedding ring, with a name engraved on it – FAITH! Neptune, the sea god, thus gave me something more than gold – a faith in God's justice.


Author: professor Aleksandra Blatesic

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