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For a long time now it has been widely known that Mercury ruling travels and all forms of conveyance when retrograde brings troubles in traffic - starting from minor ones such as difficulties, delay, traffic jams and gridlocks to the most serious ones with the gravest consequences (serious traffic accidents with human losses).
Early this year, Mercury went retrograde

and brought similar problems. January 8 was the worst. On that day, in America, North Carolina, an airplane crashed taking the tall of 21 passengers and crewmembers. About the same time, on the other side of the world, in Turkey, two military planes crashed, and just an hour later, a liner crashed and 75 passengers and crewmembers died.


Unfortunately, more often than not it happens that none of the passengers and crewmembers survive plane accidents. Very seldom a passenger or crewmember stays alive, especially if a plane accident occurs at bigger altitudes. However, the only person who survived the fall of an airplane from 10 km altitude is a woman from our country, Vesna Vulovic. She became famous for this kind of “ blessing in disguise “ all over the world and entered the Guinness Book of Records.


Vesna Vulovic was born on August 6, 1949 in Belgrade (20 E 30, 44 N 50) at 16: 43. She was born under Leo, Ascendant Capricorn.

Placidus Houses

Vesna Vulovic



For the analysis of her horoscope it is interesting to note the interview she gave for Aviation Security International magazine in 2001… “ After graduating from secondary school (ruler of the 5th house – secondary school – Venus conjunction Saturn – classics-program education), I went to university to study English. Having completed the first year of my studies, I left for London to improve my English (when Venus the ruler of the ninth house (studies) is placed in Virgo, as in Vesna’s horoscope, it almost always implies work or practice (Virgo) of the subject we study). From England I went to Stockholm. (The ruler of the ninth house Venus conjunction Saturn – she went to a country born under the sign of Capricorn – England, and then to a country with severe and long winters – Sweden). My parents were constantly worried that I would become a drug addict in those foreign countries (Neptune – drugs in the ninth house – foreign country) and they kept pressuring me to return to Belgrade (Saturn (return) conjunction Venus ruling the fourth house – parents, homeland). “


People with the Ascendant in Capricorn are often inclined to return to the previous circumstances, areas or situations. Ruler of the Ascendant (action, first step) Saturn, placed in Virgo (work, job) at the degree of Virgo (sixth degree) “ urges “ her to get a job upon return (Saturn). Sixth house often describes the job of our first choice. Her sixth house begins in the sign of Gemini (travels, work in the company dealing with conveyance, transport) at the Gemini degree (15). At the end of the sixth house there is Uranus (airplanes) at the degree of Gemini (3), which determined her career as an airhostess.


Unfortunately, time will prove this life decision wrong. Why?


Whenever the ruler of the Ascendant (physical body) is in the eighth house (house describing life-threatening situations, house of death), sooner or later danger is bound to creep upon a person. Ruler of her Ascendant Saturn is placed in Virgo at Virgo degree (6), which points out that the symbolic of Virgo (work, job) is putting her life in danger (eighth house). Similarly, the ruler of her sixth house (work, during work, at workplace) Mercury is placed in the dangerous eighth house. Thus, there are two indicators telling us that her job will be dangerous for her. In addition, Venus is also placed in the eighth house, and at the cusp of the eighth house there is also an ever-threatening Pluto (death) conjunction Sun (life). Consequently, there is one too many indicators that Vesna’s life will be imperilled.
In my personal opinion, the “critical energies have to meet” in an airplane to produce an accident, i.e. all the persons with traffic accidents in their horoscopes should, at one point, find themselves in an airplane.

Captain Razdrih


Let us take a look at the horoscope of the plane pilot Captain Razdrih. He was born on August 18, 1930, 15: 15, 14 E 27, 45 N 40. His eighth house (death) is placed at the twenty-seventh degree (Gemini degree – traffic) of Cancer, while the ruler of that house, Moon, is placed in the sixth house (on the job) at the eighth degree (Scorpio degree – death) in Gemini (traffic)! Ruler of the Moon Mercury is placed in the ninth house (foreign country); Mercury is in conjunction with fixed star Denebola, which, as I have learned, produces the effects of triple Uranus (explosion). In addition, Mercury squares Mars, which is the unfavourable aspect for traffic.
The most important man in the airplane, the pilot, had it written in his horoscope that he was going to die in his workplace. Vesna Vulovic has similar horoscope. It is certain that the other passengers and crewmembers had similar horoscopes, as well.

When was the accident bound to have happened?


