Nikola Stojanovic
Nedeljni Telegraf weekly, June 30, 1999


 Nikola Stojanovic, Astrologer, uncovers why

 danger lies in the eclipse of the sun of August 11






The eclipse of the sun which is to take place on August 11 this year, bears a particular significance terrifying the (genuine) astrologers, and justly so. First, all of the planets of the Solar System shall be in the worst of possible aspects, squares, and oppositions, which alone is bad enough.


However, one more thing makes this even worse and significantly multiplies negative influences of planetary energies. This is the position of the eclipse of the sun at the 18th degree of Leo. In my years of research in the field of astrology, I have studied thousands of horoscopes describing people and events which enabled me to discover the secret behind each degree of the zodiac circle (in the history of astrology I was the first to make this discovery). Each zodiac sign - and there are 12 of them - has 30 degrees, and the 18th degree of each respective sign is the one with the most adverse influence.


Let us look at the charts of the people (or events) who did great harm to human race (or individuals).


What do Marx, Nobel and Paul II have in common…


When the atomic bomb exploded over Hiroshima (August 6, 1945, 08:16:40 AM, JST, 132E27, 34N24), taking the toll of 100.000 lives, the Ascendant of this event was at the 18th degree of Virgo, while Moon and Saturn found themselves at the 18th degree of Cancer. The man who made the atomic bomb Oppenheimer (April 22, 1904, 20:00 EST, 73W57, 40N45) has the Ascendant at the 18th degree of Scorpio and the cusp of the 8th house (death) at the 18th degree of Gemini.


The man who, for the first time in history, made the decision to authorize the dropping of such a powerful weapon as the atomic bomb – American President Harry Truman (May 8, 1884, 16:17 CST 94W16, 37N30) -has the Sun (decision) at the 18th degree of Taurus.


Many feel the current Pope, John Paul II (May 18, 1920, 12:51:47 PM, CET, 19E55, 50N07), as the curse, and the cartoonists often depict him with a Satan's tail jutting out of his robe. His Ascendant is at the 18th degree of Virgo, and Mercury, the ruler of Ascendant, is at the 18th degree of Taurus.


Carl Marx (May 5, 1818, 1:49 AM LMT, 06E38, 49N45) the man who invented "communism" - the social system that brought about the suffering of many people - has the Ascendant at the 18th degree of Aquarius (the ruler of Ascendant - Uranus - symbolizes communism).



Alfred Nobel (October 21, 1833, 06:40 AM, LMT, 18E03, 59N20), the man who made enormous wealth by producing dynamite which is the necessary component of every deadly weapon (bullets, bombs, mines…), has the Uranus (bomb, explosion, mine) at the 18th degree of Aquarius.


Mikhail Kalashnikov (November 10, 1919, 1:05 AM, LMT, 82E16, 51N36) the man who made the best semi-automatic gun in the world which has wounded and killed the millions of people so far -AK-47 - has Mars (gun) at the 18th degree of Virgo square (the worst aspect) Moon (people) at the 18th Degree of Gemini.


Placidus Houses

Mikhail Kalashnikov


"The shadow ruler" David Rockefeller (June 12, 1915, 00:12 AM EST, 73W57, 40N45) has the Ascendant at the 18th degree of Pisces (shadow).


"The Angel of Death" or "Doctor Satan" as they called Doctor Mengele (March 16, 1911, 11:44 AM, CET, 10E16, 48N27) has Neptune - the ruler of his Sun - in the sign of Pieces, at the 18th degree of Cancer.



Charles Manson, called "the Satan Killer"  (November 12, 1934, 04:39 PM EST, 84W31, 39N06), -the man whose disciples committed a cruel and vicious murder of the expecting actress Sharon Tate the wife of a famous film director Polanski - has the Venus, the ruler of his Ascendant, in the 18th degree of Scorpio. The 6th house (disciples, subordinates) begins at the 18th degree of Virgo.


