America-The End of an Empire

Nikola Stojanovic

December 2003.



At the very beginning of this text about the fate of America I would like to present the article published in Argument weekly on 4 August, 1997. In that text I announced the current conflict between America and the Moslems. Since astrology is a scientific discipline which provides the forecast of future events and their development, it would be worth noting what astrology can do in practice:

»ARGUMENT« 04.08.1997

AMERICA The empire which will COLLAPSE

the day a black man takes the leadership


»It is beyond any doubt that in the second half of the 20 century the USA became the most powerful country in the world. The fascinating thing is (like it or not) that they gained this power in less than 200 years of their existence. My first thought as an astrologer was that they must have had a powerful horoscope. However, I was puzzled when I saw the horoscope of America...

According to that horoscope, the USA was born under Cancer, Ascendant in Gemini. I started to have doubts about the accuracy of that birth chart and, after some thinking, I came to the conclusion that USA’s Ascendant must be in Sagittarius. For Gemini Ascendant the stated time of birth is: 4 July 1776, Philadelphia, 2. 15 AM.

Please note: don’t you find it strange for a country to be » born » at 2 hours and 15 minutes in the morning, and in the 18 century nonetheless, when people lived in accordance with laws of nature and went to bed as soon as dusk drew near! As far as I know history, there were no such pressing issues to make them burn candles and tallow-candles (electricity had not been invented yet) just to be able to proclaim the statehood of USA. I personally think that USA’s Ascendant is Sagittarius. The reason lies in the fact that in the mundane astrology Ascendant primarily represents the people who founded a particular state, that is, the people living in that country, their national characteristics, image of the nation and its myths.




Since USA was settled and founded by foreigners, people from other continents and countries, Sagittarius Ascendant perfectly fits in for it represents foreigners and everything of a foreign origin. American nation is composed of foreigners - immigrants from all over the world. All those people of adventurous spirit (Sagittarius) were driven to try their luck (Jupiter) in the USA in their wish to get rich (Jupiter conjunction Venus), attracted by the American dream – wealth, a big house and swimming pool (Jupiter conjunction Venus in Cancer). Many of them strive for glory and fame which, again, is the influence of Venus conjunction Jupiter.

The USA has always kept expanding its territory and its presidents have always been engaged in an expansive imperialistic politics. Florida and Texas became federal states in 1845, Montana in 1889, New Mexico in1912. Alaska, as the forty-ninth state, became the federal state in 1958. Thus, the expansion of territories also corresponds to the characteristics of Sagittarius. Americans place a lot of trust in their judicial system. Their famous Constitution was proclaimed on September 17, 1787 and was a role model to many democratic states. There is no doubt that the USA can be considered a law-respecting country, which is brought about by Ascendant in Sagittarius.


Its general civil rights – personal freedom of each and every individual – are certainly provided by Ascendant in Sagittarius and Moon in Aquarius. American people are very religious. Americans have right to express their religious feelings in all existing religions and numerous sects. However, money is for them the God of all Gods - Dollar. On one dollar bill it says » In God we trust » which is in perfect accordance with extremely powerful conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in Cancer, where Jupiter is exalted. Free entrepreneurial spirit is also a characteristic of Sagittarius.

Americans are also the nation of sports – all go in for sports. Especially when middle-aged they get this mania for exercise (Jupiter rules middle-age). Many modern sports originate from the USA. Sports at universities are particularly developed. Again this is due to Sagittarius Ascendant.

The influence of Jupiter conjunction Venus is reflected even in the very name of this country– United (Venus) State of America (Jupiter in Cancer – homeland, country).


Ascendant also describes physical appearance of Americans. The first thing we notice is their smile and big teeth, which fairly fits Sagittarius Ascendant. Obsession with the size of both their nation and things they use (big cars, huge houses and estates, biggest buildings and the like) also depicts the influence of Sagittarius Ascendant.

The slogan on human rights, this moral attitude that became a hallmark of the USA also originates from Sagittarius Ascendant. In view of all of the aforementioned, I am certain that the USA has Ascendant in Sagittarius.

In mundane astrology, the forth house describes the people that once had lived on the territory of a country before it was founded. So this house should describe Indians and their fate. According to the equal house system, the forth house begins in Pisces. Pisces perfectly fit the description of Indians because for centuries they lived isolated from the rest of the world (Pisces describe everything hidden and isolated). All Indians were believers where the most powerful man in the tribe was the chief. Under the influence of Neptune they were mistakenly named Indians after the country of India. In the horoscope of the USA Neptune is in a very unfavourable aspect with Mars, which indicates the cleansing and genocide against Indians. This aspect also tells us that when they wanted to stop the war (Mars) they smoked the pipe of peace (Neptune – tobacco).




