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Author: Nikola Stojanovic


The Argument magazine, May 11, 1998
Our astrologer, Professor Nikola Stojanovic has analysed the horoscope of Josip Broz and tried to establish the precise place of his birth based on his inclinations and his eventful life.


ON APRIL 28, 1893


I am certain that Tito was a foreigner.

This can be seen from the horoscope of Jovanka Broz. The date of birth in Kumrovec (May 7, 1892) is not correct since Tito’s life and charisma are simply not astrologically supported. He was a Taurus who liked country-style food.


Anniversary-show Biseri (The Pearls), hosted by Vanja Bulic, (Sunday, May 3), indeed stirred up a lot of interest with the audience. The guest of the show was Branko Trbovic, a man who, for good many years, took care of the diet of already mythical figure, ex-President of ex-Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito...


However, unlike many other spectators, I watched the broadcast with a pen and paper in my hand, noting down every observation of the guest about Josip Broz. I had a special reason for this, since I wanted to check the accuracy of Josip Broz date of birth which I had established by means of astrology. I also wrote about this in the last-year’s issues of the Argument magazine (Nos. 70, 71), where I stated that Josip Broz Tito was born on April 28, 1893 at 10:15 in Vienna.


Placidus Houses

Josip Broz Tito


The guest of the show gave a thorough account of the food comrade Tito preferred: cracklings, bacon, headcheese, liverwurst, cornmeal mush and apple pie. The mentioned dishes can certainly be considered home-made food and, at the end of the show, both interlocutors agreed with a smile on their faces that Tito was surely our citizen since he liked eating country-style food. In front of the TV screen I also smiled because the whole show and everything said in it, in terms of astrology presented a strong proof for me that Tito indeed was a foreigner and that the dates and place of his birth that I had identified were correct.


First, I will repeat my explanation of the method I applied to identify this date and place of birth. When looking for a person’s precise date and time of birth, i.e., the accurate horoscope, a list is made of the things we know about the person as an indisputable truth. This being done, mutual aspects of planets are identified according to the houses and signs, which exactly correspond to the life description of the person in question. Below are the facts that we know as an indisputable truth about the man called Josip Broz Tito:

• he was the President of our country for life;
• he was a Communist;
• he won the War;
• he was eager for power;
• he had several marriages and numerous love affairs;
• he loved life and he was a great hedonist;
• he loved hunting and he was a keen hunter;
• he was a very vain man;
• his son Zarko lost his hand by accident;
• he was very photogenic, handsome and charismatic man;
• he played the piano, practised sword-play, was fluent in several foreign languages;
• he was highly esteemed all over the world both by the common people and world renowned statesmen;
• his funeral was attended by statesmen from all over the world;
• he concealed his real background and accurate date of birth;
• no one has ever questioned his ruling capacity i.e. his leadership capabilities.


Therefore, his horoscope must clearly reflect all of the above and many other facts about him known to be true.


American capitalist


To make the date search easier, first I had to identify his native sign and his possible ascendant. My identification of his native sign was much helped by his, in terms of astrology, reckless reply to the question asked by an American journalist: “What would you have been if you had not become what you are?”, Tito replied: “Well, I would certainly have been a rich American capitalist”. This particular sentence helped me to create the initial picture of Tito’s horoscope. I thought that he must have been born under the sign of Taurus with ascendant in Leo. It is only logical that the 10th house of his horoscope is extremely powerful (power, authority, ego, top position), and in such astrological combination, the Sun, the ruler of Ascendant (Tito's personality), is precisely in the 10th house (supreme power, President). The conjunction of Sun, Venus and Jupiter produced this rich capitalist together with charisma, photogenic quality, hedonism and attraction. Note his words: “I (ruler of the Ascendant – Sun) would have been an American capitalist” (Jupiter conjunction Venus).


Another proof that he was really born under the sign of Taurus, I found in the position of the Moon in the horoscopes of his two wives and one mistress. Herta Haas (March 29, 1914), Jovanka Broz (December 7, 1924) and Davorjanka Popovic (January 19, 1921) - all of them have the Moon in the sign of Taurus. The most powerful comparative aspect in a woman and man’s horoscope is exactly the conjunction of feminine Moon and masculine Sun. This comparative aspect produces extremely strong mutual attraction.


