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I become nostalgic whenever I recall a GENUINE journalism when a (pleasant) duty of a reporter was to come by his workplace on a regular basis i.e. visit the newspaper agency he reports for. With the emergence of computers and the Internet, scintillating and dynamic discussions, meetings with interesting people and their accounts of unusual life events have, sadly, become a long gone past. Today, you simply get a phone call, they commission an article, you type it on your computer and send it to the Agency via the Internet – and that's it. It seems that journalism, just like all other things, has started to loose its spirit.


I made my first journalistic steps in 1997 as an astrologer-journalist in Argument Weekly. The owner and editor-in-chief was Ratko Dmitrovic, and his deputy and, in my opinion, the best editor ever, was Miroslav Jankovic-Janka. I was looking forward to every Monday when I would visit the editorial office to discuss my articles for the next issue.


At the very start of our cooperation, it didn't take me long to convince them that all my texts MUST CONTAIN PROFESSIONAL ASTROLOGICAL INTERPRETATIONS. At the time, in Serbian journalism, a professional astrological article published in a serious newspaper was a novelty. I explained that, in Serbia, there were many people going for astrology and thus, we would have a chance to expand our readership to the astrology lovers while, by proving that astrology is a science, we would eliminate complaints such as »...why do you publish this rubbish in your newspaper...». I was completely right about it. A large number of reputable Serbian intellectuals spoke very highly of Argument astrology section. This is how astrology entered Serbian journalism using a front-door approach.
Today, it has become quite common – at least for the author of this text – that a serious newspaper ask for a text with professional astrological interpretations. In the West, this would be unthinkable since astrological texts are published exclusively in professional astrological magazines.


Some ten days ago, the editorial board of the renowned Nedeljni Telegraf weekly asked for my professional astrological analyses of the events that took place in the TOPCIDER CASE.


On 5 October, 2004 at about 09:10 a.m. shots were fired in the area of TopCider hill in Belgrade. Bodies of two sentries, members of the elite Guards Units, were found at their post. This case raised the alarm and soon two commissions were set up to establish the facts about this tragic event. Military commission found that one sentry, having killed his fellow soldier, committed suicide. Civil commission, however, claimed that both soldiers had been murdered.


For the purpose of dynamics, Nedeljni Telegraf published the text about this case in the form of an interview. Birth datas of the killed soldiers were provided from their parents.


19. 1. 2005.


Guards gunned down in an ambush


Unexplained tragedies have become increasingly common in the Army of Serbia and Montenegro. The Government and high military officials have still not given a clear explanation as to the reasons and circumstances under which 9 army members lost their lives last February. Since the investigation of the two commissions – civil and army – has not shed light on the circumstances under which soldiers Drazen Milovanovic and Dragan Jakovljevic died, NT turned to an astrologer, Nikola Stojanovic, asking him to make an attempt to uncover the secret of their death in the stars.


-The events concerning the army and those in the army i.e. soldiers can be explained in the interpretation of the horoscope of a particular country. One should analyse the 6th house and the position of Mars which also symbolises army and soldiers – astrologer Nikola Stojanovic stated for NT.

Does this mean that events happening in the army are written in the stars?


-In the horoscope of the newly formed state, Serbia and Montenegro (4/2/2003, Belgrade, 20:07) the 6th house describing military service and soldiers begins in Aquarius. This sign is ruled by two planets – Uranus and Saturn. In astrology, Uranus symbolises SUICIDES. In the horoscope of the new state Uranus is placed in the 6th house (army, soldiers) in Aquarius (suicides, as well), which tells us that among those in the military service, the number of suicides will go up.
However, the other ruler of the 6th house (army), Saturn, is at the ominous 22nd degree which, in astrology, bears the symbolic of – to kill, be killed. Thus, the position of the 6th house (army) rulers – Uranus and Saturn - tells us that SUICIDES and KILLINGS will be equally common in the army of this new state. Unfortunately, this proved to be true.


How is it possible to tell between events in a particular case? Is astrology able to distinguish between persons who committed suicide and those killed?


-Horoscope interpretations clearly show how a person’s life ended. One needs to seek the explanation in the 8th house of a horoscope describing the way someone died. The astrological analysis of this particular house provides precise answers as to what had happened to a particular person.


The «Topcider Case» has produced contradictory results of the enquiry...And what about astrology? How did those two ill-fated soldiers loose their lives?


-Private Drazen Milovanovic (24/4/1983, Cuprija 21E23 43N56, 8h) was born under Taurus with Ascendant in Gemini. The ruler of his Ascendant (his personality, his body) is placed at the misfortunate 22nd degree (to kill, to be killed) in the 12th house (assassinations, hidden assaults), which indicates that he was killed in a treacherous attack. The ruler of his 8th house (death) is at the cusp of the 6th house (military service) in Scorpio (death). This is why it all happens during his service in the army. Many planets in the 12th house indicate assassination while Mars (shot, bullet) in Taurus (forest, bush) tells us that the shots were fired from a bush or behind a tree.

Placidus Houses


Placidus Houses


Drazen Milovanovic


Does this mean that his astrological aspects unmistakeably indicate murder?

-In his birth chart Uranus, the planet ruling suicides, has no influence on this event whatsoever. Thus, I can declare under full responsibility that Drazen was killed.


Was this tragic ending also written in the stars for his army mate?

-The second private Dragan Jakovljevic (29/4/1983 Sabac 19E42 44N45, 15:30) was born under Taurus with Ascendant in Virgo. It is interesting to note that his Ascendant (his personality, his body) is at the 21st degree and 43 minutes of Virgo. Only a minute later than recorded time of birth his Ascendant would be at the 22nd degree meaning – to kill, to be killed. In addition, in his 8th house (death) there is the Sun (life) at the threatening 8th degree (death, life danger). The Sun rules his 12th house (hidden attacks, assassinations), which additionally tells us that he was murdered in an ambush, assassinated. His 8th house (death, life danger) starts in Aries symbolising firearms. Mars, the ruler of this sign, is in Taurus which symbolises forest, bush or a tree.

The analysis of their respective birth charts tells us that they were killed in an ambush.

Dragan Jakovljevic


How do you explain so many «different versions» about the way they died?

-It will be interesting to look at their 7th house describing court and forensic expertise.
In Drazen's horoscope there is Neptune in the 7th house (court, forensic) symbolising a mistake or a conscious or unconscious lie.
In Dragan's horoscope, the 7th house begins in Pisces ruled by Neptune...Therefore, here were have identical situation.



Interview by Branka Djurisic


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