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When you have good many years of practice with clients and excel in your forecasts, you are always busy and do not need to indulge in self-promotion.
Namely, the same thing happens every summer – almost out of the blue, I get so many visits from clients living in Australia. I “ blame“ it on one of my lady clients who never suspected that a visit to an astrologer would change her life entirely.

Some ten years ago, I was sitting across a well-groomed woman in her early forties, who was unsuccessfully trying to conceal the sadness in her eyes. She was born on June 30, 1958(18 E 01, 45 N 10), 21: 06 under the sign of Cancer with Ascendant in Aquarius.

My practice had already taught me to initially say something that will mildly shock the clients who are lost in thoughts and trapped in a vicious circle of their personal problems, simply to bring them back to reality and make them take my pieces of advice seriously, since they certainly can do them good.

I asked: “ You came to me to find out something about your marriage and children? “ Her astounded look confirmed I was right.
I pulled a simple astrological trick. Namely, depending on the house and sign Uranus is placed in a client’s horoscope (astrology, astrologer), the symbolism of that house and sign tells us about the main reason for client’s visit. Her Uranus (astrologer, astrology) is placed in her seventh house (marriage) in Leo (fifth sign – children). Thus, in her early forties she is still single and childless. You will understand that the sadness in my client was for a good reason. Underlying the combination of Aquarius Ascendant and cusp of the seventh house there is a psychological catch which may hinder marriage. Namely, Aquarius Ascendant seeks freedom and liberation from restraints, while seventh house in Leo produces longing for almost perfect spouse (Leo – something of the supreme quality) and thus, the persons with such a combination find it difficult to match with an adequate partner.

Analysis of the seventh house (cusp of the seventh house, planets in the seventh house, ruler of the seventh house) provides the description of a partner.

At the very cusp of the seventh house, there is Uranus at the ninth degree of Leo. I told her that her husband had a university degree (ninth degree bears the symbolic of Sagittarius – university education), that he was a mechanical engineer (Uranus trine Mars), divorced (Uranus – divorce), living in a foreign country (Uranus at the ninth degree – degree of Sagittarius – foreign country), that he would be from her country (ruler of Uranus, Sun in Cancer – a countryman) and that she would meet him through the symbolic of Uranus – friends.

Placidus Houses

On hearing what I had said, again she gave me one of her surprised looks saying: “Well, I am invited to dinner at my friend’s house. She is engaged to be married to a man from Australia. He is divorced and a mechanical engineer! “

Hearing that, I was very positive that he wasn’t destined to come from Australia to marry her friend but her and that this person was her husband-to-be. It took her a while to accept this assertion of mine, but eventually she admitted to this possibility.

We made the following plan: since the ruler of her first house (she) is in the seventh house (husband), she (ruler of the first house) must “get “ the husband (ruler of the first house in the seventh house – husband), and all of that with the assistance of an astrologer’s advice (Uranus in the seventh house). I told her to find me the birth date of that man as soon as possible and that I was going to tell her later what she was supposed to do at that dinner.

I was given the birth date of a future bridegroom the very next day. What was the only thing that I was interested in the arrangement of his planets? I was exclusively interested in the positions of Moon and Venus in his chart. Why?

Moon and Venus are “ feminine “ planets and, in a horoscope of a man, they tell us about the type of women they like, what kind of women they are attracted to. Moon speaks about the personality of a woman while Venus describes her looks.

And what advice did I give to my client? I told her that at that fateful dinner she should play the role (7th house in Leo – very good sign for acting) of the Moon and Venus of his horoscope and that he was bound to notice her and become very interested in her.
Due to his Venus in Leo I told her to dye her hair blonde, put golden jewellery on, dress up in something yellow or shades of yellow and not to miss to sing something when there is a “ chance “ for singing… And due to the Moon in Virgo I told her that during the dinner conversation she should mention that she felt that a woman must be pedantic, neat, house proud (Moon), unpretentiously dressed (Virgo) and to stress that that she “ didn’t understand the women who are lazy and avoid working …” I also told her that in the climax of the conversation about women she had to point out that a woman in a house should be humble and diligent while, when going out with her husband (Leo, fifth sign – outings) she should be dressed up and glamorous…

And how did this story end?