Then, the precise degree of the Ascendant in Leo remained to be defined in order to obtain the accurate positions of the other astrological houses. Instantly I decided on the 2nd degree of Leo that bestows supreme, the strongest and greatest power. I have already written about this degree and indeed there are many examples of the power and force attached to this degree in practice...


Henry Ford (30.7.1863) with Mercury (car) at the 2nd degree of Leo, which enabled him to become the first magnate of car industry; Bill Gates (October 28,1955) with Uranus (computers) at the 2nd degree of Leo, became the leader in the world of information technology; The Nazi Party was born on February 24, 1920, with the Ascendant at the 2nd degree of Leo, and almost conquered the world; the famous forger of paintings, Kieting (March 2, 1917) has Neptune (forgery) at the 2nd degree of Leo, so he become the master forger of paintings in history of mankind; etc.…


Since I have already written about my method of casting the precise Tito's horoscope, I will just outline the position of planets and houses to provide the easier reading of the text for the readers who are not familiar with this birthchart. The Ascendant is situated at the 2nd degree of Leo, the 10th house at the 12th degree of Aries - place of birth Vienna. The 10th house: the Sun and Jupiter at the 8th degree of Taurus, Venus at the 7th degree of Taurus, Mercury at the 11th degree of Aries and North Node at the 28th degree of Aries. In the 11th house there are three planets in the sign of Gemini: Pluto at the 8th degree, Neptune at the 9th degree, and Mars at the 19th degree conjunction BELLATRIX (…war victory regardless of the balance of forces…). At the 8th degree of Scorpio there is Uranus in his 4th house. At the very end of the 3rd house there are Saturn at the 7th degree and the Moon at the 9th degree of Libra. This particular Moon conjunction Saturn in the sign of Libra proves the accuracy of this horoscope and, for example - May 7, 1892 Kumrovec, the date prevailing in the well-informed western press –is not correct. Why?


Incorrect Kumrovec horoscope


If we cast the horoscope for May 7, 1892, Kumrovec, with the Ascendant at the 2nd degree of Leo, we shall also notice the Moon conjunction Saturn, but in the sign of Virgo. Such conjunction in Virgo simply means that Tito should have become a hypochondriac in his old age (Saturn) (Moon conjunction Saturn in Virgo), who would have been terrified for his health (Virgo). As we are well aware, this was not the case. In addition, the mentioned Kumrovec horoscope does not show that he was an exceptional politician which he, as we all know, indeed was. It is a common knowledge that he balanced between the West and East with great skill, and this perfectly corresponds to the position of the Moon in the sign of Libra.
In the "Kumrovec horoscope” the politics and diplomacy houses and signs are not dominant at all. In the 7th house of that horoscope (politics) there are only Mars in Aquarius in square to Uranus in Scorpio, which would most certainly have produced continuous conflicts with all other countries, and also his premature death (Uranus rules the 8th house). It is a common knowledge that all top politicians have a pronounced sign of Libra (diplomacy, politics) or the 7th house (politics and diplomacy). This “Kumrovec horoscope” does not do justice to the Tito we remember. Maybe this is the horoscope of some other (or the first?) Tito?!
When you have defined the date you consider correct and cast the horoscope you consider accurate, you are faced with a serious verification of its accuracy. You need some peace and quiet to confirm it by asking various questions regarding his horoscope. The answers to those questions must be found in such horoscope.


For example:


Can it be seen from the Tito's horoscope that his sweetheart (Davorjanka) was buried in his courtyard?


The fifth house describes mistress, and the 4th house counting from the fifth house, describes her grave. This is Tito's 8th house ruled by Uranus, which, in Tito's horoscope, is placed at his 4th house (house, home). Consequently, it can be seen that her grave is in his courtyard. Let us proceed...


Can it be seen that his grave is made of marble and that it is called “The Flower House”?


Near the 4th house cusp (grave) there is a Saturn (stone) in the sign of Libra (fine stone), which expresses the marble gravestone, and Venus, the ruler of the 4th house (grave), is placed in the sign of Taurus, which describes beauty (Venus), vegetation (Taurus), and, consequently flowers (“The Flower House”). This can be clearly seen in this horoscope.


Was his arm really shot in the Drvar landing operation?