The best indicator is the annual horoscope. Vesna Vulovic’s Ascendant in her annual horoscope for 1971/1972 is at the eighteenth degree of Gemini. When the eighteenth degree of any sign is activated it produces severe effects leading to a major disaster, illness or the like. Accidents happen when planetary aspects are unfavourable. On January 26,1972. at 10.000 meter altitude above the town of Srpska Kamenica in former Czechoslovakia, a bomb exploded in the aeroplane at 17: 05 hours. The bomb was planted by Ustasha terrorists.


It is interesting to note Vesna’s recollections of the day before this tragic event took place:…” The entire crew had the afternoon and evening off, and we also had an afternoon off on the day of the flight. I wanted to go sightseeing in Copenhagen and see the monuments. However, it was as if my colleagues had sensed that something was going to happen. Everyone wanted to buy something for their families and thus, I had to go shopping with them. All of them behaved as if they knew they were going to die. They didn’t talk about it but it was written all over them. The Captain of the plane stayed locked in his room for 24 hours. He didn’t want to go out. The next morning, before we took off, during breakfast the co-pilot kept talking about his son and daughter as if he was the only man among us who had children …”


At the time of the accident, the Moon influencing daily events was at the eighteenth degree of Gemini, while Uranus (bombs, airplane) was at the eighteenth degree of Libra. So, the degree with the worst possible effect was activated. In addition, Uranus was in opposition to a very powerful Mars in Aries, which is the aspect indicating a terrorist action of planting the bomb in an airplane. Moreover, Mars and Uranus squared Mercury (traffic) in Capricorn. The sky was staging a set for a terrible tragedy.


In terms of astrology, we could ask ourselves how come that Vesna survived the fall of the airplane from 10.000 meter altitude?
Firstly, we can see that in her first house (body) she has the planet of fortune, Jupiter. Jupiter in the first house, or favourably aspecting Ascendant, always protects the body.


A woman that survived the Titanic (8 July 1884, 02 W 22, 51 N 23, + 00: 00 GMT, 17: 00) has the ruler of her Ascendant Jupiter in the eighth house (killing) trining her Ascendant. A friend of mine (21. 08. 1963, Beograd, 19: 40) was trapped in avalanche. The ruler of her Ascendant Neptune (to be buried) is in the eighth house (life in danger) in Scorpio (also life danger) square Saturn (snow, ice, mountain). However, in her first house (body) she has Jupiter conjunction Fortune, the point of fortune, and thus it didn’t take long for the rescue team to find her.


Secondly, Vesna was born with the Ascendant (body) in Capricorn, which provides her body with endurance - the major characteristic of this sign. In addition, it is very important to note that her Saturn (stamina, endurance) is in almost exact trine (excellent aspect) with Ascendant and thus, her body (Ascendant) endured (Saturn) all possible injuries (Mars – injury opposition Ascendant). Furthermore, her Sun (life) is in its domicile sign, Leo, at the thirteenth degree which possesses all the characteristics of Aries (life struggle); Sun (life) is also in sextile with both Fortune, the point of fortune, and Neptune (favourable aspect) ruling miracles, deliverance by God.


At the end of this text, I would like to express my opinion that the number of plane accidents would certainly drastically drop if every air company employed a serious astrologer. His/her duties would be to make serious analyses of the horoscope of each employee and select those who may fly from those who may not.


What in a horoscope indicates the danger of dying in an airplane?


There are many indicators: many planets in the eighth house; ruler of the eighth house in the sixth house and the ruler of the sixth house in the eighth house; cusp of the eighth house at the degree of Gemini (3, 15, 27); ruler of the eighth house in Gemini and Aquarius; ruler of the eighth house in the third house; ruler of the eighth house at Gemini degree (3, 15, 27); Mercury and Uranus in the eighth house, especially if unfavourably aspecting Mars; cusp of the eighth house or the ruler of that house at the fifteenth degree of Libra ( Captain Razdrih has MC at that degree ); cusp of the eighth house at Algol or the ruler of that house or planet in the eighth house square Algol ( Vesna has Mercury in the eighth house conjunction Pluto – mass killings - square Algol – mass killings )…


At the very end, let us see what Vesna said about her fortune: “ Everyone think I was lucky (Jupiter in the first house), but they are wrong. I am not lucky (I – Ascendant, am not lucky – Ascendant Capricorn – misery). If I had been lucky this accident would never have happened to me …”
Moon (glory, popularity) in Capricorn (accident) at the 18th degree (major accident) conjunction Jupiter (world) brought her the worldwide reputation and popularity. To us, astrologers, her horoscope is a model of a birth chart of a person who shouldn’t work in an airplane.


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