In the USA horoscope, Neptune is placed in the ninth house (this is the sixth house starting from the forth one) which tells us about Indians becoming slaves (the sixth house is the house of servants, slaves). Pisces Ascendant (forth house of the USA horoscope is their first house) indicates that they will be isolated in separate reservations.

Neptune square Mars also tells us that alcohol and other opiates (Neptune) had disastrous effects on Indians. Even today the descendants of Indians spend their days drinking spirits – a large percentage of Indians have drink problem. In addition, tobacco was discovered on the American territory (Neptune).


As the twelfth house from the forth one is in Aquarius, the long gone conflict within the age of Pisces took place on the American territory. Venus conjunction Jupiter tells us about the enormous wealth of the USA, in addition to Pluto in the second house. In mundane astrology, the third house describes neighbouring countries. Mexico is in the immediate neighbourhood of the USA. Mexico was named after the old town that was situated on the territory of a new town, Mexico City, and was called Metzhiku which means » amidst moon waters ». The Moon in Aquarius in the third house perfectly fits this description! The Moon in the third house in Aquarius (vehicles, cars, means of transportation) in addition to Uranus, the ruler of the Moon in Gemini, are certainly to »blame » for Americans bearing such close resemblance to Gemini. Considerable mobility and American nomadic way of life reflected in frequent moving house, is certainly influenced by the Moon in the third house. Uranus, the ruler of the Moon, explains the reason for it – placed in the sixth house it shows that they are driven by job seeking. Sagittarius Ascendant (adventurism, journeys to the far-off countries) and the Moon in Aquarius, explains their journeys into space.


Unlike the Sagittarius Ascendant, Gemini Ascendant cannot provide the answer to the question: » What bestows the leading role in the world on the USA? » A country, which managed to become the leading country in the world in less than 200 years of its existence, is bound to have an extremely powerful tenth house. Sagittarius Ascendant answers this question.

An extremely strong and powerful Saturn in its native tenth house and exalted in Libra has bestowed on the USA the leading role in the world. More than any other planet, Saturn strives for power over all others, expressing itself through control, restrictions (sanctions) and patronising attitude. Saturn is supported by Mars trine (excellent aspect) Uranus, which boosts its power. Saturn also squares the Sun. Since both planets describe their presidents, the goal of each American president is to make his state even stronger and mightier thus making it closer to its ultimate goal – rule over the whole world. Saturn thus powerful brings the fulfilment of this wish, but also the inevitable downfall. Let us recall that many rulers of the world who had Saturn in the tenth house (Hitler, Cesar, Napoleon, Ivan the Terrible) experienced the downfall and shattering of all their ambitions.


I personally think that this will happen the day a BLACK MAN is elected president (Saturn presents » coloured people “). It will be interesting to follow the transit of Pluto through their Ascendant. Pluto in Sagittarius intensifies religious fanaticism and rules the twelfth house of the USA horoscope (secret enemies, sudden attacks), thus clashes with people with the pronounced religious fanaticism can be forecast beyond any doubt (Moslems?).«



American somersault


In the early and mid-twentieth century, in the eyes of the world, America presented the beacon of the genuine democracy, struggle for human rights, country of promised hopes and dreams...However, by the end of the twentieth century and in the beginning of the twenty-first century, this has drastically changed. Almost ideal image of the promised land of dreams takes a completely different shape –America has turned into the absolute ruler destroying everything in its way only to achieve its selfish goals. Why is that so?

The answer is to be found in the position of its Ascendant and tenth house. The Ascendant in a country’s horoscope symbolises the beginning of this country’s existence and its initial goals. Sagittarius Ascendant, more than any other sign, symbolises DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM both of individuals and other nations. However, due to its extremely powerful horoscope, in the mid-twentieth century America has become, in a relatively short period of time, the RULING country in the world. The tenth house of a country’s horoscope tells us about the behaviour of this country as a ruler. Its tenth house (power, ruling position) starts in Libra. In that house, there is Saturn in Libra which, in astrology, symbolises DESPOTISM, desire for ABSOLUTE POWER AT ANY COST.