Mars (bullet) in Gemini (arm) implies that this was happening precisely on May 25, 1944, which is, in his horoscope, confirmed by the Moon transiting the Ascendant on that day (physical body). Mars transiting the Ascendant usually produces bodily injuries. Since, as luck would have it, he managed to save his life, from then on; he considered that day as his “second” birthday, so we all kept celebrating that day as his real birthday – “Day of the Youth”. I must give him credit for his witticism. Let us proceed...


Does the horoscope show that a world power elite attended his funeral and that one of the speakers was stammering when delivering the eulogy (Lazar Kolisevski)?


The ruler of the 4th house (funeral), Venus conjunction Sun and Jupiter in 10th house clearly describes kings presidents and Prime Ministers' (10th house) attendance at funeral. Mercury (speech) opposite Moon and Saturn describes the stammering of Mr Koliševski near the 4th house cusp (funeral). This particular aspect produces stammering and speech defects. In Tito's case this aspect was reflected in his very peculiar dialect that was rather different from the dialects of the people in our regions.


Was he a foreigner?


There are also indirect proofs that Tito was a foreigner. In the horoscope of Yugoslavia formed in 1918, the Sun, (ruler, President) in the sign of Sagittarius (a foreigner but also expansion – spreading) implies that one of the rulers of this country will expand its territory. (the Sun also rules the Ascendant of Yugoslavia of that period, and the Ascendant symbolises the territorial size). By Tito's coming into power the Yugoslav territory expanded – we gained the island of Istra and all other islands (Brioni…). In the horoscope of Jovanka Broz, the Sun, which describes the men in her life, and, therefore, the husband as well, is also situated in the sign of Sagittarius (foreigners), describing a foreign husband.


And, to conclude, let us go back to the Biseri (Pearls) show and their "crucial” evidence that Tito “was bound to have been our man”, because he loved our country-style food. The 2nd house of the horoscope speaks about the food we like. The Sun is the ruler of Tito's 2nd house and is situated in the sign of Taurus. Taurus symbolises the type of the fertile Earth's crust which bears fruit, thus producing food. Taurus, more than any other sign, symbolises areas where such food (fruit, vegetables) is produced. Therefore: country, farmer and, thus, country-style food. Venus conjunction the Sun in the sign of Taurus supports this even more, since Venus in Taurus symbolises fat. And he loved bacon, cracklings… And he liked apple pie the best, which is also symbolised by Venus (sweets) in the sign of Taurus.

In the mentioned show, Mr Trbovic further stated that “…he was his own centre of the universe… that he loved to give orders… that everyone else were there just to serve him…”. All of this perfectly corresponds the Ascendant in Leo with extremely powerful Sun in the 10th house (strong ego). He further said that Jovanka had left him towards the end of his life. This can be precisely seen in the horoscope. This is because Jovanka is symbolised by the ruler of the 7th house - Uranus (rebellion, freedom, divorce) placed in the 4th house of Tito's birthchart, describing the circumstances towards the end of the life. The Uranus (Jovanka) is opposite (clash) the Sun (Tito), Venus (marriage) and Jupiter, all of which describes their separation towards the end of his life.


He also said that Tito brought rare plants home from his travels all over the world, he planted them and all of them had taken roots! So was the case with my neighbour Vasa who rented the house with neglected and barren-seeming garden and succeeded to turn it into one worth admiration. They are both, of course, born in the sign of Taurus (fertility).
Therefore, this horoscope is really accurate, and a man called Josip Broz Tito was really born on April 28, 1893 at 10:15 in Vienna. Finally I would like to say that, in the hindsight, whether he was a foreigner or not, bears no relevance. In retrospect, Slavs always had foreigners as their best rulers anyway.


Argument magazine, May 18, 1998
Professor Nikola Stojanovic uncovers the unknown details in the horoscope of the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia ex-President, Josip Broz





I owe the readers of the Argument magazine, who had carefully read the horoscope analyses of the man called Josip Broz Tito (28/4/1892, Vienna, 10:15) in the last issue, the explanation of my reasons to think that he was born in Vienna in addition to his family background analysis, i.e., what is shown in the horoscope, who were his real parents.


