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Numerous books have been written dealing with the influence of planets placed in houses and signs. These books are (mostly) good and should be on your reading list but only in case you are a beginner in astrology. The deeper you get into the secrets of astrology the sooner you realize that the SAME PLANET in the SAME SIGN does not produce THE SAME effect in the birth charts of two different persons.


This takes us to the ASTROLOGICAL SKILLS.


In astrology, the sign of Taurus symbolises money.  The SECOND house stemmed from this sign symbolises money in every personís horoscope. Venus, as the ruler of SECOND sign of Taurus Ėmoney, also symbolises cash.

However, Scorpio and the 8th house stemming from this sign also symbolise money, but the money of OTHER PEOPLE (earnings through other peopleís money, credits, loans, money of a spouse, grants, bank money, inheritance...).

When interpreting MONEY one needs to know the symbolic of other planets:

MERCURY symbolises small amounts, petty cash, tips, check books, credit cards...

JUPITER symbolises large amounts, big notes, foreign currency...

PLUTO symbolises HUGE AMOUNTS of money, ENORMOUS wealth, inheritance, obsession with money, especially when found in the 2nd house...

SATURN symbolises poverty, insufficient funds, savings, delay in collection, satisfaction with smaller amounts of money...

URANUS symbolises earnings by taking risks, hazards, fast money, money through trading on the stock exchange, work which is a novelty in our environment...

Naturally, one must not forget the DEGREES of zodiac because each degree of the zodiac circle conveys THE SAME SYMBOLIC OF THE ANALOGOUS SIGN. The degrees bearing the symbolic of Taurus are important here (2,14,26), as well as the degrees with the symbolic of Scorpio (8,20).


I had the opportunity to interpret the birth chart of two women in one day. Their Ascendant was in Taurus and Venus ruled their respective Ascendants. However, Venus in their respective horoscope produced a completely DIFFERENT effects.


The first example

THE FIRST person was born 15/6/1961 in Zemun (20E25, 44N51) at 02:20 AM CET -1.Ruler of her Ascendant, Venus, is placed in her 12th house at the 8th degree of Taurus.


Placidus Houses




Her Ascendant is in Taurus(money) at the 26th degree( the degree of Taurus -money), the ruler of Ascendant, Venus, being placed in Taurus (money) at the 8th degree (degree of Scorpio-other peopleís money). Venus also rules the 6th house Ė the first job we decide to do. Venus is in numerous aspects with Jupiter (ruler of the 8th house), Mercury (ruler of the 2nd house), Moon, Pluto, North Nod, Neptune.


She says: ę Iíve spent all my life chasing after MONEY. First I worked in a bank and during Milošević regime I started working  ILLEGALY (Venus in the12th house-criminal acts...) trading with hard currency; these were LARGE amounts of money (Venus at the 8th degree-working with other peopleís money square Jupiter-large amounts of money trine Pluto Ėhuge amounts of cash). Now this Golden Age is over for me and I deal with loans on interest; collateral, people give me their real property, apartments (ruler of her 2nd house Ė attitude toward money, investments, earnings, Mercury in Cancer Ėapartments, real estate, conjunction Moon -flats, real estate). I havenít had time to find myself a husband...Ľ


So, her Venus directed her toward constant earning of bigger and bigger amounts of money - towards greed.


The second example

Let us take a look at the SECOND EXAMPLE.

This woman was born on 29/3/1959 in Belgrade (20E30, 44N50) at 06:30 AM CET -1. Her Ascendant is Taurus with Venus, ruler of her Ascendant, in the 1st house at the 10th degree.



Placidus Houses




As soon as I produced her birth chart on the computer screen I told her: ďÖThereís an old lady living in your building. She is of a foreign origin and she wonít live much longer. If you offered to look after her she would make over her big apartment to you...Ē


The ruler of her 4th house (household members, people living in your building), the Moon (woman, but also to take care of someone), placed in the 8th house (inheritance), at the 8th degree (inheritance) of Sagittarius means to be of a foreign origin, but also to have a big apartment, especially with the Moon conjunction Jupiter Ėsomething big.  The Moon square Pluto (death) means that this woman will not live much longer. If my client had accepted the advice she would have activated her horoscope and this woman would have only 6 months more to liveó six degrees separate the exact Moon ( woman) square Pluto (death). The Moon symbolises a MONTH and thus, this woman would be dead in six month.


However, my client said: ď Yes, itís true. She has already offered. But Iím not interested...Iíve got enough...Iíve already inherited my motherís big house and Iím going to inherit my fatherís husband is a doctor and earns enough...I donít need more, Iím not greedy...I can get by with even less than I have now...Ē !!!


From the point of view of a classical astrology, this is a surprising statement: Ascendant Taurus with Venus (money, material values, to possess...) in the 1st house (what we mostly strive for) of Taurus would normally mean that this person is greedy and canít have enough of money.....


But here we come to the astrological skills.


Her Venus in Taurus trines (to accept something with ease) Saturn, the planet symbolising poverty, tight budget, little money, something insufficient and thus, she said that she could easily live with less money and that she was not greedy. In addition, her Venus is placed at the 10th degree of Taurus which conveys the entire symbolic of the tenth sign of Capricorn and the ruler of Saturn and thus, this degree highlights this statement of hers ---I CAN GET BY WITH LESS MONEY...I AM HAPPY WITH WHAT IíVE GOT...


If Venus had been placed at the 8th or 20th degree, this would have been a different story (the degree of Scorpio- something of other people, inheritance). Or at the 2nd, 14th, 26th degree (the degree of Taurus Ė to have, own, strong awareness of the importance of money and any kind of material value ).....


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