Robbery and attempt of murder

Nikola Stojanovic

(15 October 2008, Belgrade 12h26min)


I woke up at the "crack of dawn”, around 12 in the afternoon , crawled to the cooker and started to make coffee (I just love coffee – Virgo Ascendant)... I glanced at my mobile, saw a couple of missed calls, some were made as early as 9 a.m. – which is TOO EARLY for any astrologer (Neptune—sleeping in Aquarius - astrology, astrologers – exalted, meaning that almost all astrologers are sleeping when other people start their work...)...I saw that the same number was missed two times. The number seemed familiar and I immediately called back.


I heard the voice of my former student: " My apartment has just been robbed and the guy WANTED TO KILL ME !  I saw it in his eyes!  I was coming back from the shop, carrying my bags...while I was unlocking the door someone just pushed me into the apartment, shut the door and locked it. He was holding the gun in his hand!

He pointed it to my head! I just sat down...

He said : "I’m not a rapist or a junky, I just need the money badly!"

"Why do you need the…"

"I’m in debts up to my head, I need to pay them back "

He is still holding the gun pressed to her head.

She takes out her wallet, there is 5000 dinars inside...gives him the money and says:“ I’m sorry, that’s all I have ".

 She still sees the danger and determination in his eyes, which tells her that he wants to kill her! At that moment she remembered that the transiting Sun is at the 22nd degree ( to kill, be killed) and that the transiting Sun ruling her Ascendant  (she, her personality, body..) is going over the transiting Pluto (death, murder, rape) and that Venus and Mars are in Scorpio (danger from rape or murder)...

Her mind reeled : " I have the Sun ( Sun rules her Ascendant –SHE) in the 8th house— whether I’ll be killed or not  depends on me...


Why does it depend on her?  The ruler of Ascendant in the 8th house makes us encounter dangers but also GET OUT OF THEM –SAVE OURSELVES from them.


Her  Ascendant is in Leo ( Ascendant, among other things, symbolises the way other people see and experience us). It often bestows the look of a SUCCESFUL (Leo) person. These days, the success is often followed by money...The Sun is at the 26th degree of Aquarius  with all the symbolic of Taurus, which is why people often think that she is very rich.


She thinks quickly:

“My Sun trines Pluto – life danger …therefore, I can save myself ( influence of trine)…Sun sextile Neptune..I have to stay calm (Neptune) I mustn’t become hysterical ( the Sun in the 8th house – life danger, in Aquarius – hysteria square Uranus – hysteria. Therefore, hysteria will directly lead me to the 8th house - death)…”

Slowly and calmly she starts the conversation with him …they talk…he is still holding the gun pointed to her head, however, the hand holding the gun is slightly looser, not clenched …

All of a sudden, he asks: “ What sign are you !?”


“Good, they are good people …” He puts down his hand with a gun, suddenly turns and goes away …

In a shock, remaining motionless in an armchair, she stares emptily as if watching the trace he left behind in the air …

She keeps repeating: “I stayed alive, I’m alive …”


Dragana was born on 15 February 1980 in Subotica (19E39 46N06) at 14h 57min.30sec.

The robbery took place on 15 October 2008 in Belgrade ( 20E30 44N50)  at 12h26min CET-1


Whenever the Ascendant finds itself in the 8th house ( hose of life dangers) such person, in life, often encounters dangers and often by HERSELF, by her/his own fault, consciously or unconsciously. When the Ascendant is ruled by the Sun, the life dangers are EVEN MORE EMPHASIZED because the Sun symbolises LIFE itself.

Dragana is 27. Let us see how many times she “ has crashed into her 8th house” so far :




1. I was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck and was dead for 2 minutes.

( Sun square Uranus in an adverse aspect with Algol – Sun square Algol, Uranus opposition Algol  - the influence of Algol often produces umbilical cord wrapped around the neck at birth.  In a more adverse horoscope, it even produces death at child birth …In addition, the cusp of the 5th house describing the moment of our birth is in Scorpio, at the dangerous 22nd degree)


2. As a baby, I couldn’t breathe because the diaper was stuck to my face together with the food I threw up. My mom had to give me rescue breaths.


