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Extract from the book in preparation—Rectification

Chapter: Rectification When the Time of Birth is Unknown



It was the revelation of the Secrets of the zodiac degrees that has led to a new discovery in astrology – a simple, easy and effective rectification of a birth chart. To put it simply, the cusp of every house has to be at the degree which, with its symbolic, realistically describes everything that a particular house in a horoscope symbolizes.


The first thing I do before interpreting a client’s horoscope is to check the accuracy of the time of birth and, if necessary, rectify a birth chart. This process has long become a routine for me rather than an intellectual challenge. However, I have begun to find a greater challenge in pinpointing the exact time of birth of celebrities whose birth time is unknown.


Browsing through Glamour magazine (issue 12 of 4 May 2005) I came across the interview given by Dan Brown, the best-selling author of the novel The Da Vinci Code. This book had come to my attention some time before ( I read it on my summer holiday) so I read the interview very attentively. The interview contained many concrete and specific details of his life. I read it a couple of times trying to gradually create a picture of Dan Brown's horoscope.

The Internet provided me with the necessary data on Brown's birth (date and place of birth). When rectifying a horoscope with the unknown time of birth, you always need to take noon as starting time.


Rectification process


An interview requires many readings and translation of specific details into the language of astrology. I always use only the fundamental astrological knowledge and my Theory on Zodiac Degrees.

The first thing we notice about the horoscope set for noon is that out of 10 planets, as many as 3 are in Gemini which, as we know, symbolise writing, writers and books.


The position of Mercury (to write, writer, books) at the 24th degree of Gemini certainly makes it easier.


One sentence of the interview particularly caught my attention.


Reporter: It is said that you practice some odd rituals when writing. Is that true?


Dan Brown: Well, I suppose it depends on what you consider “odd”. It is true that I write only early in the morning. If I'm not at my desk at FOUR in the morning I feel as if I had missed the most productive hours of the day. I always keep an hourglass on my desk when working so that every hour, with every turn of the glass, I can take a break to do a couple of push ups, knee-bends and brief stretch outs.


Having read the sentence  “…It is true that I write only EARLY IN THE MORNING. If I’m not at my desk AT FOUR IN THE MORNING..”
I immediately hit on the idea for the initial picture of his horoscope. I placed his ascendant in Gemini with its ruler Mercury in the 12th house. Why?


Firstly, we have to admit that very few people begin their workday at dawn – 4 a.m. – especially if they are self-employed and live by their pen. This means that there is something in his horoscope, something very significant and strong, “making him” sit and write at his desk (Mercury) at FOUR in the morning. At this point, we will need to introduce more advanced astrological skills.


As the 12th house in a horoscope stems from the basic symbolic of the 12th sign of Pisces – to sleep, sleeping, dream and night – the whole house describes THE ENTIRE TIMELINE OF OUR SLEEPING PROCESS. Thus, if a line representing the cusp of the 12th house describes the BEGINNING of our falling asleep, the CUSP of the 1st house as the end of the 12th house (sleeping) describes our AWAKENING, ending of sleep or a dream.


Most people on this planet Earth go to bed (line of the cusp of the 12th house) at night and get up (line of the ascendant – the cusp of the 1st house) after sunrise. Dan Brown’s ascendant (28th degree of Gemini)-moment of waking up – is situated a couple of degrees before the SUN – telling us that he gets up (ascendant) before sunrise.


The cusp of the 1st house and its ruler tell us what is the first thing we do when we wake up. Persons born with ascendant in Gemini usually turn on TV, radio, pick up a telephone or surf on the Internet as soon as they get up- acting in accordance with the main symbolic of Gemini.

Den Brown has ascendant in Gemini (to write) together with its ruler Mercury (to write) in Gemini, and the ruler of the 3rd house (to write) the Sun conjunction ascendant. Therefore, there are several indicators telling us that Dan Brown sits at his desk and WRITES as soon as he gets up.


He also writes at dawn i.e. at night, when other people are asleep. This is because his Mercury (to write) is in the 12th house (night) at the 24th degree bearing the symbolic of Pisces (night, sleeping, the time of sleeping). Mercury (to write) is close to the ascendant (awakening) preceding the Sun at the ascendant (dawn), which is why he writes at the time of night just before sunrise –before dawn!


We will also need to analyse two Dan’s photographs published with his interview.


Someone may ask: “Do photographs matter?” They certainly do for there are no coincidences. The selection of photographs can also be used as a source of useful information.


Firstly, we will need to explain what symbolises SOMEONE’S PHOTOGRAPH in astrology. When we look at someone’s photograph, astrologically speaking, we are looking at the ascendant of this person - for ascendant represents someone’s IMAGE, APPEARANCE, LOOKS.


For example, the ascendant of the author of this text is in Virgo (work, workplace) while its ruler, Mercury, is placed in the 6th house (place of work, office, desk). This is why, when giving interviews, I usually have my photographs taken sitting at the desk in my office.


However, let us go back to Dan Brown.


There were TWO of his photographs published with the interview. This is because his ascendant and its ruler Mercury are in Gemini. As we know, Gemini symbolise DUALITY ,TWO…..


