YUGOSLAVIA – the state that does not exist, and which all of us loved

Nikola Stojanovic



During their existence, the people (peoples) living on certain territory, establish many states (read the horoscope) and each of them has its own destiny. The state (horoscope) that marked the lives of many of us, with the name Yugoslavia, was born on 1 December 1918 in Belgrade at 19:58 – in the Sagittarius, with the Leo sub-sign.


The South Slavs were united by the act of proclamation of that state. The conjunction of the Venus (uniting) with the Sun (the ruler of the Ascendant – those who created a state) tells us about that in the horoscope. The Sun (ruler, ruling teams) placed in the Sagittarius (foreign countries, foreigners) tells us about the orientation of our rulers towards foreign policy. And really, one gets an impression that all the rulers of that state were engaged more in the foreign policy than in the internal policy.

The Sun, as the ruler of the Ascendant (the state territory), placed in the Sagittarius (expansion), tells us about the expansion of its territory. By the act of uniting the Serbs, the Slovenians and the Croats, that state became larger than its constituent united states from the beginning of its existence already. Later on, during Tito’s rule, that state expanded its borders again by taking the coast with the islands from Italy, from Zadar to Trieste.

The Sun, placed at 8th degree, having all the features of the eighth sign of the Scorpio, tells us that mortal danger threatened (8th degree) some ruler from our country, abroad (the Sagittarius). And really, our king Alexander was assassinated in Marseille. Why exactly in the city on the coast? The Jupiter, the ruler of the Sun, placed in 12th house, tells us about that, which house has the symbolic of 12th sign of the Pisces – the sea. The Jupiter is at 14th degree, but it is retrograde, so for this reason it has the effect on the degree which it came from, on 15th degree, and just that degree has all the features of the Gemini – street, car, and the assassination took place in the car, in the street.

Normally, in the presence of the masses, because the Jupiter occurred in the Cancer (the ruler Moon – the masses). Another ruler of that state, Josip Broz Tito, was also in life danger abroad. The Jupiter, the ruler of the Sun in the Sagittarius, placed in the Cancer, tells us that it was the state born in that sign – America (4 July 1776). Namely, the Serbian emigration was seriously planning his assassination on his trip to America. The Sun placed in the Sagittarius tells us who established that state. The Sagittarius is the sign of higher education, so the most eminent intellectuals of that time supported mostly the idea about uniting all the Slavs. Also, the Sagittarius is the sign of foreign countries, foreigners, foreign factor, so the Sun (the powerful individuals) in the Sagittarius (from abroad) in trine to the Neptune (secret) in the Leo (ruling) tells that those were the shadow (the Neptune) masters (the Sun). Therefore, Yugoslavia originated according to the wish of the “shadow masters”, powerful members of the secret associations (the Freemasons).

Placidus Houses

The Sun in the Sagittarius (foreign countries) tells us about the strong influence of the world events on the life of that state. All the world’s turmoils and turbulences very much affected our country – World War II, arising of communism, the fall of the Berlin wall – all those events affected our lives to a great extent.

The Sun (the ruler) in the Sagittarius (foreigner) tells us that the ruler (the Sun) of that state will be a foreigner (the Sagittarius), the person which wasn’t born on the territory of that state. Of course, the word is about Josip Broz Tito. He was born in Vienna on 28 April 1893 at 10:15 AM. The Sun in the Sagittarius (Tito – ruler – foreigner) is in trine to the Neptune (espionage, secret associations), what tells us that he was a top agent, a member of the powerful shadow masters (the Neptune in the Leo).

The Sun in trine (successful) to the Neptune also tells us that he (the Sun in the Sagittarius) was successfully (trine) keeping (the Neptune) a secret (the Neptune) about his origin (1st house). The first house is 4th house (origin) from 10th house (ruler), and that house describes the origin of our rulers. The Neptune (conceal, hide) occurred in 1st house at 9th degree (foreigner) in the Leo (of royal, ruling blood), and in that way I discovered (see my book titled “The interpreters of the divine manuscript”) that the person named Josip Broz traced his origin to the ruling Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

The cusp of 10th house (power) describes how he came to power. The tenth house begins at 16th degree (the Cancer degree – the people) of the Aries (the ruler Mars – war), so he came to power by the National Liberation (16th degree – the Cancer) War (the Aries). He had borne a military rank (10th house in the Aries) for a long time – marshal.

