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Someone once said:…”A top astrologer who does not predict future events cannot be considered a top astrologer …”


Naturally, I fully agree with the above statement.
Since the astrology is a scientific discipline which helps us predict the future events, I focused my astrological work in this direction. In the numerous articles or interviews I attempted to predict the development of future events, mostly political ones. The results of my predictions were, according to many admirers of astrology, remarkable.

See for yourself: 


Accurate predictions


President of America - black person


In the article which I published in Argument weekly exactly 11 years ago (4 August 1997),  entitled America – the End of an Empire, which can be read on the website in Serbian and English, I announced the fall of America at the moment when the BLACK MAN comes to power.

The black American president named Obama is already elected at the time when America faces enormous financial problems and the risk of big recession. Many experts state that this recession will be much worse than the one experienced in the 1930's.

This text will provide you with the prediction that had already happened – terrorist attack on America and the war with Moslems.


Argument 4. August 1997

An extremely strong and powerful Saturn in its native tenth house and exalted in Libra has bestowed on the USA the leading role in the world. More than any other planet, Saturn strives for power over all others, expressing itself through control, restrictions (sanctions) and patronising attitude. Saturn is supported by Mars trine (excellent aspect) Uranus, which boosts its power. Saturn also squares the Sun. Since both planets describe their presidents, the goal of each American president is to make his state even stronger and mightier thus making it closer to its ultimate goal – rule over the whole world. Saturn thus powerful brings the fulfilment of this wish, but also the inevitable downfall. Let us recall that many rulers of the world who had Saturn in the tenth house (Hitler, Cesar, Napoleon, Ivan the Terrible) experienced the downfall and shattering of all their ambitions.


I personally think that this will happen the day a BLACK MAN is elected president ( Saturn presents "people of colour“). It will be interesting to follow the transit of Pluto through their Ascendant. Pluto in Sagittarius intensifies religious fanaticism and rules the twelfth house of the USA horoscope (secret enemies, sudden attacks), thus clashes with people with the pronounced religious fanaticism can be forecast beyond any doubt (Moslems?).«



I wrote this prediction 11 years ago, and it is one of the very easy predictions.


Simply, in the horoscope of America ( 4 July 1776. 17:10 PM LMT +00:00 75W09’51’’ 39N57’08’’) there is Saturn in the 10th house of  Libra.

Libra symbolises colours, Saturn symbolises black colour and the 10th house symbolises the power i.e. the president of a state. Saturn symbolises inevitable fall and loss of power and influence. Many rulers who wanted to achieve so much and eventually lived to see their ambitions shattered had this planet in their horoscope.

To make it worse, Saturn in the 10th house ( black man as President ) is in square ( adverse aspect ) with the Sun, the planet which symbolises the supreme power.


Saturn rules his 2nd house (money, economy) at the 14th degree which carries all the symbolic of Taurus (money again), which is why the fall of America will start with the economic problems (Saturn at the 14th degree, the ruler of the 2nd house), when the BLACK (Saturn) president (10th) becomes the head of their state (10th house).


It is very simple, isn’t it?

It is interesting to note that I made this prediction only after 5 month of my professional work as an astrologer.


President Bush will destroy and weaken America


Someone had to „help“ Obama. This was the President Bush.

This is again an easy prediction.

Text published on the website in Serbian and English was previously published in the magazine 21.Vek. In this magazine, the text was entitled America – the Destiny and the Doom (all articles were entitled by the editor...)

In that article I stressed that the President Bush would weaken America and that the “stone of power (Saturn in the10th house) would start rolling downhill.


It is needless to specify the things he has „done“ in this regard. He finished his rule by pushing America into an enormous economic crisis and even today many proclaim him the worst American President ever.


America-the End of an Empire


Magazine  21. Vek, December 2003


…”Their decline starts exactly from the moment the current President Bush comes to power. He was born on July 6, 1946 at 7hours 26min(72W55, 41N18), EDT, +4:00 under Cancer, Ascendant Leo.

