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Nikola Stojanovic


Dear Mr. Nikola Stojanovic,

I am Ziyad Allawi, an expert in Astrology and a member  in the Nehran, a well-known forum of Astronomy and Astrology in the Arabic Nation. We would like to make an interview with you about some of the Astrological Techniques and about the prediction of some world events, to introduce you to the intrested-in-Astrology Arabic Reader. We will publish this interview on the 15 of December, 2007, and we will send you the full article when we receive your replies. This is all to introduce you to Arabic Astrologers, as you are one of the famous astrologers in this world and we want to learn more from your experience.

So We expect your acceptance our request if you will.


Best Regards...

Ziyad Allawi


These are our questions and we will be glad if you kindly answer them:


1- Since when have you begun working in the Art of Astrology?


I started to pursue astrology 20 years ago. Until then, I didn't even know that astrology existed as science. Till that period, the people pursuing astrology in Serbia could be counted on one hand. At the time, a chiromant and astrologer, Milja Vujanović, started to publish weekly horoscopes. Having read what it said about my sign, Pisces, I thought it was sheer nonsense …


However, it seems that heaven plaid a joke on me. I don’t like winter time and in winters, I was in a habit of mostly sticking at home and reading books. In addition to the local library, my main source of books was my friend Mira. When, at one point, she ran out of all other interesting books for me to read, she offered me a book Do not Believe It, Verify It  written by a Serbian astrologer who lived in Croatia, Mile Dupor, (a great astrologer at the time).

This book decided my destiny. In time, I began reading more and more astrological books. My astrological development was also influenced by a great Serbian astrologer Goran Milekić.


His texts and books had some kind of a magic power ….they simply lured me into studying and researching of this, for many people, unknown and mysterious science - Astrology. Since astrology is a young science, in terms of knowledge acquired, later on I started my own independent astrological research and studies.


My research resulted in my Theory on Zodiac Degrees, which has a great practical value in the analysis of any birth chart. When applied, this theory makes the horoscope analysis more precise and provides much more useful details.


In addition, with the help of my theory of zodiac circle degrees, it is easy to rectify any birth chart. It is a very simple system of finding the exact time of birth of a person. Simply, the cusp of any astrological house has to be at the corresponding degree (according to my theory on degrees) which provides a realistic picture of the life of this person.

Later, new astrological discoveries followed …


2- Was the Art an old hobby to you, or you have learned it a time ago?

I started to deal with astrology as a hobby. I had other hobbies before astrology. As a student, I had plenty of free time (at that time, in Serbia, you could take as much time as you wanted for your studies...) so I was in for sports – basketball, football, table tennis and I also wanted to be a chess player and, especially in winter, I spent a lot of time playing and studying chess. When I got deeper into astrology I became more familiar with this art, it became my only hobby and later a real occupation. My horoscope simply shows that I was born to become a professional astrologer. I have many planets in Aquarius, the ruler of astrology, and all important rulers in my horoscope (the ruler of Ascendant, the ruler of the 10th house) are in this sign in the 6th house-house of a daily job....


3- In your opinion, is the Art developing in all of its branches?

I personally believe that astrology is one of the oldest sciences which came about at the moment when the first man looked into the bright sky asking himself: "And what is UP THERE....?".

However, if we measure the knowledge ACQUIRED, astrology is one of the youngest sciences. We do not know about it enough or as much as we should, having in mind that people have been pursuing astrology for a very long time. I even think that there is a lot of distorted, inaccurate and wrong "knowledge" which has been published in numerous books for many centuries.


A few weeks ago, a student of mine told me that she read in one astrological book that coffee is symbolized by Neptune..."

I asked her: "And which planet rules sleeping?"

She answered : “Neptune, naturally”.

"So then, how can Neptune rule coffee? You drink coffee to keep you awake, to be able to concentrate better and work and think.

Therefore, all of this is quite opposite of sleeping...

And which sign is opposite of Pisces (ruler Neptune-sleeping)? Well, naturally –Virgo and its ruler Mercury. In addition, coffee is comprised of tiny (Virgo) beans (Virgo)...Therefore, coffee is ruled by Mercury "

In my school, I teach students the most important thing –to think and follow the astrological logic...