But, before we proceed with the analysis of Tito's horoscope, let us have a look at what Dedijer, Tito's biographer, mentioned in his book, New Appendices for the Biography of J. B. Tito – II in connection with Tito's date of birth. On the page 30 it is written: About the dates of birth, in his autobiographies Tito wrote as follows:

Autobiography dated 1935: “I was born in 1892 in Hrvatsko Zagorje region…”


Autobiography dated 1945: "I was born in May 1892, in the village of Kumrovec..."


Autobiography dated 1952: (Note, after Drvar Landing Operation on May 25, 1944): “I was born as Josip Broz, May 25m 1892 in the Croatian village of Kumrovec.”


However, in the Register of Births, Marriages and Deaths of the Tuhelj district, it is recorded that Tito was born on May 7, 1892. In his book Dedijer presents the facsimile of this document and says that it can be seen that that date had been subsequently entered, i.e. changed.
On the page 137 Dedijer gives the numerous dates existing in various Tito's documents: May 7, 1892; May 1, 1892; March 12, 1892; June 10,1892; May 7, 1893; February 6, 1893… In his book, Dedijer further presents the arguments that Tito was Austrian, born in Vienna, under the name of Frantz Broz, and that his mother's name was Maria. All of these different birth dates and mysteries in connection therewith raise considerable doubts.


The Faust of all Fausts


Very interesting were the remarks that Tito's personal doctor, Aleksandar Matunovic, made in his interview given to the Blic daily of November 28, 1997. In that interview, Dr. Matunovic said that he personally thought that “…the man called J. B. Tito was born into the family of aristocrats, which is supported by his preferences, habits and indulgences.

He liked playing billiards, chess, cards, and he was active in sports such as: horseback riding, fencing, gymnastics and tennis. In addition, he spoke German and Russian fluently, and had a good command of English and he could play the piano very well." My question addressed to you, my dear readers, is: have you known of any worker (e.g. locksmith) who is fluent in world languages, who plays the piano and tennis for to relax, rides horses, fences, plays billiard, chess and card, and do you think that you could find such worker anywhere in the world?


In that interview with the woman journalist from the Blic daily, Dr. Matunovic gives account of the discussion he had with Tito on the New Year's Eve (January 1, 1976) on which occasion J. B. Tito, who was slightly drunk, said: "You are terribly mistaken if you think you know me and if you think you know who Tito is. I know that you have wanted to find out all about me from the very beginning. I am also aware that you know somewhat more than the others do, but still, you don't know and you will never know who Tito is. No one ever has or will get to know Tito. Stop concerning yourself with my personality. Since you've come across some facts, rest content with them. Leave it at that, because this would be the best for both of us...” Tito also said: "... I am Faust, Doctor. So, now you know who I am. Not only that I am Doctor Faustus written by Goethe but also the Faust of all Fausts..."


Having read these words I immediately sat in front of the computer in order to make the chart of this discussion (January 1, 1976, some time after midnight). Note that the Moon, Sun and Mercury (conversation) are in the sign of Capricorn in the 6th house (health – doctor) of Tito's horoscope. Neptune (alcohol) in Sagittarius transits Tito's 5th house (entertainment, celebrations, parties) opposite Mars which indicates Tito's inebriation, and the most significant is the position of Saturn retrograde at the 1st degree of Leo, and Pluto at the 11th degree of Libra. Retrograde planets have the most powerful influence on the previous degree from which they come, and thus, the transit Saturn had, in fact, been at the 2nd degree of Leo (this is precisely where Tito's Ascendant is), and Pluto transits the very cusp of Tito's 4th house. Why is this important? The Ascendant represents the way in which we present ourselves to other people, and the 4th house is our personal opinion of ourselves. Saturn and Pluto are certainly the planets symbolising dark forces of evil and their transit over the Ascendant and the 4th house cusp at the moment when this conversation was taking place supports the accuracy of that conversation. Note what Tito said: "... I am Faust, Doctor. So, now you know who I am. I am not only Doctor Faustus written by Goethe but also the Faust of all Fausts..."


Now, let us see what Tito's horoscope has to say about his background. The 4th house, its ruler as well as the position of the Moon describe someone’s background. Tito's 4th house begins in the sign of Libra. At the very beginning of this house, from the 3rd house there is the Moon conjunction Saturn, which means that Tito's family (the Moon, 4th house) is very old (Saturn) and that they originate from both country and city in the sign of Libra (4th house). The position of Venus, ruler of the 4th house, in the 10th house (power, authority) conjunction the Sun and Jupiter (supreme power, king) implies that Tito originates from a city where emperors, kings and aristocracy live (Sun, Jupiter). At the time of his birth, the only empire and the only city in the sign of Libra was Austro-Hungarian monarchy and Vienna.


