Astrological tasks - Astrology in Serbia by Nikola Stojanovic


The genuine astrology lovers will find this book very interesting. It contains 70 astrological tasks with key. I set these tasks before the students of my school to demonstrate them, at the end of their studies, how much they have learned about astrology.

Nikola Stojanovic





Humphrey Bogart, 23.01.1899. 13:40, EST (+5), 73W57 40N45

This famous actor became a legend starring in the film Casablanca. In that film, his long-lost love shows up at the door of his restaurant. The sentence uttered in that film - “Play it again, Sam…” – made this film and Humphrey Bogart a cult. How is this reflected in his horoscope?


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TASK   2


It is my great pleasure to present the horoscope of Svetlana Panjkovic, a renowned Serbian astrologer (2.3.1958. Smederevo  20e58,44n40, 05:31:45 AM CET-1)



She was born under the same sign as the author of this book - Pisces. In reference to her native sign, the questions are as follows:


  • How come that the astrological research is the area of her special concern?

  • Why do all her clients burst in tears in front of her, saying: "you are a soul-healer…"?

  • Why did she get a sky-blue mobile telephone for present?

  • Being a teacher of Spanish, she worked in an embassy for a long time. How does it show that her superior was a foreigner, a banker by trade.

  • She traveled to the far-off poverty-stricken countries inhabited by dark-skin people…

  • Everyone visiting her home remarked that she'd got a beautiful bathroom…

  • Her brother goes away to a far-off country…?

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Code "Psychotherapist"

A girl born 27.4.69, Cetinje (18e55’02’,42n23’36’’) 07:23 AM CET-1


  • Why does she look younger than her age?

  • Where are her love and tendency toward astrology reflected?

  • She works as a high-school teacher.

  • She grew up in a stone house on a hill above the rest of the houses in the neighborhood.

  • There is an animal buried in her courtyard (a dolphin).

  • Will she inherit an estate and when?

  • Her parents rent houses by the coast while she, herself, is a subtenant in Belgrade.

  • Why is she still single?

  • How come that, in spite of an ideal Venus trine Mars, she has had very few romantic relationships.

  • Why does she have chronic medical problems with her spine and frequent inflammations of the ischiadic nerve?

  • Does she like solitude and why did she insist that her real name should not be published?

  • Her grandfather was taken prisoner and died in the Mathausen concentration camp


A book was written about him entitled "The Youth Imprisoned" (by Vlade Markovic, Obod, Cetinje, 1993)

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There is a woman who - in the sign of Taurus at the beginning of her 9th house - has Venus conjunction Saturn. She told me: “I made a lot of money exporting frozen fruits” and I added: “And you lost a lot of money when you tried to export fresh fruits”. She replied: “Yes, that’s right….”


Why is that?






Aleksandar Sasha Bakic, 6.6.1978.  Zemun (20E25, 44N50),
3:44 AM CET-1


How is a life story of military service during the NATO bombing reflected in Sasha’s horoscope?


A.Bakic – a sports journalist:


“ In December 1998 I was called up to do my military service in the Yugoslav Army as a military policeman. Soon, I met the courier of the Commanding Officer who also worked as a computer operator. In one of our conversations he told me that the end of his military service was drawing near and that he was looking for somebody to take his place. I took his words seriously seeing that as a good opportunity. I started to jockey for that position with some other soldiers who had the same idea. I knew that this was the perfect job for me having had, as a sports journalist, good computer and writing skills and knowledge of record keeping and other administrative jobs. Having won in a fierce competition and displaying enormous persistence, knowledge and good results in a very short period of time I seized the opportunity and lived up to the expectations of the Commanding Officer who made me a courier.


The military training was summarized and as the end of it was closing in the soldiers were wondering if they were going to be transferred to Kosovo. Misgivings that many of them had about it proved to be right, because such order was soon in my hands. I didn’t say a word to any one to avoid the panic among the rest of the soldiers which could have put me in an awkward position. To tell the truth, many were openly saying that they had strings that they could pull and that, when the push comes to shove, they would be safe; while I did not have any strings I could pull whatsoever. The chances that I would remain in my present post were more than slim but I believed in the impossible as I always did in my life.

