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This text was written in 2002 when Saturn was transiting Gemini. Saturn makes us repeat activities, Gemini symbolize writing and text, which is the main astrological reason for the appendix to this text. You should certainly read it for, you will find it illuminating.


“ How to study astrology? ” This is a question and ever-present dilemma posed on many astrology lovers throughout the world. Since we live in the age of consumerism where people are in a habit of simply buying what they need, it is only natural that every astrology lover will set off to a well-supplied bookstore to buy what he/she needs – the knowledge of astrology condensed in books. As the years go by and pursuing astrology, almost all astrology lovers develop a powerful addiction to this wonderful science. Their “ addiction “ is also evidenced by a number of books on astrology visibly and significantly placed on the bookshelves.


Craving for knowledge on astrology (reading books) makes them visit, at least once a month, all the important bookstores in their hometown, searching for the right book to help them reach a higher level of astrological comprehension. However, after a few years of going from bookstore to bookstore and piling books on shelves, the only thing an astrology lover gets is the awareness that there are few books that could really teach him/her something and help him/her elevate to a more sublime level of astrological comprehension. And the initial question is posed one more time “ How to study and learn astrology? “


Since the author of this text has trodden the same path as many other astrology lovers in the world, the purpose of my text is to “ let you in on a secret “ how easy and simple it is to study astrology.


What did I do? I simply made a decision not to buy books on astrology but to observe life through the eyes of astrology and study this divine science by myself. Namely, since I have always been convinced that astrology is an exact science and we are but the celestial puppets with lives predestined and predetermined by planetary arrangement at the time of our birth, I observed the planetary movements on a daily basis and studied their influence on my life. Similarly, I also studied the effects of planetary movements at more general level – in our country as well as in other countries.


Therefore, it is essential to know the planetary placements and have a thorough photographic knowledge of a personal horoscope.


For instance, a week before the moment when I’m writing this, I went to pick up my daughter who is at the second grade of primary school. Nevertheless, I failed to pick her up from school because she had some extra classes. The teacher was very understanding and invited me to seat in class until the end of the lesson. While taking a seat I suddenly smiled because it crossed my mind that on that day as many as 4 planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus) were transiting my third natal house symbolising the primary-school education i.e. primary school. After so many years I was “ pushed into “ primary school by the transiting Moon which, together with the ruler of my Ascendant Mercury (my personality), more than any other planets influences daily events. Since ruler of my fifth house (my child) is Saturn which also rules mathematics, this was a math class. At the end of the class, the teacher told me that an initiative was launched that each parent should do or contribute something for the classroom makeover. Since I had an extra aquarium in my basement (Scorpio) (in my horoscope Neptune-aquarium in Scorpio (basement) is at the second degree: two aquariums - one in the basement), I offered to give away a completely equipped aquarium. While talking about it again I laughed to myself because, at that moment, the ruler of my Ascendant Mercury was transiting my natal Neptune – aquarium. After I had seen my daughter home, I went straight away to a friend of mine who was into aquarium keeping (Mercury) and bought from him the entire aquarium equipment (Neptune) needed. Since Neptune also implies a loss, on my way home a piece of equipment fell out of my pannier and hence, the negative aspect of the Ascendant ruler transiting Neptune also produced its effects – the loss.
A couple of days later, while Venus was transiting my natal Neptune, I lost (Neptune) a bunch of flowers (Venus) in exactly the same way – I didn’t even notice that they fell off my bike. Naturally, it happened while I was on a bicycle because the natal Neptune (to loose) is placed in my third house (traffic, vehicle, bicycle).


Well, let us pose a question what lesson I could have learned from this story if I hadn’t been sure in my knowledge and comprehension of astrological symbolic? If I’d had any doubts as to whether primary school is described by the third or fifth house, as it is written in numerous books, I would be certain now that the third house symbolises primary school; that aquarium symbolises Neptune; that Neptune means to loose; that Venus symbolises flowers …


The point of this story is to fathom the essence through the events of your personal life, thus reaching the precise and defined knowledge on astro-symbolic as the only way to build the necessary confidence which many authorities on astrology so seriously lack.


Similarly, one should keep testing oneself and one’s knowledge. For instance, I often give myself the astrology tasks. A couple of days ago, while the Moon, which largely influences daily events, was transiting Capricorn, I set off to a post office to send the second book I wrote to my readers. On my way to the post office (Gemini) I was aware that I would see many old people there. The Moon transiting Capricorn enhanced the energy of Capricorn – old age. Transiting Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, transited Gemini – post office. Thus, it only takes to connect the main symbolic of Capricorn (old age) and Gemini (post office) to make an easy forecast – delay, waiting (Saturn) in post office (Gemini) due to many old people (Saturn, Capricorn). The accuracy of prognoses also provides the required confidence.


During the summer we could watch world football championship. As we know, world champions were Brazilians. At the end of the game, after they had won the Germans, something happened that confirmed my opinion that the Brazilians, in their genetic horoscope, were born under the sign of Virgo and Ascendant in Pisces. Brazilian flag symbolising their country has a coffee bean (Mercury, the Lord of Virgo, rules coffee). Ascendant of a nation describes its image, something that this nation is famous for. Ascendant also describes the territory of a country.


Brazil is primarily famous for Rio carnival. Neptune is the ruler of carnivals and disguise. Brazil is famous for the biggest jungle– Amazon. Pisces rule wild and unexplored regions. Brazil is famous for football – Venus ruling football is exalted in Pisces and at the peak of its power, hence the Brazilians are the best football players. But what was it that happened at the end of the final game that confirmed my opinion about Brazilians being born with the Ascendant in Pisces? After the referee had blown the whistle announcing the end of the game, all Brazilian players gathered at the centre of the pitch marked by circle (Venus), kneeled on the ground and prayed to God – they behaved in accordance with their Ascendant in Pisces – religion, God …


There are many such examples. Follow the celestial motion and, in observing life, you will gain knowledge of astrology - for astrology is the science covering all aspects of our lives …



Appendix (May 2005)


This appendix pertains to the part of the text where I described my going to the post office to send books to my readers. Naturally, that day, the Moon transiting through Capricorn (to wait) and largely influencing daily events made me realize that in the post office (Gemini) I will see a large number of elderly people (Capricorn-old age). Entering the post office, I could see people waiting in two lines. One line comprised seven people while there were four of them waiting in the other. Naturally, like any other person would do, I started toward the line where there were less people waiting. However, I noticed something that made me change my mind and go for the line with more people.


What made me take the line where, by the obvious logic, I would have to wait longer?


Above the line with less people there was a CLOCK mounted on the wall!
My reasoning was as follows : “…Today, the Moon is in Capricorn symbolizing waiting – but also TIME – therefore, it includes the gadget for measuring time - clock; if I take the line under the clock, due to the influence of this gadget ruled by Capricorn (to wait, longer period of time), I will certainly wait longer in this line …”


Thus, the clock (Capricorn-time, to wait) made me take another line. From that line, I was closely observing the developments in the smaller line under the clock. By the time I reached the postal counter as the eighth person in the line, only two persons in another line had managed to finish up what they came for! Therefore, it is useful to apply astrological knowledge even in ordinary, daily life.


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