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Everybody's horoscope is instructive and edifying, and you can find something in everyone's horoscope that will broaden your astrological knowledge. However, the most edifying horoscopes belong to great men, to those who used the planet energy in their horoscope by reaching a peak, and in that way achieved certain success for which they stood out from the crowd (multitude) and left a trace in the endless (?) history of mankind.



One of such horoscopes belongs to a great legend of athletics, Carl Lewis
(1 July 1961, 7:47, CST+6, 86W48, 33N31).


Placidus Houses

Carl Lewis



By interpreting his horoscope we shall see why he was a sportsman, why he was the best sprinter, and why he was also the long jump jumper, and why he had a very bad start for a sprinter in a 100-meter race (he was usually the last of all the runners starting from the start line), but that he speeded up tremendously at halfway of the running track and in that way won many races.


A sport is symbolized in astrology by the ardent signs and analogous houses: Aries (the first house), Leo (the fifth house) and Sagittarius (the ninth house). Carl Lewis was born in Cancer sign with Leo Ascendant. His Ascendant occurs at 17°. of Leo, being analogous to Leo sign (12+5), so that Carl Lewis has a strong effect of Leo sign in his character – sport, to be the best. Three planets (Uranus, Mars and Pluto) and the North Node in the first house (analogous to Aries) tell about his fighting spirit; the conjunction of Mars and Pluto in the first house (physical body) tell us about the stamina, sturdiness and strength of his body. All this squares an extremely strong Mars, in its natural 1st house, to 1°. of Virgo (the first degree has all the characteristics of the first Aries sign). In addition to all that, Mars (to be diligent) in Virgo (to be industrious, fulfill one's obligations) tells us that he will fulfill his obligations diligently at very tiring training sessions.


Furthermore, the fifth house (sport) begins in Sagittarius (sport, records), and Jupiter, the ruler of that house, occurs at 5°. (the degree of Leo – sport) of Aquarius in the 6th house (job), and his job (the 6th house) was sport (Jupiter at 5°, the ruler of the 5th house – sport). Also, the Sun, the ruler of his Ascendant (the things we do first, the things we firstly decide for), occurs at 9°. of Cancer, and that degree is analogous to the 9th Sagittarius sign – sport, records.


Also, the Moon, the ruler of his Sun, occurs at 21°. of Aquarius, and that degree is also analogous to Sagittarius sign – sport.
Therefore, we have many astrological elements indicating that Carl Lewis was a sportsman.


Before we have a look why he was a top-class sprinter, let's see why he was a long jump jumper too.  The long jump, as the branch of athletics, is certainly ruled by Sagittarius sign and the ruler Jupiter, for, what would designate longer and farther in astrology than Sagittarius sign and Jupiter. The Sun, the ruler of the Ascendant, occurs at 9°., which is analogous to the 9th Sagittarius sign; the Moon, the ruler of the Sun, occurs at 21°. which is also analogous to Sagittarius sign; his 5th house (sport) begins in Sagittarius, therefore, all this indicates that Carl Lewis was a long jump jumper as well.  And why was he a sprinter too (100-meter and 200-meter, 400-meter relay)? A high speed is symbolized in astrology by Aquarius and the ruler Uranus.

In the horoscope of Carl Lewis, the Moon, the ruler of the Sun, occurs in Aquarius; the ruler of the 5th house (sport), Jupiter, also occurs in Aquarius, and what is the most important, Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, occurs at the very Ascendant! Therefore, we have several astrological indicators once again, indicating that Carl Lewis was a sprinter too.


Why did he have a very bad start? He was usually the last starting from the start line on the running track. The Ascendant (the first step, in his case, the start of the race) tells us about that, as well as the ruler of the Ascendant.


The Sun, the ruler of his Ascendant (start) occurs in Cancer, which, together with Capricorn, represent the slowest signs of the Zodiac, therefore, his start from the line was very slow, what is a great shortcoming for a top-class sprinter.




However, somewhere at 40 meters of the track he began speeding up as a rocket. Why? You are going to say: »Well, he has Uranus (rocket, speed) at the Ascendant«. You will be certainly right, but not completely. Let's see his Uranus. It occurred in Leo, therefore, in the sign of its fall, what would mean that Carl Lewis wasn't so fast. However, (my theory on the degrees becomes completely evident here); his Uranus occurred at 23°., which, together with 11°. of each sign has all the characteristics of the fastest sign, Aquarius. Consequently, besides having a »weak« Uranus in Leo, 23°. (Aquarius) enabled him to run, in the second part of the 100-meter race, as the real Uranus (rocket) and win the races. In addition to all that, the North Node (gains, victories) is in conjunction with the powerful Regulus (the winner, to be the best)!


Well, let someone say that astrology isn't an exact science ....




Our Nikola Tesla (10 July 1856, 00:56:47 AM, CET-1, 15E17, 44N34)
and the American Thomas Edison (11 February 1847, 23:33, LMT+00, 82W37, 41N18) are the two remarkable scientists – inventors, who made an outstanding contribution to the field

of electric power and electrical engineering.


Naturally, in the horoscope of both of them there is a powerful Uranus (electricity, ingeniousness, inventions). Tesla’s Uranus is placed in Taurus at the 23rd degree, i.e. the degree conveying all the symbolic of Aquarius (electricity, inventions), at the very Ascendant. Edison has Uranus at Aquarius degree – at the 11th degree of Aries.


For those who have noticed that Tesla’s birth chart shown in this book does not coincide with the others found in numerous books or on the Internet astro sites, I will explain why my rectification of his birth chart with the Ascendant at the 24th degree of Taurus is correct. Mentioning Nikola Tesla’s name always brings to mind his photography in an iron cage with him sitting peacefully reading a book while numerous lightings flash around him. His image is represented by his Ascendant which is at the 24th degree of Taurus with the symbolic of Pisces (a prison, a cage). Thus, he was sitting in a cage; Uranus (thunder, lightning) is at the very Ascendant and, therefore, lightning could be seen; Venus, the ruler of the Ascendant, is in the 3rd house - he was reading (the 3rd house) a book (the 3rd house)… The author of this book has Mercury, the ruler of the Ascendant, in Aquarius (astrology, astrologer) at the 23rd degree (Aquarius degree – astrologer).


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