Descendant of landed nobility


One might wonder how come that Vienna was born in the sign of Libra? Every city during its formation gains some symbols it becomes known for. Vienna is, for example, well-known for its waltzes (type of dance where you move in circles), parks -Prater being the most famous one symbolised by a big wheel; unlike all other cities which have quarters Vienna has semicircles (bezierk -circular city division); Vienna is also famous for its opera (Tito's Venus in the sign of Taurus – voice, throat) and it was a well-known centre of music (Venus) where Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Strauss, Schubert lived and worked. These circular shapes (Prater, bezierk) and the art are symbolised by Libra and its ruler Venus. Thus, we can conclude that Tito was indeed born in Vienna (4th house), the city where emperors lived and which, during that period, was well-known as a centre of art. All of this is clearly described by Tito's Venus conjunction the Sun and Jupiter. Since this conjunction is in the sign of Taurus (estate, land) it implies that Tito's ancestors were powerful landowners, landed nobility, and, since such powerful conjunction is in the 10th house (kings, emperors) it can be concluded that this family ruled the country. As we know, the Hapsburgs had ruled Austro-Hungarian monarchy for many centuries.


Who was Tito's father?


In a horoscope, a father is described by the Sun, its aspects, as well as its position in a particular house of the horoscope. And in Tito’s case, the Sun (power) conjunction powerful Jupiter and Venus in the 10th house (supreme power) implies that his father held a supreme position in the Austro-Hungarian empire hierarchy. It is well-known that the emperor Francis Joseph I held the supreme position in that state! Thus, Tito’s father is nobody else but Francis Joseph! Since it is a common knowledge that Tito is not his legitimate son, it can only mean that he is, in fact, his illegitimate child. To support this statement, the horoscope of Francis Joseph must clearly show that he had illegitimate children.

Francis Joseph was born on August 18, 1830 at 7:17 in Vienna. He was born under the sign of Leo (royal sign) and Ascendant in Libra. His 5th house, which describes children, begins in the sign of Aquarius. The books on astrology say that when the 5th house begins in the sign of Aquarius and when the Uranus is to be found in the same house, it can

often produce illegitimate children with persons having such aspect. Francis Joseph has Uranus in his 5th house in the sign of Aquarius at the 7th degree. Mercury, which also symbolises children, and, in his horoscope is placed in the 12th house, house of big secrets, implies that there is a big secret surrounding his children.


Who was Tito’s mother?


The position of the Moon and Venus speaks about this. The Moon (mother) in the sign of Libra near the 4th house cusp (court) implies that she was lady-in-waiting, and Venus (mistress) conjunction the Sun and Jupiter (emperor) imply that she was the emperor’s mistress. Therefore, it can be concluded that Tito was the illegitimate child of Francis Joseph and a lady-in-waiting.


Since a horoscope shows each and every event in a person’s life, one might ask whether it also shows Tito’s fabricated story of his working class background. It certainly does. In the astrology, Saturn describes workers and the working class, and Tito’s Saturn is in the sign of Libra. Libra is the only Zodiac sign represented by a metal object (scales, steelyard) which produced a story that he was a metal worker (locksmith).


And where can it be seen that this was a fabricated story which had been clinging on for so many years? Neptune, the symbol of a big lie and illusion in the astrology, in Tito’s horoscope is situated in the sign of Gemini making almost a perfect trine with Saturn, Moon (ancestors) and the 4th house cusp (also ancestors), producing effective (trine) lie (Neptune) about his origin ( 4th house cusp). If, by any chance, Neptune had been in square to Saturn, Moon and the beginning of the 4th house, this big lie would have been brought to light a long time ago.


Does Tito’s horoscope show that the truth about his origin will be discovered by no other than an astrologer? The place of Uranus in a horoscope denotes that the lies in connection with that house will always be disclosed. In Tito’s horoscope Uranus (astrology, astrologer) is in his 4th house (family background), which means that an astrologer (Uranus) shall discover (Uranus) the truth (Uranus) about his real origin (4th house).