The Mars (weapons), placed in 6th house (production) tells us that our main product was the weapons. Many readers do not know that Yugoslavia had made a profit from the export of weapons of about 2 billion dollars/year – more than from tourist trade.

The Sun in the horoscope of a state also defines the purpose of life, i.e. what is the most important thing for a nation. Placed in the Sagittarius (foreign countries) brought us frequent trips abroad. According to research carried out, the Yugoslavs were the second nation in the world, after the Canadians, in their state border crossings.

The Sun in 5th house (sports, vacations, entertainments, enjoying life, going out, places for going out, restaurants..) tells us that the whole nation was going in for sports, as well as about the importance of the sports in that state’s life. The stadiums were full even when a second-class soccer game was played. The Sun (success) in the Sagittarius (in the world) brought us success in many types of sports, especially in the sports with a ball, i.e. in team sports. In astrology, a ball is symbolized by the Venus (circular form objects), so the conjunction of the Sun (success) with the Venus (a ball) tells about that. Therefore, we were the world and the Olympic champions in basketball, water polo, fieldball, and then in volleyball, but we were not successful in soccer although we played soccer very well. Why? The Sun (success) in 5th house (sports) in the Sagittarius (higher education, Faculty) tells us that those sportsmen, who were students as well (the Sagittarius), will be the best in the world. And as we know, numerous soccer players completed the Elementary School with difficulty.

The fifth house also describes the vacations, and almost all of us went on vacation. One of the most frequent questions was: Did you go to the seaside, and where?

The fifth house also describes the festivals, and we had two well-known world (the Sagittarius) festivals: BITEF and FEST. Certainly FEST (the best films festival), because the Sun occurs in the Sagittarius, and just that sign rules over film (the Gemini – the TV, the Sagittarius – the movie screen, film).

The fifth house describes all the places for going out, because of entertainment, so the cafes, restaurants, cinemas and theaters were regularly full. It was often difficult to find the tickets for certain performance or a place in a restaurant. The Sagittarius is also a sign of happiness, and on one occasion, a great actor, Robert Redford, when visiting Yugoslavia, stated, taken by surprise and sincerely: …”I’ve never seen happier people, happier nation until now”…

The reason for that happiness was also the fact that we obtained large amounts of money from abroad, as credits. Certainly, the ruler of 2nd house (money), the Sun, occurred in the Sagittarius (a lot, foreign countries) at 8th degree (the Scorpio, credits, loans). At the end of its existence, the citizens of that state were, however, impoverished. Why? The Saturn (poverty, bankruptcy) occurred in 2nd house (money) in the sign of its downfall, in the Leo, so this Saturn brought us to the brink of poverty and misery.

Many foreigners, who visited our country, said that we were “good-looking people – handsome men and pretty and seductive women”. Normally, because the ruler of the Ascendant (appearance), the Sun, occurred in conjunction with the Venus (beauty).

Many citizens built weekend cottages during their lives in that state. Why? The fourth house (houses, apartments) begins in the Libra, and the Venus, the ruler of that house, occurred in 5th house (rest), so the houses (4th house) for rest (the Venus, the ruler of 4th house in 5th house) were built! Also, many young people entered the Faculty after having completed the Secondary School. Again, we come to the Sun (what is the most important) in the Sagittarius (the ninth sign – advanced education, Faculties). Also, the ruler of 9th house (Faculties), the Neptune, occurred in 1st house, in the Leo (what is important), and it was important for us to enter a Faculty and receive a degree from it. However, every nice story has its end, its time-limit. What caused the misfortunate end of that fortunate state?

The 12th house is the worst in the horoscope of any state. That house describes all those persons, organizations, and everything being directed against certain state.