At the beginning of March I fell ill and was sent to hospital. Meanwhile there was a transfer. I returned to my unit to the surprise of those who remained there and who wondered how I had ever managed to get back. They pointed out that they had never seen a man so favored by luck. One of the high-ranking officials told me, between the two of us, that I was the example which gave him the full explanation of the expression – born under the lucky star.


In addition to my work on the computer, in time I was given more and more duties to perform. Many were surprised how easily, lightly, neatly and timely I performed all the tasks laid before me. I did not allow myself to get sloppy for one single moment, not more than I allowed anyone to interfere with my work.


After a while, I was proclaimed the best-informed man in my unit. I completed my military service having not made one single mistake.

When the NATO aggression was over, the soldiers who were in Kosovo called me on the telephone and I was rejoiced when I found out that they were alive and well and allocated to the military barracks all over Serbia. Talking to them I also learned that they were exposed to the daily bombings, always on the front lines fighting against the Albanian terrorists and NATO soldiers.

One of them pointed out several times that despite of everything that had happened to them, they had had the dumb luck which was surely needed at that time.


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Rade: 21. July, 1953. Belgrade (20e30,44n50), 3:14 AM CET-1

A little while ago I met a childhood friend who, at my question: ”What are you doing these days?” replied: ”I started to build a house. I do it completely on my own including all the works on it because no one will be able to do it as good as I will. Sometimes I get a little help from my friends..”


So, the question is: Why does he build his house completely on his own?

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The earthquake in 1979 really “shook up” Monte Negro. Many houses were destroyed, material damage was big but the interesting thing about this earthquake was that, as the consequence of tremors, a house disappeared somewhere into the bottom of the sea. Older readers will remember the TV coverage showing this house at the bottom of the sea together with cypresses surrounding the yard. How can in the horoscope of the owner of the house be seen (18.11.1911, 15:43 PM CET, 18E42, 42N31) that the earthquake will make her house disappear under the sea.

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The planet describing love and mistresses in the horoscope of each man is Venus. In addition, in Humphrey Bogart’s horoscope Venus co-rules his 5th house (lovers, relationships). His Venus is in conjunction with Saturn (past, someone or something from the past) and it is only logical that he should meet his old (Saturn) love (Venus). All of that happens in the film because this conjunction is in the sign of Sagittarius which rules the film industry (Mercury – TV screen, TV; Sagittarius (Jupiter) – big screen, film). This film is set abroad for the main character who was born in America, again due to Venus conjunction Saturn in Sagittarius (foreign countries). This foreign country is a desert country because the ruler of Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius (foreign countries) – Jupiter – is placed in Scorpio (desert).


Bogart’s long lost love in the film (played by Ingrid Bergman) is married because Venus conjunction Saturn is at the cusp of the 7th house (house of marriage).


Saturn conjunction Venus also describes the cult sentence:” Play it again, Sam…”


The planet describing music, song as well as the very action of playing an instrument is surely Venus. The planet which describes repetition of an action is certainly Saturn, and the result is: Play (Venus) it again (Saturn) Sam) again Saturn because Sam is a blackman - Saturn rules the black race…)!





1.      She was born under the sign of Pisces, as was the author of this book. This sign symbolizes everything unfamiliar, unexplored, undefined, unclear; this is the sign of the exploration of the unknown, and it is only natural that the two of us should be concerned with the work in the field of astrology.


2.      The 6th house in a horoscope always describes all the persons we provide services to. Since the Moon, ruling all the bodily fluids, even tears, is placed in this house and since, in addition, it is in its domicile, Cancer, this makes almost all her clients cry… The Moon also symbolizes the soul and, when placed in the 6th house (healing) produces: “You are a soul (Moon) healer” (6th house).