Only a week after this fateful dinner, our bridegroom was head over heels and he got engaged to my client. Soon afterwards, they were married (Uranus in the seventh house always produces hasty marriage, especially if favourably aspecting Venus). Today they live in Australia and have a lovely daughter …

All of this is also Jupiter’s “ fault “(fortune) in Virgo (marriage) at the 21st degree (Sagittarius degree – fortune, foreign country).
At the end of this account I have to stress that all of that would not have been possible if my client had not been predestined by her horoscope to marry a divorced man from her own country who was living abroad and whom she met through her friend.

This story has been told as an anecdote for many years in Australia and is instructive for many reasons. The ideal client-astrologer connection was made: the astrologer gave the right piece of advice which the client took and applied …In addition, the placements of Moon and Venus in a man’s horoscope provide us with the type of women he prefers as well as how he can be “ caught “.

A man with Moon in Aries likes brave, strong, capable women subconsciously seeking a leader in her; Venus in Aries provides preference for women with crew-cut who go in for sports, are slightly muscular, skinny and even bony. Such man also likes a woman to “ get “ him.

A man with Moon in Taurus likes affluent women, good cooks, women who are thrifty and who economise; with Venus in Taurus he likes plump women with pronounced feminine characteristics, courting takes place over a good meal without fail…

A man with the Moon in Gemini likes talkative, intelligent women, he goes for a “ good conversation”, likes women who look and act young and enjoy going for a spin and short trips. Venus in Gemini produces preferences for women of a very narrow waist, fine hands and shoulders …

A man with the Moon in Cancer likes women who cry easily, are stay-at-home types, good housewives and subconsciously, in a woman he seeks his mother. Venus in Cancer expresses preferences for nice breasts, provocative cleavage and likes to see his woman looking nice even at home.

A man with Moon in Leo likes successful women in high places from well-known and reputable families, he likes to be proud of his wife. Venus in Leo – a woman must be dressed exceptionally well as if she was about to take part in a beauty contest …

A man with the Moon in Virgo likes diligent women, pedantic and neat, the ones who take care of their husband’s health …Venus in Virgo provides special liking for sexy belly button, fine tummy and ordinary clothes…

A man with the Moon in Libra likes sweet and good-looking women, models, politicians, lawyers, women active in public life. With Venus in Libra he is very much receptive to women’s buttocks …

A man with the Moon in Scorpio likes women who came into a property of some kind, women with pronounced sex appeal who do not hide their charms, women whose looks and appearance imply “ a straightforward offer “…With Venus in Scorpio he likes see-through dressing style and goes for gipsy music …

The Moon in Sagittarius produces a man with a special liking for women who follow the fashion and in their appearance resemble the women from foreign countries; he likes educated women with university degree who go in for sports, especially tennis … Venus in Sagittarius makes him responsive to long legs, short skirts, shorts …

A man with the Moon in Capricorn goes for a darker complexion, dark-haired women of a serious and even melancholic expression; he also likes older women…Venus in Capricorn produces liking for conventional clothing style, women wearing leather and dressed in darker shades.

A man with the Moon in Aquarius likes outgoing women; his motto is “ friends first, relationship later “, he likes intelligent women …With Venus in Aquarius he likes eccentric-looking women of an eccentric style, is responsive to women’s legs, and especially calves.

A man with the Moon in Pisces likes mysterious, withrawn, shy women who always seem as if they are in need of protection…Venus in Pisces produces liking for fine stockings, shoes, lingerie …

And, in the end, I would like to give you the following advice: If you wish to “ catch “ a man you like, act out the position of his Moon and Venus …You will have fun and all the odds are that you are going to make it. I wish you a good “catch“!


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