American goals


American goals are clear: Ascendant (territory) in Sagittarius (expansion of territory) tells us about its land-grabbing politics; extremely strong influence of Saturn (control) in the house of POWER (tenth house) speaks of their persistent (Saturn) desire to rule the entire world. Saturn rules its second house (money) and is at the fourteenth degree (degree of Taurus-money), which clearly explains that their POWER is reached through money; Saturn trines (excellent aspect) Mars (war) in its seventh house (relations with other countries but also the house of war); all of this means that their POWER (tenth house) is achieved through WAR-MONEY combination.

Their seventh house (relations with other countries, allies, war) begins in Gemini (media), meaning that Americans before starting war with a country first do it through MEDIA. Unfortunately, we were the ones who witnessed it and learned it the hard way. In this house, there is MARS, the planet symbolising war in astrology. Since the seventh house is also the house of ALLIANCE they formed a MILITARY (Mars) alliance – NATO which helps them wage wars (Mars) throughout the world (Mars is at the twenty-first degree which conveys the symbolic of Sagittarius— entire world). Mars is in conjunction (with the help of…) with URANUS which symbolises aviation, airplanes, bomb, bombing and thus, they play it as their major trump card when waging wars. In addition, their Mars is in conjunction with the powerful fixed star Bellatrix which bestows success and victory at war. Ancient astrologers called this star a STAR WARRIOR. Thus, the Americans have (almost) ideal horoscope for winning wars and, more than any other country in the history of mankind, they are close to achieve their goal – rule the whole world.




However, their Mars has one unfavourable aspect i.e. square with Neptune which will prevent them from achieving their goal. In astrology, Neptune rules ESPIONAGE, which means that their enemies will always be informed about their military plans; Neptune symbolises HIDING. Thus, every American enemy able to hide will win the war. The only war Americans have lost in the recent history is the VIETNAM WAR. In that war the Vietnamese were able to perfectly hide in their dense jungles;
( similarly, during the Kosovo war, the great Serbian General Pavkovic
successfully put out of sight our military hardware and staff –maybe this is the major reason for the Hague Tribunal wanting him); Neptune also symbolises GERILLA WAR, and the Vietnamese chose the right military tactics to beat Americans. Neptune also symbolises VIRUSES, BACTERIA… In astrology, the entire mankind receives the DIVINE ENERGY from Neptune and every army having the true belief in GOD is able to win the war against Americans. In addition, Neptune means SECRET. So, a nation possessing SECRET armament will also beat Americans. To conclude, a nation utilising the ENTIRE symbolic of NEPTUNE in war against America will prevent it from achieving its goal – supremacy over the entire world.

The nation which is in its genetic horoscope born under the sign of PISCES ruled by Neptune is RUSSIA.


Conflict with Russia


A sportsman friend of mine told me once when we discussed the global politics»…Well, sooner or later, it’s going to reach the FINALS…«..he certainly felt that an open conflict is bound to happen between America and Russia. This is supported by the horoscope of America. Their Mars (war) squares (clash) Neptune (Russia). It has been already openly discussed by the Americans. For some time now, a STRATEGIST Zbignjev Bzerzinski on his geopolitical lectures has been stating that »..Russia has too huge a territory …global centre will be in Euro-Asia… and the like...« The way this conflict will start can be seen in the horoscope of the new Russian state.


Horoscope of Russia, Putin


New Russian State was founded on June 12, 1990 in Moscow at 9:45 GMT. It was born under the sign of Gemini, Ascendant Virgo. The Ascendant of a country describes its territory and the future of this territory. Virgo Ascendant rules all FRAGMENTATION processes, which means that Russian territory (Ascendant) is about to be fragmented (Virgo). In its seventh house (relations with other countries, cooperation, conflict, war) Russia has MARS (war) in Aries (war), which means that it will CERTAINLY be at war with a country (countries). The cusp of its seventh house (war) begins at Pisces, which means that this war will start bearing the symbolic of Pisces (concealed, underhand, terrorism). Writing this text, I’ve just heard that a bomb had exploded in the very centre of Moscow …Everything begins with an introduction...Their Mars (war) in the seventh house (war) squares (conflict) Neptune (something concealed, terrorism) and Uranus (bomb, explosion, shells, aviation), which tells us that Russia is going to be attacked STEALTHILY, by TERRORISM, BOMBS and SHELLS, allegedly used by TERRORISTS.


Thus, we reach the true SENSE of »current danger of terrorism in the world «…ATTACK ON RUSSIA IN THE FORM OF TERRORISM.


