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Uncovering the secret of each ZODIAC DEGREE, the author of this website has developed a unique method of horoscope interpretation containing the following components:

  • fundamental symbolic of a sign

  • fundamental symbolic of a planet

  • fundamental symbolic of a house

  • planetary aspects

  • rulers of houses

  • zodiac degrees of Nikola Stojanovic

  • reversal of planetary energy

  • rectification


Serbian School of Astrology is fundamentally based on the assertion that: The secret of astrology lies in its fundamentals!


Since I have not noticed that anyone in the world uses this method, I decided to call this unique system of horoscope interpretation Serbian School of Astrology. The texts published on this website, along with my accurate forecasts, prove the effectiveness of this system.


Many talented Serbian astrologers have adopted this astrological approach and thus, I will allow my self to claim that this is a specific astrological approach to horoscope interpretation.





My clients had the most influence on definition and development of this astrological approach! My beginnings with clients were marked with my dissatisfaction in interpretations and attempts to provide concrete answers to my clients’ concrete questions. At first, I provided rather a general astrological analysis which contained very few concrete details. This gave clients the impression that precise interpretations and direct answers are probably “impossible to seek from astrology…”.


Having Ascendant in Virgo with very strong 6th house which bears a fundamental symbolic of Virgo – perfectionism, I was eager to provide the interpretations as precise and concrete as possible. My assumption was that all events in a life of a person must be reflected in a birth chart. If planetary energy exerts its influence on the life path of a person thus defining it, there must be a clear and precise way to analyze a birth chart producing clear, concrete and precise information.


I committed myself to the research and, in my extensive practice, I managed to define main and manifold symbolic of each Zodiac sign, planet and each astrological house. In time, I uncovered the secret of each degree of the Zodiac circle (Each degree of the Zodiac circle has the main characteristics of the analogous Zodiac sign). Over the period of time, my knowledge of main symbolic of each astrological house has expanded. My idea was based on the work of a great Serbian astrologer Svetlana Panjković. Time has also taught me about the reversal of energies – how to make all planets with good but also bad influence “work” to our benefit... All of this was verified in my daily work with clients.




Goal and specific characteristic of

Serbian School of Horoscope Interpretation

Major goal of this astrological approach is to obtain clear and concrete information which will enable (perfectly) precise astrological analysis.

For example, when purchasing a house, what location to choose, size of an apartment/house, size of widows, balconies, bedroom, color of walls and entrance door, type of furniture, which family member possesses the best energy for choosing an apartment. If all family members have an adverse horoscope for the selection of an apartment - how to REVERSE planetary energies to diminish their adverse influence and make them express their beneficial impact i.e. make them “work” for us.

In addition, when it comes to job and earnings, it can be clearly seen what kind of job it is and when it should be started, in what part of the city or place where client lives an office should be opened, what kind of persons to employ in what job positions, what other companies should be taken as partners, what countries and towns are beneficial for business cooperation, which year is crucial for the expansion of business and what are possible mistakes and hazards of particular business...


Therefore, this interpretation method helps draw a vast number of very concrete information from a birth chart and subsequently, client can be given many useful pieces of advice.

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