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At the beginning of the 1960's, the American society was shaken by racism, imminent war in Vietnam, murder of president Kennedy, and the serial killer dubbed in the history of the American crime as the Boston Strangler. Namely, 13 women were murdered between 14 June 1962 - when the first crime took place - and 4 January 1964 - the date of the last crime in the series. All of them were sexually abused and eventually strangled with some piece of clothing – mainly stockings. All of these women lived alone. There was no evidence of forced entry into their homes, which meant that the victims knew the murderer or, more probably, trusted this person and let him into their homes by their own free will. These women were respected in their community and led a modest and quiet life.


Boston police were looking for the perpetrator, but in vain – they were not getting any closer to uncover the identity of the Boston Strangler. However, by the end of 1964, the police arrested a man who broke into a woman’s apartment, tied her to bed, kissed and caressed her, and then suddenly left. That woman remembered his face well, which helped the police to make a photofit and recognize the person who had a rather long criminal record as a burglar. That was Alberto de Salvo. During the interrogation, he admitted to have broken into some 400 apartments and attacked about 300 women in four American states. However, it is interesting to note that police didn't connect him with the Boston strangler.


But what really shocked America was Alberto’s confession - after a couple of months he spent in prison - that he was the Boston Strangler. During the interrogation, he described 11 crimes he committed down to the smallest detail: the arrangement of household things in the victims' apartments, colors of particular objects ... The inspector interrogating him did not see in his recollections a person retelling something he had heard from someone else, but, as he said: » ... It was clear to me that Alberto remembered something he experienced himself rather than just remembering someone else’s account of events ...« Why is this detail important? All the people who knew Alberto simply couldn't accept the fact that he was the murderer, the Boston Strangler. Everyone described him as sweet man, devoted to his family, who liked helping others, with refined and civilized behavior and good manners. They also emphasized his obsession to distinguish himself as being better and more important than other people. They considered his confession »... a foolish attempt to stand out one more time...«


The American public opinion was divided – some insisted that Alberto had committed those crimes, while others maintained equally persistently that he was innocent. The key evidence proving Alberto’s innocence was the fact that none of the people who had happened to meet and see the Boston Strangler at the scenes of the crime recognized him although Alberto’s face was hard to forget. Namely, Alberto had a distinctly long nose.


This big split of American public opinion (Albert – the Boston Strangler or not) created a mystery that remained as such even today.


Who was Alberto de Salvo?


He took the path of crime when he was a child. He did his military service in Germany where he met his wife. He took care of his family but, despite being a family man, he had never given up crime. His specialties were burglary and robbery of apartments.

The people who knew him described him as a man devoted to his family, honest, diligent, but also a man who liked boasting and showing off.


Alberto as a criminal – the way he operated


It is interesting how Alberto made women trust him enough to let him into their apartments. He would introduce himself as an employee of a modeling agency who had a tip that this very person he came to see would be an outstanding model, and that his assignment was only to take her measures and inform her about the work requirements for a model. A large number of women believed him and had no second thoughts about letting him into their apartments...


Alberto's end


Alberto was sentenced to life imprisonment. In November 1973, Alberto died in prison after being stabbed with a knife. However, the secret as to whether he was the Boston strangler remained unsolved...


You can find the whole story about Alberto and his life and »misdeeds« if you visit The Crime Library site on the Internet. I often look for this Internet page containing detailed descriptions of life and »deeds« of many well-known American and world-class criminals, serial killers, gangsters and terrorists, for purely astrological reasons. It is easy to find the birth charts of those people on various astrological sites. I usually start by finding the chart of a famous criminal first, and then I go to the Crime Library. I read about their lives and try to translate those facts into the language of astrology. Consequently, one may learn a lot of new things about the subject.


On the other hand, my astrological hobby is chart rectification (finding the exact time of birth), because, in my experience, some 60% of the charts of the famous people you may find in numerous books and Internet pages are not correct. In the rectification of those charts, my theory is fully manifested.


The official details of Alberto de Salvo's birth are: 3 September 1931, 71W02, 42N23, 11:58 AM, EDT+4. However, while I was reading the story about him studying this chart, I immediately dismissed it as incorrect. Why?


Placidus Houses



In rectification of someone's chart it is very important to carefully read the text about the subject person. For example, Alberto died in prison where he was stabbed with a knife. What does this mean? The 12th house symbolizes prison, and Mars certainly symbolizes the knife stabbing. Therefore, his Mars has to be found in the 12th house or at least at the cusp of the 12th house. He died in prison – the death in prison is described by the ruler of the 8th house in the 12th house; the 8th house in Pisces; Neptune in the 8th house; the ruler of the 8th house in Pisces; or the cusp of the 8th house (death) at the degree of Pisces - 12°, 24°.


