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You can assume that in my computer I store an enormous database containing details of persons (and events) whose personality or actions arose great interest both in our country and all over the worlds.


You will find there a large number of persons who practically “invaded” newspapers all over the world, persons whose names have echoed from radio and TV sets for years and even decades.


What were my channels to get these data (date, place and time of birth) will remain my professional secret although, a portion of these information about renowned persons was provided from my fellow astrologers.


Following my assumption that “…a birth chart of an individual must absolutely reflect everything that happens in the life of this person “, a large number of birth charts to be found on this website needed to be rectified. Using my own discover, secret of Zodiac degrees, in time I started this “game“ of finding the exact time of a person’s birth. Only few horoscope required my hard work. One of such birth charts is the chart of Slobodan Milosevic. I had been looking for his precise horoscope for the entire year.

My fourth book deals with the rectification of a horoscope and will (probably) be published together with my colleague Svetlana Panjkovic, who has greatly mastered rectification herself.


-horoscopes which have been rectified and are considered correct shall be marked as


-horoscopes in the rectification of which I am not certain shall be marked as


-horoscopes not marked as or are represented in the form that was given to me

My fellow astrologers, I wish you many pleasant moments in the analysis of the given horoscopes.


THE FIRST SERBIAN ASTRODATA will often be updated and I would like to ask my colleagues to send us the birth details of interesting persons or events so as to enrich this unique database.


Astrodata details are for personal use only and may not be reprinted or used for commercial purposes.


Nikola Stojanovic

© 2002-2005  Nikola Stojanovic