His Sun (power) is at the twelfth house symbolizing LOSS, which means that in the course of his rule his country will start loosing its supremacy which had been so wisely, patiently and calculatedly gained. The stone of power (Saturn in the tenth house) has started to roll downhill...

Saturn (loss) in the tenth house (power) in Libra (colours) square (unfavourable aspect) Sun (power again) tells us that America will loose power when a coloured man is elected President...It can be perceived even now that the current President is surrounded by a lot of coloured people, hence the decline has already started.”


I repeated this prediction in the text published on this website, entitled Why Bush Won?


Putin prolongs his power

In the text The World War 3 published in Nedeljni Telegraf (22 June 2005.), which can be found on the website in Serbian and English, I wrote, among other things, that the then Russian President Putin would try to prolong his stay in power:

”In addition, the present Russian President Putin (07.10.1952.) has the Sun (power, supreme position) conjunction Saturn (extended term of office), which could indicate that his term of office will be extended....”

This was also an easy prediction.

He was born with Leo Ascendant. The ruler of his Ascendant (his intention, action), the Sun (to be in power), is in conjunction with Saturn, the planet symbolising the extension of something and remaining at the same position – in this case, presidential position. Firstly he was elected Prime Minister (10th house in Aries - economy), and now, the rumour has it that he would be elected President with six-year term of office.



 Radovan Karadžić goes to the Hague


Editorship of the magazine Nedeljni Telegraf asked me to analyse the horoscopes and give an overview of the fate of the two most wanted Hague fugitives, Radovan Karadžić and Ratko Mladić.


The article entitled Mladić Goes to the Legend while Karadžić Goes to the Hague was published on 11 May 2005.

I clearly stressed that Radovan Karadžić would be arrested and taken to the Hague. In my text, I described how he would be tracked down:


“His horoscope does not show good aspects for hiding and escaping like that of Ratko Mladić and thus, it is a matter of days when his arrest will take place. His Mercury (the symbol of telephone conversations) square Neptune (wiretapping) can give away his whereabouts. His Neptune (treason) rules his 6th house (his closest collaborators) and thus, it is also a matter of days when someone will give him away.”


In Večernje Novosti daily, ( 06. 08. 2008.) we could read the following:


Given away by his bodyguards
“…The photofit of his new looks, as stated by our source, was made before the alleged information about an odd doctor in Belgrade appeared. As we found out, this photofit was made based on the accurate description which his bodyguards gave to the security services.”


Caught using the mobile phone

Information about the new appearance of Radovan Karadžić, as we learned, however was not critical for his uncovering. He was identified by the fact that his voice was intercepted on the mobile telephone. It was, as we were informed, in the "open area of 20 meters".

Soldiers in Topcider were murdere


On 5 October 2004, two dead solders were found in the elite military barrack in Belgrade, Topcider. Since the investigators could not “reach an agreement” about what really happened there ( the first investigation established that “one soldier killed the other and then committed suicide”, while the second investigation found that they were murdered...), the editorship of Nedeljni Telegraf asked for my astrological analysis in order to establish what actually happened there. My analysis of their horoscope established that they were murdered by the third party.

These days ( 10th November 2008) we could read in the newspapers that an American forensic expert confirmed that they were murdered.


The text was published in Nedeljni Telegraf on 19 January 2005 issue No. 456 and subsequently on the website, in Serbian and English, entitled the Topcider Case.


Politika daily : 10 November 2008


BELGRADE – The attorney Boža Prelević stated that today the expertise of American forensic investigator, Ljubiša Dragović, in the case of death of soldiers in the military barrack Topcider, has shown that the soldiers were murdered by the third person.

„His finding has fully supported the finding and opinion of the independent commission and thus, hopefully, the whole vicious circle regarding what actually happened there was broken”, said Prelević who led the independent commission.

Guardsmen Dragan Jakovljević and Dražen Milovanović died on 5 October 2004 while keeping watch in the military barrack Topcider.