I discovered Tito’s accurate horoscope as recently as 1996. What I personally found confusing was the conjunction of the Sun, Jupiter and Venus in his 10th house. The Sun (father) in the powerful conjunction with Jupiter and Venus in the sign of Taurus (estate, land) implies that his father was not only a ruler but also a big landowner (Taurus).


This dilemma was caused by my lack of knowledge in the history of the Hapsburg monarchy. Resolution to the dilemma – Tito’s father was a ruler (Sun, Jupiter, Venus in the 10th house – house of authorities) but also a big landowner – this I found out in a book The Hapsburg Monarchy by A. J. P. Taylor, where he writes that the Hapsburg lands were the collection of the inherited estates not countries, and that the Hapsburgs were landed nobility and not the rulers!!!


At that time, I had not yet discovered the secret about degrees but now, in the benefit of this experience, it is clear that: The Sun (father) Jupiter conjunction Venus in the sign of Taurus (land, property) describes the father from the landed nobility who owns a vast (Jupiter) estate, land (Venus), and the Sun at the 8th degree (the degree ruled by Scorpio – inheritance) implies that these are inherited (8th degree) estates (Taurus)!


Drvar Landing Operation


On May 25, 1944, at the crack of dawn, the German landing forces attacked the town of Drvar where Tito was stationed at the time, with the objective to capture him and take him to Hitler. In this unsuccessful action for the Germans, J. B. Tito was shot in the arm.


This event may serve as one of the astrological proofs that the date of his birth (the horoscope) which I had discovered is correct. Namely, if someone is to sustain a wound by bullet (Mars), he/she has to either have Mars (bullet) in the sign of Gemini (hands, arms, shoulders) in his/her natal chart), Mars in its 3rd house (also hands, arms, shoulders), or Mars square Mercury (hands, arms, shoulders). This is because the transiting planet always transfers the energy of its natal position.


Therefore, in the case of J. B. Tito, the transiting Mars transfers the energy of the natal Mars in the J. B. Tito's horoscope – Mars in the sign of Gemini. Injuries (Mars) are usually sustained when Mars transits the Ascendant (physical body).


On May 25, 1944, the transiting Mars was at the 1st degree of Leo, that is, one degree away from Tito’s Ascendant, which means that Tito was bound to sustain some kind of injury that day. The influence of transiting Mars can be felt the whole degree before the full aspect (conjunction, square…). Since transiting Mars transfers the energy of his natal Mars (injury) in Gemini (arms, hands, shoulders) he was shot in the arm on that day (Mars transit Ascendant). He certainly managed to survive due to his natal Sun (life) conjunction Jupiter (luck, favourable circumstances) – such aspect saves life in most of the cases…


Horoscope of the First Yugoslavia


The first Yugoslavia


In the horoscope of the first Yugoslavia (1.12.1918. Belgrade, 19:56 CET) it can be seen that one of the rulers of that state shall be a person who was not born therein. The Sun, as well as the 10th house, describe the ruler in the horoscope of each country. The Sun in the sign of Sagittarius (foreigners) implies that one of the rulers of such country shall be a foreigner; the Sun trine Neptune (espionage) implies that this person is a top agent of a foreign intelligence (Sun in the Sagittarius); the Sun conjunction Venus (popularity, love) in the 5th house (house of love) implies that such ruler will be popular among his people.


The tenth house also describes the ruler, and the 10th house cusp in Aries (Mars the ruler – war) tells us that we shall have the ruler-warrior and this ruler shall have a military rank – Marshal J. B. Tito…


The 1st house in the horoscope of the first Yugoslavia describes the origin of this ruler, because this is the 4th house (origin) counting from the 10th house (ruler). The house of the ruler’s origin (1st house) begins in the sign of Leo (the ruling Sun - kings, rulers), which implies that he descends from rulers; Neptune, the planet of lies, illusion, concealing, is also in this house which means that this ruler keeps his origin a secret (Neptune) (1st house of Yugoslavia's horoscope is the 4th house – origin, from the 10th house – ruler).


Neptune trine Sun (success, successfully) implies that he (the Sun) shall successfully (trine) keep the secret about his origin (1st house) for the rest of his life (Neptune).


Nikola Stojanovic


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