One photograph was big, taking the entire page of the magazine, while the other was so disproportionately small compared to the first one that it was almost imperceptible.


In the first big photograph, Dan Brown was standing in front of the fireplace at his home.

The Sun is in conjunction with his ascendant (his image) at the zero degree of Cancer. As we know, Cancer symbolises a home or a house.
The Moon, the ruler of the Sun in Cancer, is placed in Sagittarius at the 1st degree.

Sagittarius symbolises something big, which is why it was a BIG whole-page photograph. The 1st degree has the entire symbolic of Aries and thus, he had his photograph taken in front of the FIREPLACE (Aries-fire-fireplace).


The Sun rules precious metal GOLD explaining why next to him, there were two objects made of gold. These were two golden sticks, probably from old Egypt - antiquities. This is only natural for the Sun trines Saturn (something from the past, antiquities).


In the second photograph, which was extremely small compared to the first one (I even measured it and it was 5cm x 4cm), his hands could not be seen. He had one hand in his pocket while the other was behind his back.

The ruler of his ascendant is Mercury which, as we know, DIMINISHES - making the photograph small. In astrology, Mercury rules hands. As his Mercury is in the 12th house (everything hidden, everything we do not see) at the 24th degree bearing the symbolic of the 12th sign of Pisces – something hidden, invisible – it is only natural that in that photograph his hands were hidden and invisible.

On his website, you can see the same photograph with his hands hidden.


Therefore, Dan Brown was born on 22 June 1964 (70W 56’54’’ 42N58’53’’) at 5 AM EDT+4


Dan Brown


His ascendant is at the 28th degree of Gemini while MC is at the 2nd degree of Pisces. The complete analysis of his birth chart will confirm the accuracy of this rectification.


Dan Brown graduated from the same school where his father taught mathematics. The 3rd house in a horoscope describes elementary education-primary school. The 3rd house in Den Brown’s horoscope begins in Leo. Leo is ruled by the Sun which, in astrology, symbolises father, and thus, his father (Leo- the Sun) taught (Leo- the Sun-professorship) mathematics (the Sun -father-professor trine Saturn -mathematics).


His father is a reputable Presidential Award winning math professor. Dan Brown’s Sun (father) trines (successful) Saturn (mathematics) in the 10th house (house describing success and awards). In addition, Saturn is at the 5th degree which has all the symbolic of the 5th sign of Leo (professorship, awards).


After graduating from college, Dan Brown returned to his former school to teach his mother tongue – English – the same school where his father taught mathematics. I am quite sure that my students of astrology got tired of me constantly reminding them that the ascendant and the planets in the 1st house (if any) are of vital importance.


Since the first house symbolises our first step, first choice in anything we do, ascendant in Gemini (communication, speech, written word, language) directed him to engage in languages. The Sun symbolising professorship in Cancer (everything of domestic origin, native) ruling the 3rd house (again speech, language, writing, communication) “made him” become a professor (the Sun) of the mother (Sun in Cancer) tongue (ascendant Gemini, Sun ruling the 3rd house).


This is also supported by the position of his ascendant (the first choice, the first thing we do) at the 28th degree of Gemini (language, communication, speech):

He (ascendant) teaches (the Sun-professorship- in the 1st house) mother (28th degree –degree of Cancer -mother) tongue (Gemini).


However, Dan Brown did not stay long on that job. After a while, he decided to become a writer. Why?


Again, ascendant and its ruler provide the answer. It is a common knowledge that, as years go by, ascendant is becoming more dominant in a horoscope. Dan Brown’s ascendant is in Gemini (writing, journalism, literature). The position of Mercury (to write) ruling in Gemini (to write) makes his decision to become a writer even firmer.

Therefore, such extremely strong Mercury ruling the ascendant “made him” become a writer!


Many people born under the strong influence of Gemini (many planets in that sign, many planets in the 3rd house, many planets at the degree of Gemini -3,15,27…) want to become writers or journalists. However, small number of them achieve such success with readership as Den Braun does.


Why has he achieved this enormous success?


Firstly, the symbolic of the house in Leo (success, to be the best at something) guarantees success (Leo, the Sun). In Dan Brown’s birth chart Leo covers his 3rd house (to write, what is written by us). The ruler of his 3rd house the Sun (to be successful) is in his 1st house (the way others see and experience us), so people see Dan Brown as a successful writer.

However, in terms of astrology, this is not enough for someone to become an extremely successful writer. We also need to study the aspects of the Sun with other planets as well as other relevant points in his horoscope.

In his horoscope, the Sun (success) ruling his 3rd house (the thing we write) is in trine with (again success, successful, with success) the cusp of the 10th house (success, career, to be the best).


His Sun is in conjunction with the North Node. This is an extremely strong aspect for the North Node, together with the Sun, brings big success and an extremely high position and status.


In addition, his North Node is at the SECOND degree, which speaks about a big success and a top quality. To top it all, the North Node is in the exact trine with the cusp of the 10th house also at the 2nd degree of Cancer!!!