Russia at war in 2008


In the beginning of December 2007, I gave an interview to the magazine Treće Oko regarding the events that will take place in Russia in the following 2008. One part of the prediction was accurate while the other was wrong:


Magazine Treće Oko, 4 December 2007 issue 469


War between Russia and Ukraine


All because of the black gold

’’ – In the horoscope of the new Russia which was founded on 12 June 1990 in Moscow at  9h 45min GMT, in the seventh house symbolising the relations with other countries there is Mars, the planet of war, in Aries which also symbolises war. This means that the new Russian state, in its existence, will inevitably wage wars . Mars square Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn indicate that Russia will be at war with the former Soviet countries which gained independence – most likely with Ukraine because Uranus means separation.

Stojanović states that Mars aspecting Neptune tells us that the reason for the conflict will be oil and oil pipeline because Neptune symbolises ’’black gold’’.

- As the solar horoscope of each country shows whether such country is at war or not, there are many indications that Russia will enter  the inevitable war with Ukraine in the spring of 2008. The horoscope of new Russia for the next year contains a pronounced aspect which indicates the tendency to restore its former territories to its possession.

Our collocutor says that this war is somehow „necessary“ to the world and that it is backed up by America.“


Therefore, it is true that Russia enters the war in 2008. The cause for the war is oil and it will restore the former Soviet territories to its possession and behind this war is America. However, it is not true that this is the war with Ukraine which takes place in the spring.


To make an accurate prediction it is necessary to have the precise horoscope of every country (I don’t think that the time of the foundation of the new Russian state - 9h45min GMT – is accurate).

As for Ukraine, I used the horoscope found in the book of  D. Campion with the Ascendant at the 8th degree of Capricorn. Therefore, Mars of the new Russia in Aries (war) is in the exact square with the Ascendant (territory) of Ukraine, which certainly brings about the conflict between these two countries. The issue is whether this horoscope of Ukraine is accurate...

Mysterious death of Slobodan Milošević in the Hague

This prediction dates from  2001 and has been repeated many times in various articles and interviews in the magazines Balkan, Nedeljni Telegraf, Publika of Podgorica, Nacional, Astrologus...


In Astrologus, issue 12 ( February 2001), in the article entitled the Hague Process I wrote the following sentence:

"However, what I am personally concerned about is the position of his 8th house (death) in Sagittarius (abroad).

The ruler of his 8th house, Jupiter, is in Gemini (door, window ) in the 2nd house ( neck, asphyxia ) in the aspect of a broader square with Neptune and Venus in Virgo, which can indicate a mysterious ( Neptune ) death. Neptune conjunction Venus can indicate to poisoning."

When the time is right, I will write a special text in which I will explain what really happened...


Media dictatorship in Serbia and Montenegro


In the text published in Politika daily (15. 12. 2003.) , entitled «Tycoons believe the Universe» regarding the 2003 Parliamentary elections in Serbia I announced Media Dictatorship in Serbia and Montenegro.

We witnessed that the work of BK TV was magically banned. In addition, the authorities decided to ban the work of some 800 radio stations!
I wrote the following sentence in my text:

«There will also be a "mild" dictatorship, which will particularly affect the media.”

Naturally, this is due to the influence of Saturn (dictatorship) in Gemini –the media- in the 10th house-by the authorities, in the horoscope of misfortunate Serbia and Montenegro which, luckily, fell apart.

Separation of Montenegro and seeking help
from the Vatican and Croatia



My old prediction from 1997. In these 9 years, I have repeated it many times in different interviews and texts.

I have simply noticed that many Belgraders, who own the house on the coast of Montenegro, actually «have the house abroad ».

 In addition, at the cusp of the 4th house (beginning and end) of the horoscope of Serbia and Montenegro there is Pluto (death, destruction). There are 3 degrees to the cusp of the 4th house (end of a state) and if we move Pluto (death, the end) by 3 degrees (one degree, one year), it is easy to reach the prediction that this new state will last only THREE years.