3.      The 3rd house in a horoscope always symbolizes everything that has to do with any kind of communication, even a telephone. Her 3rd house begins in Taurus. Venus, the ruler of this house is in the 12th house in Aquarius. Venus rules all the colors and placed in Aquarius (skies, sky-blue) produces the sky-blue telephone…


4.      A boss/Director is always described in the 10th house of a horoscope. Her 10th house begins in the sign of Sagittarius (foreigners) and thus, her boss is a foreigner. Jupiter, ruler of the 10th house is placed in the 8th house (banks, other people’s money) in Scorpio (also banks, other people’s money) so it is only natural that her boss will be a banker;


5.      The 12th house of a horoscope always describes far-off countries, and the ruler of her 12th house, Saturn in 10th house in Sagittarius (foreign countries), tells us that she traveled on business to the far-off countries (6th but also 10th house) stricken by poverty and misery (Saturn) where colored dark-skin people live (Saturn). She worked in Cuba, Venezuela, Dominican Republic…


6.      The 12th house of a horoscope as well as its natural ruler Neptune symbolizes a bathroom and together with Venus (everything connected with beauty) in the 12th house (bathroom) is natural to produce a nice bathroom. And since the 12th house also partially extends to Aquarius (height, elevation) this bathroom is one step above (Aquarius) the rest of the apartment…


7.      The 3rd house of a horoscope and its ruler, as well as Mercury always symbolizes brothers or sisters. Venus, the ruler of her 3rd house is placed in the 12th house (exile, far-off countries) and thus, her brother goes as far as Australia. Mercury in the sign of Pisces (far-off countries) supports this fact…





  • The Ascendant and the ruler of our Ascendant speak about our looks. This girl’s Ascendant is in Gemini and since it is ruled by Mercury (youth) she will look younger than her age all her life. In addition, Mercury, the ruler of her Ascendant, is placed in her 12th house (house of mistakes) and thus no one has ever managed to determine her native sign and Ascendant. Everyone usually think that she was born under the sign of Pisces, which is logical because of the position of the Ascendant’s ruler in the 12th house the natural ruler of which is Neptune - the ruler of the 12th sign of Pisces.


  • Uranus symbolizes astrology and is placed in her 5th house (all that we love doing) and thus, she concerns herself with astrology because she loves it; the ruler of the Ascendant, Mercury trine Uranus means that it is very easy for her to learn and understand (Mercury) astrology (Uranus).


  • Uranus, the ruler of her 10th house influencing the career choice, is placed in her 5th house. The fifth house is the house of teaching and she is a high-school teacher in the high school for engineering (Uranus). She teaches in the high school because the 5th house symbolizes high schools (3rd house symbolizes primary school, 9th house university and 12th house  doctorates and master’s degrees).


  • The fourth house describes our origin, parental home. Her 4th house begins in Leo (Monte Negro), and the ruler of this house is the Sun conjunction Saturn (stone) and thus, she lived in the stone house; Leo rules heights, hills, and little hills and therefore her house (cusp of the 4th house in Leo) is situated above the other houses.


  • In her 4th house there is Pluto symbolizing grave; Pluto rules her 6th house (domestic animals) and is placed in Virgo (also domestic animals) so a dolphin is buried (Pluto) in her yard (4th house). Why dolphin? The ruler of Pluto is Mercury, and Mercury is placed in the 12th house (Pisces, Neptune) and that is why this is a sea animal. In addition, Mercury is situated at the 24th degree ruled by Pisces…


  • The 8th house tells us about inheritance. Her 8th house begins in Capricorn which means that it will be relatively long before she inherits her father’s house (Saturn conjunction Sun – father). Saturn and Sun trine Moon (mother) tells us that she will also inherit her mother’s house;


  • Her 4th house begins in the sign of Leo and extends to the most part of Virgo. Virgo and the 6th house express leasing and thus, her Moon (home) in her 4th house (parents) in Virgo (leasing) tells us that her parents rent a house on the sea coast (Mercury, the ruler of Moon in Virgo is in the 12th house – Pisces – sea). But at the same time, she is a subtenant (Moon in Virgo in the 4th house) in the city where she works (Virgo-work). Pluto in the 4th house rules  Scorpio (river) and therefore she lives in Belgrade near the river, in the part of the city called Dorcol;