Leopold II (April 9, 1835, 10"22 PM, LMT. 04E20, 50N50) Belgium king (1869-1909) who was notorious for the most vicious colonization of Africa (Congo) was personally responsible for many mass murders of the natives: he organized hunting on Congolese children, cut ears and noses of his maids and killed his mistresses most viciously for the sole reason that he disapproved of their hairstyle. Even Sessile Rhodes, the man who laid the foundations of the British economic empire and was known as a cruel man himself, referred to him as “Satan”. The ruler of his Ascendant, Mars, is at the 18th degree of Cancer.


The actual hero of the film Silence of the Lambs


You have all probably seen the film The Silence of the Lambs (starring brilliant Anthony Hopkins) and if you thought that such people did not exist and that they were the figment of screenwriter's imagination you are vastly mistaken. Unfortunately, such man did exist and his name was Edward Gein (August 27 1906, 23:16 CST, 91W14, 43N48). He looked as an entirely harmless man and even occasionally baby-sited the children of his neighbors, young married couples. After the death of his strict and dominant mother who did not allow him to see girls and women and have normal sexual life, he lived in seclusion on a farm where he studied numerous books on anatomy.


Sheltered by darkness, he went to graveyards where he exhumed and violated the bodies of the recently deceased women. He peeled off their skin for clothes. Fifteen empty graves were found (of 15 women) on the near-by graveyards. He ate the flesh of those women for lunch. On December 18, 1954 he committed the first murder of a woman, and the second murder took place on November 16, 1957. During a random investigation, the police got into his house at the hired ranch. It was quite a sight. His "sweet home" was full of souvenirs: they found many skulls neatly arranged around his bed, a refrigerator full of human flesh, and a skull in the kitchen which served as a dish. The drum they found in the living room and sheets in the bedroom were made of human skin. His Ascendant was at the 18th degree of Libra in the 5th house (mistresses).



The astrological chart which enabled me to fully understand the effects and meaning of the 18th degree of each and every sign was the one of Jean Cocteau (July 5, 1889, 00:57 AM, LMT, 02E20 48N52 Paris), who directed the famous film Beauty and the Beast. Namely, everything we do in our lives has to be identified and recognized in the astrological chart. Therefore, the title of the film is clearly visible in his horoscope.


The film is about the love of a young girl and the man who under the influence of the magic spell was transformed into a beast. Jean Cocteau has Venus in his first house (which symbolizes a beautiful young woman).


In the 5th house (describing lovers) there is Saturn at the 18th degree of Leo (beast). All of this means that at the subconscious level Jean Coctau made the film about love between himself (Venus in his 1st house) and the beast (Saturn at the 18th degree of his 5th house). It is known that he was a (reputed) Satanist who drew black Sun in churches (Saturn - black at the 18th degree of Leo (the Sun) - Satan). It is a common knowledge that the beast is just another name for Satan.


Therefore, the 18th degree is a diabolical degree and since the eclipse of the Sun is to happen at this very degree of Leo whose ruled by the Sun which sheds light so that we can SEE, it implies that on August 11, 1999 we shall see Satan (18th degree) - (Leo-light, sight).


I would also like to remind you that the astrologers of the past claimed that during the eclipse of the Sun, one breaks the contact with the divine energy and the dark cosmic forces of evil dominate the Earth.

Thus, on the day of August 11, 1999 do not go out of your houses, do not look out the windows and spend your days praying to God because you will be in need of Him in the days to come.


Nostradamus foretold as follows: "When the eclipse of the sun betides at noon the beast shall be seen".


Confirmed danger coming from

Clark, Nauman and Solana


Some of the high NATO officials also have an "active" 18th degree of a sign.


Wesley Clark - (December 23, 1944, 15:25:35 CST, 92W19, 34N44) the Commander of NATO for Europe, has the Moon at the 18th degree of Aries as the cusp of the 10th house at the 18th degree of Aquarius.


Claus Neuman - (May 15, 1939, Munich), the ex-Commander-in-Chief of NATO forces for Eastern Europe has Mercury and Uranus at the 18th degree of Taurus.


