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Nikola Stojanovic

Astrological portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Author: Dusan Manojlov



Whenever I find some time off I visit friends from my youth.

The fragments of our youth for all of us have remained preserved in books, music or films that we used to love at the time. The film that reminded me of early 1980s, International Film Festival, scrambling to get the tickets, and “binging” on movies is Amadeus directed by Milos Forman.


One of the possible ways of learning astrology is to, while watching a movie about a historical figure, have on you a birth chart and identify in it what you've see in the film. For instance, it is a wonderful astrological experience to recognize in a birth chart a line from a movie.


Working on a film about W.A.Mozart, its director, Miloš Forman, belonging to European film school, has certainly stuck to the indisputable facts from Mozart's life and therefore, you can be sure that the facts about Mozart's life shown in the movie are accurate.


Before watching the film about Mozart, on the Internet I found the details necessary for casting his horoscope. The details are as follows: 27/1/1756 Salzburg(13E02, 47N48), 20:00 PM LMT +00;00


Comfortably sinking into an armchair and waiting for the end of the opening credits, I took a glance at the birth chart...I was puzzled.: one of the greatest composers in the history of music was born with Virgo Ascendant, the sign in which, according to the classical astrology, Venus and Neptune, the planets symbolizing art and music, are in descent and decline ...In addition, in its tenth house (the greatest achievement, success), the great Mozart has planet Mars(!), the planet which is not closely connected with the film story about Mozart’s life unfolded, this birth chart was getting more peculiar...the cusp of his fourth house begins in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter in his second house, which would indicate that Mozart was a wealthy man at the end of his life (fourth house). However, in the movie about Mozart’s life it was completely the opposite: Mozart is deeply in debts and barely makes ends meet...Naturally, since many years before that I had concluded that one should believe in ASTROLOGY rather than astrological STATISTICS (someone’s  records of someone’s »correct« time of birth), I immediately started to look for the accurate Mozart’s horoscope by the means of astrological logic.


I went back to the beginning of the film: Salieri, a court composer, comes to the court to meet young Mozart whose music he greatly admired. He enters the room where COOKIES and CAKES are displayed, he hears cheerful giggling of two lovers (Mozart and his wife Constance) and, at that moment, camera shows Mozart’s LEGS FROM HIS KNEES DOWN TO HIS FEET.


In terms of astrology, a director of a movie, when featuring a person who EXISTED, who was real, in his first scene of appearance of the main character in the movie, will always show HIS ASCENDENT!

Thus, in this film we “meet” Mozart in the room with COOKIES and CAKES in astrology ruled by Libra (Venus).

Immediately after that we see HIS LEGS FROM HIS KNEEWS DOWN TO HIS FEET. This is only natural because his Venus (ruler of Libra) is at the last degree of Aquarius which, in astrology, rules LEGS FROM KNEES DOWN TO THE FEET.


And as we carry on ...we see MOZART IN LOVE WITH HIS WIFE CONSTANCE. In astrology, to be in love means to be under the wonderful influence of VENUS. In that scene he is with his wife Constance: certainly, because in the genuine Mozart’s horoscope (Libra Ascendant) there is almost exact trine of Venus (Ascendant ruler-him) and Mars (ruler of his seventh house-wife); they are IN LOVE-naturally, because in astrology, Venus trine Mars symbolises an IDEAL MACH OF A MAN and A WOMAN. In addition, his wife is GERMAN, a FOREIGNER (Mozart is Austrian) but of the same GERMANIC ORIGIN. Quite naturally, because in Mozart’s accurate horoscope with Libra Ascendant, his seventh house begins in Aries (Germany), with Mars in the ninth house (a foreign woman) however in Cancer (the same Teutonic genetics). And at the very end, when Libra is an Ascendant, there is NEPTUNE in his tenth house!

Thus, with (ASTROLOGICAL) certainty I can argue that one of the greatest composers in the history of music W.A.Mozart was born under Libra Ascendant.


This story has a wonderful continuation. After I had established Mozart’s accurate horoscope I said to myself that I had to write the text about it… However, I didn’t manage to make time for it for, to write a serious astrological analysis I would have to read a number of books on Mozart’s life and I just could not find the time for it.

In any case, the heavens were not willing to let me write this text. Some three months ago, my telephone rang and I answered it. On the other line was my ex-student Dušan Manojlov. He wanted to know when I would be available to see him. On the agreed day he came to my place, sat in the armchair and said with a thoughtful expression on his face: »...I’ve been thinking about something for a long time...I believe that Mozart’s Ascendant is not Virgo but LIBRA!!!«


I gave him a flabbergasted look which was immediately replaced by my enthusiasm. Dušan, having an exalted Mercury (to understand) in Aquarius (astrology) in exact sextile with Uranus (astrology) is certainly not one of the »astrologers« inclined to stealing my ideas and presenting them as their own; with this aspect, he certainly does not need to do that. My enthusiasm was caused by this LIVING PROOF that the students of my school of astrology are able to notably learn the most important thing—TO THINK LIKE ASTROLOGERS, and that I as a teacher was completely successful in getting them to do that.

Without further ado, I leave you to the remarkable Dusan’s text. (Dusan is currently serving his compulsory military service); this text on Mozart is Dusan’s FIRST astrological text! My wholehearted congratulations...!



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Astrological portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
By: Dusan Manojlov


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