Thus, I think that in astrology there are primarily a lot of WRONGLY DEFINED TERMS. Firstly the astrosymbolic of many phenomena, objects and things need to be defined, explained and made logical and understandable …


And after this, of course, we can undertake a detailed research because there are still many unknown and unexplored things waiting for us.


4- Which of these branches has the right prediction?

I have given many accurate predictions to date. I have always used only the BASIC ASTROLOGICAL SYMBOLIC of planets and houses. If I want to provide a political forecast, out of all prediction techniques, I use only the interpretation of a yearly horoscope of a person or country. The results of my work – many accurate predictions – prove that (to me) this is quite sufficient...


I think that there are many astrologers who do not understand astrological symbolic of planets, houses and Zodiac signs well enough and thus, many mistakes have been made. Mistakes (Neptune) naturally produce fear (Neptune) and as a result they avoid (Neptune) giving predictions...

Exalted Neptune (to make mistakes, to misunderstand) in the sign ruling astrology, Aquarius, produced the fact that many people do not understand (Neptune) astrology (Aquarius), including many astrologers....

Today, we have many people all around the world who pursue astrology and avoid giving predictions about the future.


This is in collision with the basic application of astrology, which is prediction of future events for, astrology is ruled by Uranus, the planet symbolizing FUTURE.

Therefore, astrologers using my approach and astrological teaching are trying to bring astrology back to its roots and fundamentals …


5- What is you opinion in Western Psychological Astrology?

Astrologers dealing ONLY WITH PSYCHOLOGICAL astrology make the cause of astrology ill-served.


Clients always ask VERY CONCRETE THINGS about their lives:" When will I get married, who is this person, where will I meet him/her, when will this happen... ? Or..where should I invest my money, in which business, which employee should I lay off, where, in which part of town should I open my office, should I deal with any kind of production and what should I produce, should I do business with Russian, German or Spanish company…?” , and many other things. Naturally, clients expect concrete answers  to their concrete questions, instead of psychological analysis of their personality.

It is only natural that psychological astrology cannot provide answers to these questions. In my extensive practice with clients, none of them wanted their psychological profile from me!


Thus, psychological astrology has no value in an everyday life which requires exactness.

I use it only in situations when it is necessary to explain to the client why, for example, he/she often makes the same mistakes. I use psychological astrology to explain to the client the pattern in which he/she behaves in certain situations.


For example, someone with Aquarius Ascendant cannot participate in long-term negotiations in connection with particular business because this Ascendant urges a person to finish things quickly (Aquarius is ruled by Uranus symbolizing speed), and if negotiations last longer, this person gets irritated (Aquarius) and suddenly (Aquarius) interrupts (Aquarius) negotiations...Therefore, this Ascendant is very unfavorable for all businesses which require patience and waiting....


6- Do you believe that the Art is the fate beats that are inescapable?


Yes, absolutely. There is fate and it is strictly defined in the birth chart i.e. planetary position in someone’s birth chart at the time when this person was born.

I will give you an example from my practice in which I gave predictions about the fate of our assassinated Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic and late President Slobodan Milosevic who died in The Hague.


This story about Zoran Đinđić is very interesting…A woman, his very close associate, came to see me about a year and a half before he died - he was already a Prime Minister at that time (I publicly predicted as far back as 1997 that Đinđic would become the Prime Minster and Koštunica the President).


This woman gave me his precise details for the birth chart (1.08.1952. Bosanski Šamac 18E28 45N03 14:42 PM CET -1).

Zoran Đinđić

I entered his details in the computer and, as soon as his birth chart appeared, I screamed: “Well…he will be assassinated !!!”

This woman looked at me stunned, did not want to accept this and very quickly moved on to some other topics from his life and work …

After she left, I kept staring silently at his birth chart, shocked by this knowledge that he was going to be assassinated. I have to stress that as a citizen of my beloved Serbia, I voted for him and saw in him a person whom we really needed to lead us.


As I realized that this lady did not believe me or, to be more precise, she did not take this possibility of assassination seriously, I wanted to warn Đinđić and I gave the interview in Nacional daily.

The title of my interview was published on the covers of the newspaper stating clearly my message to him: If he survives the assassination, Đinđić will rule for a long time.


Therefore, through this interview, 13 months before this tragic event, I tried to warn him to take a good care of himself ……

In his horoscope, in the 8th house (life’s dangers, house of death) there is the Sun, the planet symbolizing life itself, but also the position of power, in square –a very bad aspect - with Mars (gun, bullet, shot) in the 12th house (assassinations) in Scorpio (death, killings, murder).

