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One of the advantages of our TV channels is the fact that if you happen to miss the movie you wish to see on one of them, you will have at least 9 to 10 more opportunities to see the same film on the other TV channels left, since it will be put at least as many times on the rerun. The film I was interested in, and the rerun of which I soon had the opportunity to see, was The Falcon and The Snowman, based on the true-life spy story that happened in America in 1970s. It is about two childhood friends whose spying activities caused extensive damage to their country.


Christopher Boys, alias Falcon, after his graduation used the connections of his father, a CIA employee, to get a job in an espionage centre, at a strictly confidential position where classified messages from the surveillance satellites were collected. Reading those messages he became aware of the true nature of his homeland. He realized that the agency he worked for (CIA) was the invisible long arm of the Government which orchestrated revolutions, wars, rebellions, assassinations and “ free and democratic elections “ bringing to power the people recruited to protect the interests of the USA and not their own country …


Struggle for a better world

Appalled by what he had learnt and being young and uncorrupted, Boys stands up against this in a very unusual way. He decides to sell the classified information to the other side – the USSR. He is assisted by his best friend from childhood, a drug pusher Andrew Dalton Lee acting as his messenger.

Christopher Boys

Christopher Boys, alias Falcon, was born 16.2.1953(14: 01, pst+8:00, 118 W 29’25’’, 34 N 01’10’’) under the sign of Aquarius, Ascendant in Cancer. The nature of Aquarius sign is composed of the pronounced altruism (love for humanity), humaneness, progress, but also rebellion.

The nature of Cancer implies the love for one’s homeland, pronounced patriotism and loyalty.


The people who made the decision to give him such a classified job had certainly subconsciously felt his Ascendant in Cancer (patriotism), which assured them that he wouldn’t make any troubles.


His 10th house (profession, career) begins in Pisces ruled by Neptune. In astrology, Neptune symbolizes espionage and spies. Neptune placed in his fourth house(homeland)ruling the 10th house implies that he will become a professional spy (Neptune) for his country (fourth house). His Sun (father) trines Neptune, which means that his father did the same job.


Path towards betrayal


Everything would have probably turned out all right if Christopher Boys had not been born under the sign of Aquarius (humaneness, altruism) and if he had not had Uranus (rebellion, revolt) in his first house at the very Ascendant (action, reaction) and the Moon, ruler of his Ascendant, in Aries (action).


This particular astrological combination (Aquarius in the sign, Uranus at the Ascendant, Moon in Aries) made him go on a quixotic quest for a better and fairer world.


With the Sun in Aquarius near the cusp of his ninth house (ideals, views of the world)trine Neptune (idealisation), he must have imagined the world as a much more humane and better place idealizing it to such an extent that this deepened his disappointment even more so. Neptune had certainly exerted its influence on Christopher’s horoscope – it predestined his job and the job of his father, encouraged his idealized view of the world and, eventually, exerted its biggest influence shattering that image and bringing enormous disappointment, which prompted Christopher’s decision to betray his country. Many people all over the world get disappointed in their homeland. However, they do not decide to betray their country.



He was induced to such an act by the position of his Ascendant’s ruler in Aries as well as Uranus placed in Cancer at the very Ascendant. Ascendant, its ruler, and planets near Ascendant, describe our response to anything we experience. With the Moon in cardinal (action) sign of Aries ruled by Mars (action), he simply felt that he had to do something.


With Uranus at the Ascendant, he rebels – and since it is in the sign of Cancer (homeland)- he rebels against his own country (Cancer) by betraying it (Neptune in the fourth house). The rebellion (Uranus) against (square) his country (Moon) is also indicated by Moon square Uranus.



In all his dealings he was assisted by his childhood friend Andrew Dalton Lee (2. 01. 1952, 5:25 am pst +8:00, 118 W 14’34’’, 34 N 03’08’’) who was a messenger of important information. He was born under Capricorn, with the Ascendant in Sagittarius. At the very Ascendant there is Mercury (information, messages) and hence, it was only natural that Christopher chose him to be his messenger and channel important information abroad (Mercury – messages in Sagittarius – foreign country).


Andrew Dalton Lee

Venus, Andrew’s ruler of the sixth and tenth house (job, career), is placed in the twelfth house (criminal) and thus, it is no wonder that he lead the life of a common criminal. Mercury at the Ascendant indicates that he was a ”natural” tradesman, while its sextile Mars, Saturn and Neptune conjunction (drugs but also betrayal) in Libra indicate that he was into drug and spy information trafficking (Mercury sextile Neptune).


In both horoscopes the rulers of eleventh house (best friends) are placed in the tenth house, which is the twelfth house (prison) starting from eleventh house, meaning that both friends will end up in prison. As the traitors of their country, they were naturally sentenced to life imprisonment.

The story of the two of them is the story of the influence of Uranus (rebellion) and Neptune (betrayal), so I recommend a thorough study of these two horoscopes.


                                                               Nikola Stojanovic

The text was published
in Argument magazine July 13, 1998.


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