In the horoscope of Yugoslavia, 12th house begins in the Cancer. As we know, the Cancer represents love for one’s own nation. The Pluto occurred in 12th house in the Cancer, which, by its effect, intensifies the national affection to a great extent, and it also gives great nationalists by its effect, and often, because of the national hypersensitivity, gives hatred toward those from the other nation.

To make things worse, the Moon, the ruler of 12th house and of the Pluto in the Cancer, occurred in the Scorpio, what emphasizes much more the hypersensitivity among the nations. In addition to all that, the Moon occurred at the worst possible 18th degree of the Scorpio, what caused that the intolerance among the nations turned into ominous hatred, which finally ruined that, nevertheless, fortunate country.

The Moon, placed in the Scorpio, tells us which nations were the most sensitive in the national sense. In my personal opinion, in their genetic horoscope, the Croats were born in the Virgo, with the Scorpio sub-sign, and exactly at 18th degree of the Scorpio, what explains their fanatic hatred toward other nations, especially the Serbs, because they probably have the Pluto in their genetic horoscope (hatred – the Croats) in square (to be against) to the Saturn (the Serbs). The other nations, born under the effect of the Scorpio, are the Shiptars and the Muslims. The transit of the Pluto over the natal Moon at 18th degree of the Scorpio, in the early 90-ies, started that painful and bitter “feast” called the civil war, which caused the breakdown of Yugoslavia. To make things even worse, a group of politicians appeared on stage then, which had the Pluto in their horoscopes (to break up, disintegrate, destroy completely) in the Leo (state), and they, nevertheless, ruined “easily” one sound state.

The thing that is amazing and surprising is that all of us watched silently and without any protest and action how those fools were ruining our homeland and leading us into a civil war.


Why was it so?

We will find the answer to this question in the position of the Ascendant (reaction, the first move) in the Leo, and as the Leo symbolizes power, ruling teams, we have all expected that the problems will be resolved just by those who mostly caused them – the ruling teams of the former republics. And who were those figures? The position of the Sun in the Sagittarius (foreign countries) in trine to the Neptune (espionage) – all of them were the agents of various foreign intelligence services, tells us about that.


The horoscope of Milosevic’s Yugoslavia



The next state (read the horoscope), essential for peoples’ lives on these territories is the new Yugoslavia proclaimed by Borisav Jovic on 27 April 1992 in Belgrade, at 14:05 (-2). Someone will perhaps wonder: “And what happened with Tito’s communist Yugoslavia of 1945 …?”

On this occasion I would go back to the horoscope of the first Yugoslavia, born in the Sagittarius (1 December 1918). Simply, Josip Broz Tito, who was born in Vienna on 28 April 1893, as a foreigner, “extended” the life of the horoscope of the first Yugoslavia: The Sun – president, leader, in the Sagittarius – president and foreigner.

The new state, the so-called Milosevic’s Yugoslavia, was born in the Taurus with the Virgo sub-sign. At first sight, this horoscope seems to be a good one: the Jupiter on the Ascendant in trine to the Sun, the Moon in sextile to the Sun: the people (Moon) follows (sextile) the leader – the Sun… However, this horoscope is very bad, for several reasons. Let’s start in the following sequence: The Sun describes the rulers and all ruling structures in the horoscope of any state. The Sun occurred in the Taurus (money, banks), placed on the Ascendant of S. Milosevic’s horoscope (5th degree of the Taurus), and our president was a banker.

The Sun, also as a governmental system, placed in the Taurus, tells about the governmental system (the Sun) being similar to capitalism. The Sun (ruling teams), placed in the Taurus, tells us that the most important thing for them was to get the money. The Sun in trine (with ease) to the Jupiter (a lot) tells about their greediness, but also how they obtained large sums of money easily (the Sun in trine to the Jupiter). The Sun occurred at 7th degree (7th degree of the Libra – policy), and policy (7th degree) was the most important business (the Sun in trine to the Jupiter). This aspect is outstanding in the horoscope of certain state, because it brings fortune and wealth in time or at least the conditions for a good life for a major part of the population. However, the Sun rules over 12th house (crime, illegal transactions – operations), so the ruling teams obtained large sums of money through the symbolic of 12th house – by illegal transactions. This also means that people could become rich (the Sun in trine to the Jupiter) only by means of 12th house – illegal operations. Therefore, this country was a paradise for criminals. The Sun (the ruler of 12th house – crime, criminals), placed at 7th degree (the degree of the Libra – politics) tells us that the criminals were engaged in politics and that they were present in the parliament (the Sun in 9th house – the parliament). The Sun also defines the purpose of life of the inhabitants of that state, and placed in the Taurus (money), tells us that money was the most important thing to all of us.