3. As a little girl, I was chocking with chocolate while riding bicycle.


4. Later on, again I had food chocking.


 (Food choking is indicated by the position of Sun in her 8th house: Sun also rules her 2nd house and is placed at the 26th degree which, together with all the symbolic of Taurus, emphasizes the danger of  food chocking even more.)


5. My ex-boyfriend tried to strangle me when I was 17 because I broke up with him. He was jealous.


(Her 5th house describing her love relationships i.e. boyfriends begins in Scorpio. This sign symbolises jealousy and pronounced possessiveness; the cusp of the 5th house is on the dangerous 22nd degree– to kill, be killed; Uranus, the planet symbolising break ups and interruptions is placed in the 5th house; Uranus is in square with the Sun, the ruler of her Ascendant – her body, she personally, at the 26th degree (degree of Taurus – suffocation, throat).


Therefore, because of the break up (Uranus), her boyfriend (5th house), being jealous (Scorpio) tried  to kill (22nd degree, as well as Uranus square the Sun in the 8th house) her (Sun – ruler of Ascendant)  by strangling (Sun at the degree of Taurus as well as Mars, the ruler of the 5th house in the 2nd house – throat, strangling).


6. And in the end, the armed robbery in her apartment in Belgrade...


The position of the 12th house (robbery, crimes) describes the robbery in the house or apartment if it is placed in Cancer (place where we live, house, apartment). Pluto in the 4th house describes armed and dangerous persons (Pluto) in our house, apartment (4th house).


And, at the very end, let us consider whether there was an ACTUAL danger of murder or Dragana only imagined it due to her big fear and shock.


Let us look at the planetary position at the moment of robbery.

 Before starting this analysis, it should be noted that on a particular day and at a particular moment the planetary position is the same for all people on Earth. However, their symbolic and influence is defined by OUR natal chart.


When the armed robber invaded her apartment, Pluto ( life danger ) was in the first house, near Ascendant of the event horoscope. In her NATAL chart Pluto is placed in her 4th house and thus, at the moment of attack IT CARRIED THE ENERGY OF ITS NATAL POSITION – in the 1st house of event horoscope it provoked her encounter with an armed man (Pluto) at her apartment (Pluto from the 4th house of the natal chart). Her natal Pluto is at the 21st degree, however retrograde, and thus, as we know, also influences the previous degree i.e. 22nd degree – to kill, to be killed.

Therefore, we already have the first proof that her life was in danger. However, one swallow does not make spring …

Let us move on.


When the event occurred, the Sun was at the 22nd degree (to kill, be killed) of Libra. How does the position of the Sun at this degree influence Dragana at that moment?


In her horoscope, the Sun rules her Ascendant (her body, she ) and her second house (her property, her money), and is placed in her 8th house (life danger, to get hurt, death) at the 26th degree (degree of Taurus – money, property). Therefore, the position of the Sun at the 22nd degree emphasizes the threat to her life.


Transiting Sun ( coming from her natal 8th house, rules her Ascendant – she herself) goes over her natal Pluto (danger, encounter with dangerous and armed people) in her 4th house (at home, apartment).


Someone might say : “ Pluto is at the 21st degree and, at the moment of attack, the Sun was at the 22nd degree, therefore the Sun passed Pluto …“

However, I would like to remind you that Pluto is RETROGRADE.  When a transiting planet passes a Retrograde planet, such planet  exerts influence which is similar to that of Saturn – real transit effects are DELAYED by one degree. Therefore, the transiting Sun going over through the natal retrograde Pluto showed its most powerful influence only at the dangerous 22nd degree of Libra!


This is the third proof that Dragana’s life was very much in danger at that moment. Three important astrological indicators are more than enough evidence.




Dragana has recovered from the shock. Immediately after the robber had left, she had a couple of drinks and later on went out with her friends to forget this distressing event. A natural response for Ascendant in Leo – fun and celebration in the name of love for life itself …


This story was written to show that a genuine astrological knowledge often can save our lives. She was one of my best students in her class, which is supported by her response to the mentioned event. Let us wish that Dragana  feels the negative influence of the Sun in the 8th house as rarely as possible.


Author:  Nikola Stojanovic


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