Hence, the Sun (success) ruling Dan Brown’s 3rd house (what we write, book, books) -supported by an extremely strong conjunction with the North Node at the very powerful 2nd degree trine the cusp of the 10th house also at the most powerful 2nd degree- brought Dan Brown the title of the most successful contemporary writer!


The Sun also trines (with success, successfully) Saturn placed at the 10th house. In many books it can be read that Saturn in the 10th house brings decline and not much of a success. However, in practice, it turned out that Saturn in the 10th house brings enormous success, but only provided it has good aspects and the symbolic of the sign in which the 10th house and Saturn are situated is followed through.


What is the meaning of all of this?


To achieve big success with his books (10th house), Dan Brown needs to write about topics matching the symbolic of the sign of his 10th house and Saturn therein. His 10th house begins in Pisces.


It is a common knowledge that the sign of Pisces symbolise mysteries, secrets, religion, museums, secret societies, and secret organisations. Saturn symbolises past and history …


As we know, his two worldwide best-selling novels Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code deal exactly with these themes!


In his books he mentions ancient mysteries (Saturn-ancient in Pisces –mysteries) , secret societies (Illuminati, Free Masons, the Templars, the Priory of Sion, Opus Dei….), Vatican, clergy (Pisces), science, scientists, religious objects, keepers of secrets. In his horoscope, we can also see how his first big literary hit Angels & Demons got this title.


His 10th house (success) begins in Pisces ruled by Neptune which, in astrology, symbolises communication with God, religion and all terms referring to divine influences, and hence angels. Saturn in Pisces symbolises the opposite of what the symbolic of Pisces conveys (Saturn-to be against something, opposite, to the contrary)- and thus, we get Demons, explaining why his first book got this title.


Saturn (all processes in which something happens again, repetition) in the 10th house in excellent trine aspects with the Sun (success) and the North Node (success) speaks about the REPETITION (Saturn) of his successes, however as long as in his writing he keeps following the symbolic of Pisces, the sign in which his 10th house is situated – mysteries, secret, secret societies, ancient mysteries …


The next novel and his biggest success was The Da Vinci Code which also deals with secrets, mysteries, secret societies, decoding of symbols and the mother of Jesus Christ.


How can this be seen in his horoscope?


To clarify this, we need to have the accurate birth chart of Jesus Christ. One of the contributors to the website astrologyinserbia.com , who signs his texts as Serb, has discovered the exact date and time of birth of Jesus Christ.


He found out that Jesus Christ was born on 22 March -6 (35E11’36’’ 31N41’51’’) 05:24:57 AM LAT Koch Houses.


Jesus Christ


Please note: the 4th house of the horoscope of Jesus Christ describing his origin and one of his parents begins in Gemini. The ruler of his 4th house Mercury is in his 12th house in the 12th sign of Pisces at the mightiest 2nd degree of Pisces, meaning that he is a descendant of the most powerful person (2nd degree) matching the symbolic of Pisces – God himself! This house can also describe his mother. Dan Brown, in his best-selling book (cusp of his 10th house) mentions the grave of the mother of Jesus as main mystery and leading theme of his blockbuster  –the cusp of the 10th house is at the 2nd degree of Pisces exactly at Mercury, the ruler of the 4th house of the horoscope of Jesus Christ!


Both of his novels are scientific-religious thrillers. Science is symbolised by the sign of Pisces for it deals with the exploration (Pisces) of the unknown (Pisces). He writes thrillers because Neptune, the ruler of the 10th house, is in Scorpio (murders, fear, what we fear and what puts us in danger).

The ruler of his 8th house (death, murder, killer, victim) is Saturn at the 10th house (main theme of the novel) in Pisces (mystery, clergy, museum, institute, church).


In both novels, victims (8th house, ruler of the 8th house) are reputable people. Saturn, the ruler of the 8th house, is in the 10th house-house of reputation.


In the book Angels & Demons the victim is a respectable scientist. He is described by Brown’s Saturn in the 10th house in Pisces (scientist).

The Da Vinci Code portrays as the victim the main curator (the10th house) of a well-known museum (Pisces) Louvre.



In addition, the cusp of Brown’s 3rd house (books) begins at the 8th degree (degree of Scorpio –death, murder, victim) in Leo (a high-placed person).

It is interesting to note that victims are FATHERS whose daughters are searching for the killer. Naturally, this is shown by the cusp of the 3d house in Leo (ruled by the Sun - fathers) and Saturn ruling the 8th house (victims) in the 10th house (parental house) trine the Sun (father).

Saturn ruling the 8th house (murderers) in Pisces tells us that killers are people from clergy (Pisces).


The Moon (wives, daughters) square (action, to search) Saturn ruling the 8th house (assassins) tells us that their daughters are the party to this search for the killers!


Both novels contain decoding of mysterious messages. This is due to Mercury (messages, a signpost) in the 12th house (mysteries, secrets) at the 24th degree with all the symbolic of the 12th sign of Pisces (secrets, mysteries, something hidden).


And finally, the main character in both novels is described by the Sun (the main figure) trine (to resolve successfully) Saturn in Pisces (mysteries).

Robert Langdon is the Professor (the Sun) of religious symbology and art history. This had to be religious symbology and art because the Sun trines Saturn in Pisces—religious symbology, art.

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