The Virgo sub-sign – the worst sub-sign for a state

In my personal opinion, the worst sub-sign for a state is the Virgo. Why?
Firstly, the Ascendant symbolizes the territory of a state. The Ascendant in the Virgo brings reduction of the territory, because the Virgo symbolizes the breaking up, making smaller, reducing. In addition to all that, the Mercury, the ruler of the Ascendant (territory) occurred in the Aries (war), in 8th house (everything that belongs to other countries), so the parts of our territory became somebody else’s territory by winning the war (the Mercury in the Aries in 8th house). The Mercury also symbolizes a border, and placed at 10th degree (has the symbolic of 10th sign of the Capricorn – the past), describes the return to the borders (the Mercury) from the past (10th degree).

Except the Moon, the people in the horoscope of certain state, are symbolized by the Ascendant and the ruler of the Ascendant. The Mercury, the ruler of the Ascendant (people), placed in the Aries (war), tells us that the people will wage wars frequently. The Mercury (border) tells us that those are the wars waged for conquering a border; placed at 10th degree (the Capricorn – something lasting for a long time) tells us that those wars lasted for a long time period.
The second reason why the Virgo is the worst sub-sign is the position of 12th house (the worst house) in the Leo. The twelfth house describes all those persons, organizations, and the countries working against the interests of that state. Placed in the Leo, it tells us that the authorities, ruler and ruling teams (the Leo), consciously or unconsciously, are working against the interests of that state. The twelfth house also signifies mistakes (the natural ruler Neptune – mistake), so that those who are ruling (the Leo) make wrong decisions (the Leo, the ruler Sun – make decisions). The twelfth house also describes prisons, so our ruler (the Sun), born in the Leo, was imprisoned. The ruler of 12th house (prison) occurred in 9th house (foreign country), so he was imprisoned in a foreign country. The Sun (president) occurred at 7th degree (the Libra – court), and he was put on trial in a foreign country…

The people – the Moon in the Pisces


The position of the Moon tells us what is happening with the people. The Moon was placed in 7th house (policy, politics) in the Pisces (to lose one’s mind), and we simply lost our minds considering the policy and political events. All of us were engaged in politics in one way or the other.
The Moon in the Pisces tells us that all of us experienced the symbolic of that sign. The Pisces symbolizes exile, so many people went abroad. A typical sentence was as follows: “I am running (the Pisces) away from this madness (the Pisces)…”

The Pisces rule over the drugs, and many people became addicted to drugs or dealt in the same. The Pisces as the sign symbolize black-marketing, and we became a black-marketing nation. The Pisces also symbolize mental illnesses, so there was a drastic increase in the number of mentally ill, and many people began to use the medicine “Bensedin” every day.

The Moon is in opposition with the Jupiter (laws), and almost all of us violated the laws of this state in various ways – this became normal

Constantly at war


The seventh house describes the relations with all the other states. That is the house which signifies the alliances, but the war too. The seventh house, placed in the Pisces (Russia), tells us that our main allies were the Russians. The Pisces, as the sign, describe the countries on the East, as well as distant countries, and we formed an alliance with China, North Korea, Iraq, etc. Those countries were mainly communist, because the ruler of 7th house, the Neptune, was in conjunction with the Uranus (communism).