In the interview I gave for Revija D, the magazine from Podgorica, in the very beginning of this year I said that Montenegrins would ask for help from Croatia and the Vatican. In the astro charts, in the horoscope of Milo Đukanović, Jupiter, which symbolises help together with the Sun, goes over Rome – the Vatican and Zagreb.

Only a week after that interview, the Montenegrin President Filip Vujanović visited Rome and the Pope on 17. 01. 2006....

President of Yugoslavia Koštunica,
Prime Minister Zoran Đinđić…

Argument – 28 July 1997

My prediction is that the future President of Yugoslavia will be Vojislav Koštunica, and the Prime Minister will be Zoran Đinđić…

At that time, they were both mere specs on the political sky of Serbia …

War of America against Moslems

Argument – 4 August 1997

In the article entitled The Empire Falling Apart, I proved that the United States of America was born in Sagittarius Ascendant ( 12th degree). At the time, the common belief was that the USA was born in Gemini Ascendant. The Book of World’s Horoscopes by Nick Campion provides a wide range of  “ accurate “ Ascendants: Libra, Scorpio, Virgo, Aquarius… My train of thought was as follows: If the Ascendant of a state symbolizes its territory and population (people) that founded it, than the USA has to be born in Sagittarius Ascendant because America was founded by foreigners (Sagittarius) and, from the moment of its existence, America keeps expanding (Sagittarius – Jupiter – expansion-growth) its territory (Ascendant). Naturally, the analysis of other houses also supports the accuracy of Ascendant – Sagittarius.

In addition to my forecast that America will face its decline (Saturn) when a black man takes the lead (Saturn in the 10th house – black man as a ruler – Saturn – or coloured – Saturn in the sign of Libra – colours), I closed my article stating the following:

“…It will be interesting to observe Pluto transiting its Ascendant (12th degree of Sagittarius). Pluto in Sagittarius pronounces the religious (Sagittarius) fanaticism (Pluto) and rules the 12th house of the USA horoscope (secret enemies, sudden attacks). Thus, with a great deal of certainty, one may forecast the conflicts with people among which an extreme religious fanaticism prevails (Moslems?)…”

Therefore, I announced the war of America against Moslems as far back as 1997, when they were close allies.


Elections in Montenegro

Argument – 13 October 1997

Elections in Montenegro. At the time when the vote was overwhelmingly in favour of M. Bulatovic as opposed to M. Djukanovic, I predicted that Djukanovic was going to win the elections but would take great pains to prove his victory, and that Montenegro will find itself on the brink of the civil war …

When I took this article to the Argument editorial office, this forecast seemed such a fiction that the editors wouldn’t publish it. Their comments were:…” This is not possible,…You have really failed this time!”

The developments upon the voting results in Montenegro (Montenegro was on the brink of civil war…) absolutely matched my predictions …


Death of Lady Diana

Argument – 20 October 1997

In my article on the death of Lady Diana, I clearly pointed out that she was killed in the assassination orchestrated by the Queen Elisabeth and Prince Charles. At that time, no one in the world mentioned such possibility and only two years after my article, the similar rumours started going about. Anyway, just take a look at the comparative horoscopes of Lady Diana and Queen Elisabeth as well as the horoscope of Prince Charles, where the cusp of the 2nd house (8 house counting from the seventh - wife – Lady Diana) is placed at the 22nd degree of Leo ruled by the Sun in Scorpio at the same 22nd degree (to kill, to be killed)…


Bill Gates loses a large sum of money

Argument – 17 November 1997

In the article entitled The Power of the Second Degree of Leo, writing about Bill Gates horoscope at the time when he had lost a billion dollars, I wrote that it was only the beginning and that he would soon loose much more. Two years after, he lost 10 billion dollars…




War in Kosovo

Argument – 16 March 1998

Writing about events in Kosovo and Metohija I gave my forecast in the title of my article: Negotiations Start in June and Followed by Violent Clashes …Unfortunately, I was right. The conflict between the Serbs and members of the KLA escalated in Kosmet …


The number of drug edicts will go up in Belgrade,
floods, danger from poisons…


Argument – 25 May 1998

In the article entitled Belgrade is Ugly but Charming, I uncovered my finding – Ascendant of the city of Belgrade is at the 26th degree of Libra and the cusp of the 4th house is at the 2nd degree of Aquarius.