  • She has never married because the ruler of her 7th house is in her 4th house (the second half of life) and this very position tells us about the marriage later in life. In addition, Venus which also symbolizes marriage is situated at the 10th degree (Capricorn, Saturn) also contributing to the delay of marriage (Capricorn, Saturn – to wait, delay);


  • Trine Venus and Mars inclines to the ideal (trine) harmony, ideal partner; in connection with Uranus (someone special, unusual) in the 5th house (romantic relationships, boyfriends) searches for someone who is special in everything he/she does;


  • The Sun rules the spine and, in conjunction with Saturn (a long-lasting quality) produces a chronic spine condition, ossification.  Mars in the 6th house (health) Sagittarius (ischiadic nerve) produces frequent inflammation (Mars) of ischiadic nerve;


  • Ruler of the Ascendant, Mercury, is situated in her 12th house (solitude) and thus she enjoys in her solitude; when alone, she reads books and writes, but astrological books are her favorite reading (Mercury trine Uranus – astrology). She doesn’t want her name to be published in this book because the ruler of her Ascendant (her personality) is in the 12th house (anonymity, to hide away..).


  • In a horoscope, our 1st and 7th house as well as the rulers of those houses describe grandparents. Her Mercury describing her grandfather is placed in her 12th house (camps) at the 24th degree (Pisces, Neptune – camps), which confirms that one of her grandfathers was in a concentration camp. Mercury is placed on the eclipsing binary star Algol which symbolizes large-scale suffering and thus, her grandfather (Mercury) was in Mathauzen. Venus, the ruler of Mercury in Taurus is placed in the sign of Aries (Germany) and, therefore, her grandfather was in the concentration camp in Germany. There is a book about her grandfather since Mercury as the ruler of the 1st house symbolizes a grandfather, writing and books. The title of the book is The Youth Imprisoned: imprisoned (Mercury – grandfather in the 12th house – captivity) youth (Mercury – youth)!





In astrology Venus symbolizes fruit while Saturn symbolizes everything that has to do with coldness. Therefore, frozen fruit is symbolized by Venus conjunction Saturn and, since this conjunction is in Taurus (money) in the 9th house (export) she made money exporting frozen fruits (Venus conjunction Saturn in the 9th house of Taurus). However, when she tried to export (9th house) fresh fruits (Venus), Saturn expressed its negative influence. Since Mars is placed at the cusp of the 9th house (border) these fruits remained on the border (cusp of 9th house) longer than they should have (Saturn) and rotted, so she lost the money that she had invested (Saturn in Taurus – money). So, if we make use of Saturn in Taurus (frozen food, fruit) in the right way it brings money (Taurus) while its wrong use brings about bankruptcy (Saturn in Taurus).





The 6th house of a horoscope as well as the planets therein, their rulers and planet Mars express military service.

His 6th house begins in Libra, covers the whole sign of Scorpio as well as the first 10 degrees of Sagittarius.


Mars, which symbolizes army, is also one of the rulers of the 6th house, and when placed in the sign of Leo usually expresses military service in military police. However, Sasha soon becomes a courier. This is certainly due to the fact that his horoscope has an overpronounced Gemini housing Sun, Moon, Mercury and Ascendant. Gemini and Mercury symbolize all kinds of communication and information as well as message and letter carriers, so it is only natural that Sasha became a courier.

With the Sun (authority, responsibility) being in his 1st house (Sasha’s personality) he took his job very seriously.


All Sasha’s friends (6th house –soldiers in his unit) were afraid of the transfer to Kosovo, and all of them, except for Sasha, actually went there.

It is known that Kosovo was born under the sign of Scorpio and, since the whole sign of Scorpio was in Sasha’s 6th house (his military unit) everybody went to Kosovo.


Being a courier, Sasha was the first to know that they would be transferred to Kosovo, but he kept silent about it. This information (Mercury) he kept to himself because his Mercury (information) is in his 12th house ruled by Neptune (secrets, to hide, conceal). Therefore, Sasha hides (12th house) the information (Mercury) about the transfer (Mercury again). The transfer is described by Mercury (moving from one military barrack to another), and Sasha’s Mercury in the 12th house tells us that he (Mercury rules his 1st house – HE, his personality), at the time of the transfer (Mercury), was in hospital (12th house).