The seventh house is also the house of wars, so with the unfortunate Mars in that house, we had to wage wars. That house, placed in the Pisces (lie, falsehood) brought us the well-known sentence: “Serbia is not at war…!”
The Neptune, the ruler of 7th house, occurred in the exact conjunction with the Uranus (bombs, bombing) and on the worst 18th degree of the Capricorn, so we waged the war with devil’s forces (18th degree) when we were bombed at night (the Pisces – night).

The sixth house describes our army. That house begins in the Aquarius, so the ruler Uranus in conjunction with the Neptune (the ruler of 7th house – war) tells us that our army will be bombed (the Uranus). The Saturn occurred in 6th house (to withstand), and our army withstood the NATO bombing stoically. The Uranus (the ruler of 6th house – army) in conjunction with the Neptune (to hide), tells us that they hid themselves from the enemy successfully. Both planets, placed in 5th house (schools), tells us that they hid themselves in the buildings in which the young people gathered (schools, kindergartens…).


The conflict between the Serbs and the Shiptars
(the Muslims)


How can the conflict of the Shiptars with us be seen in the horoscope? As we know, the Serbs, as a nation, were born in the Capricorn (the ruler Saturn), and the Shiptars were born in the Scorpio (the ruler Pluto and the Mars). In the horoscope of this state, the Saturn (the Serbs) occurred in square (conflict, war) to the Pluto (the Shiptars), and the conflict (square) was unavoidable. Why did the Shiptars win (we have to accept that)? The Pluto (the Shiptars) was in its center, in the Scorpio, and as such, it was stronger than the Saturn (the Serbs) in the Aquarius. Besides, the Pluto was in trine (alliance, help) to the Mars in the Pisces, and they had a latent (the Pisces) support from our enemies (7th house). And the planet Saturn (the Serbs) virtually has no good aspect with any other planet – no one really helped us! With 7th house (alliance) in the Pisces (the ruler Neptune – lie), we only obtained a false support from our “allies” (7th house).


The Americans were against us


There are two planets – the Moon and the Mars in 7th house (our opponents, enemies). The planet Mars rules over Germany, being the Aries in its genetic horoscope, and Germany (the Mars) waged a secret (the Pisces) war (7th house) with us. The Moon rules over the Cancer, and occurred at 5th degree (the degree of the Leo – someone having power), and we came into conflict with a powerful state born in the Cancer (the ruler Moon) – with America. The Mars occurred at 23rd degree having the symbolic of the Aquarius (the ruler Uranus – bombs, bombing), and we were bombed too because of the position of the Mars.

The Moon (Americans) in sextile to the Sun (our ruler), tells us that the Americans gave support (sextile) to our president; however, the position of the Moon in the Pisces (deceit, lie) tells us that this support was false – only entrapping was in question…


The work and the youth


The house which signifies jobs, employment, is certainly 6th house, and with the Saturn in the house signifying jobs, there was only little work to do, it was difficult to find the employment, the working conditions were getting worse and worse… The 5th house tells us about the youth. There are two misfortunate planets – the Uranus and the Neptune in that house. With the Moon (people) in the Pisces, the Neptune gained in importance, so that many young people (5th house) became addicted to alcohol, nicotine and drugs. The Neptune in the Capricorn tells about “heavy” drugs, and in conjunction with the Uranus (speed), the so-called “speed” drugs – cocaine and ecstasy were popular then. The conjunction of these two planets also led to the increased number of abortions. The third house describes our neighborhood. With the Pluto in the Scorpio (the Shiptars, the Muslims and the Croats) in square to the Saturn (the Serbs), we could expect only the symbolic of the Scorpio and the Pluto (hatred, desire for revenge) from our “dear and sweet” neighbors.

The horoscope of Milosevic’s Yugoslavia, which is evidently disastrous, should cease its activity, because of 5 October 2001 and proclamation of the federation of Serbia and Montenegro.

However, somebody was “wise”, so he proclaimed the date of establishment of that state (27 April) for our national holiday, so that he re-invoked a very bad energy of that horoscope by that act. We are witnesses that our state has similar problems again as Milosevic’s state had – blackmails, extortions, threat of sanctions and similarly.

P.S. Does our government need a good team of astrologists, judge by yourselves…


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