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Some days after the announcement of returns for presidential election in America, a friend of mine, an astrology lover, called me from a far off, overseas land to express his concerns about the future of astrology. Namely, all internationally recognized astrologers had « failed » in their forecasts. All of them saw Kerry as the future American President instead of the actual winner, Bush. In addition, he informed me that « an internationally renowned astrologer » argued it was impossible to use astrology to predict the winner.... We both had quite a laugh at the absurdness of this. It was as if a world-renowned doctor argued « the medicine does not cure...”!


Naturally, my friend wanted to know why I hadn't published my forecast about election returns in America since it was an event of a planetary significance. He was convinced that I would not have made a mistake. I answered that I normally publish the forecasts in the correctness of which I am certain, which explains why my prognoses are rarely wrong. I added that I hadn't been very interested in these elections and, truth be told, I began to find this country rather dull. I kind of wanted Bush to win simply to support another one of my forecasts given in the text America-The End of an Empire... At the end of our conversation, I told him that a couple of months before the elections I had glanced through the birth chart of John Kerry and it crossed my mind »...here's a new President...».


Having ended this conversation I started to wonder «...How come that all of them failed in their forecasts? What was it that they hadn't seen in the birth chart of George Bush?». Astrological explanation for the misanalyses of so many astrologers can be seen in the position of Uranus (astrology) in Pisces (to be wrong), and Neptune (to make a mistake) in Aquarius (astrology). However, this is an implausible explanation since it indicates that in the course of Uranus transiting Neptune through Pisces and Aquarius no astrologer will be able to provide a correct forecast, which is absurd. These aspects will just increase the likelihood of a mistake and nothing more.


Which birth charts need to be analysed?

Astrological forecast is a serous business for, if you want to predict, for instance, the winner of the elections in a country, you will need to meticulously analyse and intensely focus on the following birth carts:


-Horoscope of the beginning of elections
-Horoscope of main candidates
-Solar return chart of both candidates in the year of the elections
-Solar return chart of the country in question
-Biwheel chart of the birth chart and Solar return chart of respective candidates
-Comparative horoscope of the birth chart and horoscope of elections of respective candidates...


As you see, it is a painstaking and time-consuming job.


First I started to analyse the comparative birth charts of J. Bush and beginning of elections in America. It took me no more than a few minutes with his chart to clearly see the reasons for his victory. Having done that and realizing my laziness and inertness that made me « loose another good forecast...» I got so mad at myself that I hardly managed to get some sleep that night.


And you can see for yourself just how easy it was.


According to the details provided on the Internet, John Kerry was born on 11/12/1943, 08:03 AM CST +6:00, (104W50'12'' 39N44'43'')
He is a double Sagittarius and his Sun (to be the President) is in the 1st house trine (the best aspect - with ease, successfully...) Jupiter, the ruler of both his Ascendant and the Sun, placed in the powerful fixed star Regulus symbolising the top, main presidential position.

The power of this fixed star is illustrated in the horoscope of Monica Lewinsky. She has Venus placed at this fixed star ruling her Ascendant and the 8th house (sex). That is why oral sex (Venus) with the then President of America, Clinton, (Regulus-someone taking the top position) made her famous.

George Bush was born on 6/7/1946. 07:26 AM EDT +4:00 (072W55’43’’ 41N18’29’’) under the sign of Cancer, Ascendant Leo.


How to direct your analysis?

For majority of astrologers, this seems to present the biggest problem. One should use only the fundamental astrological knowledge.
John Kerry is a double Sagittarius and thus represented by Jupiter. Since George Bush was born under Cancer - Ascendant Leo - he is represented by the Moon and the Sun.


In mundane, political astrology, Moon represents people i.e. constituency while the Sun rules a President. Aspects are also important. Trine and sextile are favourable aspects carrying more votes while opposition and square, being unfavourable aspects, bring less votes i.e. carry votes against a candidate. Depending on the quality of the planets, a conjunction can be beneficial as well as an adverse aspect.


What makes it a lot easier here is the fact that only three planets are « in the game “: the Moon which symbolises voters but also Bush (Moon rules his Sun); the Sun symbolising a person standing for presidential elections, Bush as a current President running for the election, and Bush as a person (Sun rules his Ascendant); and Jupiter symbolising Kery.


Horoscope of beginning of voting

The election started on 2.11.2004. 09:00 AM EST +5:00 White House (077W02'13'' 38N53'50''). This chart shows the Moon (voters) trine the Sun, indicating that the majority of voters will choose old President – Bush; similarly, the Sun as the ruler of Ascendant symbolises Bush.
The same chart shows the Moon (constituency) square Jupiter. This aspect symbolises Cerrey and indicates that the voters (Moon) will turn against (square) him (Jupiter).
Thus, the horoscope of the very beginning of voting announces the outcome.

Comparative natal horoscope of G. Bush

and horoscope of start of election

This comparative horoscope, so to say, has «Bush as a winner written all over it». See for yourself:

-Sun in the election horoscope trines the Sun in Bush’s birth chart
- The Moon (voters) transits Bush’s native sign i.e. his Sun symbolising both him as a President (Sun) and his personality (ruler of his Ascendant)
-North Nod (gain, victory) transits his 10th house (victory, success, to come first, to be the President)
-Sun in the horoscope of the start of elections, symbolizing Bush as President as well as his personality, is placed, as a ruler, exactly at the natal Fortune of George Bush horoscope!

This brought luck to Bush (fortune) in a close Presidential run!


Why was it a «close run»?

It was a close victory because the horoscope i.e. the position of planets in Kerry’s horoscope was extremely powerful. The ruler of his Sun (to be the President) Jupiter in Leo (President) conjunction powerful fixed star Regulus (to be at the top) helped by Sun trine Jupiter at Regulus is an extremely powerful astrological mix which, in most cases, yields success. Such astrological combination misled all astrologers about the outcome of presidential elections in the USA. Therefore, such mix of planets helped Kerry to get a lot of votes and get the support from abroad (Jupiter). In addition, on the election date, Jupiter was transiting his 10th house (also implying presidential position).


However, this «killer combination» was spoiled by opposition (to be against) of the Moon (voters) conjunction Saturn (conservative voters, elderly voters and also bad luck, bummer). Similarly, on the election day, the South Node (loss, to loose) was in conjunction with Kery’s Venus ruling his 10th house (success, victory, to be the President).


What additionally contributed to Kerry's misfortune?

Just a couple of days before the election, Bin Laden «a major world terrorist» gave a statement in an address which considerably helped Bush. Just remember, the Sun in Bush’s horoscope (President) is in the 12th house.


He won the first presidential election (Sun) with the help of symbolic of the12th house i.e. 12th sign of Pisces – by suppressing votes. The ruler of the Sun (to be the president), the Moon, is in the 3rd house and thus, he had been helped by his brother (3rd house).
This time, however, he was helped by the main terrorist (Sun-main, in the 12th house - terrorist).The 12th house also symbolises terrorism.

Closing this article I cannot help applying my theory on the degrees. On the election date, the Sun (President) was at the 10th degree trine Moon (voters). This means that voters (Moon) will vote (trine) for the current, old president (Sun-President at the 10th degree symbolizing 10th sign of Capricorn –former, old).


By the way, I was very pleased by Bush’s victory for the simple reason that I needed him to prove one of my forecasts correct (to be found in my text America-the End of an Empire). Namely, my forecast was that America headed by G. Bush will loose power (again I revert to the position of his Sun – government, power in the 12th house – to loose).

Go, Go Bush!


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