Due to Neptune transiting the 2nd degree of Aquarius, I foretold the increased number of lunatics and drug edicts (Neptune) in the streets as well as floods and danger of poisoning. Only three days after the article had been published, the accident happened on the Pancevacki road where a tank carrying liquid ammonia suffered damage and dozens of people were poisoned …

During Neptune’s exact transiting the cusp of the 4th house of Belgrade horoscope at the 2nd degree of Aquarius, drug addiction was widespread and floods were common. Very often very dense fogs came down, as well (Neptune).

In my article I also explained the influence of Uranus at the 2nd degree of Aquarius: “…The planet Uranus symbolizes a rebellion, revolt, demonstrationshence, transiting the 2nd degree of Aquarius it brought about demonstrations in Belgrade. Uranus symbolizes noise and thus, a large number of Belgraders banged at pots and pens (2nd degree – the degree of Taurus – pots and pens), played loud music, blew whistles. The main motto of those demonstrations (the winter of 1996 – 1997) was: “ Noise (Uranus) is in fashion “. 


Bombing of Serbia

Argument – 5 October 1998

In the article entitled Warning to the Serbs, I clearly indicated the forthcoming danger of bombing. Unlike the other astrologers, I was the only one who insisted that the bombing was bound to happen …

It took me two months of research to reach this forecast by analyzing the annual horoscopes of America, the NATO, Yugoslavia, Milosevic, Clerk and surrounding countries (Romania, Greece, Bulgaria). As you see, the serious and accurate analysis calls for arduous and meticulous work. 

Fall of Milosevic

Palma TV, July 1999.

In the summer of 1999, I was the guest of Palma TV and I unmistakably predicted the fall of Milosevic in 2000. It is interesting to mention that after my appearance on Palma TV, the emissaries of all major political parties at that time came to consult me. All of them were given the same answer: “ Milosevic will be brought down in the insurrection…” Their reactions were identical – they looked at me in bewilderment saying: “ Have you forgotten the police and the army…? “

I also looked at them in bewilderment, thinking: “ And have you forgotten that the members of police and army are also people? “

He, who becomes alienated from his people, gets the people!


Separation of Montenegro, Vojvodina gets the autonomy

Interview, ID magazine, February 14, 2001

I announced the separation of Montenegro from Serbia (this is my old forecast back from 1997 because I noticed that many Belgraders with the house in Montenegro, in their horoscopes, actually, have the house “ in a foreign country “), possibility that Kosovo may be divided into Serbian and Albanian area, and also presented the possibility that big international rulers might have assigned Serbian territory to some other people! 


Assassination and murder of
Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Đinđic

Interview, Nacional daily February 27, 2002

The title of my interview was also my forecast:
"Djindjic is under threat of assassination. If he survives, no one will be able to remove him from power ".

When the time is right I will publish my astrological article at this site explaining how I came to this forecast …


Koštunica loses his presidency

Interview, Publika, May 1, 2002

I repeated my forecast about Zoran Djindjic assassination, I also announced the assassination on Djukanovic, and that Kostunica will lose power, which was his presidency at that time...

Accurate result of Parliamentary election in Serbia,
December 2003


Published in Politika daily on 15 December 2003

"...Astrologer Nikola Stojanović claims that he had been contacted by leaders of almost all parties asking him to see what the future brings.

However, he refused. He doesn’t like them. From the array of all his accurate prognoses he points out to his forecast of the fall of Milošević regime after the uprising in 1999, loss of billion Dollars for Bill Gates, conspiracy in the Buckingham Palace in connection with the death of Lady Diana... Stars also told Stojanović that Josip Broz Tito was born in Vienna.