Let us have a look at his official chart. In that chart, the cusp of the 12th house (prison) is at the 25th degree, and Mars (stab, knife) is at the 20th degree of Libra. However, the orbit of 5 degrees is too wide for Mars to exert its influence on the 12th house (stabbing with a knife in prison). Secondly, his 8th house at the 16th degree of Gemini does not describe death in prison. Admittedly, Mercury, the ruler of that house, takes place at the 12th degree (the degree of Pisces – prison) of Virgo, but the cusp of the 6th house (the military service) in this chart does not tell us that he did his military service in a foreign country. In that chart, the cusp of the 6th house is at the 25th degree of Aries.


During the chart rectification it is very important to »observe« the cusps of the houses.


Each cusp of a house has to reflect a realistic situation in the life of a person. Hence, for a person to do the military service in a foreign country, the cusp of the 6th house has to be at the degree of Sagittarius (9°, 21°). If we place the cusp of the 6th house (army) at the 21st degree (foreign country) of Aries (Germany), we get the correct information – he did his military service in a foreign country - Germany. Moving the cusp of the 6th house also produces the moving of other houses. If the cusp of the 6th house is at the 21st degree of Aries, the cusp of the 8th house begins at the 12th degree of Gemini, and the cusp of the 12th house finds itself at the 21st degree of Libra conjunction Mars at the 20th degree of Libra!


As a result, we found the correct chart. The time of his birth is as follows: 11:38 a.m. Let us have a look at his genuine horoscope.

Placidus Houses


Alberto de Salvo - Rectificated chart

The Ascendant is at the 12h degree of Scorpio meaning that he had always been interested in crime (12° – Pisces – crime). The ruler of the Ascendant (the things we are mostly interested in) is in the 12th house (crime). He was always polite and kind person – Mars, the ruler of the Ascendant is in Libra (good upbringing). In addition, his Sun conjunction Venus produces the same results. His Sun is also in conjunction with Neptune and Mercury, the ruler of the 8th house (to murder). Neptune conjunction Sun is a very good aspect for a spy – no one perceives the essential traits of your personality; you can be anyone; this aspect will make everyone see you differently and believe you. The Ascendant at the 12th degree (the degree of Pisces – error, to see someone in a wrong way, false representation) also landed its influence. The Ascendant of Scorpio and the Sun conjunction Mercury ruling the 8th house (murder), describes his personality inclined to committing murders. Why did he choose strangling? The cusp of his 8th house (how one kills) begins at the 12th degree of Gemini. The 12th degree has the symbolic of Pisces (to strangle); Mercury, the ruler of the 8th house, also takes place at the 12th degree (to strangle), intensifying his inclination. The 8th house describes his victims (whom and how one kills). Mercury the ruler of the 8th house is in Virgo, the very sign that symbolizes the things we wear, clothes. Thus, he introduced himself as someone from the fashion industry, taking measures (Mercury). He strangled victims with their own clothes – again Virgo's influence. He used mainly stockings – Mercury at the 12th degree of Pisces ruling feet and legs. This resulted in strangling with stockings (Mercury at 12° of Virgo).


He liked to stand out and boast. Certainly, this is the result of a strong influence of the 10th house (to see oneself as an important person). There is an enormous energy in that house – 4 planets are placed there. His wife was a foreigner – there is the Moon at the 21st degree (the degree of Sagittarius – a foreigner) in the 7th house (wife).


Was he a murderer?

Finally, let us resolve the dilemma whether he was the Boston Strangler or it was someone else. The first murder took place in Boston in the evening of 14 June 1962. Let us compare the horoscopes of the first murder and Alberto. On the day of the first murder, Mercury was at the 12th degree of Gemini! Thus, the sole cusp of Alberto's 8th house (to murder) was in transition. The transiting planets always influence us carrying the planetary energy from our natal chart. Since Mercury rules his 8th house (to murder), the transit of Mercury over the sole cusp of his natal 8th house (to murder) provoked his first murder. Why did he go on killing and why no one remembered his distinct features? Mercury, the ruler of his 8th house (to murder), is at the 12th degree of Virgo, and the cusp of his 8th house at the 12th degree of Gemini. As it is the aspect of the exact square (perpetuum mobile, something happening constantly and frequently), he kept on murdering. No one remembered his face because the cusp of his Ascendant is at the 12th degree of Scorpio, which has all the characteristics of the 12th Pisces sign – to be invisible, unobtrusive. In addition, Mars, the ruler of his Ascendant, takes place at the cusp of his 12th house (to be hidden, to be invisible). Moreover, the transiting Neptune (to be hidden, to be in a fog, to be invisible) transited across his Ascendant (his face, his appearance) during the time he was committing those crimes, and because of the slowness of that transit he remained »invisible« to everyone for a long time! In addition, on the day the first murder, the transiting Mars was at the 12th degree of Taurus (the degree of Pisces – to strangle, mystery, to be hidden, to be invisible; Taurus - throat, neck), and he (Mars ruling his Ascendant) began to strangle at that instance (Mars in Taurus).


Therefore, we can say beyond doubt that Alberto de Salvo was the Boston strangler.


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