Everybody was surprised at his good fortune because he was the only one not to be sent to Kosovo although he didn’t have any strings to pull. Everybody kept telling him that he had been born under the lucky star.  Sasha certainly owes this to the position of Fortuna (happiness) at the very Ascendant (physical body) and its communication with the Sun (life).


All his friends (6th house) experienced Uranus (bombing) in Scorpio (Kosovo). As luck would have it, no one was killed. Why? The ruler of the 6th house (Sasha’s friends) Venus is in conjunction with Jupiter in Cancer (the greatest possible luck due to the most powerful Jupiter – fortune). At the same time, this very Jupiter is in trine (the best aspect) with Uranus in the 6th house and this aspect saved their lives during the bombing (Uranus). Although he wasn’t with them in Kosovo (Scorpio), they are surely not aware that Sasha kept them very much safe and well owing to his excellent horoscope.





In horoscope, the 4th house and its ruler Cancer under the reign of the Moon always symbolize a house, home. Rade’s native sign and Ascendant are both in Cancer and this very combination provokes in such person a wish to build a house at least once in his/her lifetime. The planet depicting builders and masonry is certainly Mars, and his Mars is placed in the 1st house of Cancer which influencing his urge to build the house by himself.

The first house is the house of action, it symbolizes “Self…”; in the 1st house (self…) there is Mars (to build) in the sign of Cancer (a house) and thus we get: I am (1st house) building (Mars in the 1st house) my house (Mars in Cancer) alone. Sometimes I get little help from my friends (Mars rules the 11th house – friends).


Also, the beginning of the 4th house (house, home) in Virgo (work, to work) shows that he will surely work (Virgo) in the course of the construction works on his house  (4th house).

Saturn in the 4th house in Libra shows that he buys a very old and rundown house from an elderly woman (Saturn – older, in Libra – woman) and Saturn square Mars (build but also destroy) tells us that he destroys this house and builds a new one.


Certainly a new one (Uranus) because Uranus symbolizes everything new, and the Mars (to build) conjunction Uranus (new) in the sign of Cancer (house) produces the building of a new house.

This is one-storey house because Uranus rules the heights…

The Moon (house, but also I…as the ruler of Ascendant) is placed in the 5th house (children, daughters) so he says: “I am building the house to leave my two daughters something to inherit from me…”


“…to inherit from me…” certainly because the Moon is placed in the sign of Scorpio (8th sign – inheritance). He further says: ”The first thing I did when I pulled down the old house (Mars square Saturn) is to build a new sewer network – this is reflected by the ruler of Ascendant (first) Moon in the sign of Scorpio (sewers, toilets..)





In a horoscope a hose/home is always described by the 4th house, planets therein, ruler of this house as well as the Moon – a natural ruler of the 4th house - Cancer.


In the horoscope of the owner of the house which, due to earthquake disappeared in the sea, the 4th house begins at the 24th degree of Cancer (ruled by Pisces).


At the cusp of the 4th house there is Neptune (to disappear). In addition, Neptune is the ruler of her12th house which also describes everything we loose, miss and which disappears. Thus, Neptune (disappearance) near the cusp of the 4th house (house) has a pronounced influence. Neptune near the cusp of the 4th house is in opposition with Uranus, ruler of earthquakes. Uranus (earthquakes) is in the opposition both with Neptune and the cusp of the 4th house (house/home). The ruler of the 4th house is the Moon which also symbolizes house and home. Her Moon square Neptune and Uranus makes her house (cusp of the 4th house, Moon) disappear (Neptune at the cusp of the 4th house) as a consequence of earthquake (Uranus)!


It is interesting that when the earthquake tremors started there was a woman subletting the house. The 6th house describes leasing (subtenants) and her Moon (woman) in her 6th house (subtenants) tells us about it. I would like to add that this woman who was a subtenant was born 20/8/1948, 10:50 AM CET, 18E42, 42N31.

It is also interesting to note that the South Nod (losses) is in the exact conjunction with Moon, ruler of the 4th house (house/home).



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