 So, what do stars and planets say? Who are the ones to enter Parliament and who are the ones to enter history? Stojanović says that on the day of the election, 28 December, the Moon symbolizing people was in Pisces which tells us about low turnouts. The Moon (people) is placed at the 11th degree implying change, which means that people want the change of those in power.


He also notices that, since the Moon is placed in Pisces, people are confused by a very bad choice of political parties.

– On that day, Moon will be in opposition to Jupiter, the planet symbolizing democracy, which means the people will turn against Democratic Party – this is how Nikola reads the messages from above. 


This star expert sees the Moon in Pisces which is the sign under which Serbian Radical Party was born and, according to him, this tells us that many citizens will vote for the Radicals. Thus, according to Stojanović, Radicals will be the biggest winners in these elections, closely followed by the Democratic Party of Serbia.


Favourable aspects of the Moon, Saturn (tradition) and the Sun (power) in Capricorn (old form of rule) tell Stojanović that many people will choose the parties of monarchist block because these two planets represent the old form of rule (kingdom, monarchy).


Stojanović claims that after the election some of the members of current ruling parties will find themselves behind bars. In addition, a "mild" dictatorship will be introduced which will be particularly reflected in media…


Text entitled America – the End of an Empire, which is published
on this website, contains, for the time being,
three accurate prognoses

1. At the end of December, the text America-the End of an Empire was put on this website. It contained the forecast about SANCTIONS that will be imposed on America by the rest of the world. On March 1, one of the news was that Europe imposed TRADE sanctions on America..... Naturally, it is just the beginning...


"...In the horoscope of America, the 10th house describes the way they try to rule the whole world and similarly, the way they LOOSE the power over the entire world. This house begins in the sign of Libra (diplomacy, alliance, association), meaning that the Americans will loose their supremacy after ALL OTHER COUNTRIES MAKE AN ALLIANCE AGAINST America; Saturn (sanctions) in their 10th house, tells us that all the rest of the world will IMPOSE SANCTIONS ON THEM; thus, they lose their leading position as a result of diplomatic activities and alliance of other countries against them. These activities include: expulsion of embassies from (almost) all countries in the world; denying civil and military airplanes the clearance to land in many countries in the world; denying American citizens visa for almost all countries in the world; imposing boycott of American products …"

2. In the speech in which the President of Russia addressed his people after the monstrous terrorist attack in Beslan in which children were cruelly murdered, he said:

” Russia has been attacked… terrorism is just a tool for them to achieve their goals …”

 There is also a sentence in the text:
…Thus, we come to the true SENSE of » current danger of terrorism in the world “…ATTACK ON RUSSIA DISGUISED AS TERRORISM  …”

3. Checnian (?) terrorists placed 20 million dollar bounty on Russian President Putin’s head …

There is a sentence in the text:
…Thus, Russian President Putin is in danger (Pluto at the 22nd degree) of being murdered while in power (Leo)…

 As far as I know, so far there have been FIVE attempted assassinations of the President Putin...


"America-End of an Empire" Integral text


 Inflation in Serbia 2005


Glas Javnosti 16 December 2000

In the text entitled Dinkić is Watched Over by the Stars published in Glas Javnosti, I announced a high inflation in 2005. As we can see, the inflation has already started... This text can be read in my first book The Interpreters of Divine Manuscript.

…” The only adverse aspect of his Jupiter is the opposition with Neptune. This aspect brings the danger of bankruptcy and inflation. Solar horoscopes tell us about when this is supposed to happen. Solar horoscopes for 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 are excellent and indicate the years of big Dinkić’s success. The dangerous year (inflation, our money loses its value) is 2005 when there is Jupiter square Neptune in Mr. Dinkić’s horoscope, which indicates to the possibility of high inflation.


To conclude, appointment of Mr. Dinkić for a Governor is an excellent choice, but only until 2005.


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