In December 1999, in the Russian parliament magazine called Russian Federation, I published my forecast that Russia is in great danger »…at the end of 2003 and beginning of 2004, Moscow will be in a big danger from ATOMIC BOMB…«.At the time, this text looked like science fiction, but now one can almost see the outlines of this scenario that had been designed a long time ago. I made this forecast after a serious and meticulous work, analysing the horoscopes of America, Russia and Russian President Putin. The horoscopes of the foundation of a country and its President are essential for everything that the country will undergo in its existence. Russian president Putin was born under Libra, on October 7, 1952. (30E15, 59N55,), birth time unknown. According to the American astrologers, Putin was born with the Scorpio Ascendant, while Russian astrologer Timashev (whose opinion I support) thinks that Putin was born with the Leo Ascendant. Regardless of his true Ascendant, Putin has Pluto (death) in Leo (power, authority, President) at the twenty-second degree which, according to my theory on degrees, has the symbolic of - to kill, to be killed - as well as Uranus (bomb) at the eighteenth degree of Cancer which is, according to my theory on zodiac degrees, the worst degree in zodiac circle – DIABOLIC DEGREE. This degree was EXTREMELY active when ATOMIC BOMB was dropped on HIROSHIMA! That was on August 6,1945. Hiroshima (132E27, 34N24), 8:16:40, -09:00 JST –09:00.! At that moment, the Ascendant was at the eighteenth degree of Virgo, while the Moon (people, mankind), with Saturn (misery, sorrow, sadness), was at the eighteenth degree of Cancer – exactly the same place where Putin has Uranus (bomb)!


Thus, the life of the Russian president Putin is in danger (Pluto at the twenty-second degree) while in power (Leo), and there is a considerable likelihood that he will have the same fate as the citizens of Hiroshima!


In comparative horoscope of America and Russia, America has Mars (war, attack, conflict) conjunction Russian Sun (power, authority, domination), which indicates that America will attempt to prevent the EXPANSION OF RUSSIAN INFLUENCE by WAR.

In the comparative horoscope of America and Putin, Putin has four planets (Sun-power, domination), Saturn (limitation, inhibition), Neptune, and Mercury in the tenth house of America’s horoscope, which means that by his activities Putin will greatly SUPRESS the American power (tenth house). Out of ten planets in Putin’s horoscope, four are in Libra (diplomacy), which means that carrying out his diplomatic activities Putin will try to GREATLY harm America.

In the horoscope of America, the tenth hose describes what ways Americans employ to rule the world, but also how they LOOSE power over the entire world. This house starts in Libra (diplomacy, pact, association), which means that Americans will loose supremacy due to ASSOCIATION, PACT OF ALL OTHER COUNTRIES AGAINST America; Saturn (sanctions) in their tenth house tells us that the rest of the world will IMPOSE SANCTIONS ON THEM; thus, they will loose supremacy due to the diplomatic activities and the pact that will be formed against them by all the other countries. This will include: expulsion of embassy staff from (almost) all the countries in the world; refusing the landing permission for the military and civil airplanes by many countries of the world, non-allowing the American citizens to enter almost all the countries in the world; imposing a boycott on American products.


And how will America respond to all this? Its natural response will be WAR. However, no one has ever managed to win the war against the entire world.


Beginning of America’s decline


Their decline starts exactly from the moment the current President Bush comes to power. He was born on July 6, 1946 at 7hours 26min(72W55, 41N18), EDT, +4:00 under Cancer, Ascendant Leo. His Sun (power) is at the twelfth house symbolizing LOSS, which means that in the course of his rule his country will start loosing its supremacy which had been so wisely, patiently and calculatedly gained. The stone of power (Saturn in the tenth house) has started to roll downhill...

Saturn (loss) in the tenth house (power) in Libra (colours) square (unfavourable aspect) Sun (power again) tells us that America will loose power when a coloured man is elected President...It can be perceived even now that the current President is surrounded by a lot of coloured people, hence the decline has already started.


The end of America



The fourth house of America’s horoscope tells us about the end of America. This hose begins in Aries (war) where Mars in Gemini is the ruler of this house (ruler Mercury -fragmentation), which means that war will be waged on their territory and America will be divided into a lot of minor states….




1999. war events and American bombing of Serbia certainly took its heavy toll on a large number of Serbian citizens. Many will surely thing when reading this text:

« …well, why on earth do you warn them about it..?«…because, by the obvious logic, they must have people in charge of keeping a vigilant eye on EVERYTHING published anywhere in the world.


My substantial astrological experience have taught me that NO ONE has ever managed to prevent the negative development of events which I forecast in my astrological analysis …because, all of us, individuals and countries, live our lives PREDETERMINED AND PRECONCIEVED BY THE POSITION OF PLANETS AT THE TIME OF BIRTH …


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