Javier Solana - NATO Secretary General (July 14, 1942, Madrid, 12:57 PM, LMT) has Mars (war, warriors, army) at the 18th degree of Leo in the 10th house (supreme power), so he commands (10th house) the army (Mars) of evil (18th degree).




On the Eclipse


In the anticipation of the eclipse of the sun, many clairvoyants, profits and astrologers foretold that during the eclipse the cataclysm shall befall the mankind. As luck would have it, not many bad things came true. When I was a guest on TV Palma I pointed to the earthquakes and natural catastrophes (floods and the like) and I announced the Jeltzin's retreat from power as well as decline of many rulers in the states and systems where people really lived in the worst possible conditions… Of course, I primarily had in mind our ex-President.


Why "the end of the world" did not occur as foretold by many profits? Simply the whole world had been talking about this eclipse for months and the energy of those bad events was just used up in our discussions.


The moral is that, once you want to do something really important and significant do not talk about it much because in all this talking you will use up the energy of your planned action.


Closing my article on the eclipse of the Sun at the 18th degree of Leo, published in Nedeljni Telegraf weekly, I announced the possibility to see the Evil One (devil). On that day, at the moment of the major eclipse at 13:08 hours, the most unusual thing happened to me: on the day of the eclipse, we invited our friends to have some pizza and we decided to see two good movies. Having not taken films from a video-rental shop for some time, I asked the owner to choose two very good films for me. When I got home, I started making pizza and let our guest decide which film to see first. Thus, I did not in any way influence the choice of films, neither in video-rental shop nor at home. Our guest chose The Usual Suspects starring brilliant Kevin Spacey.


At the moment of the major eclipse at 13:08 hours the following sentence was uttered in the film: "The power of the devil lies in his ability to convince people that he does not exist at all…"!


Stunned, I stood staring at the TV screen…



* * *


A well-known American underground mobster Meyer Lanski (4.07.1202, 12:01 PM LMT +00, 23 E50, 53 N41) has Mars conjunction Pluto at the 18th degree of Gemini opposition Uranus at the 18th degree of Sagittarius.

On May 18, 1927 in the American town of Bay in the state of Michigan, an angry farmer, enraged by his high tax bill, threw dynamite on the school full of students killing 44 innocent children… That day, the Sun was at Algol, Mars (anger, rage, aggression) at the 18th degree of Cancer, and the Moon at the 18th degree of Sagittarius. …


Ante Starcevic (23.05.1823, 12:01 PM LMT +00, 17 E 23, 45 N 16) the originator of the Ustasha movement, has Mars at the 18th degree of Taurus conjunction Saturn (the Serbs) and opposition Moon in Scorpio.


One of my clients (8.04.1960, 11:58 AM CET – 1,20 E 21, 43 N 54) has Saturn at the 18th degree of Sagittarius in her 6th house (Aunt) – her Aunt is hunch-backed…


One of the first real 20-century football mega stars George Best (22.05.1946, 5:02 AM GMD – 1, 05 W 55, 54 N 35) who was a real football magician, had to undergo the liver transplantation. Long years of alcohol abuse resulted in the severe cirrhosis of the liver. His Neptune (alcohol) placed in the 6th house (health) implies that his alcohol abuse directly affects his health and, in addition, Neptune is the ruler of his 12th house (hardly curable diseases). Jupiter controls the liver which is also situated in the 6th house – health. Jupiter is placed at the worst 18th degree of Libra which indicates a serious liver disease. Jupiter rules the 8th house (operation), and George Best had to undergo the liver transplantation. The cusp of his 8th house at the 19th degree (degree of Libra- somebody else’s) and Jupiter (liver) in the sign of Libra (somebody else’s) shows the transplantation of somebody else’s organ.


The operation was performed on August 5, 2002; it took very long time, some 10 hours (Jupiter, ruler of the 8th house (operation) square Saturn (long time)), but was successful (Jupiter trine Venus, ruler of the Ascendant – body)…


Nikola Stojanovic


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