All of this means that when he is in power (Sun), his life is in danger (Sun-power, life in the 8th house -death).


This aspect was too strong in his horoscope and thus, he could not survive.

In addition, his Sun is in Leo ruling heart, so the bullet (Mars) went directly into his heart (Mars square the Sun).


The 8th house, the house of death, in the horoscope of Slobodan Milosević ( 20.08.1941. Pozarevac 21E11 44N38 20: 58:30 PM CET -1 ) is in Sagittarius which, as a sign, symbolizes a foreign country. The ruler of his 8th house is Jupiter square – an adverse aspect – Neptune ruling his 12th house (prison), meaning that his life is in danger in prison in a foreign country. In addition, Neptune as the ruler of the 12th house rules assassinations and poisons...

Slobodan Milošević


As soon as he was arrested, I gave the interview in Balkan daily where I said that he would die there under “mysterious” circumstances. As I learned, the information I gave in my interview was taken seriously by particular close members of his party as well as his brother in Moscow …


These two examples (as well as the horoscope of each of us) prove that fate exists and it is INESCAPABLE and PREDEFINED.

Both of them were publicly warned but they could not do anything to save themselves.


7- Do you use the traditional Art techniques, like Direction, Helage Points, Firdar, Ingression etc. in Prognostications?



8- How do you see the admittance of European people, in general, and the Serbian people, in particular, to the Art?

Astrology in Serbia exists about 20 years and much has been achieved in this period.

This is particularly true for Belgrade which, in the last 20 years, has become a serous astrological center of global importance.

In the city of Belgrade, there are about 2 million people and, according to my estimates, at least 30.000-40.000 thousand of them seriously pursue this art of astrology. Among my numerous clients - mostly highly educated people - there are lot of genuine astrology experts whose knowledge exceeds by far the knowledge of many “well known” Western astrologers.

Belgrade has gone very far in conquering new astrological knowledge: I was the first in the history of astrology to discover the Theory on the Degrees of Zodiac Circle, and my colleague Svetlana Panjković discovered the Astrological Theory of Pregnancy. With the help of her book, it is easy to see when a woman will become pregnant and how will the pregnancy develop from day to day (!) as well as what the childbirth will be like.

In only 20 years of pursuing astrology, the Serbian astrology has greatly contributed to astrology as science.


9- Do you believe that the old Helage Method for determining the human age is accurate?

I am personally not interested in the duration of someone’s life for I think that this knowledge is of no use to anyone. Just imagine how a person would feel if you told him or her that he/she has only 5 moths left to live...I do not even think that people should deal with this because this is how you can "invoke" someone’s death...and this is also not good for an astrologer because this activates bad energies...


10- You have a method for determining the degree rulers. How much the percentage of its creditability? And is it completely possible to rely on that method, in your opinion?

I discovered my theory on degrees as far back as 10 years ago. It has proved effective 100 percent in my work to date.

Therefore, there are no "maybes" in this theory and no dilemmas. It works perfectly. This is why I called my book on degrees The Secrets of EXACT Astrology.


11- Your method for determining the degrees ruler is very brilliant and it had a great influence on the Arabic Astrologer. What are your advices to master that method?

I am happy that my theory is paving its way in the world of astrology. I personally feel that it has made a big progress in the astrological studies and analysis of horoscopes. The astrologers who want to make progress in their interpretations will just need to use it.

Astrology is best learned through practice...Therefore you need to follow, in terms of astrology, of course, the lives of several people in your environment and constantly ask yourself why something had happened to them, trying to find the answers in their birth charts. In addition, you need to study in practice and analyze the SAME events which happen to different people. You will see that the astrological patterns describing these events are the same...


12- What is your opinion in the ancient Arab astrologers, like Albumasar, Nubakht, Alkindus and Masha'lla, etc, and did you read their books when you began your path of studying the Art?

To my great disappointment, the works of Arab astrologers are not known in my country. This is probably because there are few people who pursue astrology and know Arabic language. I hope that very soon this injustice will be rectified. I am indeed VERY MUCH grateful to any astrologer who did anything to improve and enlarge the treasure of astrological art with new astrological knowledge.


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